Beauty And The Beast S01E11


Joanne Ignatius
is it just me or is the sound getting cut only at the good parts 😒😦😦😦😨😤😤😤😤😤
Cross C Cologne
Any chance of fixing the sound problems?
Faranisese Lacabuka
I like the movie but i hate it when the sound gets cut.....
Aurora mallari
Every video losses sounds mostly from the last part its so annoying. Why uploading if you removed the good parts just saying.
Jayne Mwangi
Not that I hate Alex but I just love Catherine more
Carolyn H
every video loses sound, at some point. Most annoying.
Alfi Siswosugito
i hate Vincent. you don't deserve cath
Sisterhood Love
Vincent should leave the past behind and love Catherine the way he thinks is best 🙆🙆Alex doesn't know him anymore
Anna from Natures Home Spa
why does the sound keep cutting out?
Muhammad nabeelah
Nice movie I've been watching episode 1to good bad thing is sound
Alfi Siswosugito
omg what is she doing, alex? omg she's naked in front of him
P Colvin
All the videos lose sound. Missing parts. No.
Ryan DG
I realized that every time it reaches a part with Cat and Vince the sound gone
Xylia Cloete
What's with the sound it's very annoying
ayesha riaz
Why there is no sound in the best parts??
fix the sound pls?
phylian Atim Ningshen
R u trying to hide the conversation of Vincent n Catherine?? I dunno WTH is tis It's very irritating Sounds always cut
Jennifer Holt
Every time it gets good the sound goes out 😒
why does the sound always cut out at the end other then that thanks for adding
Destiny Dennis
What's with the sound going on and off??? 😡
sojourn Traveler
Starting with the last episode old girlfriend and the annoying sound issues Not liking this so much any more. What else can I find?
Malina sharma
Alex beach
Rushakiel Nina
Sound keeps cut in every scene, not cool👎😬
Lulie Lawry
Ashuu FRH
Yah right it soo annoying
Muhammad nabeelah
Am new subscriber here ❤❤❤❤❤❤💋💋💋
Sarah the Tallest
Damn you !!!
Intan Balabadan
what the hell is this why you cut the sound..Katherine and Vincent are perfect to watching them..😍😍😍 why he kiss alex..??
Sindy Ramoutar
So every episode they cut part audio from??😡😠😬😡
Wow Bridget Regan in all her natural red-haired beauty. Thanks for the upload. Cheers
Paul Daystar
Please Consider Correcting The Sound ..., it is cutting out intermittently,On almost all these episodes consistently...
Hamda Warfaa
too bad the sound cut at the best part 🤨
sera talamoni
This is a disaster when the sound cuts off like this.
Donna Graham
OMG rite at the end
Vanessa Villarreal
No entiendo por qué justo en los dialogos de Catherine y Vicent no tienen audio...
Biak Sona
Sound sucks😑