Neurofunk From Scratch... well almost from scratch! 😅

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Joe Hut
I really like this kind of videos you do, but you should definitely put the result of what you made somewhere in the end of your videos tho!
I'm really loving the DC Breaks style bass and those little techniques are really inspiring
Sorry i know im super late and im only an hour or two into the video but i was thinkning instead of the piano a rhodes might work better? Ive heard some sick neurofunk where rhodes work really well
So happy I found your channel, this is extremely helpful.
Suleyth View
Man I really love these streams, even if I don’t make neurofunk or drum and bass or whatever genre you decide to make I always learn so much :D Thank you for making these!
Ryan P
this tune is so dope
You also have technoid, would be nice with a tutorial on that.
Kenji Kawai and Yoko Kanno FTW
Au TomA
Yesss neurofunk
RonVon Trollenberg
How did you make the atmospheric fx in the intro? The ones you said you made with Kontakt ages ago? Do you have a video on making that kinda thing
"LESSONS" You're not SeamlessR😅