Male birth control pill causes ‘serious sexual side effects’

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Martina Markota of The reports on the sexual side effects of male birth control MORE: /> FACEBOOK - TWITTER - INSTAGRAM - #BirthControl #Health #Conservative

Male birth control for me is looking at Rosie O'Donnell and all the other feminazis out there....
_Male birth control pill causes ‘serious sexual side effects’_ Obviously it did : _that was their plan from the beginning..._
Janet Masiello
So while whites are having 1.2 children, "immigrants" & their 4 wives are having 8-10 kids....
Stu B
I'll stay with my red pill for a little longer while suckers test this pill.
Super Mario
If I was given a dollar for every woman who got pregnant while on birth control pills I would have fully funded the wall by now.
Martina wants her men virile and healthy.
Congratulations on being a real woman. I had given up on ever seeing one ever again.
Jude Knight
Jesus Wept - that all we need - a load of chemically emasculated and hormonally challenged men wandering around as well as all the bloody trannies.
Those eyes alone would cure E.D.
Pieter Christiaens
Normal for a guy is over 650 ng/mL. Those lower ranges are for men in their 90's. I don't know if that trial is recent, but I have seen a lot of studies with those results with different compounds. When men have low testosterone they become physically unhealthy lose mental ability and act like cowards. There are also studies that prove that low testosterone males vote more for socialism because they always feel like the victim. There is an agenda! Regarding to female oral birth control being dangerous... These pills contain synthetic progestins and estrogens that have different chemical structures than the natural occurring hormones progesterone and estrogen. The hormones are steroids, and the pills have synthetic steroids. Is it any surprise that consuming them for a decade or two will have consequences like weight gain, changes in the brain development, insulin sensitive, moods and later lead to more cancers? How is it a surprise? Imagine a 15 year old boy going to the doctor and saying: "I would like to take some anabolic steroids." Then the doctor would ask: "Ok, how long do you want to take them for?". The guy: "I don't know... A few years... Maybe 10 or 15... But it's only a low dose." And the doctor would say: "Yeah... Here is your prescription." It's the same when you give a health 15 year old girl these hormones.
Lurch USA
A pill that turns men to fat, unhealthy feminists? Well that's one way to swell the ranks of the man hating left.
If you won't say it, I will. DON'T TAKE CONTRACEPTION PILLS
William Kelly
The other way to feminise Men is for Men to consume soya milk preferably from BPA laced container made with tap water that contains the residue of the female pill that cant be removed by the city water plant. Buy a distiller, do it now and throw all of your plastic cups, bowls and containers, glass and ceramic only.
Mark M
Let betas be betas take these pills
Colonel Panic
Of course it does. But that's a feature, not a bug! Males are TOXIC and we need to discourage toxic males humping perfect in every way wamens. Wamen need to learn to be gay. The final solution to the toxic man "problem". Of course, we'll have to work on how to make babies in the future but that can wait until all white wamen are racially diluted out of existence. Normal birthcontol pills are not only bad for wamen, they are horrible for the environment and men. The excess estrogen and other hormones in the pills are pissed out by wamen. This then ends, after water treatment, in rivers and streams and lakes. Female hormones on top of the feminizing estrogen mimics in agricultural pesticides like atrazine and glyphosate. THESE feminize wildlife (like "gay frogs"! that Alex Jones is made fun for screaming....but it is TRUE) AND MEN - because that water is then taken into city water supplies and piped to homes loaded with estrogens. Girls hit puberty earlier and earlier as a result, males get feminized, developing smaller and less functional penes AND lower sperm counts AND gender identification disorders.
Adam Craig
For goodness sake why wont men and woman just get married and live healthy sexual lives without worry of unmarried pregancies and STIs.
Von Wane
Martina said she would "think long and hard" about taking this male birth control pill. Intentional joke?
Six Beer Math
What made me furious about this study coming out were all the feminists that just pointed and laughed, aw poor men, men can't take it, men are weak losers. It made people impotent even after they stopped taking the god damn thing, but feminism is about equality and not just bullying, right. I hate them so much
Awaiting a Savior
Martina, you're gorgeous. I am glad for you & your husband. As far as this pill is concerned, I'd rather remain celibate, considering I work out and need my testosterone levels to remain high. You & your staff, keep up the good work.
Birth control can cause massive mood disturbances too. The doctor told me it didn't and the pharmacist told me it didn't. So I went directly to the manufacturer of Diane-35 and they said "Yes, it has been observed to cause depression and suicidal thoughts in many clinical trials". That's another huge risk too. Giving a drug that can make someone suicidal, especially to teens who are already at risk for that. And then telling them it's not a side effect when it is. Get 'em, Martina!
A man once told me, birth control makes women unattractive and crazy. Change my mind.
