How to make Norwegian Black Metal

Wanna learn how be a TRVE KVLT Norwegian edgelord teen with panda make-up and spikes? Then This video is for you! Andri's gonna teach you about Norway, how to be TRVE KVLT and laugh at people who take it seriously. #BlackMetal #Norwegian #TrveKult Skumle Natt - Nattesverd /> dean nihilaist /> ---- Facebook: />SoundCloud: />Tumblr: Twitter Updates: />Twitter Andri: />Twitter Andreas: />Twitter Martin:

ChildOf Tengri
The fact that the song was a actual good black metal song shows how correct he is
Willow Sparks
I absolutely died at 'Does your church look a bit cold?' XD
Fart Vader
Imagine if Norway didn't have forest. Black metal would have never existed
gabriel saboya
"he's making watch mojo content...but more racist" LOL
Satan will never answer your screams because the production quality is too good
Saul Goodman
You forgot to pick an ideology! Mix elements from satanism, nihilism, fascism and lord of the rings
Hey, all jokes aside, this guy knocked out a banger at the end there.
Luca Stickney
I only listen to TRUE Norwegian black metal. Only five people know it. The band, and me.
emmy wright
The fact this video showed a more accurate history of black metal than lords of chaos is hilarious
duncan milne
production too good. not kvlt enough.
Symptom Cownage
not kvlt enough, can actually hear what notes you're playing
I came from your Grindcore video and I am astonished how less subscribers you have with this kind of production value. I love the "how to" series. Keep it up!
Claudia Solomon
Wow that song you made is pretty rad!!
THE GOAT IS FOR LATER you gots a new sub 😁
Bottom of the barrel
Step.1 burn down a local church Step.2 have your lead singer commit suicide before your first record Step.3 Have your guitarist murdered Step.4 ??? Step.5 Profit?
Michael Bryant
Just pick up a guitar for your first time and start going apeshit on it while screaming. You are now a black metal musician.
Joe Bates
Hilarious without sounding condescending. You clearly understand Black Metal, but can still poke fun at it. Subscribed.
Steve of the Dead
Subbed, Hail Sobek!
Nabeel Work
how to make black metal 1.find washing machine 2.throw brick in it and start it 3.????? 4.Profit
Dr. Gojira
God this channel is underrated.
JH Statts
Your satirical song is just as good as any trve kvlt BM. Please make a record.
Xtra Spice Mikey
boss HM-2 on full whack, snare drum, screaming cassette recorder in bathroom nothing below 80hz
Master Lord
How to make norwegian black metal: 1. be norwegian 2. this is war huh? wow
John Doe
I wanted to give this video 666 likes.
Daniel K
2:05 man this dude looks so symphatic. I would instantly let him free if i would have been the judge.
2000 Views. Not KVLT
Dude, you deserve so many more views! Your videos are great, they are fun, good editing and the songs you make are actually pretty decent!
otto von ottsville
Youre wrong. Dark funeral is sweedish. So is abba. Theyre pretty good too. Like your song. Reely.
Matthew Roche
This is the best YouTube video of 2019. Please don't stop - this series is awesome.
Nate Buker
Boy that sucked. I could actually hear some bass. Let's polish up some Grindcore next!
Manfred Von Carstein
12:55 "I am your slave daddy"... still laughing, i almost choked inhaling my beer damnit :D:D
This and Goniloc are criminally underrated channels. You sir have a new subscriber.
False Lyra
One of the most accurate description of Norwegian black metal I ever seen!
Randall Morris
I can't wait to see this channel blow up and get the viewcounts it deserves.
Me:* throws wallet at friend* Friend:" i'm keeping this."
pleaseeee do one on slam :•)
Skwisgaar Skwigelf
1:23 who ams that handsome and talls guy over there? The blonde ones. I bets he ams pretty cooooool and goods with thems guitar!
"Now press some casette tapes and some vinyls, and don't tell any one you exist" :D Brilliant!
Detta e guld 🤘
Bash Clopton
I sure was not expecting to see a Sobek joke on Metal Youtube.
Ok you literally nailed the song. It sounds like 90% of Norwegian blavk metal. LOL
The Fern Sage
The part with the "verbose" I was dying HAHAHA
Galaxy Timeline
Im from norway and i did Get A bit affended but i still liked it
Martin Gebske
Nice Reaper Tutorial mate :D
"mountain dew is pretty kvlt, right?"
Jesús David Fariñas Hachén
I love the ending son... Not JOKING (excepto la letra)
Buster Näslund
The Sobek background caught me totally off guard. I live when my youtube subs collide.
