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Superfast! (also known as Superfast & Superfurious) is a 2015 American parody comedy film written and directed by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer. The film is a parody of The Fast and the Furious film series. All credits go to their respective owners. Thanks for watching and please do subscribe for more. For more information please Visit our Website. /> /> /> /> /> /> /> Please subscribe for more videos

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Taj Cars
watch this awesome car trick my friend did on our Rolls Royce Please like and share. thanks
Ancient Revelation
Ha Ha very funny movie, thanks
Tuc Lance
"you're a cop killer now, high five" XD LOL
لاعبين فور نايت
سعودي سو لايك الظاهر كلهم اجانب مغير انا😂
Melanie Durant
I love this movie
Di sanka
this movie was so funny
Jdhaha Bagjs
Jose fun
he's not Vin Diesel, he's Diesel Van!
itsthedevil hescoming
thats not fast and furious 7 where's the see you again song?
Pratap kumar Gupta
trolll but nice
maikol fernandez
mini 1d
hack..I thought it is real..but I'd was duplicate 😠😠😠
Kyle s13u
i dont know why im here! but it so awesome ! :D
نضؤري إلشأمي
ترجمه وين يأٱإآخرررره
Shahid Khan
gareebo ka vin diesal
bonbon manzano
cool and funny
this is not fast and furious 7...... This is superfast 8....
ricer simulator
super star rajini
wat is this
yo this movie isint half bad
Yellow Fellow Production
#Epic creativity.... Like from me
Rana Musab
Thats was amazing and really a big funny movie
Nelson Maina
This not fast n furious, fake characters n everything
Rana Musab
hahahhah i like it
Lance Armstrong's Urine, the next generation racing systems LOL
Kamaboi Funny
Omg I love this more then the real one😂 good job👏🏻
Wade CabreraPlayz
It is so funny like i am crying right now
nelson inyani
godman carlover
awesome and funny
R Rascal9301
man, this movie kill me !!! lol so funy , it's the best parody I ever wach !!
Rama -
pilem niki sae sanget,pas parios persi komedi ,sederek sedoyo kulo aturi ningali pilem meniko nggihhhh....hahahaha
dragon squad
funnny fast &the furis movie evre wacth i couldent stop laguing
Jack Stephens
you can download it and watch it are you can watch it one youtube
Hero Amino
its so nice
Niga Cosmin
nasollllll omul cu bicicleta a explodat din cauza copacului
Liban Abdulahi
* aweasome*
ڪۣۗہًٍـّاسۗہبۣۖۙہۣۙر فيديوهات لا محدود
ههههههه فستن فيورز مقلد
Duane Fletcher
Ha... ha... ha... ha... ha... ha... ha...!!!!!!
Jeannie Toussaint
mini 1d
It is a parody right
mixed gamer01
comedy all the way 😂😂😂
Stupid version of fast and furious 2 xD
Skyye Gaming
zidan shady
not real one
jewel noor Android high school member
soo funny
arnold mass
الترجمة للعرب
Mue Behlack
-What are you driving? -A Car! With unicorns.
