Zero Waste Amazon Orders - A How To + Tips & Tricks

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Amazon Customer Service - [email protected] *ask them to make a note in your account to avoid plastic packaging or avoid extra packaging when possible. Amazon’s Frustration-Free Packaging Service - /> Find your closest thin plastic recycling drop off - /> Amazon's Give Back Box - /> MY AMAZON FAVORITES: ▸Natural/Compostable Dish Brush - />▸Reusable Produce Bags - />▸Reusable Stasher Bags - />▸Bamboo Tooth Brush - />▸Plastic Free Klean Kanteen - />▸Refillable Fountain Pen - />▸KeepCup Reusable Coffee Cup - />▸Glass Meal Prep Containers - />▸Plant Growing Pencils - />▸Bamboo/Charcoal Odor Absorber - />▸Stainless Steel Bento Tiffin - />▸Reusable Pads - />▸Eco Nuts Laundry Soap - />▸Safety Razor - /> Special Thanks to The Green Indy Blog where I first found some of this info a while back /> Create the Peace ☮ ============================================= ⇨ FIND ME ON OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA: I N S T A G R A M : Shelbizleee ( />S N A P C H A T : @Shelbizleee T W I T T E R : Shelbizleee ( />F A C E B O O K: ( />Y O U N O W : @ Shelbizleee ( />P I N T E R E S T : ( /> ============================================= ⇨ COMPANIES I LOVE --▸ Plant Trees while you search with Ecosia - IT'S FREE! /> --▸ Get 20% off a Compostable Pela Phone Case /> --▸ Get $10 off Who Gives A Crap Toilet Paper /> --▸ Get 10% off Native Deodorant + FREE SHIPPING with code "SHELBIZLEE" /> --▸ Get $40 towards your first AirBnB /> ============================================= ⇨ S E N D M E M A I L: Shelbizleee PO Box 80071 Austin, TX 78708-0071 ============================================= ⇨ LIGHTING I USE: />⇨ CAMERA I USE: />⇨ SOUND EQUIPMENT: /> =========================================== CHECK OUT THE STORY OF STUFF HERE: /> THE BOOK THAT CHANGED MY LIFE: /> ========================================== ⇨ SIGN UP FOR MY EMAIL LIST: /> For business inquiries: [email protected]

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SOME OF MY AMAZON FAVORITES: ▸Natural/Compostable Dish Brush - ▸Reusable Produce Bags - ▸Reusable Stasher Bags - ▸Bamboo Tooth Brush - ▸Plastic Free Klean Kanteen - ▸Refillable Fountain Pen - ▸KeepCup Reusable Coffee Cup - ▸Glass Meal Prep Containers - ▸Plant Growing Pencils - ▸Bamboo/Charcoal Odor Absorber - ▸Stainless Steel Bento Tiffin - ▸Reusable Pads - ▸Eco Nuts Laundry Soap - ▸Safety Razor -
A person working towards zero waste that loves Amazon??? It's not that deep, but I am a fan of affordable zero waste swaps (:
Also! Amazon does this program thing called amazon smiles. Basically, you go on the amazon smiles website and pick a charity or organization that you would like to give back to and I think its 5% of every order you purchase through amazon smiles is given to that organization. I found out about that recently and i'm so glad I did.
Stepha Letty
You can use your amazon boxes to ship out anything you are shipping. My son ships boxes out all the time using boxes that have come to our house from ebay or amazon
I also wonder what the environmental difference is buying an item online versus in store. Because if you buy an item in store you might have to drive there, the store itself uses resources to stay open, the store might have to have a bathroom, and the store itself might have a lot more waste as well. If you order online the fulfillment centre probably doesn't have to have the same resources as a store people go visit, so the centre might have less heating, less cleaning products, less waste for displays etc etc. I'm not sure if I'm explaining it right but is an interesting thought.
PetCat Rio
I once complained about those little white styrofoam-y looking package fillers and was informed that (this particular company) they were made from corn. You can put them in your sink, add water and they ‘melt’ into nothing. Found warm to hot water worked the best. 👍. Beats those air pillows or bubble wrap.
Cameron Buras
Dude you have really changed my perception of how we live. I am really gonna start working on being more waste free. Thank you for all your videos!
