Joe Rogan Experience #1229 - Richard Rawlings

Richard Rawlings is the owner of Gas Monkey Garage. He can be seen on "Garage Rehab" & "Fast N Loud" on the Discovery Channel.

ShaolinsFinest 94
Jody Roper
Joe slept through that kids soccer game.
anthony dickinson
I think we just witnessed the beginning of a long friendship. Great podcast. God bless them.
Projects on Wheels
Did we just become best friends?! Yupp ~ Stepbrothers
Holly sh**t when I was a kid my dream car was a 1977 Bandit Edition Trans AM. I had a job at Taco Bell during my high school years so my parents took me to buy a new motorcycle to ride back and forth, it was an 86 Yamaha VMAX 1200 " I was making payments of $40 per month to my parents, but the first thing I bought that was in my name after high school was a 77 Bandit Edition edition Trans Am" to be honest it was very disappointing as far as power and I had the 4speed transmission but after a few months of getting smoked by other cars me and my best friend changed out motors, we put in a freshly built 455 Olds big block that we took out of his totaled out 1966 442 " I thought I would keep that car forever until I drove my father's 66 Vette nothing more to say..
I love this podcast way to go Joe I love Richard Rollins he is a very inspirational guy really cool Joe keep up the good work man you funny Joe Rogan
Richard "What have you"Rawlings
TC Williams
Burt Reynolds went to Florida state not University of Florida. Love the podcast!
Tan Gi
Get Ed Bolian on the show!
I want to see Mike Rowe on next.
My nightmare is to sit and talk to Richard Rawlings.
Gregg Goldstein
I have a new respect for Richard!!
noah nusbaum
Saddly is suspended. This is why we cant have nice things
Alfredo Manccini
You should have the guys of Roadkill in your show
Jo Po
Right now Joe's passed out, lying in the grass at the edge of his daughter's soccer game, covered in discarded orange wedges and Capri Sun pouches.
Manny K
Joe 'Might as well try meth" Rogan
I love how Joe has Richard, a car guy with a car business and he's just talking and plugging other car businesses
Marco Diaz
Joe coming in with slurred speech at the 2 hour mark Richard completely coherent LMFAO. Richard's drinking game level 100
Kevin Brown
love it how every time Joe starts to talk about "blunts" he acts like they fell from space and that no one on earth has ever heard about them. LMFAO!
Louis H
This episode is special. Possibly the best so far. Here's why: -Joe got way more drunk than usual. -The guest was exceptional and funny -The topics (classic cars) is rare on JRE -Jaime is much more involved in the conversation -Joe seems so much more chill and relaxed
shaunius 123
One of my favourite podcasts EVER! Didn't know much about Richard but I absolutely loved him as a guest.
Dinolen Munsamy
He sounds really nervous at the beginning
Daniel Adamski
Give Joe 2-3 shots every podcast 😆
Rusty Wells
If someone didn't know you would think these two were friends since high school!
Car talk starts at 0:00
Dave Mieze
I think that it’s impossible to not like Richard. He’s living our dream. Fast N Loud is a GREAT show. He put together the winning formula.
Mikal Espyyy
Rewatched this bc its one of my favorites ! 2 car guys sitting around , shootin the shyt, drinkin a bit, smokin a bit - love Richards show. And Joe is well, the amazin Joe. Bless up!
Nathan Quick
Awesome guest, I’ve always liked this guy from his show. He seemed like a genuine good person. I think this interview reflects that.
So I typed in and it automatically went to Rick Astley’s “never gonna give you up” Click the link 😂🤣
Did not expect this and it ended up being one of my favorite guests. Cool dude
Petar Petar
Rawlings is a cool dude, they have really nice chemistry. This was great episode.
dat GASS
How am I just now finidng this lol.. This is definitely myyyy kinda podcast for sure lol love car talk . 👌👌💯💯
Lee walker
One of my favorite joe rogan podcasts to date. Richard Rawlings is an awesome dude.
I love this show! Why the hell would you ever watch regular tv or cable when we have this.
michael white
Richard is like " quit plugging everybody that does what I do"
Richard “what have ya” Rawlings
Eric P
I used to think Richard was a douschebag in a midlife crisis but man, he seems like a really decent guy and this is a very enjoyable podcast 👍🏻
Joe Lutz
F u Rogan and Rawlings Hahahah. Foxbody mustangs are awesome !!! Love the show
Matthew Snyder
Smokey and the Bandit's French title is *Courir après moi shérif* Chase me, sheriff 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Mr. Vunts
Invite Keanu Reeves , JOHN WICK 3 BABY
Jeremy Corrao
This is a sovereign country or at least it was! Without borders we are NOT a sovereign NATION!! This country cannot afford to pay for 300000 poor people to just move in. How about we take care of all the veterans and homeless people before we hand out money to people that don't even belong here?? INSANITY.
I love Richard Rawlings....I grew in the 60's and 70's...I had a GTO...and this conversation seduces me, thinking about muscle cars is like porn to guys right? Today I drive a Segway Ninebot ES2 .
Have Hank Williams III on please!🇺🇸🍻
Stephen G
"He's a good guy. He owns 50 cars!" "Yeah, well a lot of them are for sale" 😂
attack helicopter
WRONG, supreme leader kim jong un hit 18 hole in 1s in a single game of golf
Joe "How do you do that" Rogan.
Mr Ender
Love these guys and what they do, great episode to listen in background while working on some drawings :-)
J.R. Carter
You can tell they both loving this podcast. And richard rawlings is just awesome i love his shows
Mister SS
I enjoyed this. Iv been a fan of Rawlings for a while we use to play GM at work all day, he’s a business man at the end of the day but he’s legend!!
