Mark Ronson feat. Ghostface Killah, Nate Dogg, Trife & Saigon - Ooh Wee(Uncensored)(HD)

Facebook= />Lyrics= [Intro: Ghostface Killah (Nate Dogg)] (La-la-la-la, lalalalalala) Yo, what's the deal, nigga? Ain't nuthin' pa, we just here and all that Trynna get our head rights, get this money right You know what I'm sayin', you know how it go Just another day in the hood (la-la-la-la, lalalalalala) Yo, yo [Ghostface Killah] Aiyo, what a night, New York City, heard it goin' down Friday night, midnight, Atlantic City Slot machines, ding-ding-ding-ding-ding, when they ring off Lock the doors, that's when Ghost just g'd off Cigars, paisley robes Four bitches guardin' me safely as we walk to the window The cashier was scared, she asked for my info The manager arrived with two guards, that's an insult That's the cause, just because We talkin' bout 5 million dollars here, this ain't Play-doh dough And your horoscope read, you gon' slay those lows We got scribbes, Anthony Acid, rockin' the show Special guest: Starks / Mark Ronson First five hundred bitches went crazy he let them on and in All he did was plug me in, I got the chargin' Got they bras and ran through they whole apartment (la-la-la-la, lalalalalala) [Chorus 2X: Nate Dogg] Oooooh weee, ooh wee, (la-la-la-la, lalalalalala) [Nate Dogg] When I step into the party, all the ladies wanna know I'm hangin' wit the ballers, yeah, or my nigga Ghost I can tell you what they say haters, if you wanna know They say ooooooh wee When I'm roll in my Mercedes, all the ladies wanna roll Be my Juliet and I can be your Romeo If you actin' menace I can pick another hoe Oooooooooh weee (la-la-la-la, lalalalalala) In the middle of the summer, or even twenty below I'm a bad muthafucka, I'm way to fuckin' cold Let me tell you what they say, when I'm pullin' off my drawers They say ooooooooooh weeeee [Trife] Aiyo, aiyo My games here to party, just to cut up a rug Don't make me wanna cut up a thug Now play something for D.J., cuz there's nothin' but love Hosted by the ladies who lookin' for somethin' to rub When we roll out, we roll on dubs, rollin' up bud The Theodore Unit, we controllin' the club Mamies, shakin' they ass, they throwin' it up Like a B.E.T. commercial, I'm "wrappin' it up" [Chorus 2X]

J DOG Mojo so dope
I'm still bumping this its 2018 right now
nazmul rabbi
Harold and Kumar :D
Ray G
Honey and Hitch brought me here
Oliver Meshack
Every movie from 2001-2005 brought me here
I've been looking for this song since when I first heard it at the beginning of the movie Honey. I'm so glad that I finally found it! Ooh wee!
White Castle Burgers :)
Classic Boney M sample, respect to the originals. Ooh wee!!!!!
That jam was serious ! RIP Nate !
mehow von Fish
Awesome tune, finally found and put in playlist! Never to much of cowbells!
Wasn't this on honey? Don't judge me.
Hip hop at its finest!!! Tell me this joint don't get you ready to get your mack at the club.
Aarnav Prakash
Who's here from that spy movie trailer
Nour Ghabri
original hip hop at his finest
eris praghina
I knew it! when I heard the Uptown Funk, I knew I've heard Mark Ronson before, from this song! I used to listen to this one a loooottt
David Duskin
Thats my jammmmmmmm😍
Andrew Buchanan
Big John Stud
ghostface killed dis track! wu-tang forever! ooh wee!
Hitch <3
dalila att
So gooood! RIP nate dogg
Indrashish Adhikary
Spies in disguise brought me here.
Dilly Dilly
Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh  i need a Wee
Right now, Soldier: 76 is 76 years old. Must be, what else? Uprising was 7 years ago. SOLDIER: 69
Rap used to be so good.
Maya Hutasoit
mark awesome dude
Aurora Lara
This song reminds me of the 'Honey' 2003-2005-ish era lol
logic use a similar beat?
John Wick
2019 anyone
sawcon mikehawk
If it wasn't for Harold and kumar bro
Наталья Кореная
Класс! Давно искала!
Curly Pxincess
Honeyyyyyy if uno then uno
Spies in disguise.
SevenFoot Pelican
Favorite part: what a night New York City, party going down, Friday night, midnight, Atlantic City, slot machines, ling ling ling ling ling!
Address why Wilder is ducking Whyte for TWO years
Who and where is Trife ?
Random Roundtree
роман иньянь
PomaH NHbkoB
Anna Brink
Just wanna dance oooohhheeeee😉😉💃💃💃
OMRI ohev shalom
Mark is the bedt dj ever
ToxicGhost696 ŠÂÑÑŸ
Harold and kumar anyone
Gfk got the best verse
роман иньянь
Hoo wee
ding ding ding ding ding!
Adrian Wallace
Still here in 2018
Александр Романов
Классика не устаревает в любое время и в любом исполнении
Chris Manager
Mark "I speed up old songs and pass them off as my own and take credit for them, Valerie" Ronson. Such a posh kid haha.
Boney M's Sunny brought me here... and Honey
Ella Jackson
I love this song since hearing it in Honey, I had no idea it was by Mark Ronson, pretty cool!
Oh man I haven't listen to this in years and still sounds fresh
Cire Soprano
fitzroy powell
Can someone please listen to this song and then listen to, "We Are One" by The Maze and let me know I'm not crazy. That song is definitely sampled in this, no?
SevenFoot Pelican
Zooming in the city.
Gone Postal
Who is here because of Harold and Kumar?
Princess Failer
RIP NATE❤️😩 ohh wee ohh wee
Adina Dica
Love this song
I remember first hearing this song on the main menu of a bootleg dvd of _Click._
Kameron Sheppard
Bingo Bango
Kane bennet
Ooooh we
Gone Postal
Jason Murray
David Butler
When black people were cool
hahahaaa! That's Me and Dirt Nasty at 2:13! My 15 seconds!! : P
Cleverson Santos
This video was last seen in 2015 as a forenigner I have to adimit that I recognize the words they say but I can not understand nevertheless I enjoy this song very much.
Paula Takeuchi
Mark Ronson. Huge talent luv all your work.
eliott jonath
And here's the original of that one /watch?v=ubvYQxTXO3U Bobby Hebb - Sunny :P
missed a la
Roh K
<3 Harold and Kumar
noefi hud
Dope shit.
Which part is saigon sing?
Saigon owns this man
Matthew Löfvendahl
This is way fucking better than uptown funk will EVER be.