Keep your eyes on the horizon / Will Turner & Elizabeth Swann

If our love is tragedy why are you my remedy? If our love's insanity why are you my clarity? Song: Sam Tsui - You're my clarity

Lol, how can people shipp Sparrobeth? Willabeth is the best couple. Love it! ❤ Amazing work 💖
Erika maree
Who else has a crush on part 1,2 and 3 will???😂😂
Amazing! I love Will & Elizabeth's relationship so much <3 and your video is beautiful!
I love this film! Amazing... I cry, when I watched this.
Cheyenne Libby
A relationship only fans can understand❤❤❤❤
Zech Elliott-jackson
this is just brilliant are u a pirates of the caribbean fan i love the movies and this video is amazing thanks
Mitchell _duh
I think both shippings are cute. Sparrabeth and Willabeth. They got both their positive sides :)
Awesom! Good work! Love it :3
Erika maree
I love this whole thing so much. I watch it everyday.
Mia Jujan
Why i cry ?
Ivan Orozco
the music is the best for this video what is the name of the music?
I normally think these are terrible/cheesy but this just -- thank you. This is marvelously done.
Erika maree
Whats this song called?
love this!
Ivan Orozco
what is the name of this song?
Creepypastas are life
Mih Correa
O love this couple , the best ❣️❣️
Теодора Стоилова
Willabeth forever
Mica Berchio
I love this
Makaila Cheung
this video made me fall in love with the movie all over again
Lionell alya
They was so cute
Amber Gemma Kaya
Love this movie . I love this movie
Теодора Стоилова
Matěj Kamarád
I hate Will Turner . James is beather