Three Days Grace-I Hate Everything About You

I Hate Everything About You by Three Days Grace Live Acoustic

Emirhan Tuncer
Nostalgia ❤️
Maʀɨa Rօɮօtռɨҡ™
_It's so gosh darn beautiful..._ QuQ
Tuxedo 25
Wait where's brad
Ahhh so young
Alex Mitchell
Adam is genious
annabell ward
So real and beautifully said. ❤️
Skittibook :3
me encanta 🖤
Ritheli Sivico
Beautiful ❤❤🎵❤
Paly Altonaga
i'm the 1k like... ok
Dr.Topljivi Sir
I love that drum
Ricardo Hamstra
Souryabanta D Chowdhury
That Djembe roll...❤️😍
Monique B.
Adam nessa época era tão lindo😍porquêe??.. e o neil oooii que fofoo😍
Monique B.
No final do vídeo o Adam estava quase perdendo a voz, ainda bem que o Neil ajudou O.o
This version sounds better than the acoustic version on the album. Thanks. One for the playlist!
Trinity Mashups
Tim Kulyk
fucken awesome
Dillon Salamone
I feel the same way :/
Sir .Driken
Rest in peace three days grace
Sir .Driken
why.. do i...Love you V
Aleksandar Vuković
WHOA GUYS,Adam is still in the band, i read it on their official site. -.-
Sir .Driken
it hurts like a part of me left =/
He joined a couple of years later then they started the band cause Adam wanted to interact more with the crowd
terrible. maybe he was ill ;p
David Lum
@xescapexmyxfatex bass doesnt play with acoustic. Theres the answer to why Brad isnt there! Ur welcome!
David Lum
his songs are perfect for a wolf slideshow. Like this one is fierocious and cool at the same time. Just like wolves! :D
21 people got hated
@nirvstein Little child.
Gusztáv Rózsás
1 thing 2 say 3 days grace 4 ever
Where is Brad ? O_o
Thts bookoo strain on tht voice
@tdguitarvids Possibly comparable to Linkin Park. But that's just me; I'm just stating my opinion, and you can't flame somebody for having an opinion; a person's opinion is part of what makes them who they are.
@holyman668 Are you sur ethat's accurate? If not, LOOK UP YOUR DAMN FACTS!!!
Oscar Moncada
wow they sound awsome as hell in this video ( like always lol ) :P
Doyoulike Pie
I think this is before Adam Gontier went on drugs although im not sure but even now his voice sounds good after his drug addiction and alcohol after going to a re-hab center he got better good thing too if he didnt stop we might have not have had a 3DG band to this time good thing he stopped I cant imagine a world without 3DG! 3DG FTW!
does anyone have the guitar tab for this version of this song? i can only find the album version.
It's really beatiful.....
shoulda wrote it like this then lol, oh well. i just think the album version sounds better. just annoys me lol.
Dave Fruin
all this hate on such an awesome song, leave it be people, leave it be.
ITS acoustic of course its not going to sound the same..
everyone does..
Adam's voice is the most wonderful, cuz it's got a lot of power and emotions...
raian jajalis
wheres Brad?
ivan garduno
thats true when there is love, hate it's always there, its like a contradiction but thats the cruel true ... i used to hate my ex-gf, but then i really loved her a lot . so this song reminds me my past.
sherif benghi
Brad is the one who's not on stage here,he was prolly busy,they are four-ADAM,NEIL,BARRY AND BRAD.they were a trio before Barry joined in 2003. 3DG ROCKS:)
Kindasweet Kilani
sounds noisy
Jonathan Espinoza
i s this whn they were a trio?
love iiiitttt!!!!!
ivan garduno
this is the best song ever!!!!!!
THIS IS GREAT I LOVE YOU GUYSSS (sorry d:Pan)great musicains!
the drums are great!!