Ava Lee Shung
Couldnt agree more with you. I have always been uncomfortable with the use of these pills. I dont like this pill popping mentally that is being encouraged I dont even take daily vitamins daily as I believe that a healthy diet for a healthy person should be enough most of the time.
never give up
You don't need the pill just exercise self control
But the feminist on CNN said that sacrificing some men is a small price to pay
paul riggall
The male birth control pill will not only affect fertility in the long run but it will permanently destroy "performance". It's a trojan © horse (no pun intended)
Castrate all men, right? Every last one of them! Who needs the human species to continue right??? /s
Tommans 650
This is all to do with the kulling of the native population!
Miss Deborah
Old school 1. Be very selective who you devolop a relationship with & dont sleep with someone until it's a healthy relationship for both partners 2. Use condoms as birth control as discussed with your healthy relationship partner 3. If a pregnancy occurs you can have a healthy discussion for a healthy outcome
Female pill also have serious side effects. The best, the cheapest and most available counterception is sexual abstinence. In a drug store next to you !
Brian Kerr
Why even bother with women … Total MGTOW
I will take it with a daily dose of soy
Bf 109 K-4
Lets find out if this stuff works martina
Sam I am.....annoyed
I took birth control for about a week after the birth of my first child. 2 days in I lost my appetite ENTIRELY and was told to "just give it time" by the end of the week I not only didnt want to eat but when I tried I would vomit violently!! So I stopped taking it, but that didnt stop the horrific side effects!! Nope!! Instead for a full week after stopping, I was still extremely nauseous and it took me almost a full month to get ANY kind of normalcy back concerning my appetite. I lost 9 pounds and when ur barely 100 pounds with a very active metabolism and have to eat insane amounts just to maintain that 100 pounds, losing 9 is a big fuking deal!!! It took me MONTHS to gain that back n I will NEVER EVER take or recommend anyone else take birth control EVER again!!
Elizabeth Taylor
I have been taking the birth control pill since I was 14. I am now 23. I've had a multitude of blood tests and general medical tests in the meantime as I also went vegan and care about keeping my health to good standards. I have experienced a multitude of "symptoms" such as reduced acne and period cramps while also making sure me and my significant other of 6 years do not have an unexpected child. I am hoping to have a child in the future when I am financially ready. Women who take the birth control take it for a multitude of reasons I in fact only started for the acne and cramps and to assume its only for sexual promiscuity and make up falsities to fit an agenda is just as disgusting as what the left does.
Bubbala Newtton
Isn't this a western radical left wing experiment to see if they can get rid of the racial majority though? There is a radical left wing anti racial majority movement gaining more and more power across the west and it's coming mostly from other members of the racial majority, have-nots usually, who because of bad luck or laziness, or however you want to put it don't have very much, would like to wreck and destroy "your" life in true anti capitalist bolshevik revolution fashion in order to lower you down to their level. Since the west became a lot more racially diverse those racists are trying to do the same in terms of race now and lower the racial majority down to the numbers of minorities. It's not so tragic in the US but in beautiful small innocent EUROPE? Where white people are the indigenous people of the land? It is disgusting what they're doing to their own indigenous people who suffered so many invasions and oppression throughout history to now suffer this betrayal from their own people. They're opening their borders and throwing their own people into the hands of an enemy who declared war on them a long time ago. It's gotten so bad that I can't even see a famous European city or monument on TV that doesn't make me cry.
The 'normal' testosterone range keeps going down, as it keeps getting revised to an overall lowering T levels. I bet if you could test a man from 50 years ago 1,000 nanograms per deciliter would be the average minimum. Guys in their 20's are having to get on TRT, and it makes you infertile eventually, even with the HCG, A.I.s, or SERMS.
The way it's meant to work is turning healthy males into beta's. And as we all know, they don't even get women - so I suppose it works. O:)
Notorious J
They don't want us to reproduce. They want to replace us with uneducated barbarians
Kim Overholt
Anthony Sharp
I say this with a Cheshire cat grin. Alex Jones told you this would happen years ago, and THAT, is a hard pill to swallow for some.
rvbagshawe Pilot
It's messing up the whole Water eco system and making Men and Fish Sterile. These Hormones are also changing Men to Weman and Visa versa, then when it's in the Mains Water ( with the Flouride and Vaccine Waste, Cancer Drugs) you or your Partner find it harder to get Pregnant , so you take more Hormone replacement Treatments, Destruction of Nature and Mankind is exactly what Satan wants , anything that changes or alters Gods Image in his Creation is a Win for the Devil. All this is being Orchestrated by Satanic Babylonian Talmud Worshippers, Masons and their Sub Groups. For those on the Bottom of the Masonic, S group ( can't recall name of Sword) you're being used, sure more Money Now but Eternal Hell Fire latter. Wake up, Wake up People they're throwing as much Confusion as possible at us to keep us from joining together and bringing down Satan. Love each other, Love the Land and Animals, Forgive, pray to Christ Jesus for Help.
Shikharesh Bhattacharya
Male birth control?!! Wtf? Keep a photo of Oprah Winfrey in your pocket. Goal achieved
Just like watching The View. 😒
Drink Water
Johanna H
Stopped the pill last summer Never going back
Aloaf Ov'Bread
Sounds great, who wouldn't want to be fat, lethargic and impotent with breasts, got to be a winner with self hating soy boys!
