Stereophonics - Have A Nice Day

New album Graffiti On The Train. Out Now. Buy it here: /> Music video by Stereophonics performing Have A Nice Day. (C) 2011 V2 Music Limited #Stereophonics #HaveANiceDay #Vevo #Pop #OfficialMusicVideo

Dylan's World
Nice to see a crowd of people, rather than a crowd of smartphones.
Dominic Fastbender
Hope you're having a nice day and enjoying this wherever you are.
first song I learnt to play on guitar, not saying much I can only play this and smoke on the water
Andrew Gonderton
one of the greatest festival bands ever underrated by many but got serious fan Base... Kelly is one cool cat😎
Livia Masci Berghella
Thumbs up se sei qui dagli spot di allianz
Keane Park
San Francisco Bay Past pier thirty nine Early p.m. Can't remember what time Got the waiting cab Stopped at the red light Address, unsure of But it turned out just right It started straight off "Coming here is hell" That's his first words We asked what he meant He said " where ya' from?" We told him our lot "When ya' take a holiday Is this what you want?" So have a nice day Have a nice day Have a nice day Have a nice day Lie around all day Have a drink to chase "Yourself and tourists, yeah That's what I hate" He said "We're going wrong We've all become the same We dress the same ways Only our accents change So have a nice day Have a nice day Have a nice day Have a nice day Swim in the ocean That be my dish I drive around all day And kill processed fish It's all money gum No artists anymore You're only in it now To make more, more, more So have a nice day Have a nice day Have a nice day Have a nice day Have a nice day Have a nice day Have a nice day Have a nice day
Grant Snell
I had this song stuck in my head for the last two days. Finally! I am at peace now
Theme Park Logan
r.i.p Stuart cable 😭
J 17
Thank you Red Velvet Wendy for recommending this😁 this is awesome! 😍
"Phonics" awesome as always, the new album is just as brilliant
Alex Gillmor
This song always takes me back to Southampton 2004, music always brings you back to reality, though a nice reality in this case.
Lucas Raposo
[1:57] best part, little dancing
Ethan Coster
Here comes the sun
Mike Longford
talk about a tune with a tale.. fantastic voice
 have a nice day wot a truly beautiful set for words    
Dmitrijs Lasko
3:39 hmmm...
aliff naim
have a nice day guy!!! :D
1:08 Colombia! 
Matteo Scoccia
Who came here from allianz?
it all comes down to this song :) 
Anne White
Best sound to come out of Wales, second to our national anthem which i have to say is the best
M Aviandy
2:39 west ham!
Adam Manson
You to
Stefania Catinella
you too...
Sergio Villalba
Muy bueno !!!!
Helen Berry
Love Kelly Jones 💚
brings back happy memories of boating in the bay near Golden Gate ... SF is such a cool place to be .. thanks for posting dude :D
I know this sounds stupid but ever time I hear this legend of a song I always think it should be on every vending machine ,the chorus that is with a pictogram a some wee guy rubbin his hands together and playing this song. Hah you can just see the piss-take as if to say congratulations we just conned you £1 for a can a coke now HAVE A NICCE Day! LOL.
David Khujadze
have a nice day hello my future
Viktor Nastovski
2:48  MACEDONIA !!! 
Loli 4343
Tela ,telita!!!
עדן אנטופולסקי
🎶 :P Heaven Ice Tea :P 🎶
Steve Andrew
Always bring back memories of a holiday in 2001. Played on the transfer at the airport. In fact that's about the last thing I do remember on that holiday.
Luis Davila Alvarez
Minuto 1:09 bandera de Colombia.
Please come to Japan again, please...
Pablo Adrián Silva
Dawn of the ....?
Stuart Bell
Claire Bell
Kathryn McVitie
is that Josie Gibson right at the start????
Mary Patricia Maughan-otten
Love this band. They never change - still look fab. Great music for the car x
Irwin VG
Petr Cech brought me here ;)
Michele Ferrara
Salve si sto bene XD
T. De Wit
WTF Ive been here! cool to see after some years!
Qué tarde mas hermosa!
Pete Pompies
For a tame sensible song (in the nicest possible way :-)
Vendoarepas Carl
in your case it would be every day
Unwelcome Human
Such a tame, sensible audience ;-) Beautiful though :-)
john watts
Gives me a biiiiiig smile on my face; so simple but so harmonic in a way!
A nice day
susichen thimakisim
Pedro Macruz
in brazil ever is a nice day
Santiago Blanco
Have a Gay day :3
Louise Palmer
Tuuuune. Good to see REAL music is still about and not this x-factor nonsense!! Next big english indie band are THE BLUE COLLARS, have a listen if you havent already heard, top top band.
Flasher! 3:38
Milena Fernandes de Oliveira
Buy a banana ba ba banana
Autt Ronnakorn
i love u
George Thomas
Andrea Buffa
mesquita _
17 people just won't "pa para papa parara"
Phil Walker
17 wankers wherever you go!! :D
Reece Grimshaw
17 people were having a really shit day and thought this was patronising
Ben Cheyne
There awesome
nicko boyo
Am proud tosay,I'm from the same neck of the woods as these lads. I don't know them though,but I grew up with James and Sean from the Manic street Preachers :) Proud to say I know those boys.
Daniel Way
How many people? I get nervous just speaking to two people at a time.
"Fucking Yes!"
Daniel AJM
1:59 Chicken girl
Petr Kučera
Have a nice day :-)
chris sinclair
114 people are having a bad day
Marco Ferri
there's always an italian flag. But why??
Dan Tomlins
The French make some decent beer ill have you know! haha
Korbiel Kasia
impact festival!! ♥
Wait, Macedonian flag at 0:37? o.O
0:38 Salve si sto bene :D
corpse bride
looove this sooooooooong!!!
Sofia Gamba
Ectually we've got much more than pizza, pasta and ham u don't know! Come see it yourself
Sara Di Leo
and as always...have a nice day! (FPS)
Ali Al HaraznaH
OMG i don't know this song is for stereophonics .... best band ever
paulo barcelos
pra levantar esqueleto,de mais
Iacopo Bacci
I agree. 100 %. greetings from Italy
julian amares
Argentina <3
Federica Mandy
Italian food is not just pizza and pasta;)))
Matteo Giromini
Italians have just pizza and pasta????? o.O
Melon Swanson
Can u give the Dutch credit for the Beer? Pwetty Pwease?
Julien Ch.
Belgians have good fries. Italians just have pizza pasta and ham. Everything related to 'eat' is fine in France (even froggs :P)
Olly Ford
Only idiots didn't rate them highly.
I think Kelly should grow his hair out again. It's looks cool with those long sideburns
Younnes Mt
It's not the Belgians having great beer ? ;)
mesquita _
pa para papa parara...
Bernardo López
Awesome video!!!! for a great song!
yes u do
plodat 97
the guy from the 3:39 "Im on someone...the camera is focusing me shit shhit! i will show my tits!"
he is sick live compared to most people, who are a lot worse
Liam Tavernier
johnny knoxville singing
Nelya Isakova
I LOVE MUSIC......................
Ha I spot a Snow Patrol shirt at 3:40 so bit of both of my favourite bands haha
sing v well live
Finn Davies
F*cking yes!