1993 Nissan 240SX: The Craigslist Blue Light Special, Part 1! - Ignition Ep. 84

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On this episode of Ignition, Carlos Lago tests a 20-year-old Nissan that we bought off Craigslist. With 155-hp, this 240SX might be the slowest car we've ever featured, and yet we can't stop grinning while driving it. Why? A quote from an old issue of Motor Trend might provide a hint, where we call it, "one of the best handling cars currently on the road". This week, we find out if that's still the case. Ignition appears every Monday on the Motor Trend youtube channel. Subscribe now to make sure you're in on all the action! /> Facebook - Twitter - />Google+ - Website -

finding a clean 240sx is like finding a virgin in college
That HKS cat-back doesn't sound bad at all, as far as I'm concerned....
Dale Jackson
that exhaust sounds awesome this guys an idiot
"they're cheap" I died a little inside.
Sir Mutton Chops
The 240sx is one of the most attractive cars ever made IMO. A real classic. I need to buy one before the prices sky rocket even more.
One of best handling cars on the road (1990 or not)? Nitrous? 240SX is now called Silvia in Japan? You love to hate on that HKS exhaust (to appear more mature than target audience and to distance yourself from "ricers") but and at end of all this you'll still hack i.e. "rice" it? Seriously, what are you guys smoking there?
I cringe everytime you say it's dirt cheap
Did he just say that the 240sx was called a Silivia in Japan? lmfao it was called the 180sx you know you would think a branch this big would get things right
ridiculous that they cant appreciate a 20 year old car. guess what, 20 years ago you guys also were little and shitty, but hey, some things fortunately change. like aftermarket hardware gets available for cars. unfortunately your shittyness can't be corrected by some strut bars or some bucket seats. i guess now i'm really sure that MotorTrend is the worst car magazine on youtube.
Mario Valencia
after about 3 minutes of watching this i realized they chose the wrong person to build this car.
Wrong, the KADE wasn't used in the trucks until the Frontier series in 98. Come on MotorTrend, a least act like you know what you are talking about.
This is my dream car
Jav The Ripper
He seems to forget that this car was made as a cheap sports car. The 300zx was made by Nissan for people's racing needs. The 240sx wasn't made to be the best sport's car of it's time. So, for the price that they offered it for, of course it is going to have bad seats, oversteer/understeer, and a slow engine.
borderline douchiness reporting
As part of the nissan community its embarrassing having this guy try to show this car off. And it is stock but still has more personality than a 2012 mustang
Slappy Fistwad
LOL, did you put a handful of gravel underneath the tire for the shot at: 7:43?
Some Corrections: - The S13 hatchback in Japan is called the "180SX" not "Silvia" only the coupes/convertibles have the "Silvia" name. -In Japan both the Silvia and 180SX hat the CA18 a 1.8L I4 (hence the 180sx name) for the 89-90 model years, it wasn't until 91 that the SR20 a 2.0L I4 replaced it. Both the CA18 and SR20 were available in turbo and non-turbo variants. -Not a correction but worth noting: in Europe they didn't offer the coupe model S13, only the hatch and it was called the 200SX despite only ever having the CA18 through it's lifespan... the SR20 didn't replace it until they introduced the S14 chassis, which interestingly enough was sold up through 2001 despite being discontinued everywhere else in 1998. -That car does not have ABS, if it did it would likely also have the optional LSD as they were usually packaged together (I believe the only way to get them separate was via custom order). -The HKS Hi-Power exhaust while having a 4"(ish) tip is really only a 3" exhaust system. They can sound decent with a turbo but aren't all that great without one.
Leonardo Oktavianus
240SX is not a silvia....
Otto V
This is exactly what Motor trend needs to do more of!
in canada most of us would die for a 240sx in that condition, first thing you do when buying one in canada is check to see that the frame rails and floor is still in place lol. also did anyone else notice that its a hks hi power exhaust that he was calling horrible thats like a 800-1000 exhaust haha
Everyone says the KA24DE is a truck motor, but its not! The block IS from a truck, but the head is different. The reason the truck motor will only rev to about 5000 and the 240sx's KA24 will rev to 6500+ is because they have different head's and cams. The KA24 in trucks have a torque cam, and the KA24 in 240sx's has longer duration cam with less torque and more mid-high end hp.
