The Evolution Of Hip-Hop [1979 - 2017]

Evolution Of Rap, Best Rap Song Of Each Year. Hip-hop has arguably been the best genre of music in the past two decades. As hip-hop maintains its title, a lot has changed about the genre, such as the lyrics. Hip-hop has two phases, old school and new school each of which give off a different vibe. Old School “Hip-Hop” has music based prevalently on African American culture. Artists such as Tupac, Biggie Smalls, and Eazy-E often rap about the struggles of growing up in a racialized environment and the work they put in to get where they are today. In popular songs such as “Changes” by Tupac and “Juicy” by Biggie Smalls, the artists explain how they went from “negative to positive” as Biggie put it. Old school hip-hop is still popular today and is regarded as “classic” by many hip-hop fans. “New school” hip-hop has different types of lyrics. Rappers from today’s generation sing typically about girls, money, and cars they have. Some even sing about how they do drgs, drink alchl, and party which sets a bad example for some listeners. Some of these rappers today did not have it as hard as rappers back in the old days. Also Hip-hop artists now are racially diverse, so African American culture is not necessarily found in music today. People who grew up listening to Tupac, Biggie, Eazy-E, and so on typically do not enjoy hip-hop in today’s era. Songs written when rap was introduced were lyrically better because rappers were able to tell a story using words that rhyme and flow. Some songs are also more appealing to fans because they can relate to the struggles their favorite rappers faced. People of this generation are used to listening to new school hip-hop which is the most played genre on the radio. These same fans reject old school Hip-Hop as a part of the music genre. There are even rappers who know nothing about the most influential Hip-Hop artists. Growing up listening to Eminem has caused me to fall in love with him as an artist. He introduced me to Hip-Hop. But I noticed a change in the music industry. Artists wanted to be part of the mainstream industry and they had to change their music to fit into the mainstream category. Because of new artists in hip-hop, many lessen known artists are rarely noticed. These artists are said to be “underground.” Underground rappers usually do not make it big because they have music related to the messages embodied by old school hip-hop artists would say. Some people think old school Hip-Hop is better than new school Hip-Hop. And there are many people who prefer underground Hip-Hop to mainstream Hip-Hop. What do you think? #hiphopuniverse #evolutionofhiphop Evolution Of Hip-Hop Playlist: /> ___________________________ Support us on Patreon: /> Facebook: /> Twitter:

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Mate Ma'a Tonga
2007 is where it starts to suck really bad
Funny Moments - Смешные моменты из фильмов
GTA San-Andreas
Hip hop RIP 1979 - 2005
Vladislav Uglitskiy
It is not evolution, it is degradation!
Something went wrong between 2006-2019
More like The Devolution of Hip-Hop. lmao
Damian Rodgers
Today's Hip Hop will never be as good as '80's & '90's!!!
khatuna Archvadze
modern rap say one world and repeat it for 5 minutes thats it
Romano Berg, van den
We need That oldschool vibe back old is gold👌🏽
Gift Kelvin
Kendrick Lamar is the best rapper that is at least trying to stay on the real hiphop
Rap ain't dead, your just listening to the wrong rap .
AceGamingX Y
Silly Fruit
Hold up.... where are Missy Elliott, Common, Ludacris, Queen Latifah, Lil. Kim, etc.... also Hip-Hop is not dead, just pop in some Kendrick or J.Cole and you'll be fine.
RIP Hip Hop 2005 The Golden Era 90's
From middle of the 2000s it should called the degeneration of...
Sad Bxy
i cant belive u put slim jesus in this
Hip hop didn't evolve, it DEvolved. It's become sellout pop music for squares. It lacks any poetic influence whatsoever and sounds lazy and uncreative.
The Pharcyde , Cypress Hill , The Roots :)
Jitaru Ciprian
so much crap after 2007..
Kris Bruce
Rappers delight is a tune 👌
Asher Ouk
1979 - 1982 Party / Disco / Electro era 1983 - 1992 Socially Conscious / Political / Streets era 1993 - 1996 Gangsta / East vs West era 1997 - 2004 High / Neoclassic era 2005 - 2008 Roots / Experimental era 2009 - 2017 Disintegration / Degradation / Decadence era
Martin Fernandez
Personally I am a metal head and barely listen to any hip hop. But I have a huge amount of respect for hip hop for it's versatility, and ingenuity. My favorite hip hop from the small amount of I've heard is the early 90s stuff. I can enjoy some of the beats from today's stuff though.
Professor B
Dam i use to love hip hop.
