Metallica: The Unforgiven (Live - San Diego '92) [Live Shit: Binge & Purge]

Download Metallica's "Live Shit: Binge & Purge" on iTunes now: & />Buy it in the Met Store at /> The Unforgiven (Hetfield/Ulrich/Hammett) Recorded live on January 13, 14, 1992 at the Sports Arena in San Diego, CA Directed by Wayne Isham © 1993 Blackened Recordings Follow Metallica: /> /> /> /> />

Metallica (Musical Group) Live Shit: Binge \u0026 Purge (Musical Album) live concert San Diego (City\/Town\/Village)

HipHop Mixtapes
Incredible song, incredible performance
Dominik Doherty
this is a real band not these ass shaking voice synthesizer cant sing cant write songs losers now.
Steven Baksh
the best song ever made
These are the four horsemen I grew up listening to
Kadiego S
Amazing vocals
Bryan Flores Muñoz
Metallica.......😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 the best band ever.!!!
The only people who would dislike this video are probably deaf and pissed that they don't get to hear this.
ayush sharma
Honestly miss Jason... Somehow have never felt the same with Robert..!!
Bill Magic tricks
53 fans of Lil Wayne disliked this anthem...oh God...
Great bass tone, parts and backing vocals. Jason FTW!
Chris Pepper
Personally,I think this drum kit sounds better than lars current drum kit
Daniel Wickham
best band ever
Virendra Patil
What I've felt, What I've known.. Never shined through in what I've shown.. Never free, Never me.. So I dub thee unforgiven...
Dessi Valo
5:48 the way James says "never me" damn so hot....
Albert Khoury
Jason's backup vocals on the chorus towards the end are just beautiful
Alejandro Ocampo
I just love how much talent it takes to make a rock band and rock music. You don't just need a diva in the center with producers making beats on a computer and sound engineers fixing their voice on a computer like rappers or pop artists.
Will Lars sue me for watching this video online? :-)
HaVoX Unleashed
so sad negan killed him
Best performance EVER!
Ishan 331
man, i miss r-rated James!
Avadhut Atre
Those Jason's backing vocals
Fernanda Amores
No doubt, this is one of the best songs 🎶👐
priceless times. priceless...
Haider Ali
Gods of Metal!
Chauncey Frend
Amazing, no other music effects me personally like Metallica.
the best band ever I do love that song never free never mee Gorgeous thank you for that masterpiece
Eduardo Rebollar
Wow No Dislikes Im Surprised :D
Best The Unforgiven performance ever
I wish i could've fucking been there man! I get chills everytime i hear unforgiven live from the early 90's tour whether it'd be San Diego or Seattle or my beloved Mexico City! I was in Mexico City when they were there but didnt go cause a friend was supposed to get us in cause his mom was in the event staff and he couldn't get us in at the last minute. I never forgave him for that! I would do anything to go back in time to see them play this tour live in San Diego or Mexico City! At least i have James Hetfield's BLACK ESP EXPLORER GUITAR that i play these songs with.
great to hear James sing that well... great song.
Cliff Jo
Jason the best
clementz cliffclaven
3:18 ....James' signature sound that I wish so much he could bring back :(
What a wonderful song I adore deeply emotionaly mouved
Exceptional ... classic....
Or Barry
that bass line
cesar augusto giraldo
tengo 28 años y creci con esto . los 90 la mejor etapa de mi vida
Vinicius Pires
Just saw this song at Rock Am Ring 2014. It's incredible how simple songs to sing like this, James cannot sing anymore... C'mon, man, you can do better. You just don't want to. Songs for Kill'Em All and Ride I get it, but this one... C'mon...
Tim Robin
This sure is Metallica in their prime.
walid ben ahmed
wow jamezz voice here... give me conniptions !!!
Can Şahpaz
Best live performance ever.
One Punch Man
james's vocal is fuckin amazing.. he's truly gifted.. metallica always be my no.1 fav band
Nick 2112
Even for a soundboard recording this sound quality is fucking incredible.
erick urias
Metallica rules
Jonathan Votefan
That was a clean play
Jeff Hetfield
the best.
Luisa Britz
It is different,but i like it!
Rynam Sant'Anna
Be ammAr
James looks like shamus here
Dean Caesar
Better than original audio 😃
giacomo 32
i love metallica!!!!!
Awesome, fucking awesome performance of one of my favorite Metallica songs. 
hagen bentley
my most personal song by Metallica and this is my favorite live performance of this song.
Oliver Lewis
Best liveshow ever!
Sara Clayton
I'm sure this is one of James favourite songs.
Valeria Álvarez Pérez
oh my goddd his voice 😍😍
Hugo Andrade
de arrepiar , melhor banda do mundo !
Connar Donnelly
Fucking masterpiece it still confuses me how people listen to pop music when this is available
Fire Fly
This one of the best song ever
Callum Arnold
true talent
Yoseth Colmenárez
Lion - Rhythmic guitar, vocals. Kirk - guitar. Jesus - drums. Satan - Bass.
Hetfield was at his best here. I really think the era from Justice through the Black Album were their best performances. They could do all the previous (awesome) material, but still stretch out and try things out of their comfort zone.
מתן נפשי
4:43 one word... ORGASAM
sándor szombath
king king king
Ashutosh Goit
elvis presley- king of rock michael jackson-king of pop METALLICA-KING OF MUSIC
Metalhead Cannibal stabber
metallica for president
Yung Anime God
James looks majestic as fuck
No more fuckin' public service announcements, alright?
Scott McDonald
Amazing song always . The live version here just sucks you into his dark world as a child
Fuy Gawkes
Lions, Hammets, Drummers and Bass oh my! Lions, Hammets, Drummers and Bass oh my! Lions, Hammets, Drummers and Bass oh my!
I got goosebumps! Great performance. The best version ever.
lowkey lies
despacito brought me here
Justin Morales
Won Jae Choi
Kirk with Fender? unexpected!
Alex Solano
the best metallica ever
Naim plw_3901
Favorite song the best of the best metal, i feelings taste 😇
Juan Ignacio Pérez
jake roach
They all badass no matter what
Dylooon Da Villian
One of my favorite performances of this song..
right in the feels
The song had not been out for that long when this was performed, correct?
Son Gohan
sdds da epoca dessa voz zuada do james e do lars com cabelo
James Hetfield sounds here chilled, am I right ?
Ranee Tuta
i love this song and i love metalica song
Oh, Metallica, and old times... That's beautyful <3. I love it <3 i want come back to 1992-1996 <3
อดิเกียรติ คําอินทร์
Super love
Сергей Любимов
Клиф Бартон ЖИВ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aapo mursu Rasi
Metallica is very nice💪🔫
Is it just me? Or is it true that music from that era does have more soul in it?
Kevin J. Rivera
The fuck? C'mon man in the description says: The Unforgiven (Hetfield,Ulrich,Hammet) only.. i mean where is Jasonfuckers, no wonder why Jason Metallica.
antonio david
My mother always says: “The best ballads are composed and played by metal groups”. Absolutely right, The Unforgiven, Nothing Else Matters, One... Just magnificent
Wish I coulda seen them back then, when they still had their hair...and therefore their talent.
Tallyca Hamulhetru
5:50 😍
Jean-Luc Picard
This is so intense and expresses so much.
Derfel Cadarn
Metallica will always rule. I'm a successful alcoholic professional musician, because I started listening to them at 12. THANKS, ' TALLICA.
Jacaso Asheland
can someone tell me how he plays with the guitar hanging down to his ankles
why nobody is talking about kirk's outro solo? that solo is freaking awesome
Abay Kozybayev
Those were days.