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Pre-order "Vervain" now: /> /> This album definitely is larger than even Liv Kristine herself might be aware of by now. She has established a world-wide career. Moreover, she was nominated for the Grammy Award. Liv has sold upwards of 500,000 records with Theatre of Tragedy, toured through more than 40 countries on five continents, and has charted consistently with Leaves' Eyes, Theatre of Tragedy, and as a solo artist. Now, Liv Kristine has created VERVAIN!

Dustin Brinnon
Pretty sure that dude can be found in the dark corner of every underground club in Europe.
Napalm Records
NAPALM TOP TEN VIDEOS 2014! #8: Liv Kristine feat. Michelle Darkness of end of green - "Love Decay"!
Luuh Oya
Love decay, love cast away Words crumble into dust Skin to skin You're innocent but who am I to trust I feel the blow to turn around Make love revive just one more time Can we be creatures of the night I am bound to live forever I'm alive enough to sense you Why am I hiding Are we only dying Your breath of life I feel your warmth like sunshine on a rock Sin by sin You're innocent and who am I to trust I don't know how to turn this page Make life revive, some day it ends Can we be lovers in the light I am bound to live forever I'm alive enough to sense you Why am I hiding Are we only dying I am cursed to love in darkness I'm alive enough to touch you Why am I breathing Am I only dying to crumble into dust Why am I thriving Why am I denying Why am I longing I feel the blow to turn around Make love revive just one more time Can we be creatures of the night I am cursed to love in darkness I'm alive enough to touch you Why am I breathing Am I only dying to crumble into dust Are we only dying Crumble into dust Love decay Love decay
dead empty place
Michelle darkness is totally photo bombing her the entire time..
Marcelo Rocha
This dude make this looks like a parody or something...hes funny.
Edison Restrepo
Amor decadencia, amor desechado Palabras desmoronan en polvo Piel con piel Usted es inocente, pero quién soy yo para confiar Me siento el golpe a la vuelta Hacer el amor revivir sólo una vez más ¿Podemos ser criaturas de la noche Estoy obligado a vivir para siempre Soy lo suficientemente vivo para sentir que ¿Por qué estoy escondiendo ¿Estamos solamente muriendo Su aliento de vida Siento tu calor como el sol en una roca Sin por el pecado Usted es inocente y quién soy yo para confiar No sé cómo dar vuelta a esta página Hacer la vida a revivir, algún día termina ¿Podemos ser amantes de la luz Estoy obligado a vivir para siempre Soy lo suficientemente vivo para sentir que ¿Por qué estoy escondiendo ¿Estamos solamente muriendo Estoy condenado a amar en la oscuridad Soy lo suficientemente vivo para tocarte ¿Por qué estoy respirando ¿Estoy sólo se moría de ganas de convertirse en polvo ¿Por qué estoy próspera ¿Por qué estoy negando ¿Por qué estoy anhelando Me siento el golpe a la vuelta Hacer el amor revivir sólo una vez más ¿Podemos ser criaturas de la noche Estoy condenado a amar en la oscuridad Soy lo suficientemente vivo para tocarte ¿Por qué estoy respirando ¿Estoy sólo se moría de ganas de convertirse en polvo ¿Estamos solamente muriendo Convertirse en polvo Amor decadencia Amor decadencia
I was listening to Cradle of Filth's "Nymphetamine" for years and suddenly I was thinking "who is that girl on swings?". So that's how I found this song with weird cringy dude :D Song is awesome though.
Decided today to have what I call a "metal hour" on YouTube, where I listen to bands I don't know or know little about to find new music to add to my collection of awesomeness. Found this song today; I now am a huge fan of Liv Kristine - I liked this song so much, I bought the whole album Vervain :-)
Robert Martin
Some observations I've made: 1.) Liv Kristine is the undisputed queen of metal and of all things dark, creepy and morbid. She can do any damn thing she wants. 2.) Under normal circumstances, walking through a graveyard in high heels is highly unsafe. However, consult point #1 above for exceptions. 3.) Also under normal circumstances, appearing on an officially sanctioned album cover completely topless will result in criticism, controversy or worse. Again (mainly for haters and those who like to complain), see point #1 above. 4.) Normally, recording anything that sounds like pop music WILL make you most unpopular and unable to show your face in public surroundings. For the last time, refer to point #1. Any questions?
Real Music Lover
Прекрасно... Очень чувственно.. .💙♥️💚👌
a) Liv has never looked soooo beautiful. I'm kidding, she always looks gorgeous. But that corset, omg! I didn't know she could have an hourglass figure, all of my yes! [/end of the most metal comment ever] b) Song is nice, has a nice touch of gothic rock to it. It really reminded me of TOT's Aegis. c) Michelle Darkness is THE most histrionic person I've ever seen. d) When will videos have a decent storyline and better light/art direction again, instead of just having the musicians walk around in a cementery in gothic clothing?
