City Girls "I'll Take Your Man" (Quality Control Music) (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

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Naomi King
They look like they'll take your clothes,money,food stamp cards,,food and everything else they can take 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Destany Farmer
I listen to this everyday 😂 know damn well I ain't taking nobodys man.
Jessey Boe
They’re actually really good idk their voices are addicting 💀😂😂😂 everyone needs a hood thot playlist we all get in those moods
Trap vixxen
My Uber driver played this 💀 the full unedited version 💀
MissErin Yvette
Lmao I love this shit. Ratchet anthems
Deandra Brown
I've never seen a girl group make ratchet look so sexy
Apple Abston
lol went to the gym playing this & my bluetooth headphones died, this started blaring from my phone - all the women started looking like wth hahahahaha
Bitch I’m Japanese
This song bring the hoe outta me 😂
Mrtrap Giddy
Ohhh lord the dark one 😍😍😍🤪🤪🤪she can take my life savings 💯😂😂
If yo girl start acting different the city girls is the reason she is💀
Gum_ Drops
I'll take your man and keep mine too💀💀💀💀💀...
Kimmy & Widny TV
If you’re reading this I hope you get famous one day 🤑👏🏽
Breana Harris
If you dissing this song, lighten up lol mfs just feel threatened by the song. some of yall must got ya man taken 😂 I love the hood in them 😈😍
Jamie Fletcher
bhad bhabie
this song for thots
Kalinna Vyacheslavovna
Am I the only one shocked that not a single wig was snatched in this whole video?
Aaliyah Parks
I wonder how boys Feel being in the middle of this😂
roane kimani
@ 0:55 one of the victor twins from BGC
Alfreda Stewart Stewart
Hood girls say aye 😂😂😂
pretty pretty game keep them haters off
I listen to this song 18 times already today😜😜😜😜👧😂😘😘👦👗👡
Danilo Montero
The City Girls are the best period!
Evil Chocolate7
😂😂😂someone played this on this bus and the bus driver lookin like 😓”these kids,tf y’all listening to”
1:33 with headphones the moan was going left right left right 😭
Alexus Jackson
cheri houston's the goddess
I love this fucking song
Junior Alias
Lil Kim’s daughters
Chanda Pirtle
Tameeka Peterson
This is tired. That’s exactly why majority of women are not wife’s and continuously getting cheated on.
Princess Ebony
Swear ima start singing this song every morning I wake up and when I'm getting ready
The Lovely Val C
I looked up this video because someone on Instagram said this group had a number one rap song and I wanted to know what it was. SMH I wish I had not. What happened to the days where women were ashamed of being with somebody else's man. What message is this sending to young ladies, this is what our generations are aspiring to be and It's sad. I miss when music would take a dope beat like this and actually put a positive or thought-provoking message to it. Especially as a black woman its getting harder to standby and watch how the media and music industry continues to set the example that is cool to hate on each other and be messy, rather than uplift each other. As a black women I understand that we all going through the same struggle. SMH let's create a new narrative. But I guess I'm just on the wrong thread talking about real ish... 😒
Jonathan Pleasant
Why in the world did they sample such a classic song. I love Flashlight by Parliament and they ruined it!
The BADDJ Podcast
Bruh, this is straight up 2005 Hip Hop.... thank you City Girls
Aj M
Young Miami a real one! Holding down JT while in prison! Much love
Cocoa Bean
They threw on the Blac Chyna "I'm innocent and a victim" court room wig😹😹
Deborah Brandon
Can we get something a little more positive?
Euphoria Queen
Tek a Gyal man anthem 😂 i fw this ‼️💯
Reid Lonazia
This is garbage you guys cannot be serious 😂😂😂
adore tje
PEROIDT no tampon no sandwich no wrap okurr
Girls really need not promote themselves on worldstar, because the guys that watch hate on every single video where a girl is rapping or just say "they're hot"
Lashun Richardson
That ol school flavor. Love it lit
Danah Nation
anyone but me came off of nba young boy ex jania live
They a watered down version of Trina
Sung Mook
Both of them look like they'll take my job too 😣💅
Tiffini Hall
I didn't even know who Yung Miami or City Girls were before today.....but I must say it was love at first sight. They are so pretty and hood. Do your thing Ladies!!
