Richard Rawlings's Lifestyle ★ 2019

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James Law
Letter rip potater chip. Small town boy made something of himself. Good job , well done , carry on ! How many people don't make anything of them selves , Sit on a computer , Facebook , Twitter , and squawk about others , get lives of your own 👑👑 princesses.
Kerry Werner BooBoo
That was his house??? There was absolutely nothing inside! I think same of this is completely B.S.
Peter Canarelli
He is not the record holder for the Cannonball Run Ed bolian is vinwiki
he is a legend well done mate from AUSTRALIA
Im not mad at him, i watched and liked the show. I decided to cut my cable and no longer watch. But he gambled and it paid off, so good for him. 👍
Look at OCC Paul Tuttle. Great show at first...then the drama started...get back to the projects. The builds is why we watched.
Terry Marsh
Rawling's is extremely overbearing. I liked Fast and Loud in the beginning but no longer watch. Got tired of his bragging about how much $ he has and grew tired of Ford front suspensions and Chevy motors in all too many projects. Kaufman pretty much had one recipe for most of what he built. Projects such as a Pantera with a 6 cyl. engine were different but not interesting for me. Seriously, when it comes to "dream cars" it is hard to believe such a combination is appealing to most hot rodders. Give me Misfit garage over Fast and Loud any day.
Derrick B
When you get a real picture of his Ferrari, let me know
tiffany branton
Get yaself some of that Richard Rawlings style all the best Richard n family
Malcolm Chilton
16 bars of 'music' over and over again? I was interested in the subject but switched off.
Chris Carbaugh
Not a big fan, but respect what the guy does and has done! Made his dream reality!
John Edwards
This guy reminds me of someone who stands in a room full of people cracks a joke and no body laughs
Valdemir Castro Lopes
Um ótimo profissional. Só fã desse cara 😎👏👏
Simon Gowan
Wood love to spend 2 weeks with Richard bet he's has a fun life need to bild a water jet power car or truck
Dam A
Rawlings is a total loser. Probably the product of a broken home.
Garrett Stubbs
Alot of the info, at the bottom of the screen, is INaccurate...
Carlos Garcia
His wife remarried him after cause now his rich enough to put up with his bs
Alex Improta
Grande Richard
Raimondo Faraglia
Nice video but the soundtrack, do you know what it's called ??
5,000 subs with only one video?
I met him from a flight from Knoxville Tennessee to Dallas Texas
Richard Rawlings has turned into a Twit?
Edward Desouter
Vine picture says it all real jerkoff!
AJ Mullin
Roses are red You’ll never get a date How many ads were there on this video? There were 8.
Célia Maria Silva
Meu ídolo e este cara meu sonho é um dia conhecê-lo você e 1000
Got punked by Jesse James. Lol
Is that the mustsng from thomas crown affair or did he build a copy?
Rucha Putsadee
He is amazing he always look nice for me I like him :-)
joe freiha
If u like Richard or not The guy made it and he knows how and he proved it on several occasions
Big Country
Another tool in the Discovery Channel scripted drama bag.
Hans Apollo
Rickard Rawling is a great man, I look att gasmonkey here in Sweden on Discovery sometimes, great plesure...
Lourenço Valle
Berkant Balci
1:02 No haha Ed Bolian is the record holder
tube snake
i absolutely love the show a lot of you people are just jealous of him & his fame i say good for him
Chris Stokes
He has turned into a jerk...forgot where he came from. To cool now
Well done, now where's my BEER?
My favorite, is the '71 comet. Year i was born! 😊
Salt n pepper hair color 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣thats weird name
Racing sims Radilson
Richard Rawlings THE ONE AND ONLY!!! GREETINGS FROM SERBIA !!! Sasa Kolaric
Jen Morris
Richard Rawlings 😍😍😍😍
Nacho Croes
Love you Richard you are the best in what you are doing 👍
Max Müller
I love fast n loud
Jamie Park
Richard rawlings is one cool GUY I don't care about the haters I respect a man who keeps it 100 he has a beer assistant so he is legit letting EVERYONE know he party's
A Es
His mechanic Eric Kaufman I think is his name made him and the show...he is a genius...
Nicolas Moscoso
Dude ed Bolian is the record holder for the canonball run with 28:51 hrs
Oh, mamma saw the cash beginning to flow in and thought otherwise...
floorsin bower
Lol these people in the comments trip me out. Why would you watch a video based on a man's lifestyle if you don't like that man? Y'all just hate him cause he's got more than y'all. Just admit it. Hell I'm jealous too ya know
Hadjila Belmami
J'aime beaucoup ce qu'il fait ses voitures sont magnifiques. Respect
Bruno Ellsworth
Uh Richard who?
Jon Webb
Great thumbnail catching him with his hand down his pants!