Thanks! Wish I had thought about this before Christmas... we were left with a bunch of those little air bag things from all our orders, which my kids loved to play with, but eventually ended up in the recycling bin. In future, I'll ask them to just use crumpled up paper or something instead. :)
KC Johnston
You can also buy used things on amazon! Like books and what not
Agathe Power
Thanks for all this information - it is really good to know if I ever have to buy from amazon again. However, I will still try to avoid it, and that is because of ethical reasons. From all I know, Amazon just has really terrible working conditions in the packaging centres etc. So I'd rather order directly from the company I'm buying from or use online-marketplaces that are ethical (and support ethical companies!) For people in Europe, especially Germany, I would really recommend - tons of small businesses that are environmentally friendly/ethical etc
Ivana Murphy
I just started collecting all the weekly newspaper and my Amazon boxes to recycle then once a year!!! I loved this video
Sarah Portelli
I avoid Amazon at all costs. It doesn't sit well with me to support a company that has 10% of its employees on food stamps. Yeah there's a bunch of stuff on there that's great but it usually can be found elsewhere.
Kim Lee Carroll
I love shopping at Amazon. I even let my gkids pick out their own gift's from there.
Taylors on a Journey
I sell stuff on eBay and I reuse my Amazon boxes to package my eBay sales. I just cut the boxes to fit the item and put the outside part of the box on the inside of my new made box so the Amazon labels don't show! I do this with other boxes as well but mostly Amazon boxes.
Laura Kleimann
Thanks for another super informative video! I didn't know most of it. Now I'll just have to figure out whether they do all of this in Germany as well. I just find the website very overwhelming and not easy to navigate. And if course you're an Aquarius, we're just the coolest sign ;)
Fauna Friendly
Ok this video is great. I've been loving your content recently! I know you used to (still might) get people who complain that you don't do dumpster diving videos enough but honestly I'm way more into this content because it's interesting, informative, and new. I came for the dumpster diving but definitely here to stay for the environmental information!
Your lip and hoodie combo is amazing!
Grey Heart
The way Amazon treats their warehouse employees is completely inhumane.
This is super helpful. I shop a lot on amazon and have always wondered how I could avoid these sorts of things. Especially when I used to get a giant box full of plastic pillows and a teeny item.
I am having a 20s theme prom and I want a 20s dress, but I haven't been able to find any at thrift stores and vintage stores are super expensive for that old of dresses. I could order a 20s style dress off Amazon for like 20$ but I'd rather thrift. Any tips?
Melody Conroy
You can also be an amazon affiliate. You can get money from them just by linking people to their website.
Jody B
You shared tips here that I have NEVER heard in any other YouTube video. Thanks so much. I'm especially jazzed about the GiveBackBox. Wish I had known about this sooner. Thanks for the great info!
Lark Only
It doesn't take much research to find some nasty dirt on Amazon as a company. Sweatshops/labor practices, for one. I think where a "zero waste" mindset fails us, is that there is much more to consider about the impact of our purchases than simply the amount of packaging we will throw away or the impact of the shipping options offered to buyers. That's why I remain a freegan first and foremost. I began boycotting both Amazon and PayPal back when they cut off WikiLeaks. They've done the same to other groups that challenged/criticized US government. For lack of alternatives, I've since had to resort to using PayPal for selling online, and I have broken down and used Amazon in support of an author who uses no other distribution method. Still, I try and avoid both companies when I can.
Botanically Bella
I just tried to ask amazon if I can have a note on my account about less plastic packing. They pretty much said they can't do that because plastic is protective...😑 oh amazon
I think you should address amazon business practices and all of the scandals that have came out. I'm glad they won't put plastic wrapping in their parcels but their drivers sleep in tents and often drive long distances without any sleep endangering the lives of other people as well as themselves. The company doesn't pay their taxes and treats their workers inhumanly so I don't really see how you can be such a massive amazon fan.
Doe eyed beauty
I'm so happy you made this video. I've been wondering about Amazon for a while.
