Marvin Gaye 1983 National Anthem

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Marvin Gaye 1983 National Anthem R\u0026B Soul Basketball NBA ALL-STAR GAME

Lionking Mohamed
Came here after fregie All star performance
Tonya Sims
Marvin and Whitney and that's it!
I just heard Fergie's rendition of the Anthem so I had to come here to cleanse my ears of that nonsense.
Tasha Betta
The best rendition of this country's National Anthem. Ever.
Anne Leighton
Let's make America sexy again. Won't that be great?
bronco devil
Saw this on TV when he did chills.
Robert Tiberious
Dammmm between this rendition and Whitney Houston's, the national Anthem has never been sung better..
shaft says
and then Marvin Gaye won the NBA finals...
those shades.....
Medium Daddy
The least bombastic and the most beautiful rendition; I wish our country sounded -- and felt -- more like this. Maybe we should play it once a day for the next 100 years or so.
Fred Austin
I remember watching this live in 1983 before he died. I feel like I'm getting old. Lol. I was a kid that loved Marvin. I cried when he died because I heard his music every day. R. I.P😞
I seen many people, sing The Star Spangle Banner, in many different ways, but the way Marvin Gaye, sang it brought me to tears.
Tasha Betta
And he was not lip synching.
Pearlena Alan
Only And I mean only Marvin Gaye can make the National Anthem sexy! I love when he throws those "oh Lords" in there especially at the end. He's like ""oh Lord whooo!" Translation "I'm a bad smooth mf!' Lol
Wali Bashir
Nobody & I mean NOBODY did this better than MARVIN! People actually clapped with rhythm to this version of the Star Spangled Banner.
Listen, I have never heard the star spangled banner so, he has the ladies going crazy n everything!! Lol!!÷
Maria M Gonzalez Nieves
I am appreciating this more today. Our anthem was just recently laid to rest #fergie
LaGeisha M. Nicholson
LAWD! I just got pregnant. And Lord knows that's not possible. Gggggesus Marvin.
ECU Flash
This will never be matched. Marvin will never be matched. Superb talent!!!
He invented the remix!!!
Sir, Bouvier Fitzgerald
And then there was Marvin.....and there will never be another like him ever again. May God Bless your beautiful soul Mr. Marvin Gaye
Alb T
You don't have to like this version, but what you are NOT going to do is lie and say Fergie's version was better.
Amber B
Nobody can touch Marvin
Jordan Washington
Anyone come back here after hearing Fergie?
Alex - ACO - Delarge
" I love America. You have to stay away awhile to realize how great this country is. " - Marvin Gaye
Bishma Wood
Oh man. Pure genius. Put me to tears.
Jon-Westley Crist
To me, the best part is near the end, when the crowd starts clapping along...Chills...still
Lee L
I suspect FERGIE thought she sounded something like this? Lol
Cheryl King
The BEST rendition ever!!! !!!!!!!!!!! He sang that terrible song from his soul n made me like it...True artistry...!
Pearlena Alan
this still gives me chills, only Mr Gaye can make the national anthem sexy as hell!!
When you can make The Star Spangled Banner sexy.
The Edwards Family
Fergie sent me here I had to hear it the correct way 😩
Fergie bought me here
I never knew he sang the anthem. One word: Damnnn!... He brought the smoothness. Marvin, Marvin, Marvin!
Micahyah Buchanan
For up and coming singers this is Soul you can't have none if you sell it.
Marvin Gaye made love to the anthem. Best ever.
Harold Jackson
The very best rendition ever! What I really liked and observed was when he changed one word in a verse from "Oh say does THAT Star Spangled Banner" to "THY Star Spangled Banner yet wave" just made it more great and expressing his passion. To sum it up in a phrase "Damn! He did that shit!"
Keith Deibert
john crow! Marvin sang it better than you 100x over
Ty Dowl
If you were never a fan of Marvin Gaye I bet you sure in da hell are now!! I gotta have Those shades on his face!
David's Blessings
I remember this day and watching this live on TV. This was beautifully shocking. I was like "what did he just do?" Amazing.
J Rabb!t
Marvin had you wanting to get busy to the National Anthem-lol
Dozens of these views (including other posts of this same video) are mine... I don’t think I have ever got through it once without tearing up... maybe a few chills too. No one has ever done the Anthem with such soul. We miss you Marvin
Lord Clarke
He would've done this in this day and age he would've gotten slandered from hell to high water on social media...AMAZING rendition though
Rhonda Booker
His daddy killed him not too long after sad. But his was THE AB-SO-LUTE BEST!
Marvin was so smooth ❤
Can you imagine if Francis Scott Key ever knew that a descendant of a slave, a free man, would ever do his song such justice??? I saw this when Marvin sung it and it still drops a tear from my eye whenever i hear it. You got my Sub & Like. God bless!!
Lisa Sweet
O_O this gave me an orgasm.
Pedmar 007
There is absolutely no one and I mean NO-ONE that would ever sing that Anthem as good as that as long as there's life on this planet.
