Trek Challenge Review: Star Trek TOS "For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky"

McCoy finding love in a bubble planet! Watching the remastered edition on

Coleman Adamson
Actually, The Truman Show movie was correct. The earth is flat with a firmament (dome) over and around it. Do the research.
It sucks the series was episodic because McCoy's illness would be an interesting story arc and TNG would've taken advantage of this
oops! sorry
yeah, i know it's wild to think about sometimes and partying and sex seem like appropriate ways to spend that year lol
Michael Czerniewski
Another one of my favorites from TOS. Very good job analyzing this episode.
Nice set for a "low budget season"
Scott Renz
I think the most important point of the story is we are going through a similar period here on Earth as were the people on the ship. We have been led to believe a "truth" in our ancient books so as to keep us content and accepting of the way things are. We are now at a crossroads where we can save the end of Life, but we must stop believing the "truth" of our ancient books in order to save Life from ending when the Earth can no longer sustain Life. In other words, we cannot just sit around hoping that "God" knows what he is doing and shall have Life live or die as he feels it deserves, but that we must now abandon such ancient beliefs, get off our rear ends and plan for getting Life going off Earth so that it can continue to survive as surely one day, the Earth will no longer be able to sustain Life and all we do will be for naught if we don't help Life to survive elsewhere.
i enjoyed this episode. I have a thing for TOS eps with long winded pretentious titles, lol! 
A year left to live?  I'd probably meditate each day and go about trying to be of use (either directly or indirectly) as I could to wider society.  I do try to live that way now, but the brain's wandering can get you off course at times.