Male birth control pill causes ‘serious sexual side effects’

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Male birth control for me is looking at Rosie O'Donnell and all the other feminazis out there....
_Male birth control pill causes ‘serious sexual side effects’_ Obviously it did : _that was their plan from the beginning..._
Stu B
I'll stay with my red pill for a little longer while suckers test this pill.
Janet Masiello
So while whites are having 1.2 children, "immigrants" & their 4 wives are having 8-10 kids....
Lurch USA
A pill that turns men to fat, unhealthy feminists? Well that's one way to swell the ranks of the man hating left.
Super Mario
If I was given a dollar for every woman who got pregnant while on birth control pills I would have fully funded the wall by now.
Martina wants her men virile and healthy.
Pieter Christiaens
Normal for a guy is over 650 ng/mL. Those lower ranges are for men in their 90's. I don't know if that trial is recent, but I have seen a lot of studies with those results with different compounds. When men have low testosterone they become physically unhealthy lose mental ability and act like cowards. There are also studies that prove that low testosterone males vote more for socialism because they always feel like the victim. There is an agenda! Regarding to female oral birth control being dangerous... These pills contain synthetic progestins and estrogens that have different chemical structures than the natural occurring hormones progesterone and estrogen. The hormones are steroids, and the pills have synthetic steroids. Is it any surprise that consuming them for a decade or two will have consequences like weight gain, changes in the brain development, insulin sensitive, moods and later lead to more cancers? How is it a surprise? Imagine a 15 year old boy going to the doctor and saying: "I would like to take some anabolic steroids." Then the doctor would ask: "Ok, how long do you want to take them for?". The guy: "I don't know... A few years... Maybe 10 or 15... But it's only a low dose." And the doctor would say: "Yeah... Here is your prescription." It's the same when you give a health 15 year old girl these hormones.
Jude Knight
Jesus Wept - that all we need - a load of chemically emasculated and hormonally challenged men wandering around as well as all the bloody trannies.
If you won't say it, I will. DON'T TAKE CONTRACEPTION PILLS
Those eyes alone would cure E.D.
Congratulations on being a real woman. I had given up on ever seeing one ever again.
Son of the Allfather
Martina, you're gorgeous. I am glad for you & your husband. As far as this pill is concerned, I'd rather remain celibate, considering I work out and need my testosterone levels to remain high. You & your staff, keep up the good work.
paul riggall
The male birth control pill will not only affect fertility in the long run but it will permanently destroy "performance". It's a trojan © horse (no pun intended)
But the feminist on CNN said that sacrificing some men is a small price to pay
Six Beer Math
What made me furious about this study coming out were all the feminists that just pointed and laughed, aw poor men, men can't take it, men are weak losers. It made people impotent even after they stopped taking the god damn thing, but feminism is about equality and not just bullying, right. I hate them so much
Von Wane
Martina said she would "think long and hard" about taking this male birth control pill. Intentional joke?
A man once told me, birth control makes women unattractive and crazy. Change my mind.
Mark M
Let betas be betas take these pills
Adam Craig
For goodness sake why wont men and woman just get married and live healthy sexual lives without worry of unmarried pregancies and STIs.
Notorious J
They don't want us to reproduce. They want to replace us with uneducated barbarians
Brian Kerr
Why even bother with women … Total MGTOW
Space Ghost
You don't need the pill just exercise self control
Tommans 650
This is all to do with the kulling of the native population!
Female pill also have serious side effects. The best, the cheapest and most available counterception is sexual abstinence. In a drug store next to you !
Miss Deborah
Old school 1. Be very selective who you devolop a relationship with & dont sleep with someone until it's a healthy relationship for both partners 2. Use condoms as birth control as discussed with your healthy relationship partner 3. If a pregnancy occurs you can have a healthy discussion for a healthy outcome
The 'normal' testosterone range keeps going down, as it keeps getting revised to an overall lowering T levels. I bet if you could test a man from 50 years ago 1,000 nanograms per deciliter would be the average minimum. Guys in their 20's are having to get on TRT, and it makes you infertile eventually, even with the HCG, A.I.s, or SERMS.
I will take it with a daily dose of soy
Ava Lee Shung
Couldnt agree more with you. I have always been uncomfortable with the use of these pills. I dont like this pill popping mentally that is being encouraged I dont even take daily vitamins daily as I believe that a healthy diet for a healthy person should be enough most of the time.
Anthony Sharp
I say this with a Cheshire cat grin. Alex Jones told you this would happen years ago, and THAT, is a hard pill to swallow for some.
Birth control can cause massive mood disturbances too. The doctor told me it didn't and the pharmacist told me it didn't. So I went directly to the manufacturer of Diane-35 and they said "Yes, it has been observed to cause depression and suicidal thoughts in many clinical trials". That's another huge risk too. Giving a drug that can make someone suicidal, especially to teens who are already at risk for that. And then telling them it's not a side effect when it is. Get 'em, Martina!
Gabriel Swift
By design?
Argus Dacicus
It useless.....Special if you are MGTOW....and special if you are a MGTOW Level 3 a MGTOW Monk.....this is a trap for Beta Males and Blue Pillers to feminize them even more ! It double blade situation.....but it dont mather for as in the end MGTOW it spreading like never before so we dont need a pill
Joe Gibbs
Male pill causes very undesirable side effects, such as *men having some control over fertility*
Just like watching The View. 😒
Thanks for the clarification!