Dmitry Achkasov
>student debt >norway who are you trying to fool? :)
You honestly look like an adorable man and I loved the video!!! <3
C. Matt Hatter
Thank you for making my day, this is hilarious!..."All flesh is equal when burnt" = priceless.
always oozing something
you say "sing about castles" like every song shouldn't be about castles
Martin Munoz
you're absolutely right on everything and it pisses me off how predictable we are lmao
Satanism is sooooooooooooo overdone We should sing about praising Sobek
ColumbineLegend 420
Great comedic video, but let me explain what Trve Kvlt Norsk Zwartmetall really is in a simple but trve way: (Second Wave) Black Metal between the years '91 and '93 where the scene was centered around paganism and heavy ambient music inspired by Thrash Metal bands like Venom and Bathory (sellout drummer) which made music about paganism and against the corporate direction Heavy Metal was turning, that subgenre of Thrash later became known as First Wave Black Metal. Trve Kvlt Black Metal is against Satanism and only uses Satanistic symbols to provoke and out their utter hatred for the church which they deemed an invasive religion from the Middle East for destroying Pagan Temples and cutting down Holy Trees. Either that or their tribe got murdered if they didn't convert. Of course, they won't take 'Satan' seriously because it's a biblical fogure and they despise the bible. That's the shortest description of 'tr00 kvlt' metal I can give you with the most essential information of what truly made Norsk Zwartmetall one of the most fascinating genres in any type of exressive art.
Namless and Shameless
*The goat is for later* 🤘🏻😂 Edit: song is legit
my neighbours lawn mover is in tune with this song
0:24 so Marilyn Manson influenced black metal too OK
Kind Djenthallman
10:32 reference to Steve T and Aces to Aces?(10:40)
James Dalian
So KVLT, I succumbed to the evil and have now subscribed. Curse the temptations of your infernal content!!
You're the best! I really love these 'how to' videos. And the song came out fantastic
Martin Helgren
Hahahahaha..... Love this! :-D
Marcello Velasco
I haven't laughed so hard in a while! And then song was actually pretty good imo. Great video!
Why I hadn’t discovered this sooner truly upsets me. Also the songs end up pretty damn sick. Great work dude!
I came because I'm genuinely interested in black metal as a genre. I stayed because Varg and WM got burned. But I subscribed for lord Sobek. Also the track was genuinely pretty cool!
Elijah McKible
0/10, you can vaguely hear what the lyrics are supposed to be.
I'm no expert, but your music is good!
You didnt use the right studio equipment. Preferably to be bought at the local Toys-store. Other than that, great video. Gonna take a look around your channel once i finished listening to this song.
Catieria Shiblodski The ObsidianToycat
The Norwegian cords and Church burning is the only things i find interesting about the country...
Can't wait for this channel to blow up
Xavier HU
Black metal, best draconian comedians, ever.
Brandon Hamele
Was that... Was that a Tenacious D lick at the end
Audi 666
I was pist off in tell I kept watching comic gold 😂this went far over peoples head 🤔🤘🏽👽🤘🏽
Impaled Northern Moonforest is the only legit black metal band so this is all moot.
Where have your and Goniloc's channle been all my life! Awesome vids. You should do one for US power metal or speed metal(spread awareness of these underrated genres...or something) ah anything is cool, I want more of this series.
Actually, you cannot make a good parody without respecting the original material. Well done, sir!
Susanne Rodriguez
I cracked up when i heard "yeeeyaah" in the beginning, you cant be kvlt without a "yeeeyah" when the drums start
did you do more than 10 seconds of research while doing this video
Heather Lennox
Everything that's fun about Norwegian Black Metal wrapped up in one short film
9:11 "In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might beware my power"
"I think i accidentally wrote an Immortal song..." GG, you got a chuckle out of me
B. K. Hutterer
I was browsing the net for some examples of cedarwood electric guitars and happened upon this video. Good on ya!
John Jeziorski
This was the best thing the algorithm recommended to me in a LONG time.
Michael Smolenkov
Absolutely great video! I enjoy how many cool references you manage to crump inside (HAIL SOBEK!) while keeping it entertaining and easy to get into. I'm definitely clicking that bell thing!
The way you mixed your vocals reminds me of Burzum's S/T Love the way they sit on top
Nailed it! And it's the least offensive black metal song I've heard yet!
Our unlighted ceremony summon cyclonic cresent moon!!!
josefine pettersen
I’m Norwegian And .... i’m speechless🥶😂😂😂
Avhinav Mainali
Damn I would listen to this unironically \m/
Cid Dax
Oh my god! Soooo tru3!
Doom Guy
"No, no, no! Don't play those church chords, have you forgotten who our enemies are?" I literally peed myself this is beyond genius 😂
Draco Sol
"Optionally film it in winter" You mean *mandatory*
Drekkan Of Yor
5 mins in and im already subbed lol great sense of humour hahaha
Simulated Sarcasm Reviews and Gameplay
Came to call you a Jhoffilms/Karpizzle ripoff but this is actually amazing. Can't be mad at this.
James Town
Was that an all hail sobek background on your PC?! This is not the crossover I expected.
10/10, evil masterpiece (y) #krabbesatan #drepduselv
There are a lot of incorrect facts and assumptions about the Norwegian black metal scene in this video, the biggest one being that they were pretty much all satanists. Other than that it's a great video, hope to see more like it in the future.
“I am your timeless dreadful lad” made me choke on my beer. Well done, sir.
Matt Smith
I think Robbie Rist has a kindred spirit in Norway.
Lord Cognus
This. Is. Awesome.
Dude, this is pure gold, you should upload the song as a single