BRITISH PRIEST reacts to PewDiePie Vs T Series

Pewdiepie vs. T-Series. Today we invite Rev. Chris to talk about one of the most controversial wars in the history of Youtube! What would an ENGLISH PRIEST think about the No. 1 Christian channel on Youtube: Pewdiepie? 😂 오늘은 크리스 신부님과 유튜브 역사상 가장 논란이 되고있는 전쟁에 대해 얘기해봅니다: 퓨디파이 vs. T시리즈의 대결! 과연 크리스 신부님은 퓨디파이를 어떻게 생각하실까요...?😂 **(자막) 모바일에서는 우측 상단에 있는 점 세개 클릭하시면 자막 켤 수 있답니다!** Written and Directed by Josh and Ollie Series Producer: Hyemin Lim & Sepi Zolfaghari Editor: Grace Park Editor/Translator: Sejun Lee Translator: Hannah Kang

Sarah S
"Well done, Mr. Pie" oooohhhh that killed me
l u c i d /\ \/ d r e a m s
I always love how Rev Chris can take anything and throw some love into it.
It’s Sid
“We’re getting caught up into something big... which is also.... nonsense 🤣”
Tiffany Chesney
Never thought I would hear a priest curse😂
Ghala Alomari
I am Muslim and I respect all religions. I like watching your react video,keep going.
beep beep
YouTube Master
The priest looks young but acts pure old
chance shadow
Rev. Chris just honestly makes me so happy every time he is in the videos on this channel x3
P-dog Dipietro
I love rev Chris. The thing is he doesn’t sweat the small stuff. I’m an atheist, but respect him more than the average person. I respect other religions and I don’t mind what other people think. He is so philosophical and not so arrogant. If he were to have an argument he wouldn’t really yell he would just think of a situation and think about it philosophically. Your amazing rev Chris! Appreciation from Florida
Hugobears gaming
Yohana Shania
Well now you guys should make a reaction video to "Congratulations" with Rev. Chris🙏🏻🙌
12:03 "PewDiePie, bless you my son"
Georgia B
“well done Mr Pie” IM CRYING 😭😂😂😂😂😂
Sarah Mae Li
Rev Chris aka the coolest Christian leader I know.
Bella Riddle
Rev. Chris is so innocent and it's beautiful.
Menora Lener
You should have Rev Chris react to Congratulations now
"We're getting caught up in something big! Which is also... nonsense" 😂😂😂
Kira Segovia
“HOLY SPIRIT” this is too much hahahahahahhaahahaha
Red blooded American 0
My mans compared pewdiepie to John the baptist.😂😂😂
strawberry faerie
Now I would love if PewDiePie can react to this vid 😂😂 Amazing video as always. Had a good laugh. Thank you sm
MoonWatcher XD826
That surprised face tho.......If my schools preist react to bish lasagnaq they would be like.... DELETE THIS VIDEO AT ONCE I FORBIN THE STUDENTS FORM USEING DE INTERNET
저 퓨디파이 vs t-series 상황 자체가 서양쪽 인터넷에서 유행하는 농담이에요. 애초에 저 뮤직비디오도 진지하게 찍은것도 아니고, 한국인 시청자들에게는 상황설명이 조금 부족해서 너무 진지하게 받아들이신 분들이 많은듯.
Congrats on 1M subs JOLLY. 1/90th of Pewdiepie
Jon 710
Saint Felix: Patron saint of memes 🤪
Piineapple Playz
*"Well done Mr Pie."* My favourite quote from this video. 😂
Bry Halla
The look on Josh and Ollie's face when Rev. Chris said he's not subscribing to PewDiePie.. Lmao a true 9-years-old! 😂 On a serious note, I do agree with Rev. Chris. We might have different faith, but I always love when you preach about compassion and love. We all should respect each other. :)
Megan Bopp
3:02 their faces are priceless. I think they forgot about what he was wearing in the video until Rev. Chris pointed it out.
Alvin Ryell Prada
The Priest says : *Amen Lasagna* 👏👏👏 Pewdiepie and Jolly are my favourite anime though!😃😃😃
Kyo Mizuta
what crossover episode is this? THIS NEEDS TO GO INTO LWIAY
Once again Rev. Chris coming through with logic and love. He deserves all the purple hearts! 💜💜💜💜💜💜
This is the most British thing i have ever seen
Sid Iglesias
The war was supposed to be fun , but all the salty comments from both sides are just distasteful. Spread love not hate ❤
👏bible review👏
Nona fierce
Ollie's questions are always on point!!! #MasterOfAnalogy 👏👏👏 ( Ps: I missed the old hard sub already.🙊 But still...thanks alot guys. Love ya always ~~~🙏)
Jacob Bruns
One on the right is a first generation nine year old.
