1963 Chevrolet Impala lowrider model. FRIDAY Movie.

1963 lowrider model car.

Ohhh the colour mate , that green and gold wheels is Banging'👌 Thanks for sharing
You should do a how to video!!... I wanna know how you can do a servo A arm setup and still hop it!!
Tarren Isby
Wassup Ricardo I'm liking it, I'm ready to get something built Hit me up.
screw zu
bro u got skills bro the models you build are awesome bro how much for a replica of the 64 impala on ice cubes video "it was a good day"
OfficialABIG Channel
how much is this one bro bee. trying to get ahold of you for a min please get back to me
sweet bro 👍👍👍
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bro how do you get your tires to shine like that
LK Csapat
can i contact you in EU- Hungary?
who next
keep doing more videos
Nate trejo
U have a '62 wagon, can u make 1?
Austin Creations
what motors do you use for the hopping?
Junior Rodriguez
How Much For A Special Build
Eddie Garcia
how much for a build? looks tight bro.
Icy Mike
I need one of deez
OfficialABIG Channel
how much would a either a hard top 63 impala or a convertible 62 like big worms on friday? and how long for completion
Sause Da Boss
This one for sale bro?
Mr Perfect
Nice work! Are located in sd
Shane Mc
How much would one of your hoppers cost (ps love the work)
Angel Lara
Can I buy one from you man
Eleazar Ortiz
How much to build 86 monte carlo
Bigg Grab
how can i buy 1?
Jesse Calderon
how much do you charge
Chris B
Where do you get your parts from?
Alex Zavala
how do I buy
Mely Gazpar
me venderiad uno
adolfo valero
ey man how much to make me one msg me
Sergio Campos Jr.
how do i buy one Ricardo?
Jeqwan Williams
how can you be reached for a build??
Lavtrabia Lawson
nice work homes
Ty'Nika King
where did you get your impala from
lance barrilleaux
Want one 😁❤️✌️
Grigor Kazarosyan
For sale?
Gud Gam
Where do I get one bro
Real Raps
how much for one of those
Sauce Fam
How much would u charge for one like this
michael winters
So you sell them ???
Oh shit! Its hector's ride lol cool.
SXS eelo
We're can you get the car
That's clean
That car is tight, I seen you did a caddilac big body painted blue and I was wanting to ask, when you gonna make a vid of it?
Trashcan Petrespoo
amigo I can't contact u and I'm wondering if u ship to the UK
T Dawg
not even close I could do better than that junk
El brujo de texas 817
Esta chingon la ranfla 63 impala
Where can I buy it
Joshua Martinez
thts nice af homie...
Jose Serrano
How much for a impala like the one ice cube drove on it was a good day?
can these cars ride ?
Black N Ashy
(SO YOU DECIDED TO SMOKE WIT THA BIG BOYS A SMOKEY) Very nice work as always bro!
jose Gutierrez
how can I get one like that but green
Brenee Dearmin
give me call looking buy one 9092645578
yorick seaman
still on sale???
yorick seaman
still on sale???
Hey are those cars & trucks sold like that as a kit? Or are all these cars & trucks i see on YouTube like this one are just custom made?
Bill Clinton
How much for one and to send to Portland Oregon. Really really want one.
Joseph Sanchez
What's up g how's the model game I c u building non stop haha Thad rye homie keep doin ur thang get at me on my new number 7143532830 alrye then get at me tu homie EseHYPE WSCartel
How much are cars?
Trucha Vato
What green is that?
Jesus Felix
i though it was green
Danny Pena
Toda madre
What is the price range on one of these
Face mob
How much
Aye big homie how could I be able to buy one of these from you?
Kane Dominguez
Recardo beccera whold u be able to sell me oun i look at jevries butt he dond sell them can u make me oun call this number 505 484 7590
thats bad ass homie
Henry Gonzalez
Ayee If you have time to build a Boyz N the hood lowrider, if so contact me at [email protected] or at (702) 381-7580
T Dawg
shit looks fake af and you sell these for 300 a piece that's a complete rip off TBH don't even have as much detail either f.o.h
bad ass!!!
Fucking sick!! The best on YouTube in my opinion
Tree House
yodat bitch so clean... lovin the wheel shine up...