Sour Grey
now do the early 80s and hard to find ones... mazda 323, starions, subary justy, and more. find all the turbo models. early talon with awd and more..... lol
And im disappointed that he didn't even do his homework right. It is not called a silvia in Japan. It's a 180sx. Silvia was a coup with fixed headlights this is all around not the right guy showing off this car
Cliffs for this video: 9 minutes of Carlos saying it's a rear wheel drive car over and over again. Also, it's a damn shame they chop up that mint (for 20 years) body work in episode 3 to half ass put on a widebody kit. 
what kind of host/editor does not know the difference between a silvia and 180sx.?? He really knew nothing about this cars jdm counterpart.
Dia Mortensen
Did anybody catch that he said in Japan it was called the Silvia? In Japan it was the 180SX. The Silvia shared the chassis and drive train, but a different skin.
Charles Fairchild
I subscribed to motor trend when I saw this, and I've been checking every Monday for nearly two months. When is part 2 coming out?
Ty P
MotorTrend is so stupid.
I sure hope they bring back another in the next year, maybe MT knows something we don't? I mean I love my 370z but id love to see Nissan toss out a car to go head to head with the frs/brz!
Javier Molina
We have drift tax in Orlando, lol.
Colten Goyeneche
First off the hatch is called a was not a silvia it would be known as a 180sx in Japan.The silvia doesn't have flip up headlights and the silvia is coupe not a hatch. Second the ka24de in the 1993 240sx was not a truck engine at the time. It was a dual cam variant of the ka24e found in the 89-90 240sx and a detuned version could be found in 90's nissan trucks and suv's. Nissan trucks and suv's weren't offered the ka24de until the late 90's (1998 I believe) and when it was offered it had less power than the one found in the 240sx. Also are you sure your car doesn't need new pads because I owned a 240sx and it stopped just as fast as my 84 944 did.
Why are they promoting pos Kia Soul? How much is Kia paying them? Id rather have 240sx on jack stands than drive a Kia Soul.
I love that exhaust note.
the 1993 240sx in japan is NOT a Silvia, its a 180sx. the s14 is the Silvia. (1995+)
Chris W.
There is a guy in my town with a black one, should I ask for it? :P
Max Power
swap ready
Kurtis Kwong
Been waiting on part 3 since we switched from bc to ad LOL
Victor Pau
shit reviewer
LOL, i love how they compare it to a KIA Soul. XD
Jesse Piersa
Yeah the car is 20 years old but of its time, they were great and "quick" compare it to an Iroc. Haha. Not everyone that owns a 240 drifts it, and like he said the platform is great for any sort of engine swap. Why the states didn't just get an sr off the bat is beyond me. Maybe that horsepower to weight ratio had gm ford and dodge scarred. Meanwhile not being a fan of the KA motor in 2013, I will say its reliability and durability is out of this world. As far as the sr motor goes... It was ahead of its time, kinda outdated now. Early 2000s sr motors really dominated in many aspects. Not saying there not a good platform, there is just far more reliable engines out there.
what's the first song?
Sharp Blade
Actually I loved the exhaust!!!
Ovi Wan Kenobi
I love these early 90's cars, especially with the pop-up lights. They have character and soul. When I was first able to afford cars this is what was the most exciting. I had both a 240SX and a Ford Probe GT with a J-spec engine/transmission swap. They 240SX handled better but the Ford was faster and so gorgeous. I have a stage 2 2013 STI sedan now and would love to have these cars to drive every now and then again. They each had definite strong characters that I enjoyed. I hope you make this car into a killer build. Cheers.
Honda NSX Honda CRX ED9 1.6 V-TEC Mazda RX-7 FC-3s Nissan 180SX S13 Nissan 200SX S14A Nissan 300zx Turbo Z31 Nissan Skyline GT-R R33 Subaru Impreza STI Toyota Celica-Supra Mark II Toyota Supra MA70 Gen 3 Toyota MR2 mk2
Dream car right there <3. Can't wait to buy one!
240sx !! the car that got me interested in tuners and drifting and the awesome world of mods !!  loved the episode looking forward to what you're gonna do with it !! 
I am assuming that the brakes were as is when tested which given the look of the rest of the car probably were a little abused and worn lol. Also just a heads up that car wouldn't have been a Silvia as those were the coupes. The one you have would have been a 180sx over there.
Christopher Casale
It's not actually a truck engine. The KA24DE wasn't in a truck until later in it's life. It was in the Altima/Bluebird and in the 240SX first.
Peter Silva
They were called 180sx from japan not silvia. the silvia is the non hatchback model
4" Exhaust what that's not what u call them there called FART CANS VROOM VROOM
"i think it has abs" um no. lol do you see it any where? didn't think so. only ones that had abs came with hicas LSD rear diff.