Sahil Singh
Hehehehe 😂😂😂
better than the last Faf
Doaa Atres
This is not Fast and Furious , this is fake
Daniel Chan
TF dude fake fast and furious
michael rugusha
these the best movie we have been waiting for so too is the best day to me i love my best super star vin diesel and others nice movie
Claudia Trillo
the model tho
Mohamed Elnmer
he try to wear seat belt hahaha
rahim 200725
Très cool
Anojan Sriparan
i loved this movie
Shiva Yadav
its a only english ,not a hindi pls dub in hindi
Mad Gamer
Aye its Sean
Bruh instead of tuning they rice everything
Brian Krause
OK, public service time. You are either going to love this movie, or hate it, I can see why there would be no shades of grey. You either love this style of humor, or its going to be 'too dumb' for you, but, for me, and those of a similar mindset, this movie succeeds in gut busting comedy way more than it fails. In the interest of creating more fans, I'm going to provide 'must see' moments in the movie. if you find these moment funny, the movie will definitely be worth your while. These are in cronological order, not necessarily 'gut busting' order. ;) 0:55 to 1:15 asking for directions, & parking 5:40 to 5:55 winner takes the spoils 9:50 to 10:05 secret weapon to win race 13:20 to 14:10 fun with tasers, don't rat out your homies. 20:30 to 20:40 get caught wearing a wire... 22:50 to 23:10 trying to get info on the bad guys 27:20 to 30:30 auditioning for the crime lord 31:40 to 32:30 the merits of shopping for auto insurance 33:30 to 34:20 'got a bad feeling about this', analysis of oboes, and what they mean for your health 37:20 to 38:00 'the rock' arrives, lol! 38:20 to 38:40 'here are those urine samples you requested'. HA!!!!! 40:00 to 43:00 explaining your failure to your boss. If these 12 items aren't enough to make you commit to the movie, the remaining 45 minutes change your mind, but honestly, the movie has SO many great scenes after this. We haven't even been introduced to the remainder of 'the crew' yet, which includes a bunch of stereotypical characters who have AWESOME names like 'rapper cameo' and 'cool asian guy' and the luscious 'model turned actress'. I'm already laughing thinking about their elaborate plan to steal 'butt crack sweat' to foil the dna sampler on the villains vault. Brian
Kr hype
like wtf so funnny
michael rugusha
superfast car
Ania Kosmala
I think this cast is better then the real cast
Moosa Rehman
Cesar Veracruz (as Joseph Julian Soria) who starred in Fast And Furious 5 actually plays himself in the parody (this movie)
Ssh Path
When the guy licked the girls face thinking thats a kiss😂😂😂😂
Atef Hatoum
In the part that he was wearing crocs when he sat and played with the cup he was wearing converse
Abil Junior
whasapp bro
Morpurgo1099 Lopelgames
Mehdi alkwilde
ليش ما تقول عربي حط لايك ليش تنكر اصلك
Kommentator Nerv
it is a funny verion of fast and firios 1
Lisann Stewart
i .............. loved it
Sayid Fadhlani
Dman Birch
wtf is this
Chris Bunch
best movie
RB26, VR38, 2JZ and Rotary sounds on a Corolla/TC/CRX car haha very funny indeed
Aisha Abdi
best movie/funny
Beastdude 46
U can tell this is fake cuz of the characters voices and faces
Nizar Razin
fake moive
Brian Krause
LOL, that part from 40:00 to 43:00 where the home boy is trying to give the info to the crime lord is so damn funny. In a movie that has literally a dozen + LOL moments, that actually is one of my fave parts of the movie... 'The Rock' is awesome in this movie too, so many funny scenes in this flick, it is one of the funniest movies I've seen in SO long. LOVE IT. "I have more information senior!!!" LOL :)
Haris Supercar
This is Fast and Furious parody movie
SnowMan T.V.
wow... super fast... rlly
Sandy Cindhel
kurang apek funny peli
ACKooB sl shahre
والله ياشباب دورت فاليوتيوب قلبت ام اليوتيوب مالقيت زي ذا الفلم مترجم كلها بدون ترجمه
Jhonakew Akew
Aku suka teh forius
rahadian triandy
Sayang nya tidak ada paul walker
نونة الحنونة
ياريت تنزل ترجمة
Virus Ace
unicorn ride lol
Sandra Freitas
Marco Zibawi
dommage que c est pas en Français vraiment dommage mai très mon film
Fritz Stedtfeld
37:40 by far the best scene in this movie hahahahhahahaha
Alfred Yeboah
Spectacular movie in the world
Filma Shqiptar
hahahaha sa vk
Abdalla Tariq
Alina Muntean
ammar kamail
nice Ass
ElMatador Game200000000
man this is so goodmI mean it is the essence of the real fast and furious I would love to see a next movie like this life the real fast and furious serie continuation in the streets not government
Raheel Sohail
nice from Penny Pizza
Rhda11 Rhda11
اذا في اضحك من هذا الفيلم بدي انتحر
radiyana spd
god job