Charles Kline
This one guy I don't like he all mouth I loved when he lost against Big Chief, Martin
Whether you like him or hate him, one has to admit he's a go-getter. If he was my son I wouldn't be disappointed in what he has achieved.
Darren Kastl
Richard is one bad ass ombre, he is one, who I inspire to be!!! Lol!
You cant read the text on the schreen, had to roll back the video many times to read the rest of the text because it had disapered. And to many photos of his car, 2/3 per car is good. Further great video
Garrett Stubbs
The Pantera was built by the Ringbrothers in 2014 and IS NOT a '71 Pantera. It share the chasis and block... Thats about it, everything else is new, custom parts. It shares just enough for the title to read "1971 Pantera" but even that states it as as "custom build" which removes it from the original catagory and makes it a resto-mod... Restored and modified with about 10 original parts... With several hundred new parts... So if I take a 1998 Buick Roadmaster and drop it on a 1950 chasis give it a 1950 engine, and put a 1950 body on it, all customit's now a 1950 Roadmaster???
Wacky Wick
mike stang
Thumbnail doesn't match content, I thought he had a Roller Drop Head, that was the cause for Joe & Jordon to be fired when they got to close to it, and started cursing the shop manager.
Brennan Manion
Half this information is wrong. Shout out from Dallas
daniel boxall
If some body dose not pick that fucken van up off my drive and change to a ford I will start to strip it for parts
Darcy Jovic
POINT BEING: You to can become successful or just plain interesting if, you can find the right gel, get a haircut and take a bath! Get inspirational video, keep up the good work!
Tony Almeida
Dennis is the real money man!
Rick Smith
Won’t watch a video with commercials all the way through
Daz Wilkes
I used to like the show a while back but since he has gotten big it's Not the same.
Gary Demetri
So in love with himself he probobly jacks of to pictures of himself. Famous car racer LMMFAO !!! FAFE NEWS LMAO !!!!
sunny Gardens
I don't know him but from the coments it seems the people that do, think he is a ass and the TV watchers think he is great ,
patrick doheney
the show sucks without erin. and he ran away from a race against big chief
Robert Wood
Every time you hear his voice you want to smash his face,pussboy chump
Richie Rivers
A world class drunk LOL
Dario Matias
Have my respect, my congratulations.
that mustang is not worth 26k 😂😂 #fakenews
Team Toyota
I love his mustang
dayton butler Butler
If Richard would of drove road kill would slay u
Carlos Domenech
Old man who dresses like a youngster..
Bray Patrick
Il se la pète grave
Nobody says anything about her melons?
Go big to fast go broke real fast
Kunnu Kharayat
Hai new fast and loud
Mat Naylor
What a bell end !!.
Joe Bruce
Richard is not 6 ft tall
trans am
Beer assistant need a beer
Jerzy Wysocki
Hallo Richard dajesz czadu jestem waszym fanem bawicie się super i zajbiste bryki robicie pozdro z Polski mieszkającej w Niemczech 🤗😃💪✌🤘👀
Brian Jarrett
0:59, you should do better research. He was the cannonball run record holder, but his time has since been beaten by over three hours. #vinwiki
Boutahar Zouhair
Hello my name is Zuhair Truck driver and cars I love my workers as I like to work with you in America so I want to work with you in America
Cesar Hasael
Freaking cocaine dealer for real all bs aside
James Robinson
The guy does not know any thing about cars just a drunken bs artist that got lucky
peter macer
Any one that can make it in THE USA. and stay on top. Good luck to them. Well done Richard And all the others round him making money
Anthony Maniz
Bet you didnt no richard is 411 seen him in person
Anthony Lockridge
I haven't seen that one black person around Richard Rawlings and I used to like him oh well
ron jhon
Never cared to much for him
Has a good taste in cars and women. NOT!!!
rogue warr
If he would have spent more time on the people who put him over the top ,they would still be on the show and the show would be bigger then it is today .So it's time to move onto the next big hit car show ................................................
maStEr LemOnS
I need a 2019 version.
Herencia 2J
I used to like his show but after seeing him at the goodguys show at Texas motor speedway in 2013. He seemeed to not want to be there with his fans.
Daniel Rizo rostran
Porn intru músic 1990.
Charles Bronson
Richard Rawlings is secretly gay... Good for him
Ferre Van Clemen
WoW the part about the cars is really bad man that was a Porsche 991.1 turbo S which is in the range of 200000 and the inside you showed wasnt even from that car.. just saying...
Team Toyota
I love the Pantera
Mikko pitkänen
Fast'n loud 💓
B. Graves
At 50K an episode who couldn’t be successful?
Lisann Ros
Ferrari with a german Licenseplate shuuuure :'D wrong pictures of the interior from the Porsche... Original pictures are not there ok....or you needed more pic's for a 10+ min Video?