He could have used an acoustic bass, but it's common practice to not, for some reason. Good performance, they know how to make a song acoustic and still sound amazing.
acoustic... duh
Sabrina Lindner
jede version von diesem lied is geil denn der typ hat einfach eine abartig geile stimme ;)
crappy video quality.......awesome performance
Spyros Dizes
he was busy
Spyros Dizes
he was busy
Yeah, that's fair. If I'm not mistaken, this vid is probably from around 04-05. Since then, Adam's voice has improved substantially. If you haven't already seen IHEAY Live at the Palace, I strongly recommend you go watch it. The guitar sounds weird because it's tuned down a step so Adam can sing it better. But yeah, back then, his vocal stamina wasn't the best...
his voice is perfect in start, good use of drums, guitar sounds strange on this song acoustic, no going round it. his voice gets used up fast it seems like =/ anywayz, GREAT performance.!
this is actually a very good live performance. it actually sounds like the song.go three days grace!!
this was really good, even though his voice kind of died at the end
the beat doesnt go with there vocals.
Trevor Garlinghouse
i know better strings to play to make it sound better at the begining
adam is very schmeexi in this. kickass song. kickass job. hard to make acoustic sound that good. i think its almost better than the original. looks like they r just having fun playing.
Julia Horackova
wow love this band! nice song!
Trevor Garlinghouse
watever but i nkow adam is straight and so is neil
Matt Nye
I wasn't being hyper about it...
lots of people have both pierced so what i love Adam their lyrics are awesome so are the beats i love the band but adam and neil are my favorites
Trevor Garlinghouse
well if you say "so what" then why u get all hyper and bee like "ADAMS GAY!!!" Well if they are married and like girls then they seem pretty straight to me
Matt Nye
he may be married, but that doesn't mean he can't be bi Hillary Clinton is married and she is bisexual, so what?
Trevor Garlinghouse
asshole adam is married and 2 piercings isnt gay u prob think the drummer is ay then cause he has an eyebrow piercing and 2 is straight its jsut 1 on teh right side is gay abnd btw THREE DAYS GRACE OWNS and the drummer (Neil) and the singer (adam) are both straight and have great skills!! btw just to prove it buy one x and read the thank yous both adam and neil say thanks to their wives and i am not sure i but i think all members say thanks to ytheir wifes
William Lee
adam's allways had both ears pierced stop bitching about it jeez
Matt Nye
two earrings on a guy is gayer than 1 on the right side, so your only helping my case
Matt Nye
actually no it still the same u fucking shithead
Matt Nye
Hey Adam has his right ear pierced! WTF
adam is hot with or without short hair;)!!!
Tiffany Sheets
adam is sooo hot and he knows it i like him with short hair you can see his wonderful face:)
Eric Trevisanut
ya, i need some too, all the one's i find are wrong
i agree;p
haha, it does!!
Kristi Nakashima
the background looks like potato chips to me :3 ......... WHAT? IM HUNGRY! >:O I MADE THIS WHEN I WAS HUNGRY!
Cyrus Huxford
dude they should play unplugged dude this is awsome
Kindergarten wannabe cocksuckers !
he's got such a fuckin' good voice, wish i was able to sing like that
Kelsey Holder
wow best acoustic session i ever heard of this song i ♥ adam but where is brad?? i♥ brad as well! best bassest!!! infact i ♥ them all THREE DAYS GRACE ROCK!!!
Bleh CuzBleh
Yeah! ^^
Chasity Holcomb
oh we'll see about that!
i act like an a-hole thats what they call me.
Chasity Holcomb
Darn it they need Brad in here! This is an amazing video! Adam and Neil are really hott!
Not Anonymous
they sound better with eletric instuments
Jens Rahm
his voice will probably not survive to long the way he sings, too bad because i think he sounds awesome..
Blue Ookami
they sound awesome live!!!
Jens Rahm
he sings great here... love this band
Jaren Reeves
when they start to yell they sound weird