Stepha Letty
Ok I shoukd watch all the video before commenting 🤣
Samantha Davis
This was super helpful! I love being able to buy stuff on amazon but I always felt terrible about getting those plastic pillow things. I just sent the email for them to add the note to avoid extra packaging to my account and I had no idea that amazon had a frustration free packaging page so that’s cool too.
Katia Djaoued
Love your videos I try really hard to reduce my waste but sometimes i have a really hard time figuring out how to I have a question tho. Where I live glass is not recycled (unless it is a bottle containing a drink) so when i buy things like pasta sauces, or condiments, etc I am left with the dilemma of buying a glass container that i have to put in the trash or a plastic one that i can recycle and i have no clue what option is better
Thanks for the informative video, also you are very beautiful : )
Sky Trombly
Wow! Thanks so much for this! I live in an area where access to things is a real issue. I love your thoughts and strategies and will try and incorporate them!
Justice Mos
I've been seeing alot of comments saying Amazon treats employees terrible, but I know a good amount of people who work for Amazon and love it. Starting pay $15 an hour and they quickly got raises. One of my friends gets $21 an hour after only working with them 1 year. Sure they may not be a business to make a living, it is a job for teenagers or other people. Amazon is a great way to get things you couldn't otherwise get. Sorry for the long comment but I needed to inform people that Amazon is not terrible to the employees.
Jennifer Schmidt
This has been on my mind lately. Thank you for sharing such a realistic, pragmatic perspective!
Wandering Pony
Great video! Thanks for all of the information!
This is probably the most informative and helpful zero waste video I have watched so far and i've been on this journey about a year now.
YESSSS!!! I've been waiting for you to do this video since you mentioned it a few weeks ago! So excited to ensure that my amazon packages are as waste-free as possible! Thanks, Shelbi for another great video :)
Jennifer Kilbourn
Ahh so helpful. Thanks!!
Viv *
I love your channel soo much! I am a vegan so I can relate and I really should try more to be a minimalist. Your vids are so helpful.🌿❤️
jeff hayward
Do you have to pay the shipping when using your amazon box to donate in wanted household items?
That intro of you collecting the package is so cute. Also your hair looks 10/10.
Sasha gerelen
Huh this is so cool I would never have known
Dhynasah James
So many great tips!
LOL you couldn't have just taped up the box for the beginning?
Claire Woodfin
Phenomenal video! I wasn’t aware of a lot of these tricks. Thanks a million.
Valerie Cintron
omg thank you for this video and explanation
Simply Bri Graham
I love your channel:)
Reece W.
Thank you for these tips! I never knew these options existed and will be sure to do this from now on! ❤
living unjaded
These were such helpful tips! I still order from Amazon too so I'm definitely going to ask them to put a note on my account!
Thanks for actual practical advice! I'm sick of people who live in big cities like LA shaming people for using websites like amazon, they don't seem to realise that most of us have limited options when it comes to shopping.
Rikiesha Ward
Thank you for this video, you definitely changed my perception about amazon. I have prime and have not ordered anything. I probably will now. I know you live in Austin, do you do any zero waste events? To spread the zero waste message.
Oh my goodness thank you for all of these tips!!!
Melinda Hammond
This is the #1 most helpful video for a ZW/Low waste newbie EVER. Thank you!
The Plant Eaters
Such GREAT INFO!!! So glad I found you! Our life is naturally progressing into zero waste and I really like ordering from Amazon. So this is super helpful!!
mommyblessed 2x2
? how do you zero waste drinks like milk and juice.what kind of things do you drink maby loose leaf tea??
Karen Murphy
Thanks 4 All that n this video and All!!!
little lady
I love how you can email Amazon. I never knew this. I also love extended shipping. If you forgot an item or two they will automatically add it to your order until it ships.
Éliane Blanchard
Yo you look like an early Taylor Swift in your thumbnail! 😀
The Home Plate Special
great job on the video!