Get James May, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond on!
Seminole SC
When r we going to get jermey Wade on the podcast
Matt McDonough
One of my favorite podcasts!
Stephanie Preston-Mullins
Best podcast so far! LoL, never have ever heard Joe Rogan talk about his bladder, so he must've been ready to explode after all that beer, liquor...holy shit, it was a good one! #Joe Rogan ❤
Angel Gonzales
Love the '69 Mustangs 👌 but the 63 Grand Sport, late 20s - early 30s Packard's and Dusenburgs def hold weight.. ❤️
Simon Plant
Haha, I didn’t really like Richard Rawlings from the show but he is actually a really funny bloke🤙
im B2Gs
This is my favorite JRE by far, thank you both, you're my role models.
Josh Kittle
Listening to joe Rogan talk as if he’s knows a lot about cars, which would fool a non car guy, makes me realize he has fooled me about seeming to know a lot about everything else 😂
Drew Summer
1300hp car "no one builds something like that".... How about every WelderUp build haha
Luke Duke
These 2 guys really figured out how to make money and have fun at the same time. Office jobs are a joke.
Product Man
The podcast of the century Joe "Ima Californian liberal "Rogan Vs Stero typical progressive Republican Richard Rawlings who will make them selves look foolish first? Who will come up victorious? Who will mention themselves the most? So much & more.. Two egos Two mics One overwhelming biased opinion Who will win?
Ar Z
2 guys sitting into bar: 1. You drunk 2. Nop 1. Yea I could drink like gallons of beer before I get drunk 2. Me too brother 1. So lets go for another beer? 2. Sure man And then 38:50 happens.
Danny Brown
Joe, Richard was being sarcastic about golf being an 18 shot game. Jeez don’t take everything so literally😅
Jerms Heman
Before this podcast I thought Rawlings was a bit of a self-promoting, loudmouth d-bag. However his blunt honesty and humble nature displayed here was rather endearing. I have a new found respect for the ultimate hustler. Good fortune to you sir!
Love this episode.why not a car podcast like your mma podcast?
Noble Speed motoworks
For sure needed bonus footage of these two walking around hammered after the show
Robert Mcgee
Today’s muscle cars aren’t priced for the regular joe/Jane blue collar worker like the 60s cars were. Joes got deep pockets, he’s not thinking about that.
John Pretto
I have now determined that @youngjamie is basically Joe Rogan's Alexa. LOL
The WokeUp Call
GET KEANU REEVES ON PODCAST!!!! that podcast would be OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I totally wanna see Richard Rawlings do stand up!
mark spreadborough
Great podcast!! bounced brilliantly off each other! :-)
the Joyce family in Ireland is a well known pikey family that have long running feuds with another bunch of families.
Anthony Rice
How dare you top gear with the original cast was the shit Mr. Rawlings but I do want to try some of that cinnamon tequila #greatpodcast
R carey
Quentin Tarantino would be a interesting podcast..
Michael L
This was one of my favorite podcasts in a long time! Hilarious
Dad Pool now sends you to a YouTube video of Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up"
Ian Smith
Dope,I'm gonna turn my grandfather on to Joe thru this podcast. Dissident connection. Chill pod
A Morales
OMG best JRE ever interview went by so quickly had me laughing so hard
Cars, beer and tequila. As American as an eagle killing a terrorist.
One of my favourite podcasts of all time, also RWB porches are absolutely insane
Peace Parts
Richard Rawlings hating on Pintos, what the heck man?! They're great lookin cars! lol
Brandon Maloney
hands down l end up teamed with Rawlings in a pro am, we're gettin kicked off the tour for "happy Gilmore'ng"
Reid B
It’s funny seeing joe bend politically towards whoever his current guest is.
Russell McBrayer
Joe “black sistynine Mach 1” Rogan speech slur 🤣🤣
Aj Madic
Richard "What have you" Rawlings
Chris Weber
A few years ago, Nielsen paid everyone in my household monthly to wear a device like a pager that picked up on our cable box and transmitted what we were watching.
Mike Lombardi
One of my favorite podcasts done Joe and Richard. I absolutely enjoyed this talk and was totally invested into hearing both of you talk immediatly! Definitely need to do a revisit down the road!
Lucas Casey
joe "been getting snuck up on since the 80s" rogan
The Blue Apple
Who else came from aaron McCanns piss take haha
Ken The Mad
Joe says he doesn't have a PR guy We all know it's Mike Baker lol
Ryan Peerson
Joe “Acts like the blunt was just invented recently” Rogan
Man i miss the Joe that used to be critical and ask real questions instead of rimming the ass of his guest... getting Musk Flashbacks....
dmr joints
These guy's have ace chemistry This is an amazing episode 👍
you can tell joe doesn't watch the show because he would have known exactly what GT 350 Richard was talking about, lol
Thoroughly enjoyed Rawlings and Earnhardt jr podcast
Probably one of the best light hearted Joe Rogan Podcast I had ever heard. Just chilling drinking and having fun talking about cars !!
Benjamin Smith
I think they were just taking a shot every time Richard said, “And what have you.”
Joe Rodriguez
Get Jeremy clarkson from old top gear on the show !!!
matt artinger
best interview ever-after 4 shots and 3 beers they totally opened up!
Wow really great interview!!! Everytime every eposide feels so good
Brandon Hollingsworth
This interview was hysterical. By an hour in they were both toasted.