Christian minecraft servers🙌🙏
Inspector Spectacles
Wait I just realized that Mr. Pie is gonna serve T-series a lasagna made from his holy spirit dog
Yie Shyuen
can you ask rev chris to please react to kpop fandoms... the true epitome of not disagreeing well LOL
I did not watch it but why a priest watching this
“The king Arthur of YouTube”... 🤣
Høøded Phøenix
honestly, rev. chris is such a pure and humble soul. like, he always has something good/nice to say, and he's just a nice person-no strings attached
Ella Pitong
"I have actually been a fan of his since I was *9 years old* " I see what u did there HAHAHA
Your friendly neighbourhood nobody
Thank you!! Thank you!! Our problem isn't being "too sensitive" or "too mean". It's an inability to disagree well, an inability to have respectful discussions.
Please react to Congratulations by Piewdiepie!!!
Jae Jae
Everytime i watch Jolly videos i feel like getting up and making some tea and find me some cake, before sitting down and watching it 😂
laila 라이라
I subscribed to pewdiepie right after yall said yall support pewdiepie,,,, you guys power
EunJin Choi
자막을 설정에서 추가할 수 있는 대신영어&한국어 로 해서 같이 나오게 할 수는 없나요? 영국남자 좋은 점 중 하나가 영한자막 같이 나오는거였는데ㅠㅠ
Pink Portrait
John the Baptist of the internet. Well thats something that was said and can't be taken back. And it's amazing.
*Time to start going to church.*
seung hwan yoon
i think Rev. Chris might have been little paniced and didnt know what to do. cuz I also felt Josh and Ollie is slightly(but obviously) pushing him to be on side of Pewdiepie and actually he was not willing to be on it. but he still dealt with the situation so gentlely as his nice personality. Guys I understand the worries about grand capital invasion but dont be silly. subscriber number is just a number and you already know what the more important things are. no wavering and just stick to things only you guys can do, but the capital cant do! people will love it. You’ve done it so well so far! 😂
Lasmar, R.
*_God_*_ has joined the chat._
Marie Louise Bautista
“A major problem in today’s society is we’re not able to disagree well.” THIS.
Ria Mathew
God is on everybody's true...Rev. Chris😁
Peaceful Mode
He should react to Congratulations!!!
여러 의견이 많지만 전 이 영상 재미있게 봤습니다. 퓨디파이는 이름만 들어본 정도인데 여러가지 이벤트가 있었군요 ㅎ 새로운것을 알게되어 좋네요. 올리,조쉬 앞으로도 특별한 제한없이 신나게 영상 만들어 주세요 :) Ps. 크리스 신부님은 오늘도 현명하시네요. 감탄
Confusing Journey
I love him so much! If only he was my priest Id be at church every Sunday service 😁
취지는 알지만.. 너무 억지로 몰아가는 듯해서 보는내내 크리스신부님이 안타까웠음ㅠㅜ
Izzy Hill
I'll be honest. I try and stay away from anything religious due to the fanatics and the hate/anger that can result. BUT! I really enjoy this channel. It shows, for (me), what religion is supposed to be. Accepting, loving, and fun. Well done Sirs. Very well done.
Luiz Felipe
We need a next part of reviewing dank christian memes
Need him to react to Congratulations now hahaha
Maria Samantha Rillo
Loved seeing Josh and Ollie sing along to the song hahaha. Hello there fellow 9 year olds.
Yosra Shaban
"Well done, Mr Pie" Chris is killing meeeee!! In a really, really, really GOOD way! :)
Devyn Kumar
Reverend: Pewdiepie is a creative guy Pewdiepie: Meme review, YLYL, pewNews XD
Petition for Rev. Chris to host *MEME REVIEW* 👏👏
This was two months ago but i still want felix to react to this
Rev Chris's faces are so funny
Pam Chen
"do you play Cards Against Humanity is my question" hahahahaha Ollie we all want to see rev. Chris plays CAH
I like you guys! Taking part of this war. But as of today, T-series already won. Hope it will change soon.
He lives in Brighton. How about introducing korean food to PDP? Korean Englishman and PDP collab?
Now my dream is Pewds to coming to korea, and eat with Korean Englishman soon. Btw Felix still live in a Brighton, England right? Someone answer me pls
Suzie Q
*Subscribes to Pewdiepie* *whispers* bless you my son
Ester Paulsson
I would like to see rev.chris watch and react to Girl defined...
abhie recto
It's so surprising thay jolly is one of the 9 year olds. 😊😊😊
G. S.
It's really wierd not seeing the usual KOR + ENG subtitles at the bottom of the screen. 😭😭😭 It feels like I'm watching a totally different Youtuber. But I guess it's just me.