Keshia baxter
Okay it has been 5 months and not a part 3 so you can't afford the parts for the build or don't have the time because your reinacting the hangover movie but eather way I would like to see the part 3 to this before too long
Vincent Laterreur
They’re “cheap”... yeeeeeees of course “cheap”
Personally I love the pop-up head lights and the fart cannon, the only time I see a fart cannon as a bad thing is when it's on a car that's going to sound like a lawnmower once it's on
It's got automatic seatbelts too!  That is so early 90's.  Glad that safety fad went away.
Ajdin Pasanovic
3:00 "Alot of roll" 20 year old Nissan with suspension components riddled with cobwebs? Wtf do you expect?
disos silvia
drive an sr20 one and see the diffrence it would react way better trust me
why the big exhaust on an na 240 surely the non turbo needs a normal size pipe.
David Schwab
lol that exhaust is nothing... listen to a na 13b with a header and straight pipes back to straight-through mufflers; it's about 5 times louder.
Had no idea Paul Walker had a Youtube channel.
Bennett Walker
I spent almost a month trying to find manual s13's. Went on craigslist once, found over 50 clean manuals. kill me.
gilles smekens
it's slow becaus you have a ka24 engine you need a sr20det to be fast
my cousin got this for his first car
Chad Nishikawa
HKS sounds amazing and its not a cheap fart can.
Right at 4:21 you drove past a Honda Insight, same color as mine
Barry Allen
sadly it costs more than an R34 and MK4 in Japan lmao 
Richie Schneider
I'd love to race my Toyota MR2 Turbo against a 240sx!
Luke vanDillen
>calls it dirt cheap >never mentions price
Wow only 131,731 Miles that's like 231,000++ k's not bad for a '93
Arno Desplenter
Awfull exhaust? I think it sounds allright
Nissan nor Toyota nor Honda nor anybody else has made a more beautiful affordable sports car since. SO BEAUTIFUL
umm that's a HKS exhaust! its is one of the best you can get for a 4 cylinder. It definitely cost much more than you might think!
Buying a 240 in the near future. So excited, can hardly wait
Fast and the Furious car
Hatsune miku 01
Just slam an rb in there
david rodriguez
When's part 2
Nice the Nissan 240 Sex lol
Gabby Lopez
still waiting, (2014)
Where is Part 2?
Arham Rasool
What is the name off that song
Gabby Lopez
still waiting for part 2..
Davis Campbell
"ABS, I think" HAHAHAHAHAHA nope!
Javier Molina
These are not cheap anymore, shells alone are selling for $1,500 by itself a stock running one usually are going for now is $4,500. Not worth it in my opinion if your tracking it just to wreck it. Glad I got mine when they were cheap.
Song from 4:14-4:18?
Tony Allen
S Chassis guys are all kinds of butthurt over this aren't they?
A Man of Culture
Someone please tell me what the opening song was!
all over craigslist....? i wish
Sultan -
oh man. it's too sad that these JDM icons don't exist in my country.):
how much is an avarage 240sx on craigslist?
Stig's Italian Cousin
so much butthurt. he said it was a fun, reliable, and good handling car especially for the price. thats high praise. these people drive cars we couldn't afford to sit in, I don't blame them for having their standards just a tad high. 
Karol 92
see they have to take into consideration that its a 20 year old car, many people customize both the power handling and braking in these cars, i mean no reason to put the car down like that 
I want my 240 back sooooo bad :/ 
2JZ swap the dog
Do you guys know if this is FWD or RWD?  I don't think the video mentioned it.
Mutant X
I love 80s and 90s cars.
Dave Amer
Full interior, stock motor, one color, mint condition, no cool bro stickers, sporting a sick hks exhaust..safe to say you found a unicorn!
I just found a super clean ( I mean very fucking clean ) 240sx around my area. I'm buying it today for 4k. It has a cat back exhaust and lowered with race wheels. With about 150k miles. A little high for the money i know. But i keep reading comments and reviews and I'm literally walking away with a steal. So im excited. I'll be uploading videos on it soon!
michael Sanseverino
Yes the 240sx was the 180sx in Japan The 240sx that had the squire back was the Silvia but it had a different from then the US 240sx . I also thought the s13 came with the sr20de and the s14 240sx was the ones with the ka24de I do know the first year had the ca engine 1989.
Jdm 757
I miss my 240 so much. Even though all I did to it was a K&N intake, it was still a blast to drive. It felt quick and nimble. Every time I drove it I couldn't help but look like the Joker lol. Plus its the second best looking Nissan ever made imo. (R32 is first)