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buze liteyeer rip in peace sweet prinse...
kion lionguard
Soo drunk toys
well, get ready guys, toy story 4 is released in 2019
Just wait until the real Toy Story 4 comes out next year...
Erik Heini
I'm not surprised by Andy's actions with his lady friend. He probably got tired of playing with his woody.
didn't andy give away his toys at the end of toy story 3?
Annddddd there goes my childhood...
Nick Borkowski
Wow, Andy made that Bong really fast.
Queen Rapunzel of Corona
My childhood is ruined!! 😰
Dylan Dorrie
"He's Not My President" lmao
The ending sure was a buzzkill
I think I lost my virginty to this video
unique 0805
I guess you could say Andy is coming
At 12, this left me feeling violated
Mark Reyes
What happened to Buzz actually depressed me .
Matthew Henry
I can imagine all of the kids clicking on this ad...
O Fira
"Not my president" .....they knew
And the farmer he pulls another load away Bye load
this ruined my childhood
Richard Thompson
Commander and Chief on the premises You mean Donald Trump . . . He's not my president
Brithanie Apreza
what the hell did andy do to buzz???
Buzz: "we gonna play tomorra?" Woody: "you bet pal. you bet. *smothers Buzz*
Joseph Keeler
I just realized that he is now a bong. I thought he was a butt plug or something
Michael Kelley
I remember watching this when I was like 10 and being so confused and scared
At 1:15 Andy kinda sounds like Chris from family guy
Angelina Seu
will......there goes my childhood memory's 😐
Bob Honda civic
do u know what my daddy did... pooped. he pooped! im dying
Matthew Steiner
so this is like a reference to that movie jack nicholson in?
Amy Glover
Oh gosh, that got dark.
This is literally the ultimate destruction of childhoods
Kinky Inkling
why did I cry at the end?
Robert Dubs
Hey, my Daddy pooped too, and you don't hear me bragging about it.
Jose Vazquez
Andy's cuming!
Kyle Matos
there goes the little part of my childhood I had left...
Death to PG
0:20 lol if they made a Trump joke like that today every conservatard would be calling robot chicken "un-American"
Laurel Crown
Not only Andy turned Buzz into a bong but he gave a blowjob for that!
Blown Moon
"You mean Donald Trump?" He's not my president...
WA Electric
Andys cuming
Zero Kev
0:21 that sounds awfully familiar
Gut Smasher
My childhood is ruined 😆
Matthew Steiner
JD Logo
Sorry! There IS a official Toy Story 4 coming out. Sorry!
Douglas Levin
Robot Chicken: ruining childhoods one skit at a time.
Sarah Fowler
this was kinnda sad
TZ's Income
A show made using toys does a parody about a movie about toys. Why da heck not? Right up their alley. Already halfway done for them.
Buzzed by buzz hahahahahah. Backround andy before buzz speaks
Robot chicken: ruining childhoods since 2005
One flew over the toy's nest
Adam Lapidus
I'm just noticing now Buzz's new crotch.
That was dark...
Jacob Klassen
Right now... "Commander in Chief in the premises." "You mean Trump?" "HE'S NOT MY PRESIDENT!!"
Master Of Wisdom
Even Sid couldn’t do as much damage as what Andy did
Toxic Bun-Bun
That was actually really sad
You know what my daddy did He pooped
ImaginedFoil 335
Gives a new meaning to "You've gotta friend in me"
Christhopher Cruzflores
I whish Disney does this
Noah Body
Just goes to show you, no matter who won, the opposing party's people would say just what the soldier said @0:21 . And this was done several years ago.
matrix maker87
Hey woody, doo u no what my daddy did HE POOPED HE POOPED!!!😆
MystiQueen_ Jakeiho
AdulToy Story
Summer Lover
This made me really sad, because after Buzz was turned into he bong, he sounded like my down syndrome brother
No Sleep
Bong Lightyear, "To infinity, and beyond"!
Allan Peda
I just caught how Buzz's wang was the pipe mouthpiece.
unknown gamer
this ruined my childhood
How do you rotate text in MS Paint?
I can't be the only one who wants a Buzz Lighter bong
I wonder if Adult Swim will be forced to change the title of this video when Pixar eventually makes Toy Story 4.
Garssallaoui Gassen
00:21 wooooow so the "he's not my president" existed in 2011 !!!
TreTheTruth527 Dank memes
Andy’s cuming!
Dunc Emc2
Robot Chicken: Molesting your childhoods since 2005
0:29 bOi
Stormy Kopa
Little did they know, that Andy's new favourite toys were also called Woody and Buzz. If you know what I mean.
king predator X
did anyone noticed that the ending were buzz dies is a reference to one flew over the cuku, s nest ?
ComicWriter 2020
Most of the skits I saw that bothered me I got over. This one is the exception. It just bothers me a little still to this day
Comment section, help me, I've lost my childhood
I found this when I was 7.
Dupree Young
You know if Andy ever came on his toys they wouldn't be able to remove it because that would arouse suspicion
Luckily Bo Peep Barbie and Jessie wasn't around to see this!
Candie Howell
YouTube Puke I
What did he do to buzz?
james joe
This is totally unrealistic... Woody would've had to hold that pillow there for at least another minute to kill him.
His favorite toy is..... You know what😉
what did andy do to buzz?
who else is wondering how a toy dies by a pillow?
I am a Fool
I accidentally watched this when it came out... I didn't know what it was... I do now.
i am only 9 i thought this was real now my mum took my internet away for a really long time and im really upset adult swim plz take down or my roblox group will attack you and youll be very sorry
ultimatesonicthegamer !
wtf? thats so weird
Adrian Lopez
When he grabbed buzz What happened to him. ?
Alexis Chain Channel Service
Who Watching This In 2017
Relax just be more tea
But toys don't breathe
Chase Dawson
Dude, I saw this when I was like 10 and I was traumatized for a long time.
Darlin Gonzalez
Of toys and men.
"Did you know what my daddy did, POOP! he pooped in his pants" -Buzz lol
Emily Segovia
1:10 buzz now reminds me of Lennie from of mice and men.
Malyn Jerald
I’m dead 😂😂
Dinosaur Dolan
The ending was sad
hanna rodriguez
anybody catch that one flew over the cuckoos nest reference at the end??