Stereophonics - Have A Nice Day

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Stereophonics Have Nice Day V2 Pop

Dylan's World
Nice to see a crowd of people, rather than a crowd of smartphones.
first song I learnt to play on guitar, not saying much I can only play this and smoke on the water
Keane Park
San Francisco Bay Past pier thirty nine Early p.m. Can't remember what time Got the waiting cab Stopped at the red light Address, unsure of But it turned out just right It started straight off "Coming here is hell" That's his first words We asked what he meant He said " where ya' from?" We told him our lot "When ya' take a holiday Is this what you want?" So have a nice day Have a nice day Have a nice day Have a nice day Lie around all day Have a drink to chase "Yourself and tourists, yeah That's what I hate" He said "We're going wrong We've all become the same We dress the same ways Only our accents change So have a nice day Have a nice day Have a nice day Have a nice day Swim in the ocean That be my dish I drive around all day And kill processed fish It's all money gum No artists anymore You're only in it now To make more, more, more So have a nice day Have a nice day Have a nice day Have a nice day Have a nice day Have a nice day Have a nice day Have a nice day
Dominic Fastbender
Hope you're having a nice day and enjoying this wherever you are.
chris sinclair
114 people are having a bad day
Alex Gillmor
This song always takes me back to Southampton 2004, music always brings you back to reality, though a nice reality in this case.
Theme Park Logan
r.i.p Stuart cable 😭
Grant Snell
I had this song stuck in my head for the last two days. Finally! I am at peace now
Waldemar Radwan
Miłego dnia życzę :)
nicko boyo
Am proud tosay,I'm from the same neck of the woods as these lads. I don't know them though,but I grew up with James and Sean from the Manic street Preachers :) Proud to say I know those boys.
Luis Davila Alvarez
Minuto 1:09 bandera de Colombia.
Matteo Scoccia
Who came here from allianz?
Dmitrijs Lasko
3:39 hmmm...
Ali Al HarazneH
OMG i don't know this song is for stereophonics .... best band ever
Wait, Macedonian flag at 0:37? o.O
it all comes down to this song :) 
Lucas Raposo
[1:57] best part, little dancing
Carlos de Oliveira Filho
3:47 - He looks like Liam Gallagher singing..
1:08 Colombia! 
Ethan Coster
Here comes the sun
Johann Carpenter
Damn! Wondering where this was... and then I recognised it. V Festival. and turns out I was there... ages ago ... maybe 8 years ago. Those satelite dishes on the side were part of the lighting for the Muse headline act that followed.
Helen Berry
Love Kelly Jones 💚
Marshy Artist
Old school
have a nice day to you to
Pachalapong Bunsan
aliff naim
have a nice day guy!!! :D
Livia Masci Berghella
Thumbs up se sei qui dagli spot di allianz
Juan Sebastian Duque Sepulveda
Que buena sorpresa estar disfrutando de esta canción, y en el video ver una bandera Colombia. Un compatriota o varios, tienen buen gusto.
Please come to Japan again, please...
Viktor Nastovski
2:48  MACEDONIA !!! 
Sam Lashford
Where is the music video on YouTube ??
I know this sounds stupid but ever time I hear this legend of a song I always think it should be on every vending machine ,the chorus that is with a pictogram a some wee guy rubbin his hands together and playing this song. Hah you can just see the piss-take as if to say congratulations we just conned you £1 for a can a coke now HAVE A NICCE Day! LOL.
日本人でこれ聴いてる人どれくらいいるんだろう? I like this song very much :)
Grant Davidson
127 peices of shite dislike this. Names and addresses please!
Emily Lewis
This band makes me proud to be Welsh
Anne White
Best sound to come out of Wales, second to our national anthem which i have to say is the best
Andrew Gonderton
one of the greatest festival bands ever underrated by many but got serious fan Base... Kelly is one cool cat😎
Mike Longford
talk about a tune with a tale.. fantastic voice
my precious !!!! 2:33
J 17
Thank you Red Velvet Wendy for recommending this😁 this is awesome! 😍
Manuel Jesús Luna Reyes
have a nice day wales
Roberto d El Fraser
Legends brilliant
Sh0Ck W4v3 282
Salve si sto bene
post breakdown
Uboy 66 yeah
2:54 초에 나오는 건 좀...
David Lima Curi
exactly 6 years---
Fabrizio Brogna
l'atmosfera, il tramonto, la folla, la musica...Il paradiso ♡
Joney mick
have a nice day
Andrea Martinello
Per Matilde
Always dreamt of pulling out of a large garage in an open top car with this on the radio. I then proceed to cruise down one of those coastal roads in California with the Pacific Ocean on my left. The sun is just setting over the water, and with this tune on, everything is just perfect.
steve durbin
best british band by a mile
Moo E
I will certainly try'. Peace
Touya Shinjitsu
Weird. It suddenly sounds bad.
Fer Kaiba
San Francisco gays ♧
Ged McMahon
Dude at 0:42 loves this song but has no idea what the lyrics are.
Linda Duggan
no effort required, fantastic voice..
What kind of Diffrent songs do you make🤔👍🏼👌🏼
Tuan Minh Nguyen
Wendy brings me here
Bruno Patricio Samuel Samuel
Bonita musica tenha um bom dia a todos
brings back happy memories of boating in the bay near Golden Gate ... SF is such a cool place to be .. thanks for posting dude :D
Ines Držaj
I can't believe I didn't spot a comment about the guys 0:43 who don't really know the lyrics, but are just randomly opening their mouths :D (especially the right one)
Moo E
Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba!
Paul Bradley
Class Tune!!
Elizabeta L.Zasheva
Where are they playing?
Black Manta
Faku Vazquez
alto tema
Paul Desca
Need some drugs man.
Poe Face
great day ever one try
Theme Park Logan
my favourite band and Kelly jones is my favourite band member
Francesca Silvi
Miss you guys <3
Theme Park Logan
👎👏 good song
Poe Face
had a good sleep i rested my own head good morning world
Dawn of the Dead song
Maria R.
who came here from singles?
Moo E
onion mcdaveo
have a nasty
Daniel North
I cannot turn this up enough.
Namwhan Sweetheart
Callum Barnes
The memories😵
Emerson Gamarra
Muito boa esta musica.
Stuart Bell
Yes was there !!!
Stuart Bell
Claire Bell
עדן אנטופולסקי
🎶 :P Heaven Ice Tea :P 🎶
Stan Majongwe
Stan Majongwe
Flavio Nicolás Valderrama Cea
I fucking Love Stereophonics!
Kathryn McVitie
is that Josie Gibson right at the start????
Irwin VG
Petr Cech brought me here ;)
Premier inn advert brought me here :)
Dado Ferreira
Would anyone tell me what song this is? Looking forward to downloading it.. lol
Angus MacGyver
Always bring back memories of a holiday in 2001. Played on the transfer at the airport. In fact that's about the last thing I do remember on that holiday.
Aurore Paree
Ça sais de la musique que du bonheur merci
Loli 4343
Tela ,telita!!!
Beata G.
have a nice day hello my future