L Susj
join the 9 year old army
Unnie Monica
Ollie you're so smart but funny as well. Your choice of words so sophisticated . I'm in love with you, man 😍
KCF 443
Literally just have anyone reacting to anything nowadays
nyamnyam eme fat cat
Cold war who? I only know pewdiepie vs t-series 😂✌😂😂🤗
sa Xnaba
The part when you both were singing along😂😂❤️❤️❤️
Andy Dagamer
Lasagna designed specifically for female canines.
Susan .B
The way Chris.rev says how we don't disagree well is SO TRUE. And YES! We should respect others even if we don't believe them. Which is something I take to heart and into my behavior. Because the way I was raised was to do exactly that! So although I disagree with certain beliefs. Being unfair is wrong. Amen rev Chris.
mana degamer
Rev. Chris: "I'm a parent" WAIT HE TAKEN NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO JK joy to the man
Namjoon's purple hat
"I don- what's a- what's bitch lasagna?" HEHEHEHEHE THAT WAS SO CUTE I SWEAR
Awesome vid, would love to see all your reactions to his new song "Congratulations" Otherwise keep up the great work
luz ramos
Yes!!! 😭 doing their part! 💞😭😭
Oh no...he's a BRITISH one! So eviiiil- so difffeeerrrreeennttt-
next british priest reacts to congratulations
"If you try to squash free speech in times of peace you use it in times of war." - Rev Chris
Need the reaction to congratulations now
Thanh Mai Nguyenova
"Arise nine-year-olds!" - Ollie 2019
일단 제 댓글이 얼마나 올라갈지는 잘 모르겠네요 오늘 영상이 조금 난해하실 한국인 분들이 있을 것 같아서 저라도 부연설명을 달아봅니다. 한국에서는 퓨디파이와 티시리즈 모두 유명하지 않아서 지금 퓨디파이와 티시리즈간의 대결 구도가 어떤 의미와 상징성을 띄고 있는지 잘 모르셔서 오늘자 조쉬와 올리가 영상에서 드러내고자 하는 바가 무언인지 모르실 것 같아요. 간략하게만 말하자면 '퓨디파이'는 1인 유튜버로써 세계 1위의 구독자를 가지고 있고 반대로 '티 시리즈' 는 단체의 자본력이 많이 들어간 퓨디파이와는 정 반대의 경우라고 할수 있어요. 유튜브는 개인이 재능과 노력으로 수많은 구독자들을 끌어 모으고 개인이 기업과 대적할수 있다는. 혹은 수많은 개인이 자신들만의 컨텐츠로 이루어 나갈수 있는 공간이라고 인식되어 왔어요. 하지만 국가의 자본력이 들어간 티 시리즈가 세계 구독자수 1위를 하게 된다면 사람들이 역시 개인이 아무리 날고 기어봤자 저런 단체를 이길 수는 없구나 하는 생각을 가지게 되겠죠.(여기서 말하는 자본력은 하루에 5편씩이나 영상을 뽑아낼수 있는 저력 비슷한 뜻이에요) 이런 생각은 그동안 유튜브가 인식되어왔던 개인이 특별한 컨텐츠로 엄청나게 성공할수 있는 공간이라는 인식에 크나큰 하나의 한계와 벽을 세워버릴수 있겠지요. 조쉬와 올리도 개인 컨텐츠로써 성공한 유튜버로써 퓨디파이를 내심 응원하고 있는 모습 같네요(신부님을 초정한 건 막 종교를 끌어들인 게 아닌 단순한 컨텐츠적 유머요소라고 생각되네요ㅎㅎ) 영국남자 채널과는 다르게 졸리는 한국스러운 것만을 위주로 컨텐츠 하는 채널도 아닐 뿐더러 그렇기에 저번 기독교짤 밈 영상과 같이 영어권 구독자들이 즐길수 있고 한국인 입장에선 난해난 영상이 올라올 수도 있어요. 단순히 무슨 내용을 말하고 싶은 지 모르겠다는 이유로 구독을 끊겠다는 한국인 구독자분도 많이 보이는데 채널의 정체성을 파악하지 못하고 섣불리 생각하고 있는 것 같기도 하네요. 퓨디파이와 티시리즈간의 전개 양상을 잘 알고 있는 사람으로써 영상 정말 재미있게 봤습니다ㅎㅎ
David Santana
Anji Chant
When they said "The No.1 Christian channel-PewDiePie", my phone literally slipped out of hands and fell down with the loudest thud!! And I'm not even making this up!!😂😂😂
Stephanie chimchim
Jolly gettin in on the Pewdiepie vs 🅱️ Series
Happy Life
Rev Chris is like Matt Leblanc + Dean Winchester in one body 😂😂
what suga wants is what suga gets
*they got population of 1.32 billion* yes josh nd ollie we do 😂😂😂
well Josh and Ollie are officially 9 year olds now. welcome to the club
Abril Maldonado
React to Congratulations 🎉
ria eats
Mr2 Reviews
SKRATTA DU!!!!!!!!