What happened to those good old days? {HA?} When hip-hop, was so much fun Oh, house parties in the summer y'all (c'mon) And no one, came through with a gun It was all about the music y'all It helped, to relieve some stress {HA?} Oh, we was under one groove y'all (y'all) So much love {HA?} between North and West Go back in the day British Knights and gold chains Do the prep and cabbage patch And wear your laces all fat Back in the day, hey hey Hip-Hop has changed Remember when we used to battle? (uh-huh) On the block {HA?} before the lights came on Oh! Mama said we would be straight A kids (c'mon) If we did our homework, like we knew those songs Salt-N-Pepa, Rakim, and P.E. D.M.C, and Heavy D Yes! Daddy Kane, Slick Rick too (oh-oh!) MC Lyte ("Paper Thin") opened, doors for you and me, see'mon Young! J. Bizzy, let's do it again nigga Grew up the way it oughta be From day KRS-One all the way up to "Nineteen Naughty Three" To M.O.P., we "Cold as Ice" Nigga we rock it from the "Dre Day" to the Suge Knight So fuck Chuck Phillips and Bill O'Reilly If they try to stop hip-hop, we all gon' rally nigga Post Biggie and 'Pac I gotta hold down the city Make a nigga want to 'holla' like Missy, but fuck it Just let a nigga MC The best rapper alive, unquestionably If you rip on your "EP" you gonna need an +MD+ So "You Gots to Chill" cause I "Kill at Will" Like solid water dude; y'all niggas don't get it "Kill at Will, " solid water? Ice Cube Ha ha, that's how hip-hop has evolved Jay-Z's for President, I'm naming Ra as the National God ~ Missy Elliott "Back in the Days"
Дмитрий Трунов
Where is Beastie Boys? Onyx?
Almond Gaming Indonesia
Versace versace versace versace versace.. Wtf is that -_- what kind of rap is that
80's Beastie Boys paved the way not only for white rapper but for others as well..Some of your choices are on there more than once. There are plenty of others that could have been added in their place..Digital Underground..Mc Hammer..Heavy D..Too SHort...Dj Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince...Tone Loc...Whodini...MC Lyte...Sir mix A Lot...3rd Bass...Biz Markie..Rob Base..Kid N Play...Special Ed...Kris Kross...Bell Biv DeVoe...Missy Elliott...Good grief im just a middle age white guy from Tn and I can recognize all these artists as greatness and needing a spot.. :)
Jerry Middleton
These songs never get old... Im 50 years old and still breakdancing salute to the 80s
Mauricio Valencia
Kendrick Lamar, J Cole , Chance the Rapper, Childish Gambino and Tyler the Creator are the only new ones I can separate from all the new Crap. Its like the art of being lyrical is not important anymore... just listen to me mumble to beats
Lastaveli Buri
What happened to hiphop
Well this was depressing
Brandon H
Didn't mention Kid 'N Play or DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince
Donnice Calloway
I was born in 2002 and let me tell you my dad had me listening to all of the old-school hip hop. I just sit here wondering what ever happened to the 80s.
Godfrey Gondo
Basically a time line of from Real Rap to Crap then.
First part of this video great! Second part well.....
I've been listening to HipHop for the last 25 years, but don't know much of the new stuff. So I obviously enjoyed the first half of the video and started to scroll down after that to read comments. It was when J. Cole came up that I had to check who that was. Good stuff! PS: Blackout is still the best HipHop album ;)
ni imena
93'😍, for me real hip hop "died" early 2005
Coyote 016
Like if em is the best
i always thought hip hop culture started in 1974
Carlo X
Rappers now a days all sing
hannibal Smith
2018 {Eminem - fall    and    machine gun Kelly - rap devil}
Alessandro Carli
Old skool forever!
zombiepixlez gamer
Rap then "her stomach was getting bigga but no one noticed the change in her figure. She was 12 years old" Rap now "black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow"
Chris Vuori
RIP Hip Hop- 21:26
Sarg Barz
Thanks a lot 2007.. smfh
fremdscham pur
I really hope rap right now is just a "phase"
Lucas 03
Who is more influential? Xxxtentacion or 2pac? I say pac
El rap de los 90s es el mas legendario 🔥
Eldjdushusjw iejsisiisks
When Drake Came It All Changed
Adian Buys
Who agrees that Pitbull should not be on this list?
