Andrew Bayer - From The Earth OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

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LIKE Anjunabeats on Facebook: /> iTunes:  Beatport:  />Album iTunes: Album CD: /> Andrew Bayer's experimental debut artist album "It's Artificial" broke new ground for Anjunabeats - hailed as an "incredible album of sophisticated electronica" by global dance bible Mixmag. One of its most popular tracks, "From The Earth" now sees a full single release with an official music video from rising director Damien Wasylki. Focussing on the life of a small, man-made plastic rocket, "From The Earth" depicts a journey every bit as epic as Bayer's musical electronica masterpiece. As it is catapulted into the heavens, the rocket embarks on a global skybound voyage of natural awe and wonder - eventually gliding back to Earth gracefully. A heavenly blend of intricate production prowess and soaring melodic textures, the original "From The Earth" is a perfect example of Bayer's unique talents. Blending a deeply electronic sound with classically informed musical motifs, Bayer's music manages to sound both timeless and futuristic at once. Tweaking it slightly for DJ and dancefloor purposes, Bayer's own Club Mix is included in the package. Well loved since its appearance on Above & Beyond's "Anjunabeats Volume 8", Breakfast's mix has been a firm fixture in Above & Beyond's set since. Turbo charging the original into a euphoric, cascading peak-time trancer, Breakfast's mix retains the original's musicality - but drives it straight to the dancefloor. Adding a fresh interpretation, Oliver Smith continues his recent purple patch with an upbeat, uplifting mid-tempo trance rework. Website: />Facebook: />Youtube: />Twitter: />Google+: />iTunes: />Anjunastore: />Mixcloud: />Soundcloud:

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Sight Decoding
I know that Bayer was inspired to make this after a dearly departed loved one left the Earth, but I find this video has a deeper message and theme of Panentheism, which is a beautiful thing for me. I love the imagery and symbolism  in the video. Energy is the Arche. We are the Universe becoming aware of itself.
You could have had a guy taking a dump in his bathroom as the music video and it would be the most beautiful crap i have ever witnessed, or will ever witness.
KyberEagle Productions
How did they do the heart shaped sparks!?
Trip down memory lane to when I first heard this. I honestly have tears in my eyes while listening...
Zakariya Khan
This is too beautiful for words! I wish people would stop being so absorbed with musical trends! People listen to this and they go "Where's the drop?". Come on guys!!!!
alex lazarov
this should be send across space as a message from earthlings to extraterrestrials..
incredible music and video production
Udai Shankar
i think the Voyager, should have carried this beat over to the universe
Juan Roque
When ever I need aspirin I choose Andrew Bayer :)
Juan Jara valdivia
Quizás uno de los mejores temas de Andrew Bayer / Maybe one of the best song of Andrew Bayer!
Stuke Sowle
Nearly seven years after it's release and this song along with the Breakfast remix still gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it.
Goran Bićan-Pauli
Lik je genije, čudo prirode!
strictly headphones only im afraid! dirty dreams!!!
Maks Day
beautiful music & beautiful video
Mike E. Davis
So beautiful.
Mityahu Ben Keshet
It was great but I still prefer the Breakfast remix. :).
Something in this song makes meditation very easy for me. I think i'd kiss Andrew Bayer if I ever met him, these sounds are truly a gift.
Sahil Rex
Left me with watery eyes. Masterpiece!
Ana Vicente
This is so good!
Hemanshu Rambo
Still amazing
André Marinho
not the first time andrew bayer's musics makes me wanna cry. STHAP WITH THAT ANDREW
I would send Andrew to the ISS so he could write "From The Space". it would be mind-blowing for sure!
João Filipe Matias
By far one of the best audio/image gathering I come across, congrats ANDREW!!!
Felt llike crying just by listening. So well made.
Irving Brongski
this song delivers right amount of endorphine
Noah Witte
I am a metal smith myself, have to say loved the vid
Andrew Bayer <3
This one hits so deep, but the breakfast remix just sort of ruins it for me, by taking it and giving it such a big bouncing bassline. NOT EVERYTHING NEEDS A BOUNCING BASSLINE. There's just WAY too much of that. Hence the reason I like Andrew Bayer.
OK, listen to this... Then listen to Call Me Maybe. Look at the view count for this, then look at the view count for Call Me Maybe... Yeah, the overall music taste of our generation is horrible, but there truly are some diamonds in the ruff.
@samsamandrafii kthxbai
wujuulima peru sjl presnt esta chebere wju
finally some clever trance video :) amazing track btw...
Prewave Music
This is pretty special.
Curtains O'Sandwiches
That would imply something about the song causes sufficient pain to trigger an endorphin release. I believe you mean dopamine, of which this tune triggers plenty :)
4:41 ghostrider on the way! I'm from Holland ;-)
Beautiful song and beautiful video
Devin Belanger
Agreed. Man I just love the kind of inspiring, thoughtful & touching comments music like this brings up. :) If any of you are interested, check out the group "Hammock". Similar vibes: introspective, nostalgic & emotional.