Laur 818
@Shelbizlee, Thank you SOOOOO much for this video! I will admit that when Prime was first a thing, I was very very skeptical about it, and avoided it for a long time, but gave in when I got married because it is a lot cheaper! After getting our prime account I did realize the whole small business thing which I got very excited about! Also, I had NO Idea about the note request for accounts, or about the giving back program! I will definitely get on this right now! As far as being eco-friendly, I am mathematically challenged, but I assume that 100 people going out and spending gas making deliveries saves a lot more fuel then 100,000 people going out and going to a bunch of stores and using unnecessary fuel. Thanks again Shelby, you're awesome! :)
Disclaimer: This is LONG. I'm sorry. I guess I just have a lot to say on the subject. Thank you for such a great video that made me think about some things. I definitely agree with you that Amazon seems to have several really great benefits. And yes, the almost universal accessibility of Amazon is a really important dynamic for people who don’t have access to products elsewhere. However, I am of the understanding that the detriments of this business far outweigh the benefits. There are obviously so many facets to consider here, and I by no means claim to be an expert on the subject. I have never worked for Amazon. I am only going off of secondhand and thirdhand testimony… But it is my understanding that at best, Amazon workers are cogs in a corporate machine, and at worst, abused individuals whose lack of other options are egregiously exploited. Have you heard about Amazon Go? ( It sounds revolutionary, but also means so many less jobs for people who desperately need them. Is this going to be our new norm? On that note of development, Amazon is poised (and has taken multiple moves just in the last couple of years) to have a monopoly on goods and services, and even if the corporation in this position were a beacon of light and positivity and forward thinking, this still would not be a good thing. Just as with government, no one corporation is meant to have complete power. Yes, there are antitrust laws in place to deter monopolies from forming, but Amazon seems to occupy a separate space, not just leading one market… but MANY markets. Of course, this hurts small businesses, but it also hurts the medium to big businesses as well. No one can compete with this type of a monopoly. I like how you talked about Amazon being a platform where anyone can become a seller, because that’s very true and I’ve never thought about that in this context before. However, I think it’s important to note that in providing a free selling platform, Amazon is not simply enabling people to make money for themselves. Amazon is also enabling them to make money FOR AMAZON. Of course, Amazon takes a small portion of of the product price for whatever item you sell, as a seller’s fee. But, if you think about it, Amazon also gets free advertising through you whenever you sell a product. When someone buys your product and someone else happens to ask them about it, they’re not going to say they bought it from some cute independent internet shop. Rather, they’ll respond with “Oh, I got it on Amazon.” Thus, your autonomy is essentially negated and exploited and Amazon gets even more site visits and product purchases out of the deal. Remember, eBay offers a very similar service/opportunity, and while people will still probably say they purchased their product off eBay, (rather than from you) at least eBay is sticking to its single service for the time being. We live in a digital age. It has never been easier to establish a website, or virtual store, or online presence. Why should anyone rely on another corporation to start their own business when they could reap all the rewards (and keep all the credit) by simply utilizing their own site and initiative? The last thing I want to touch on is books. If you love books, do not buy from Amazon. Amazon swindles authors, publishers, and independent bookstores. I know it’s incredibly hard to conceptualize because all we as consumers see is the lower price point, but this ability to purchase in such significant quantity and sell for less is KILLING the independent bookstore (and publishing world). Imagine a world without cosy shops brimming with books and other treasures (possibly enveloped in the aroma of coffee…) Now, imagine that the only place to buy your books is a sterile store with only a limited selection of “bestsellers” on the shelves, rather than a carefully curated collection selected for--and personally recommended to--you by a team of passionate employees. This is the world we are headed for. This is the model Amazon puts forward, one that is based on mathematical algorithms (or bribery, depending on the source) rather than the energy of people who genuinely love books and want to help you find something you might love to read… as opposed to simply making sure you BUY something before you leave the store. IN SHORT: Amazon exploits its workers, cheats the system, (on so many levels) and is well on its way to even further changing the landscape of our culture (arguably for the worse). I know you know this, because you’ve applied the principle to so many other areas of your life, but really the only way for any of this to change is if we put our money where our values are, and stop supporting a mega-corporation set on monopolizing, which could in all seriousness control our lives. (Side-Note: Am I the only one who finds it despicable that this corporation has commandeered the name of a once-incredible natural resource? I suppose I can find ironic comfort in the fact that though the title was probably meant to convey a sense of unbeatable endurance, we’re actually dismantling and destroying the real Amazon at an alarming rate for our same consumerist tendencies, so perhaps we can do the same with this one.) Programs like Amazon Smile and the package free steps you’ve discussed here are GREAT, don’t get me wrong. But these small efforts definitely do not offset all the manipulation happening behind the scenes. In my opinion, there is nothing ethical about supporting Amazon. If you’re after package free goods, might I recommend packagefreeshop? ( They have lovely products, (mostly plastic free and vegan) and not only support small businesses with the products they sell, but also ship using recycled materials. I’m not saying you have to take your boycotting as far as I have, (I used to love Whole Foods, and I still think they have exceptional products, but haven’t shopped there since they were bought out. And I’m currently bracing myself for another severance as Amazon prepares to buy out Target.) but I hope something in here makes you think a little more about your decision to support this corporation. Whether you change your stance or not, I hope you take advantage of the opportunity to consider things in a new light. The point is, every effort and every dollar counts. Much love.