Feminism has made all other forms of birth control obsolete.
Argus Dacicus
It useless.....Special if you are MGTOW....and special if you are a MGTOW Level 3 a MGTOW Monk.....this is a trap for Beta Males and Blue Pillers to feminize them even more ! It double blade situation.....but it dont mather for as in the end MGTOW it spreading like never before so we dont need a pill
Over Analyze
I would love a safe and effective male birth control. my wife cant take pills due to medical issues..... at any rate I think they need a non-hormonal pill. idk how they would even do that but it would WAY cut down of abortions.
Azaazeel Jinn
By design?
When science does figure it out men will keep women barren. Feminist will get what they are asking for.
So when does the deep state start putting it—or its by-products—in our food and water supplies?
One word.......Vasectomy, enough said.
Joe Gibbs
Male pill causes very undesirable side effects, such as *men having some control over fertility*
Male birth control? I am pretty sure males can't give birth. The concept of those pills is beyond ridiculous. lmao
Shaft Canyoudigit
Ooooohhh baby just 2 more minutes and I’ll pull out!!!
Joel Gawne
Just get a doll guys
Rigid Liquid 945
"I would think long and hard about this." - That's what she said...
Echo 22
We need male birth control to keep gold diggers out of our bank accounts!
of course that was the feminists plan from the start.
Z Tuber
I foresee feminists try to push this onto unsuspecting men.
Ursula. M
Use condoms and don't take that pill that probably will make you feminine.
Look into vasagel. There’s a similar procedure already available in india. But in North America it’s taking forever.
Cosmic Error
Come on Martina, dont you know that the side effects only reduce toxic masculinity?
Liberal men have been taking this like candy 🍬 🍭
Roberto Alvarez-Galloso
Unless you need them, dont take pills
As I, The One True Virgin of the Internet, always say: *A B S T I N E N C E*
What does it contain? What chemical/s?
Martina is absolutely GORGEOUS! Stunning......
Jorge Andrade
Typical virtue signalling prudish conservatives adding nothing of value to the discussion. Tell me what pill doesn’t have side effects? Most do. But every contraceptive method is good because it stops unwanted pregnancies
Drgig Garcia
Condom. Master race
Thanks for the clarification!
Edward no
Yup, yup, I'm interested in this
george ochoa
God dam condoms never looked so good.
Paul Latour
Stop taking pills for no good reason morons
There is a male birth control that doesn't have these side effects. Just get the spermicide injection once a month. They use a needle to inject a polymer containing spermicide directly into both testicles. The polymer makes is slow release. Just 2 injections to the nut sack per month and you are set! P.S. ladies....tell him he is a REAL man if he can take 2 shots in the nuts.
Michelle Fili
MALE birth control pills ... WTF. Here's a clue ... male, birth?
OMG your beautiful
Jay Bee
Just get a vasectomy. Then there wont be any baby anchors or alimony for life. Until the 18th century laws governing alimony, DNA testing and child support change to reflect the 20th century no fault divorce laws, it's your safest bet aside from abstinence.
Víctor Andrés Piña González
Donald Decarie
Incorruptible Mike Adams
Wait? Why should men take the pill? Men are not the ones who get pregnant.
Andrew Waddingham
pull out like a pro..
RickK RocKStar
Ironically, humans are the only creatures on the planet that bother with such birth control thoughts, and that should tell us something.
Robert Topham
Simple wrap up before you plug her up
s jo
Spot on !
Hahaha! at the end... 'I would think long and hard about this'
Birth control for men: Pull out I'm 100% at 37 years old. I'm the pull out king. Splash those tiddies!
Rico Conti
Stick to BJs and pulling out fellas 😎
Haydn Po
Wow! She's such a bomb.
What happened to just using a condom?
AlwaysPlayerOne Neverplayertwo
We are all here because she is hot who care whats shes saying.
Birth control is harmful to both genders, the only reason women take them is to have all the sex they want without any responsibility nature gave them. I mean who doesn't want to have alot of sex? Though at the same time it's harming themselves and putting alot of estrogen into the water. I wonder if male birth control will put testosterone in the water?
Christian crusader
Muslims need to be on birth control
Rich J
What Idiots would use Male Birth Control Drugs? I don’t even use Soy products!
Miles Coverdale
So what? We pays our money, in this field, and we take our chances. We live in a boastful, self-centred society that when our decisions go wrong others are to blame. I am waiting for chemical vapes to be exposed as clearly dangerous to health, and then the I have a new thing, will change to How dare they pollute my body.
Marko Kljajic
Condom, wow who woulda thought that.
A McSween
The female birth control pill causes serious societal side effects....see Humanae Vitae and Casti Connubii.
Nataly Velokova
The easiest and safest birth control is keeping your knees together. It's called 'personal responsibility'.
George S
What twisted people came up with the pill?