Jordan Lauzon
I loved reading all your comments. I came here today to listen to this track after finding out about the death of a friend whom I connected with mostly through trance music. Words cannot explain how crucial it is that we don't take moments like that for granted. R.I.P Chris and Lana <3
Jordan Lauzon
@ThisIsJura It's not about "death" per-say. Andrew Bayer wrote the production while dealing with the loss of his brother :( A&B have since been dedicating this track to those who left the earth too soon, as I'm sure you already know. I think it's more appropriate to say "From The Earth" is a celebration of Mr. Bayer's life. This is why I have always and always will love Anjuna! <3
Jordan Lauzon
@seeafish Its not that its become so popular, its that its just finally been released after over a year of being on Vol 8!
Luis Ramos
wow. at first I was like what does a guy working with chemicals (pyrotechnist?) have to do with this song. but then I realized he's making rockets, to which cameras are attached to. maybe? The rockets come From The Earth.. I love all those aerial shots, cool :)
Sreyas Krishnan
Absolutely incredible
jaram się tym ;]
Thumbs up if the Track took u on a trip!!!
Dice Kolev
Also if every human listen this song in the bed, before sleep - "WAR" will become unthinkable word :S
João Soares
Se em nós a solidão viver sozinha, sem que nada em nós próprios a perturbe, cada figura passará rainha na antiguidade súbita da urbe.[...] Excellent tune Fernando Echevarría, in "Figuras"
A Malevolent
@timeunknown This is the best clip I've seen in years, and those are heart shaped sparks, and yes: I LOVED IT!!! 8)
A Malevolent
@timeunknown Oh sorry, noticed the heart shaped dust a bit later. 8) It's some nice effect they put on that video.
Adam Marshall
Beautiful. Stunning. Breathtaking. Thank you!
heart shaped sparks at 1:30!
mAtq 7
suddenly everything makes sense
Dave Moyle
Oliver smiths mix is awsome
funny how the sparks look like hearts..
Trampas Graham
I love this song, but does anyone know the meaning behind this video? Perhaps I am a bit dimwitted here--sorry for that.
Michael Trancy
fantastic music video !
Rey G
youre out thats all
Rey G
u idiottt bro?
Every day when i woke up,i play that track,make a cup of coffee,and im going out on the terrace,i sit down,and just listen and watch.. Absolutely stunning track.
You did good Andrew.
Gloomy Miggy
well u didnt seem to disagree
Gloomy Miggy
i blame the black people's music for this
@XxKatieProductionsxX Great music is needs no explaination of any kind no matter the genre/sub genre,just a pair of ears an open mind and heart that feel every pulse going through you.
Isaac Diez
Love the video. I actually enjoy all mixes of the track
Najpiekniejszy kawalek Andrew Bayera :)
Especially that crap R&B and pop!
mmmmm, jem can make anything worth watching, plus i've now discovered some awesome music
Just 3 or 4 songs are able to put tears in my eyes... this is one of them. AMAZING!
So nostalgic <3
Rus Sh
очень хорошо :)
Сергей Спиридонов
Wow, what a video and what a song
@timeunknown spark hearts at 1:30 too
Anyone notice the dust hearts at 0:38? =P
Someday I'll be able to fly around like that...just a few more practice sessions
who knows for certain
Dont think Like that anymore we are together now
Franco DellOsa
no se me escucha
Matt Pusch
@samsamandrafii pretty sure this is good music from a musical perspective, but i guess if you wanna go on a 3 day e binge while dancing to hard techno its not for you.
Forum Wielotematyczne Ephe
@XxKatieProductionsxX Shit from the radio is easier to sell :P
Rafael Cintra
Expected more.. way too high notes I guess..
Andrew Kurdelski
Gave me goosebumps man!
Dave Torres
Breakfast remix please!
Mark Laing
Superb mix!
@seeafish new single
Jeremy Johnston
Spectacular visuals and great song
Alireza Shardi
Music at its most evolved form for the smart human beings!
Eduard Nykonenko
love <3 amazinnnn
@samsamandrafii if u feel that way than why r u even here in the first place...? JUST SAYING.... *FAKE SMILE*
alot of people in the edm genre could learn from bayers uniqueness and confidence in his own style..... though i do wish he would do more collabs with trance artists like boom jinx :D great stuff
Beautiful video and incredible tune :D
Still beautiful in 2017
Bence Tóth
Did anybody notice sounds from DSi menu's? :D
3 pips are david guetta fans
Fritz Ritter
I don't know what I would do with out the Anjunabeats family there music takes me were I need to be to. Thank you Mr. Bayer and Anjunabeats.
Jeremy Torrance
makes me think of old memories (nostalgia central). makes me want to love the world and embrace my life too the limit. great electronic song :)
matt bone
i feel the same way about trance, i was in a dark place when i found trance and it has helped me become a much more happier person. trance is meditative guide in a sort
Daniel Cerda
Should be called, "From The Heavens" Andrew Bayer, man his music is like nothing you can compare too. He's on his own.
Hemanshu Rambo
best part was from 00:00 to 6:21
Hermoso :)