Lori B
I had to see this after Fergie
Julie Tashima
I just discovered this today, but it is the best thing I have ever heard. I can't stop listening to it. This gave me chills and goosebumps. No version of the National Anthem will ever touch this.
The River Hudson
Dear Fergie, this is how it's done.
paul planting
This is my third favorite rendition of the national anthem. My 2nd favorite is Whitney Houston. My favorite was by Jimi Hendrix. That being said, I would love to see the national anthem changed to America, The Beautiful.
A Masterpiece performance!!!
Tasha Betta
Who are the two people that dislike this? Oh my bad. Trump and Trump.
Rick Hagedorn
The game was anti-climatic.
I never liked the national anthem - until I heard this. The only other rendition I liked was when Donna Summer did it at the All-Star game at Fenway Park. They both knew how to bring an electric dynamic to a tune. Marvin was more subtle, but just as powerful. His live version of Distant Lover has to be considered a classic, up there with anything Otis Redding had done. When you're that great, it's ludicrous to say which one is greater - you're just great!
I just can't stop listening to this.
Teresa h
This man's voice was mesmerizing and hermosa!
Good lord....................................Why he so sexy.........
George gervins face priceless.
Johnny Raider
on my couch Ballin out in tears. powerful stuff
Rick Sauceda
No one I mean no one sang the national anthem better than you marvin because you added your personal magic to that beautiful song happy 4th of July to all my marvin Gaye fans around the USA
The best ever.
Today there are great singer , artist , but no one can arrive at the level of Marvin Gaye , A unique voice and a writer incredibly ahead with the time , for sure he has reached unbeatable goals of creative mind
Steven Martin
I'd actually stand for this version
Tanith Jackson
Who else but Marvin Gaye could have turned "The Star Spangled Banner" into a soul anthem? And a sexy soul anthem at that. God bless that man, he was so marvelous.
frisco kid
This is a great version of the national anthem next to Whitney Houston
Greatest rendition of the National Anthem of all time. Of all time. Marvin, you’re so missed
Marvin turned a bland national anthem into a Hennessey sippin, Cadillac cruisin on a sunny day, love making classic
RIP.... One of the best versions EVER
ocean paradises
Amazing.. magic.. this can only be done in that special way by Marvin Gaye.. So sad, that the world lost this beautiful man and genius artist so early... God bless your beautiful soul for ever Marvin.
Son of the Stone
Play this at my family cookout we'll get Down to it
Sterling Rock
Interestingly in 1983 when Marvin Gaye did this unique style of the anthem, some in the media and elsewhere was critical. However, history has been good to Marvin because this version has constantly rise to the top in prestige, elegance and beauty.
Yes he did! He did that!
Josephine Smith
Irisheyzgrl24 Murphy
I remember hearing it that day. It was a stone cold funk fest ! Love Marvin Gaye. !!
Line Danzer
THIS is how the National Anthem is sung! With depth, emotion. and total devotion to this country. He says, "Oh Lord" at the very end. This man had a true relationship with God. He was definitely moved in souls when he delivered this song to us. I will be ever grateful to Mr. Gaye for sharing his gift.
Spice Ts
I love his rendition the best ....
Lady Gemini
Can you say grrrroooovvvyyyy
kim Parker
MG,...sang,..ssb with love,...and he said that ;..he loves this mg.
Every time I hear a national anthem I didn't like. I listen to this one. Love how everyone starts clapping.
Criticall Beetz
Sexiest National anthem of all time
Sal C
Way BEYOUND Great...!!!
Brain Over Brawn
Came hear to cleanse myself after the Fergie debacle.
reGeNeRaTe X
I remember this like it was yesterday. I was around 10 and my fam went MAD over this!
Jo Thompson
the greatest rendition
Skateboardian Skates
So elegant so marvin
I was actually at this game with my dad and gramps. Rest in peace grampa! I wish I was old enough to appreciate what I was witnessing back then! The absolute best rendition of this song EVER!
He really had stars in his eyes when he sang this
Our chosen race Queen of hearts
damn everything about him and that sexy smooth voice!!
Dayo Kefentse
I defy anyone to watch this through to the end and not be grooving in their seat, twitching their shoulder and swinging their head to Marvin's take on this. Damn amazing. /d
Linda Frey
Who came here after Fergie, hoping she’d see this & learn? 😫😂
This what Fergie was trying do. She didn't!
Kelly D
35 years later I’m in here two steppin to the national anthem 💃🏽
seven shouldn't have listened to this rendition. One of the best my ears have ever heard! .
Darryl K
How old is Pat Riley godamn
Yes Man Jr.
Fergie take out your notebook
David Richardson
I'm here cause of Fergie's perfornance. Nowhere near this or Whitney's. Rest in music heaven to Marvin and Whitney. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👑👑👑👑👑
Hayden Phoenix
wow...unbelievable. this is what they are missing in 2017. "You have to stay away from this country for a bit you truly realize how great it really is"...God bless America