BF & GF REACT TO BTS - j-hope 1st mixtape MV Shooting #2 [ENG SUB] (BTS REACTION)

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Live Performance + Extra content now being posted on Patreon - /> BF & GF REACT TO BTS - j-hope 1st mixtape MV Shooting #2 [ENG SUB] (BTS REACTION) BF & GF REACT TO BTS - j-hope 1st mixtape MV Shooting #2 [ENG SUB] (BTS REACTION) BF & GF REACT TO BTS - j-hope 1st mixtape MV Shooting #2 [ENG SUB] (BTS REACTION) [ENG SUB] [EPISODE] j-hope 1st mixtape MV Shooting #2 - /> ► Back Up Channel - />► Ali's K-Pop Channel - />► Gena's K-Pop Channel - /> PO BOX Beyond Media – Couple Reacts 4th Floor Salt Quay House 6 North East Quay Sutton Harbour Plymouth, Devon PL4 0HP, United Kingdom

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hopeful mochi
Hobi looked so happy to see his boys supporting him, he kept saying how much he loves them and hugging them any chance he got:(( bless him. Btw "Army Unnie" is an amazing translator, i recommend her subs, they are always detailed and never misses a thing, some of the translations in this one were off and it missed a lot ^^
omds how did I only just realise Jimin's hair is getting darkerrrrrrrrrr
Victoria 15210
BTS members are such family goals omg
Vanessa Squintu
That was beyond cute. Sometimes I am speechless about how much they support each other. Their group dynamic should be a role model for a lot of groups here in the West. If other groups would handle their things more like them (giving them the time and space to do some solo work without leaving the group) a lot of groups would still be together. They are their biggest fans and I admire that...
Jihan_Taekook_Smooches KPOP
1:14 The subtitles were wrong it said (Rm: there is one member crying at this moment jhope: who? Rm: suga hyung) Sry I just had to point that out
Izabela k
They're so supportive of each other😊😊 ❤
This video has the worst English subs. They missed a lot. I urge you to check out a different one. You missed when RM said that Suga was crying because the members visited RM and Jhope on set but not him because his filming site was too far away. And then Suga said that he was out buying clothes for Holly at a pet shop nearby and just decided to stop over and see Jhope. Haha
Seokjinbboya Is ma name
When Hobi kissed Jungkook and Tae’s head, I literally melted it was so cute
Line Henriksen
I’m so damn soft for them all! 😍 I love that they all came to support Hobi! I adore their friendship and brotherhood so much!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Jackie Campbell
BTS is more than a group, they are family... 🤗❤❤❤✌👑 Legend Boy Band like Backstreet Boys love BTS and their music videoes and songs they even invited BTS on tour with them if they like I thought how sweet.. ❤ Anyhow cool reaction video guys.. 👍 so proud of J-Hope congrates to Him love his solo mixtape Hope World album, love BTS and their music videoes to.
Jackie Campbell
V winks at me, I mean us... 😘😂lol J-Hope -Wake Up.. 😁 It's VVVV... 😘How cuuuuttt... 😍❤✌ at 7:41 J-Hope is such a cutie.. 😍❤
Husnul H95
Taehyung love love
Tae so cute smile 😍😍😍😘and Vhope 😍😍
jikook daughter
the way Gena said “so cute” at 00:59 was sO CUTE AAAAA
Gwen Viason
Next time react to bangtansubs channel because they have good subtitles ☺️❤️
Min Squishy
You should react to squishy min Yoongi's new video. Love that channel!!!
Jeon Jungkook’s Thighs
It’s so nice of them to come and support each other like that😊 BUT IT WAS TAE IN THE BED?! I thought it was Jin😂😂
J Ci
my boys <3 yes please live performances
Navya Hooda
They are such a family 😍
Michal Niesner
Guys please react to Flower Road by BIGBANG... it dropped today and its their last song in few years :(
Mochi Kookie
Remember that this is from over a month ago. They filmed this ahead of time.....I'm gonna let that sink in.
its so cute how they are all supporting him, bangtan is literally a family <3 also can you react to sqishyminyoongis new video about suga? its cute
mew mew zoey
I wish I wasn't far from Seoul so I could meet bts in person but the only problems are, ~There's a big gap between New York and Seoul~I don't speak Korean~scared to meet in person (especially my biases)😭
V’s Awards
Please can you react to big bang new song flower road along with the subs? It’s a song for their fans vip before the elder members enlisted in the military telling them to keep waiting for them and they’ll be back soon 😭❤️ .