Vibes of classic gothic. Beautiful.
Cella Sedui
I love the 90's sound that reminds me of Aegis!
Love the whole haunting theme in video, the music ,the lyrics and Liv Kristine at her best . I've had the pleasure of meeting her and taking for quite a while ! she is beauty in mind ,soul and matter ,a genuine lovely person ... Hi Liv its Kate ( northern Ireland) xx
я б выеб её... никакой джоли не надо
This song remembers a lot Theatre of Tragedy.
This is a real goth song...
Nice song, but Michelle Darkness doesn't even try to act. His face shows almost no emotions during all the video. He stands there like a shy teenager caught on camera for the first time in his life...
Donovan VP
This is really good, it sounds very similar to Theatre of Tragedy... I hope she keeps like this after leaving Leaves' Eyes.
Michelle Darkness has a unique kind of eerie but solid presence in this video as is the quality of his voice.
Mª Pilar Torrubia David
Clip Bishop
hes such a fatherly goth
Uno de los mas ricos temas románticos del llamado genero metal sinfónico, una suavidad especial se siente con la voz de LIV KRISTINE, y el contraste Michelle Darkness son la combinación casi perfecta... deberían producir mas temas,
Beautiful lady, wonderful singer, this lady has class. I LOVE HER!
Thomas McClenan
Hail Liv Kristine
Angel Guzman
OMG! I love rhe new álbum sounds like ToT goth metal era !!!
Patrick SilverRose
Reminds me of when she was with Theatre of Tragedy.
Ricardo Amorim
Back the origins !! I miss the time of TOT! Best solo album of Liv !!
Be Beryl
repeated again and again and can't stop listening this
Video is a nightmare. What an idiot is directed? Static shots are hopeless and grotesque. Where mysterious atmosphere, darkness, fog attenuation? It looks cheap and cheesy. Turn off the video and listen to this great song.
Stian Ixbalanq Ardila Rios
Liv Kristine is the best.......i'm crazy on you!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3
Garradorr 107
Очень красивая песня!
liv is so hot i love her voice and sexy legs!!!!!!
Vi V
Michelle Darkness is from the band End of Green what is one of my favourite bands since 2007 and his voice is unique! I like Liv Kristine also, remember her mostly from "Nymphetamine" and a little from Theatre of Tragedy that we listened when we where students in 2005.Great times!Now is not worsier times just different. Enjoy the moment!
Emmanuel Ruiz Cervantes
I just got the album yesterday, this is by far her best solo album...
Anibal ·
Loved the song, guys. I can't stop hitting the replay button.
emerson paixao gaioleiro
Liv Kristine magnifica...
укроп укроп
Liv Kristine as always on top and Michelle Darkness too good.
Mike Phillips
These 2 need to put a whole album out together. And tour in the USA
Le Royaume des Ombres
Splendid +++++++++++++++++++++++This is a work of art
Fallen Angel
Liv...She is unique! I love her voice so much, I remember the first time I listened to theatre of tragedy and I couldnt believe how enchanting she sounded and she still does. This song captivates me a lot, I hope she continues to make music like this.
WeN Kath
He's like a stone xD
Unless YOU are in this vid, kinda sick of you armchair critics busting on Michelle Darkness--just accept this is a damn fine song and leave it at that.
Awesome Metal Bands Official
***** Theater of Tragedy ***** Leaves Eyes ***** Liv Kristine *****
Richard Ikin
Time for me to go ranting again! This is just absolutely bloody awesome! !!!!
Jurgen Ibro
Damn it, I love these Norwegian singers, they all have beautiful voices
This song is simply beautiful. Best duet of 2014!
Tatiana Soledad
:Epic Faceplam: I really wanna know who is the guy who produce these videos. Are so lame :/ (Btw, the song is cool! :))
Timothy Eastman
Great sound. I like it better than her previous solo albums.
rene fabian rivero gutierrez
this song is awesome, Liv Kristine is the best singer....
remsensor TM
Never thought I'd ever hear a female version of Peter Steele but here I've found it. Don't know how I've never heard her before.
Talita Watanabe
estou impressionada em como isso me agradou tão facilmente... me sinto em casa ouvindo isso, como se tivesse voltando pra algo q me da muito conforto
Dezerrê Rezende
Love this song, very gothic and dark <3 Reminds of Thatre of Tragedy's album Aegis Liv's voice is always beuatiful,but I really dig the guitar riffs and the bass in the beggining of the song
Hannah D
Liv you are fabulous xx
nemesis septicc
michelle darkness is so expressive
Neil Hughes
Liv Kristine is unusual, but in awesome ways. Distinctive (alluring and beautiful) voice and can turn a guy to stone or ice with those eyes. Gorgeous lady and one of the very few in the genre who actually looks good in a corset because she wears it properly. Love you Liv.
