Everything I've Known- Korn (Vocal Cover)

My cover of 'Everything I've Known' by Korn. Check it out and leave some feedback!

Lukas Chemicals
not bad, i think its realy difficult to sing like Jonathan as woman.. But i like it !
It would be nice to hear you sing this over acoustics.
big mike
Levy Atã
NO. Your voice is for Taylor Swift songs not KoRn ( rock ) It's too sweet. Stop
JP Brasca
Hearing other people singing Jon's words adds a different perspective to his writing. Like reading the lyrics, you can see the message of the song more. Great job btw!
Carlos Cruz
great voice! :) I would only suggest possibly getting a better mic, as your current one can't handle your higher frequency notes :( Also I would love to hear a cover of [Korn - throw me away] or [disturbed - stricken] or [chevelle - get some] awesome job! keep it up!
Arturo Marcelo
That was pretty good, but it's funny when you stop to sing when starts "then we fight" haha (Y)
Danny Olesen
This is great! Beautilful ✌️
Edilaine Pestana
Faltou o screamo! Then We Fight!
Excellent 👍👍
kenneth mendez
really cool... i liked it.
Pjotr Banantski
Not even close
SCP - 1471
Whatever Official
Well done and beautiful u r 🌹🌹👍👍
Virus Vasc
Esta rica la gringa, pero canta como el orto jajajajaa
Jamieson Pauls
I'm calling click bait on this video. It's not that you can't sing, it's just that I don't think you should be covering this song with your vocal style. If you covered Let it go, or the opening in tangled, I might enjoy it more. Some voices cross barriers just fine, just not here.
The lyrics in this song... powerfull. Good cover, i like it.
Hirad Gorgoroth
Kyle J
very nice teeth
Tom Doerfler
Spenser Stevens
that was amazing great cover of a great song
Julián Schulze
Chichis pa la banda o no cuenta.
Random Shit
suicideexxel López
Adam Subitch
Not bad. I dig the inflection
7 lateralusaint
Caidema Official
Wow that was great!
really bad but nice that you like KoRn
Alan Cosby
Im in love.
Count Dracula
No just no