Ex-Students Surprise Their Old Teachers || Viral Thread

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We asked a group of students which teacher had the greatest impact on their lives. We brought those teachers in to tell us why they loved their job... And then we had one more surprise. Anything is possible. #AOAD --------------------------------------------------------- ACTING ON A DREAM | />FACEBOOK | />TWITTER | />INSTAGRAM | />SUBSCRIBE | /> --------------------------------------------------------- Produced by Mini Productions and Jungle Creations in association with Viral Thread | #Minidipity MINI PRODUCTIONS | />FACEBOOK | />TWITTER | />SUBSCRIBE |

LuKas Kasdan
Teachers are in your life for a season (especially when you're younger and more impressionable), but their impact is tremendous and lifelong.
Oh this is lovely. Teachers are amazing! :)
we need more of those teachers!!!
IW Nunn
Beautiful!! Teachers, never undervalue your influence on your students. There's not more important job in the world!!
Laura Tumbleson
This should be longer!!!!
Tanya Artiaga
the teacher with glasses with flower shirt reminds me of the teacher that is my favorite but had to leave sadly . I remeber I would rant to him about other teachers and he would laugh with me about it plus he had helped me set up a gofund me page and even donated to it when he didnt have to. 😭💜💜. hopefully I can see him when I'm an adult ahh so much would change by then .
Tunia BJC
I wouldn't say ex students I'd say previous students
If my teachers can barely remember my name forget even bothering showing back up a year to 5 years.
Rez Rahman
Why? Why did that that ONE person had to dislike this video. What is there to dislike? Seriously
pauly h
Wonderful @ Beautiful
Cameron Milligan
Teachers are the key link in the future. They teach the generations that will some day lead nations.
Marion Elizabeth's World
When my sister is in 8th grade I will be in 12th and I'm gonna surprise my old middle school teachers (right now I'm in 8th) then when she's in 12th grade I will be in my 4th year or college and I'm gonna surprise my high school teachers 😂
I still remember my teacher from the third grade Ms. May, she was awesome and caring.
Ella Havia
Is it raining or am I crying? 😭💜
Random Fandoms
I wish I was older and my 6th grade teacher surprised me, but I'm in 6th grade rn omggggg
Deaglán Ó Gráinne
A teacher teaches.
red knight
when u guys cry...I cry too...
Sarah Jane Hawker
See I really liked my teacher that I had in yr 7-9 (I think that's grade 6-8??) and I miss being taught by her bc she was the only teacher that I thought 'oh next class is gonna be fun cause I have that teacher' and I wasn't thinking I wanna go home but the thing is that I was like really quiet and I doubt she noticed me much cause I didnt really participate that much in class and she probably doesn't even remember me
Rj Zaiby
Teachers Are The Best Gifts GOD gave Us
who cares teaching is just a job thats all