Tae's Bag
12:58 Jikook had things to do.. Wink wink 😏
暗闇 深雪BlackStyxx
The support within BTS makes me tear up ;u; So proud of them Stray Kids [INTRO: I am NOT] Ep 1 please!
Suga makes my kokoro go doki doki
Someone has pointed this out already, but I'll add something to it ^_^ at 1:14 several people have said the entire conversation went like this (This translation is from SO YOUNG YEON who commented on the correction. I myself can't speak Korean unfortunately) RM: One of the members is crying. JH: who? RM: Min Suga. His filming location (of Agust D) was too far (to visit). JH: Yes, we couldn’t visit him. The filming location was countryside. RM: Here (Jhope’s location) is Namyangju, which is possible to visit (not too far). RM: I’m sorry hyung. But, (at least) I felt Agust D at heart.
miyu ryuu
U should watch the eng sub for jhope mixtape shooting #2 on Unnie army channel. She translated more detail. There is so many translate part that u missing in here. Such as, Yoongi also have filmed for his new mixtape at the same time with Jhope shooting. That why RM said, there is one member is crying right now, it's Suga. bcoz he cant come since he is far away to filmed for his mixtape and members also cant came to Yoongi place too bcoz it's far away from seoul. (but in the end Yoongi is came to hobi's place).
Mrs. jhope v sehun
Hi. I really love J-hope and v from bts and sehun from exo. They are my every thing.. 💖I can't express my feelings for them
The International Seagull
The way V always looks like he's trying hard not to smile while talking about Hobi is the most adorable thing. You can tell he really adores his hyung~
I think after seeing again the aegyo with the churros, I fell in love with Hobi ... oh my heartu omg! i love how they support each other and how happy was hobi for that
Could u guys react to any of Jin's solo works? I'm sure it's unintentional but you've reacted to multiple works of all the other members except his.
Hannah Borges
Please do Taemin's Thirsty!!!! and BTS - Miss Right Live pleeeasee!!
Minjin Batbold
Wow where is that vid from the subs are a mess. Wow. Please react from a more legit sub channel from now on💜
annu kadian
They all are cute and support each member but I love bts 8th member YEONTAN (v dog) so much
tae tae
You guys should always react to Bangtan Subs' videos instead btw, they have the best subs and most reliable- But this is honestly heartwarming, this whole video is
bunny 714
there were some subs missing, you should watch translated bangtan bombs from the channel bangtan subs - they are hard subs so they will be easier for you to read too
보라 보라
D...Did... hobi just smacked on tae' s head cuz that is the most precious thing I ever seen 7:49
Lara Saculles
please react to tyler oakley reacting to kpop HAHA HIS REACTIONS ARE LYF
Yane M
Please react to A.C.E's Kokobop cover! They just released it!
Taehyung is so cute OMG 😍😍😭❤️
Mel the dreamer
Their relationship with each other is so beautiful. They truly are family. 😊
Tae illegirl
taeeee 😂😄😄😄
Brenda Kpop
I love always your reactions!💕💕
Jono Distefano
do a reactions to IKON
Lenka S
For a moment, I thought that by the "behind the scenes" you mean BTS 😂
Sh J
lol bts ♥♥♥ thsnk you guys bts my love
Carissa Sarah
Yeotan is V’s dog btw.
• Dae
Emilie .k
Jin : Daydream daydream » is so funny
High On Yoonmin
(8:03) 3 a.m thoughts.
whatsup lissy
Mich Colin
i love your reactions, guys! 💕
It makes me so happy seeing them support each other, they are such a close family 💕
Angeli Mae Pore
JstephTheRockThatSugaReincarnatesAs InHisNextLife
Pho The Ach
I’m so late... Sorry