Edward Mikolajczyk
Bardzo dobry kawalek ,poezja dla ucha pelen szacun
Teen J3sus
Liv Kristine + Ville Valo = Greatest collaboration ever.
Chae Cap
Nice! Love Liv!
That corse is going to kill Liv...
Luc M.
Very good this sound!
imho, lazy, not innovative, simple, like something you'd get from a struggling unreleased band in a garage. Not even memorable. If this wasn't Liv, I bet a lot fewer people would like it. Instrumental lines sound like teenagers used Frooty Loops to make a HIM-wannabe song, vocals... ah that whispering never fails, but ok, that's her style, in Nymphetamine by COF it fit in beautifully. I think she could have done so much more, something haunting, chilling maybe, hope she allows herself to stay away from the 'safe' side more.
Aleksandra Wójcik-Pilawski
Uwielbiam ... <3
Her squeeky voices scratches my brain
Her Voice forever in my heart.
Саня Севаст
Классная музыка, но мне кажется чуваку не хватает эмоций в клипе
Du Garcia
So much time has passed since I found about you, Liv . Nine years, I think. Still loving you!
sky maskish
Great song.
Richard Ikin
Awesome. Absolutely awesome.
Dąnitza Moreau
I love it♥♥♥♥♥
Full METAL Albums
This reminds me a bit of theater of tragedy <3
Evgeni Tenev
Usually, the good song don't require the presence of epic video. If you, guys remember correctly, non of the ToT Aegis songs have big budget videos, but its still the best album i ever heard. So, dont value the song's quality by its video. But its true, that better video will make more people to share it, and the music will reach more and more people - thats the one of the main ideas... in this case, video with lyrics and Liv's picture on background would do better job. Somehow Michelle with his hands in pockets, bring me to the idea that he go out for a sunday walk in cemetery, and incidentally was captured by camera, while Liv makes the video. My other explanation for his behave is that he live in that cemetery and the noise wake him up and he start to walk around, just to troll the video... Short story: the song is great, but next time, please, spend some time on video making. This will attach more people to listen/watch the video - we are in different era now, its not 90' and every music producer should whereas that.
i will never forget how i met "liv" in real life: i was on my bike in the local forests and met her. she was sweating and had a little dog by her side. we talked a bit and i was so excited for the day... you cant imagine :D she lives just a few km away from my hometown ^.^
such a good song, this kind of music suits Liv best
Gaspar Games
Theatre of Tragedy... Aegis? It's beautiful...*-*
Алексей Яненков
Ничего лишнего, понравилась композиция)) аш...3 раза прослушал подряд,
Brenda de Godoy
I love Liv! Her voice is amazing.. This song <3
михаил фролов
моя ровестница))
Professor Yakkington
Liv <3 definitely one of my favorite singers
Victor Hugo Minda Arce
i love this women she is the true Queen of darkness & gothic melodies
A Masterpiece
Jordana Nash
casal perfeito ...Rock excelente congratulations hugs from Brasil !!!
Juan Carlos Cuevas
good stuff, feels very theatre of tragedyesque, minus Raymond wich is a good thing...
Dorin Chirchelan
Nimic nou, la cimitirul vechi...
rem rem
Лучшая тема за последнее время
Max Giudice
Good song !
Soft And Neat
There are 666 comments and that is everything.
михаил фролов
Goddess Of Nightmares
I love liv kristine ❤
Joseph JR Jinhlong
Who is most beautiful gothic? 1) Sharon den Adel ( most beautiful gothic milf) 2) liv kristine ( most pretty cute gothic figure) 3) Amy Lee ( most popular gothic woman) ☺☺☺
Елена Белякова
Лучшее ее нет и не будет
Eelke Holwerda
Nothing wrong whith this !! I 'm listening it a lot!!
Daniel A
Estou apaixonado por essa música.
End of Green GOOD Band!
Daniel Davis
The guy looks like Kill me please
Marat Kurmanbekov
Классная песня
Oliver Petrenz
Alberner, theatralischer Schlager-Sch... in Schwarz. Video und Musik - einfach überflüssig.
Vito Corleone
2:27 le esta viendo el culo?
Elena Sandu
If the album sounds like this song i will buy it . Beautiful song .
Nicolas Mella
I love Liv Kritine, no matter what she does , no matter the musical style.