As I, The One True Virgin of the Internet, always say: *A B S T I N E N C E*
OMG your beautiful
What does it contain? What chemical/s?
Drink Water
Aloaf Ov'Bread
Sounds great, who wouldn't want to be fat, lethargic and impotent with breasts, got to be a winner with self hating soy boys!
Feminism has made all other forms of birth control obsolete.
Johanna H
Stopped the pill last summer Never going back
Kim Overholt
Edward no
Yup, yup, I'm interested in this
Liberal men have been taking this like candy 🍬 🍭
george ochoa
God dam condoms never looked so good.
Cosmic Error
Come on Martina, dont you know that the side effects only reduce toxic masculinity?
Rigid Liquid 945
"I would think long and hard about this." - That's what she said...
Roberto Alvarez-Galloso
Unless you need them, dont take pills
Z Tuber
I foresee feminists try to push this onto unsuspecting men.
Bf 109 K-4
Lets find out if this stuff works martina
of course that was the feminists plan from the start.
Axel Heinz
I get the feeling that we're really just bailing a sinking ship.
Quoting the lovely lady: "I would think long and hard about this" I think that's the different pill and it's blue.
Joel Gawne
Just get a doll guys
Víctor Andrés Piña González
wakey wakeypeeps
I wudnt mind tyrin one of those pills, with u gorgeous
Senior Fact Checker
Defend the U.S. Constitution. Restore power to We The People.
One word.......Vasectomy, enough said.
Damn it, Martina! I was looking forward to this!
Echo 22
We need male birth control to keep gold diggers out of our bank accounts!
Donald Decarie
thats my secret Martina, im always long and hard when i watch your videos.
Ursula. M
Use condoms and don't take that pill that probably will make you feminine.
Drgig Garcia
Condom. Master race
Stan S
No thanks. I'll use my blue pill, thanks for offering though.
Kable Rivers
This is what George soros wants this is how they will definitely populate the earth and start there global government aka new world order
Facebook is an addiction
The question that I think needs to be long has Justin Trudeau been on this ?
Rob K.
Couple years ago, I remember the medical community announcing that they were close to wheeling out a male contraceptive. The shrieking from phlegminists was hilarious. Apparently, men aren't allowed to safeguard against pregnancy. As far as this pill goes? Nah. Get the snip. It's reversible and doesn't turn you into a choirboy.
Albert The Hun
Perfect pills for woke males!
Male birth control for me is looking at Diane Abbott Dabbi.
Matt D
I watch the view,that's all the contraception I need.
James Cox
And also this is feminism attack on men. Logic and truth will win....eventually.
pancake rachel corrie
walking away man
"think long and hard".....I get it.
dual bladed scorpion
All Us men stay a way from the male birth control pill.
s jo
Spot on !
Nataly Velokova
The easiest and safest birth control is keeping your knees together. It's called 'personal responsibility'.
Bobby Bobby
Birth control is a woman's responsibility. She is the one who gives birth. I would never, ever, take one of these.
Patrick Sachs
3:44 " I would think long and hard about this." You`re a punny girl, Martina. That was cute.
rvbagshawe Pilot
It's messing up the whole Water eco system and making Men and Fish Sterile. These Hormones are also changing Men to Weman and Visa versa, then when it's in the Mains Water ( with the Flouride and Vaccine Waste, Cancer Drugs) you or your Partner find it harder to get Pregnant , so you take more Hormone replacement Treatments, Destruction of Nature and Mankind is exactly what Satan wants , anything that changes or alters Gods Image in his Creation is a Win for the Devil. All this is being Orchestrated by Satanic Babylonian Talmud Worshippers, Masons and their Sub Groups. For those on the Bottom of the Masonic, S group ( can't recall name of Sword) you're being used, sure more Money Now but Eternal Hell Fire latter. Wake up, Wake up People they're throwing as much Confusion as possible at us to keep us from joining together and bringing down Satan. Love each other, Love the Land and Animals, Forgive, pray to Christ Jesus for Help.
Mene Freghista
the only pill a man needs that serves him best is the red pill.
Effective birth control? Don't lay around with anything that'll hold still long enough.
Rick Lee
Hold it right there! I am already suffering severe side effects just contemplating the taking of that pill. Have they gone MAD??
James Hastings-Trew
Was DMAU using the Gillette brand? ;)
BUT i want to do things that feel good without any consequence. I want it! Somebody must provide it to me (science first and health care afterwards).
I promise I'll pull out, no really I promise I swear I love you soooo much. Hahaha what about the original birth control guys?
A new accessory for the soy boy eh.
Citizen Buzz
But, would it affect my ability to play video games?
Michelle Fili
MALE birth control pills ... WTF. Here's a clue ... male, birth?
john Thatcher
As robotics and VR technology goes through the roof women are fast going to end up in the real world that men have always been in.
Mike Lane
Go to Starbucks, order a soy latte and run back to your mom's basement get online.... Same effect on male testosterone levels....
I agree. So do birth control pills for ladies. So gentlemen let's use condoms for protection.
Back Waters and Back Roads
Let's just assume it's a sterilent folks. Keep your're going to need it soon
Another great example of natural selection
Mr T
I'd think very hard about cutting Soy out of the diet. Alright fermented as a sauce but very bad to eat especially for Men.
More testosterone I need MOAAR
Evurgreen Gray
I swear taking mild testosterone supplements in low dose may be ideal at this rate
Haley K.
As a woman, the birth control implant Nexaplanon seriously killed my libido but also lightened my periods, but at the SAME TIME it made me have my period all the time