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matt k
That was the strangest TED Talk I think I've ever heard.
Aditya Humnabadkar
I like how bane waits for the kid to finish his song. It's like he appreciates art
Jacob Sheley
For those who don't know, "That's a lovely, lovely voice" was improvised by Tom Hardy on set
Parampreet Singh
I love it when he says "That's a lovely, lovely voice" and proceeds to blow up the whole city LOL
Vinc Darky
"That's a lovely voice" :) A great quote improvised!
Gotta be the worst day to be a fantasy owner for those two teams.
Lucho Cruz
DC's last great movie, last great saga. Nothing will ever match this.
Mesiiah E
Imagine running the ball, just going for a touchdown, you make it, turn around, and the floor sunk in and everyone from your team and the other team is dead except for you.
Aiden F.
He should take of his jacket, but then again... Man's not hot.
Logan Bedenis
I feel like it adds so much to the scene and to Bane's character when Bane says "That's a lovely, lovely voice."
When DC was good.
tax mippett
you know what would have been a cool reference for this scene? Gotham playing against Metropolis
Heinrich Sallows
Bane is such an awesome villain. "Gotham is yours!"
Sanjay Purty
Tom hardy looks massive
To think there would have been someone who left town for the week right before this happened and had no friends or family in Gotham. I guess that's what it would feel like to be the luckiest person on the planet.
Ridhuan Abu Bakar
Batman Trilogy > MCU
when he first said "gotham!" through the microphone i almost pissed myself how funny did that sound
Ameen Ahmed
1:41 Hines Ward was all like, "So.... Did we win?"
Hines Ward really held onto the football while those explosions were going on LOL.
Manny Feliciano
Mannequin Challenge: 4:01-4:08.
Big Boi
1:39 That dude in the white and blue is one damn committed player. As the ground beneath him blows up killing all the other players he still tries to make a tackle. GG man.
Vinay Singh
Tom hardy just nailed it he was,is and always will be the best bane
ooohhh, the blood transfusion at the beginning was to confirm his death
Red Hood
I love how Bane waits for the cute little boy to finish his song that's so cute of him
Keilan 20
The way he says MOBILE though
BadDream Boys
the kid at the start sings more real than all of today's music artists. COMBINED. 😏
BIGboyboss678 gaming
Ryan Martinez
2:35 Good evening twitter this is your boy EatThatPussy445 here
Arthur Melo
let the games begin... BOM
Shoaib Rumi
Pavel seemed like a good person.
Kira The Renegade
"That's a lovely, lovely voice." "Who said that?"
The Cat Boy
0:24 If you need THAT much police, j-just call in the army
Yo To
Dark knight trilogy > infinity war
Lebron James
Gotham had a cold ass receiver
Bram Slootmans
A man's wife is a man's life, mister UPS man
Pandu Arya Acita
Unforgettable superhero trilogy
Amit Rajan
Dean ambrose
Mexlycan Lobo
He's like Anton Cigurgh, they might be psychopaths, but have some moral and ethic codes they respect.
nueva italia
Marvel is yet to come up whit something this awesome
Geoffrey Vuinakelo
We are Venom! Oooops,wrong movie!
I love this scene
David Barrios
The best part about this scene for me is when the Player just ran to win, then turns around to see that he outran a bomb blast.
Jeremy Nolen
>people cheering before he’s finished singing
only now noticing bat-manuel is in a batman movie.
Bobby Olsen
Was that Big Ben on Gotham’s team lol?
Rishem Bhogal
So what does Bane mean by return control of the city? I know he means something different since he’s using a bomb to blow up Gotham. I guess I don’t understand what he wants... like Ra’s wanted order, Joker wanted chaos... what about Bane?
Dark PePe
Bane is Trump confirmed
So Nolan's Scarecrow & the Joker seem to have been Anarchists, but was Bane an Anarcho-Communist?
Muhammad Alfito
i make a meme with this scene, I'm sorry:(
Experiment 75
1:30 how everyone thinks of the super bowl when there's a minute left on the clock.
Crippling YouTubers
Why does New York always get the beat down
Demarius Henderson
Even Bane respects the Anthem!
ryn flores
Burger king burger foot lettuce
Rize Before Dawn
When he snapped his neck was classic villain search horrible things to do but such a badass thing to do
D Chaitanya
This is what dc movies should be like conflict and drama, plot twists, conflicting opinions of different people. Not like justice league which has none of these
Osama Bin Mohammed Bin Awad Bin Laden
I can't take this serious anymore thanks Vanoss, H2O delirious, wildcat, etc😂
Nick Caverson
That guy 4:12 behind bane looks at hin with passion, its like he believes at him
Rameez T
now that's how you take over the game
Nigel Straw
What I hope happens in Super Bowl 52
sami parkar
Explosives??!!! Bane should have just kneeled during the anthem to piss everyone off.
Rize Before Dawn
Tomorrow you claim what is rightfully yours
Ess jay Samuel
1:40-1:42 touchdown of the year 😂👏🏻
Rize Before Dawn
Such beauty met by tragedy
A two-faced guy
epic scene from an epic film
In what sense would it be, to send the entire police force to the undergrounds
1:42 (*insert confused travolta joke*)
Osvaldo Lopez
You should've called it the end of the Pittsburgh Steelers saga
2:35 GOO-THAM!
