City Girls "Take Yo Man" (Quality Control Music) (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

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sandi palace
The thot in me won't let me hate this song Edit:thanks for the likes
YaGirlBeauty !
This is the type of the song that finna get me in trouble👀
too sweet
How can you be so classy and ghetto at the same I LOVE CITY GIRL'S 😘
Jacky Lindor
They mommas raised them with Trina playin at the crib
Amara Babe
They're so loveable. Beautiful chocolate girls...
Alexus Jackson
TrapMusic 2019
JT fine fuckkk😍 Edit:Thanks for the likes🤣🤣
Kai Dwyer
Jordyn woods be like
The lawyer was getting ready to sing the song @ 0:16 lmaooo
nene singh
who listening 2019😆❤📢
C'Mone Green
The Ratchet in me won't let me hate this
not going to cap lil pump put me on LMAOO
i literally thought this was a 80s song lol
Jade Raé
JT is gorgeous! Miami pretty af too. But JT is just beyond pretty to me! 😍
Endia's Diary
Mood for 2k19
Ash D
If you can take him, he was never mine too begin with! Less stress for me! 😂
Why does this song remind me of jordyn woods ?
Mila Møønwalker
So who wrote THIS song? Lil uzi?
Kendall Johnson
Did anyone else peep Dani from BGC 8 at 0:58 and 1:00??
Majesty Reign
9k girls got they man took
Destiny Wilson
0:36 I thought it was right Hand on the Bible lmao u can tell she getting ready to lie ha yass off
Maniya Watkins
jT so mf baad😍😍😍😍🍩
Pause at 0:56 u will see Dani from bgc 😂
Manic Pixie Dream Girl
They threw on the Blac Chyna "I'm innocent and a victim" court room wig😹😹
Ik I'm not the only one who knows all the lyrics to this song
FamousClub News
*am I the only one who stopped fighting and taking man after hearing the city girls?*
Nicolette Ravello
I wonder if yachty wrote this song also😂😂
Mila Møønwalker
Miami can take me AND my man shiid. Where and when we going?
Julie Thomas
ALLLLLLL 2019 #FREE Jatavia #citygirls 4 ever #noh8 but let b***** know 😎
Bryce 17
@00:23 who else saw one of the victor twins from Bad Girls Club
Bri Marshall
Yung miami sound like trina 😫
Yalethia Lee
You cant take ppl men they have to be a willing participate but we in a new age now where its ok to be thots its ok to have somebody else man its quite sad tho if u think about it my homegrl got the same mentality but deep down she wish somebody would love her
Jessey Boe
They’re actually really good idk their voices are addicting 💀😂😂😂 everyone needs a hood thot playlist we all get in those moods
The Selfish Tree
I wonder if this was wrote by lil yachty
Deserai Hollis
Is this same song from beauty shop witg queen Latifah??? Remake?
Tripping Ayye
Lil pump has entered the chat Fr 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💕
Kiyah Diaz
Are we going to ignore that Danielle Victor from BGC is in this video 📹
Jaydah Gammage
These are Trina’s daughters lol
I hope Salt N Pepa got credit and got paid for this!! The Originators!! (1986)
Nawlinz Kid
Almost better than the original song✊🏾👑🙌🏾
Ms Iam Everythang
Yall better come through at the courthouse, what exactly does someone have to do to be able to pull off filming at a place like this?
Dream Johnson
Pause at 0:55 the victor twins from Bgc gabi and dani?
Y’all calling them hoes but y’all mommas was bopping to this same song when salt n pepa dropped it lmaoo
Maine M
Lol, I’m here after watching that Twerk Cardi B Video. I never heard of the city girls.
Blessed AndFavored
This song put me in savage mode
joy's Production
You'll have to take my girlfriend💀 lezzz lezzz gang + y'all not even DAT cute
Bianca H
Idk why yung Miami reminds me of young Trina
Maine M
So they just wanna take some video clips and add the rap to it, nicely done....
Who came here after that lil pump video💀😭😭
Markia Harmon
Luv jt part
subbing to me won't hurt
*p e r i o d t*
Trina has passed the torch and I AM HERE FOR IT!!
Capri Hawkins
Yall saw that ig post ; yall think they acting up now juss wait till Jt get outta jail😜
Trina Herrera
I ain’t got no Man 🤷🏽‍♀️💯😂
life of liaa
Ain't this song mad old lmao 😭😂🤦🏾‍♀️
Anybody here from lil pump 💀 you know if you know
Deandra Brown
I've never seen a girl group make ratchet look so sexy
Diamond Victor
So they wanna say free him and free him but not freeJT?🤔 #freeJT 🔥🤪❤️
betani queen
Who love this song give it a like Hey Why are you slide up u hate it.
Markevius Hodges
Free jt perioddddd 🍾😭❤️
Sung Mook
Both of them look like they'll take my job too 😣💅
Becky With The Good Hair
Periodt. You don’t want smoke, baby 😍😍😍🤤🤤🤤
Dezeraye Nichols
Im a kid u can't take meh manz Get ur own
Dejuh Vuh
Limited vocabulary
Mila Møønwalker
Nobody: City girls: "its the city gruss!"
*they stole the beat from Parliament - Flash Light*
jeremy J
1:56 me to the wife of the husband i was seeing
shauntay Howard
Salt n pepa brought me here
Nadia Collie
Ho where is my man Wit me 👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿 That doesn't make me scared Bye Bye ho
Kia Roane
Got them Blac Chyna press conference wigs on.
MIAMI looks amazing with her long dark hair in the club omg I need her closet
QueenRC ocurrrSiS
💖Yo happy 420 yall💖
Princess Arian
B.A.D Beautiful and dangerous
Joanna Powell
Mix _city girls"take yo man"(gua..
She'll take yo man and yo social security number too
Lize Shillingford
Tht one is the best 😍😘😘
Barbara Cornish
some of ya'll shouldn't comment sounds like you have lil boys in a grown man body. Real men do real things. So if you saying he broke???? hello
Trap vixxen
My Uber driver played this 💀 the full unedited version 💀
loushyra holiday
yung miami part go hard 😩❗️
Loloa Monroe
Ratchetness on a whole new level
Shovvanah Council
Theyll want to give him right back 😭😭😂 thats why he for me 🤷🏽‍♀️
K Jenae
Everytime JT part come on I get so hype
Kionte' Green
I love how they’re fully clothed and still slaying. 😍😍
These verses will get u popped in yo mouth 😂❤️
Sean Birch
The moment that Flashlight sample hit, I knew, this would be fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bianca Perez
The QUALITY of the wigs!!!!
Jazz Rockur
that Mia x version still give me chills when the beat drop 💥
Bruh, this is straight up 2005 Hip Hop.... thank you City Girls
Junior Rodriguez
take yo man> act up
Nekeisha Thomsan
I'm from the hood lace up no shoes ✊👊
Stormy Sky
My man ain't even my man
Dick Tator
Haha don't you know Good flo reminds me of fresh Prince of Belair. Js
Ashley Bonèt
They look cute with the lil business attire
Break a Leg
1:22 her eyes 😂
Aquapphires Edits
Why is this the video for act up?
And also, what goes around comes around #karma
Riva haterzluvme
Love u yung miami .....💳💰💸💯🔥💜#FREEJT💯💜💜