I've never heard about these options before and really glad I watched!! Thank you so much :)
I also love amazon though I am trying to limit my spending to nothing unless I absolutely need it (being broke really helps haha) but yes I always always reuse the packaging I've always done that whenever I have brought anything online not just amazon. Why spend money when we already have it. However ethically there are some issues with Amazons practices so I would prefer using alternatives eventually. By the way do you use etsy? Its basically mainly a site for personalised small businesses and so much great eco friendly shops there
Your hair is so pretty
Sexy Bum
This was a great informative video. Thank you!
When I bought my first bamboo toothbrush at a supermarket here in Germany I also didn´t understand why there was plastic around it. Later I found out that it was recyclable plastic made out of cornstarch.
Heather Harris
First time watching a video on your channel, and omg you are beautiful! Make up routine please!!
Mariana Pinheiro
You can also use those plastic sheets to insulate your windows during winter. There are sites and youtube videos explaining how, but the general idea is you either tape them to the window panes or tape them around the frame to keep any breezes from getting in - and so you are both "recycling" plastic and keeping it from being a pollutant outside, and also saving money on heating.
Priscilla Merrow
That's amazing I had no clue you could get less packaging. I love Amazon and really try not to order mulitiple times but have a list. Thank you.
Sheryl Napier
Never mind...I see the link...
Sheryl Napier
As usual I couldn't find where to sign up for less packaging on Amazon. Can you help me please? Thanks for posting this video, very helpful!
I've ordered stuff as gifts and zero waste items from online shops before, and it works great! Most people you order from are really nice about it. It's really nice if your on a budget and need something, especially where I live (small town in Norway), because we do not have the items I need/really want in the shops. We mostly also have sweatshop-chains like h&m and so on. So if I can't find it second hand, I'll order online and ask for no plastic☺️☺️
Unboxing Deutschland
Cooles Video gefällt uns, echt gut geworden 💪 Schon bei uns vorbeigeschaut? würden uns freuen. Ein like hast du sicher von uns 😎
Hiral Arora
I don't think these options are available in India. I have emailed them to inquire about it though. I had no idea this existed! Thanks a lot for this video, I have not seen this type of content elsewhere yet and people need to talk about it more!
Bella Shore
I’m so glad you made this video! Thank you, extremely helpful :)
Maria Hernandez
Very informative! Will do!
Britney Morales
Wth is zero waste, Ive never heard of this lifestyle. Very interesting.
I like the amazon boxes cos they're very robust i often use them for storage or reuse them for bulky eBay items im selling. Pity they don't do the Amazon's Give Back Box thing in the UK... as far as I know
Germany is big on recycling and the waste company will actually charge you more if they find to much recyclables (plastic, glass, paper, electronics...). We go to the paper recycling bin about once a month, plastic is picked up weekly at our house etc. My dad has paper, biodegradable, plastic and ‘normal’waste bins in his house. American recycling or non recycling really baffles me.
I've never heard of the give back box, that is amazing
Shelby Rayne
ayy another Shelby who loves the environment !! I just downloaded ecosia, im super excited ::)
Gloria Moore
Also, it's not like local stores didn't get that item shipped to them in the first place. You aren't avoiding something being shipped just by going to a store! Amazon for the win.
