Yu Yu Hakusho Episode 56 English Dub HD 1080p

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Please Subscribe! One day, 14-year-old Yusuke Urameshi suddenly finds himself dead, having died pushing a child out of the way of oncoming traffic. Since he . Yu Yu Hakusho Episode 56 Yu Yu Hakusho Episode 56 Yu Yu Hakusho Episode 56 Yu Yu Hakusho Episode 56 Yu Yu Hakusho Episode 56 Yu Yu Hakusho . Yu Yu Hakusho Episode 107 Yu Yu Hakusho Episode 107 Yu Yu Hakusho Episode 107 Yu Yu Hakusho Episode 107 Yu Yu Hakusho Episode 107 Yu Yu . i do not own copyrights. Legendary Bandit Yoko Kurama! i do not own copyrights. I do not own anything give props to owners. First part of episode 58, 33rd .

I love how Kurama was like, "if I'm gonna die, you're coming with me!" But then, in the end, it's, "oh, lol. I guess I didn't have to die."
jjames 1993
Here you see where naruto gets some of their characters from
Meme Rats
R.I.P genkai
How do they fix the rings so fast ?? Lol
Tay Tay
He's a super saiyan 3 now.
Brandon Wittmann
Pretty sure he stole Piccolo's Hellzone Grenade
Dreidyn Hunt
I wish it was a bigger screen
:OOOOO kurama did it :D
Tay Tay
Beautiful fight.
Matthew Doan
9:52 Lol. I love how everyone else is climbing out from under rubble, and Hiei just casually hops down from the wall.
Ehis Odua
Candace Kizer
The pettiness of Kurama, love love love
Lena Colling
Woo hop alright Kuranma won
JR Reed
Kurama be like "If I'm going to die, I'm going to die fighting! Come for me Mork, I AM ATREU!"
JR Reed
I wonder how much of karasu’s evil AF sadism came AFTER he teamed up with togoro... or if he was always like that.
What’s with everybody saying “bang?”
JR Reed
Yeah, even if the heads of this tournament hadn’t been murdered, unless they invested in shielding the audience... there wasn’t gonna be anyone who’d be crazy enough to buy tickets to the next one.
JR Reed
Karasu be like... when did I start playing Dark Souls
Island beast
This episode was fire Kurama one of my faves
Tayla Drago Hester
From Kurama, Yoko, and Karasu's scarier form, this was some battle for Kurama to make it through to the very end. To say the least.
California King
Yoko my fav right now
Abhinav Gyawali
Is karasu a supersain !!!!!!!!!!!??!!?!!!?!!?!!?!!
Tamra Chizmar
Its adult gohan vs tien lol.
David Medford
Potion ex machina
ray r
Oh shit he went super saiyan
This is one of my favorite fights in the whole series. I love Karasu
JR Reed
16:37 he’s a messed up sociopathic sadist!
Nathaniel DarDar
15:55 I found Makintaro's little brother.
payden allen
Carusu just went super saiyan
Coolkiller50004 Super dark
Omg it he has goku power of turning into a super sayainany
Throwback Black Cat
11:17 Yeah it's a cliche diss, but I laughed my ass off
Lena Colling
Oh my god that guy killed Kuranma, that bastard.