Rebeca Lozada
Bane's helmet (or whatever you call it) is so tight it looks like his head is going to explode! But other than that Bane is a great villan
Naughty Nibblits
That's a big bomb...
That's the best touch down I have ever seen in my life.
Theman Joe
Imagine that sung by bane.
jeremiah imanuel
Batman trilogy > all avenger movie
RedBirds 618
Man this ruined my fantasy team
Gay for Heather Chandler
My teacher was an extra in this scene and I can here to find her! She looks so awkward 🤣
Courage *
Someone change that kid to be the yodelling kid pls
1:35 did the mayor die??
StormTrooper That Actually Hits Stuff
nobody coulve survived that fall
0:28 *That Big Ben cameo tho*
Alex Li
So Victor Stone lost his limbs becoz of Bane's bombs
Can I get a 1,000,000 subs without any videos ?
Paulo Ricardo Pimentel
It’s powerful to hear the Star Spangled Banner there, because Bane isn’t just a physical threat, there’s a war of ideas going on this scene. Bane is attacking the fundamental American principles of freedom, independence and personal rights.
Tanner Harmon
Pittsburgh Steelers set as Gotham 👏 my favorite team
Marc Singletary
This is the way you make a superhero movie ! This Batman series was the best ! Best acting , best story line and best action . What happened DC ?!!!
And that my friends is how the World trade center came down on 09/11/01
Barry Benson
Dr. Pavel 😷💉, I'm CIA🔫👮🏻. He👱 🚫wasn't🚫alone😭. Uh🤔, you 🙅‍♂️don't🙅‍♂️ get to bring 👪friends. 👈They are 🚫not🚫 my friends 👪😤. Don't worry👍, 🚫no 💰charge💸 for them👪. And why❓would I want them🤔👪? 👈They were trying😓 to ✊grab✊ your prize🏆🏅, they 💯work💯 for the mercenary💣🔫, the masked man 😷👺. Bane? 😯😷💣Get them 👪✈️onboard I'll ☎️call it in! The flight🛫 plan📄 I just filed 🗂with the 🏢👮🏻👮🏻agency lists 1️⃣ me 🔫👮🏻, 2️⃣ my men 👮🏻👮🏻👮🏻, 3️⃣Dr. Pavel 😷💉 here but only 1️⃣ of you👪. 🏆First👌 one to talk🗣 gets to 🐕stay on my ✈️aircraft!💺👍Who ❓paid 💸💸you to ✊grab✊Dr Pavel💉😷?? He didn't🚫 fly so good🕊⬇️😣. Who ❓wants to try next🔫🤔🤔? Tell me 🗣 about Bane😷💣! Why ❓does he👱 wear the 😷💣mask👺🤔?? A lotta loyalty🙏 for a hired gun💵💵🔫. Or perhaps he's 🤔wondering🤔 why❓ someone 👤 would shoot💀 a man😱🔫😡, before throwing him💨😮 out of a ✈️plane⬇️? At least you can talk🗣. Who❓ are you? ✋It 🚫doesn't matter🚫 who we are👥, what matters👍 is our plan🎓📑👌. No one cared😞😞 who ❓I 👤was until I put on the 👺👈mask😷💣👌. If I pull that off✊, will you ⚰️die? 💀😭 It would be 💯extremely💯 painful💉😖. You're a 💪big guy💪😫. For you… 🇺🇺🇺🇺 Was❓getting 🚨caught🚨 part of your plan🎓📑? 👌Of course!👌 Dr. Pavel 💉😷refused 🙅our offer 💰💰💣in favour👌 of your's🔫👮🏻, we had to find out👀 what he 💉😷told 🗣you👮🏻. Nothing! 🙅‍♂️I said 🗣💬nothing🤐🙅‍♂️. Well congratulations 🍾🎉 you got yourself 👪🚨caught😂😂👌 - now what's ❓the next step 🚶in your 👉master plan🎓📑? Crashing 🛬🔥🔥 this plane ✈️ - WITH NO 🚫SURVIVORS! 😭😭☠️ No! 🚫They expect 1️⃣ of us👪 in the wreckage ✈️🔥🔥 brother👬. Have we started ✅ the 🔥 fire? 🔥The fire 🔥🔥 rises📈🔝! Calm down 🤐👇doctor💉😷, now 🕓is not the time⏰ for fear😱. That comes 😫💦 later🕙 !
Wolf O'Donnell
4:08 Damn liberals
Lauren Toth
I shouldn’t be watching this sense I live in this city.
Mher Lasky
*Bane picks up mic* "block in the back, football field, number 1-1."
luke blues
One of the best batman film ever
The Batman
The ultimate mic drop!
Just found out this guy also is VENOM
MrSaintMichael The Saint
*Snaps a persons neck in public view* "Ok anywho."
Eric Min
1:28 me in my sophomore year in high school
Lol who's watching this during Superbowl 52?
Happy John
PN: 1:36 Screenshot face during explosion 5:38 PM 8/24/2018
Erik Nagasaki
Number 15 burger king foot lettuce
Luz Duran
The Steelers aren't gonna be happy