5 Rs of Zero Waste> Refuse to buy (question all purchases that come in packaging), Reduce what you buy (in packaging), Reuse (packaging), Recycle (packaging after reusing), Rot (compost biodegradeable items). . Something really cool you might like if you want to reduce package consumption is, if you already go to Whole Foods to buy your groceries, bringing your own mason jars and shop in the bulk section. I just get them weighed (I reuse glass jam/kimchi/pickle jars) before shopping if I don't know the weight. Then, I use a bright permanent chalk marker on the glass to write the weight to tare at checkout and go shop. I also write the PLU codes on the glass for whatever I'm buying. I've gone 6 mos without buying a lot of packaged goods and it's been healthier. Also, I totally believe in striking a balance and considering our choices, as you mention! Zero waste isn't necessarily plastic-free, the goal is to dive into the circular economy and have the goal of sending NOTHING to landfill. One could definitely make a dramatic difference by reducing the demand for plastic (use reusable bags, bringing back plastic bags and plastic film packaging to stores like Target that accept them/recycling the rest). I started with the goal of zero waste grocery shopping only and saw how I felt. Hope this is helpful, I love that more people are being more mindful! 🤗💕
Jessica Patrick
Hi Shelby! Im not sure if youve ever used lush products but I worked for them before and there packaging peanuts that they used were plant based I believe made from potetos. You could put them in the sink and they would dissolve, you could put them on top of plants and when watered the nutrients would go to the plant, you could compost them, and you could reuse them. Maybe throw the idea out there to Amazon!
Alyssa H
Awesome video!! Can’t wait to try these suggestions
Carley Halatsis
This is a great video! I love the give back box idea and I’m going to email amazon to request less plastic in my packaging. Thank you!
Thank you so much for creating this video! At the end of the day, Amazon isn't going anywhere so we need to work with them to help influence them to make sustainable business decisions rather than writing them off completely.
StrawSleeves BYOstraw
Amazon has a big responsibility to listen here....
Thanks so much for this video!
Elizabeth Worthington
I compost all of my amazon boxes haha the worms in my compost bin love them. that kind of cardboard makes good bedding.
Amazon is life.
I wonder if Ebay would do the same... I do buy from them occasionally, and the packaging is awful... :(
koshka marvel
It seems like all bamboo toothbrushes are manufactured in China. So you can buy them on aliexpress straight from China
j h
Hmmm I love Amazon also but 99% of the time, they ignore my request to lump my order :(
Emily M
Just sent my email to Amazon! I'm so excited, I feel so much better shopping through them now, since most of the products were over packaged! Thanks :)! Love the videos!
I think what is missing from this video is the idea that part of being on a zero-waste journey is not spending money wherever possible and using what you already have. For example, if you have plastic toothbrushes at home, use them until they have expired. When they have expired for dental health hygiene purposes, you can repurpose them for household cleaning instead. Buying a compostable toothbrush just because you don't like the plastic option in front of you isn't reducing waste and I think that's an important point to make. One a different note, when it comes to plastic packaging & boxes, another way to pass it on is to someone on Often people are looking for packaging and boxes because they are moving and when they are done with those materials, it is common for them to repost them on Freecycle for someone else to use. Lastly, another resource is TerraCycle. They are a for-profit company who upcycles waste. You can pay for a box to put your waste into that would otherwise go to landfill. TerraCycle will upcycle your waste into items that are useful for other people. Of the businesses that I choose to support, this one is one I certainly would recommend. I hope this info proves helpful. :-)
Lisa -
why am i watching this? i have no acces to amazon..
Emily Swafford
I love this and these were my exact thoughts. I kept hearing it defeated the purpose in buying zero waste purchases, but I didn’t think so if I only have to buy it once! Thanks! Subscribed.
Love the camera/lighting in this video<3
M.I.A. K
Omg your videos give me life!! So freaking resourceful I love it💜
Iselin Haga Lind Johannessen
I`ve bought some zero waste items at ebay and etsy. I live at home and don`t have a lot of money (I`m 17), so I`m not zero waste yet, but I`m trying. I can`t afford the expensive items we have here in Norway, so I kind of "havet to" buy stuff online if I want to minimize my waste even a little bit :/ Norway is not the best place to go zero waste because we barely have bulk shops, and they are usually really expensive. Kind of sad, but it`s better to try than to give up! :)