Lana Bennett
2010 is straight in the middle of rap dying and think of it this way rap is already dead cause there is people like future
Junior McLarty
Hold up where Master P, Hotboys, Missy Elliot, C-Murder, Ludacris and Nelly
Tupac Shakur
_Hip Hop sometimes suck and popular at the same time._
Just Sum Guy
More like after 2005 it "De-evolved"....That was the death-croak of Rap/Hip-Hop....Peaking era's??....93/2000....
Dunk Buster
where is vanilla ice? XD
Where the Lost Boyz.. McLyte.. Lil Kim... Luniz... Bone Thugs-N-Harmony... Cypress Hill.. Nonchalant..Da Brat.. Heavy D..
80's... the best decade in REAL hip-hop hands down!!! FREEEEEESH!!!
Artur Zeleni
дохуя чего проебали)))
chelsea seagal
Le RAP n'a pas evoluer mais c'est dégrader surtout de puis 2000...
1979–1986: Oldschool Age of Hip-Hop 1986–1997: Golden Age of Hip-Hop 1997–2006: Silver Age of Hip-Hop 2006–2012: Bronze Age of Hip-Hop 2012–present: Mumble Age of Hip-Hop
I lost it after 2006.. srsly wtf happened after that???
James Option
Our people have lost control of the rap culture today....Real rap music talked about the struggle in our neighborhoods the struggle with government racist America and poverty and so much more....The enemy has saw this as a threat and has used their money to get us to change the way we speak in our music. To negatively influence our is time to take back our rap culture because unfortunately the civilized world sees all black people in America as the people in the trap culture....
Saladass 096
Gta san andreas
LEO DaWInner
i like snoopdog
Where’s the Queen of Hip hop Lil Kim? Where’s Missy? Pay respect when respect is due
Apartir de 2006 as coisas começaram a piorar, agora e tudo quase LIXO.
The Musical Pickle
Is it just me, or is hip hop becoming trashier and trashier?
Sand 0
Little t
dis boi
I hate how people say rap died in 2005 there are so many good rappers still out there. Here is a list 1. Kendrick Lamar 2. J. Cole 3. Childish Gambino 4. Denzel Curry 5. J.I.D 6. Eminem (still) 7. Bas 8. Tyler, The Creator 9. Joyner Lucas 10. Travis Scott 11. Joey Trap 12. A$AP Rocky 13. KYLE 14. Social House (kind of) 15. Juice Wrld (kind of) 16. Ski mask the slump god (kind of) 17. Lil skies (kind of) 18. Jay rock Ect...
R.I.P Rap 1979-2014
Maldek Shadowkyss
I'm 40 i was a teenager in the early 1990s. there was no better hip hop than that era, and never will be.
actually didnt mention ny state of mind lol
Цифровая Модель
Где ONYX? Клоун!
Everything went to shit in the mid 2000s... Also, talking about 2013, do you seriously think some dude yelling "Versace Versace Versace" was better than Eminem's "Rap God" and several other songs by much better artists? C'mon.
Pop Rabbit
The only good rappers around today are Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, Joyner Lucas, and NF
Kevin Rosario-Castillo
1980s, 1990s, and early 2000s: Story about struggle or time in their life. Mid 00s to Early 2010s: Bitches, Money, Hoes and Liquor Mid 2010s and present: Mumble Rap and drugs
cri cri
Jacob Boone
Why is Pitbull and Flo Rida on this??
Delmance Francis
no scarface or the geto boys? smfh
jose cruz
Inmortal tecnique
The Degradation of Hip Hop.
Din BS
For me from 2006-2018 is bad But there are still some good rappers like eminem kendrick and some more but not too much 😐🙁😕
Sebastian Nermo
The 2012 chief keef one is so og. Like if u agree.
Alysson Leôncio da silva
Алексей Бобрович
Просрали культуру
Paul Sturza
1979-2006 that s enough for me,,,
Joel Tejada
Ice cube my Favorite my days in Dominican Republic 🇩🇴 🔥👑🙏🐯🦁⚾️⚾️
Weed smoker
And now we got hatatapaptatata😭
gamer11_RBLX From ROBLOX
Rip eazy-E 💙
Eric Yuma
Where are RUN DMC, Mc Lyte, Queen Latifah, Heavy D,...
Fear The Reaper
Revolution of hip hop? Hell nah, this is the devolution
Алексей Александров
Не эволюция, а деградация.
Quality mostly declined from the mid 2000s-present, with the exception of some memorable Wayne and Kanye in the late 2000s in my opinion
Diego González
Delinquent habits
Joe Masters
Alex Q
Slim jesus.... pardon me, I can't stop laughing
Chocolate Flat-Nosed Freakshow
Deep Cover 187