Anthony Hairston
You can tell these girls been watching alot of salt n pepper and lil kim videos smh but the ratchet part of me still thinks it's a bop lol
Portlife Finch
1:57-2:01 she snapped like af😂
shavelle huntley
When I first heard this song it wasn't vibin 💀 now this hittin🗣️🤙🏾
Anthony C.
This shit lightweight bust. Makes me wanna take a Bitches Man for no reason And Become really good friends then Bros, and remind him Bros before Hos and he better off without homo
Kdria Denise
They need to put a remix with TRINA!!!!!!
Chocolate kisses
I love the original Mia x went in 💕
Manizha Wills
Omg you should make a new one this song I love it a lot 🤗
raven poe
salt n pepper did it better😭😭😭lord be original
Nora Tee
Salt and Pepa aint stanning for this trash
Kasha Brown
This is a whole mood❤️
Desie B
Yeah, keep your man and her man too. Because most likely both dudes sexing other women, too! Lol #dummy
this song is a whole bop I listen to it every morning before class
Trina has passed the torch and I AM HERE FOR IT!!
Hold This L. Debarge
the kind of hoes that will take yo man... for a weekend...the next day he goin back home or elsewhere
Aayva Ok
Oh_it’s_Me_ Kayla
0:53 isss sooo funny 😂😭😂
Vanessa Shantae
The Thot in me won't let me hate this
ts fire 🤩 PERIODT
Andre Leaphart
Salt and Peppa remake
mike larry
This exactly why we blk men don't value these blk women out here
Neko xxMango
I don't even have one.
sandi&Aubrey palace
The thot in me won't let me hate this song Edit:thanks for the likes
Kayla Jones
anybody else catch when JT held the middle finger 1:32
Cliff Davis
LMAO 😂😂😂they bout to turn out all y'all daughter's 😂😂😂 when seen this b4. Be Warned be warned be warned & Becareful. Hold these artist and record lables accountable for the things they say. "2pac"
Princess M
I’ll take yo man 😹
Factz 💚💙
Tyler Benton
Yall some haters. I wasn't feeling this at first but after giving it a chance. It's decently good.
Christina Bush
They will take your food stamps, jewelry, your house,your car, your child support, and ur social security 😂😂🤣🤣
Mariah Casebier
Honestly that plaid outfit though. I would wear that
A. Williams
This a remake from Mia X song I'll take your man and salt N peppa song all these classic remakes. 👏👏👏 sound good girls. 3054LIFE......
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This is the ratchet shitt i need!
Holy 💩's tha Female version of 2 $hort.🔥🔥🔥.👊✌
Royale Rose
I’m usually Classy but this just woke the Ratchet up in me for some reason 🤔🤔
SonicBoom 807
This song funny af 😂😂
hoodriich .liahh
thiis viddeo livve iaant gonne liie !!!
Kiyoko Wilkinson
Yeah and l will take her life.not jealous but territorial AF. jealously is wanting something someone else has.territorial,is protecting what's yours.i ain't no killer but don't push me,wise words from 2Pac,I just borrowed them.
Chiraq Drill Scene
Lydia Green
JT is so gorgeous ❤️❤️❤️
sue ella
Ear plugs please
Antonette Dawkins
Yung Miami went in 😍😍
I just seen a tweet that said they rap like they’re writing on walls and yeah ... I gotta say that’s not a lie LMAO
Y’all calling them hoes but y’all mommas was bopping to this same song when salt n pepa dropped it lmaoo
Naturally Hass
Salt n pepa where?🤷🏽‍♀️
Maliya Star
She look like Ari , G herbos ex girlfriend
H.W.A. Salt N Pepa Roxanne Shante.
Your Mom Gay
Me after someone touched me once
Muyanzi Reid
THE RATCHETNESS..... I love these Hoes 😁
жжжтеитасюи Gекуцме
Actually ill take yo money and leave u for a rich boy
Rashonda Shivers
They. Sing. Very. Good💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
StePh LePew
JT is a snack😍😋
Jaydah Gammage
These are Trina’s daughters lol
Lala Iss
me personally I feel no one can take something someone don't know about take something from me it was never mind in the first place so how's anyone going to have the audacity to feel as if they took something they can't a person got to know what they losing in order for one to feel as if they took someone can't miss what you never knew about and that's just keeping it a 100 love this song cause i felt like that at a time #letskeepitreal #illtakehimback #HARDY'$LOVE$ #VH1
my videos 2018
These two beautiful ladies music is fire I love it