Korn - You Think You Know Metal?

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Blood, Fire, Death
I go to school with jonathan davis's nephew
bryan garcia
KoRn kicks ass and revolutionized metal music gotta love them
Aaron Blake
Head's Jesus tattoo is to keep him from relapsing on meth. He's said it multiple times and it's the reason it's tattooed upside down (so it faces him). He said that he did it that way so if he reached for the drugs again, he'd read ti and it would remind him of the promises he made to himself and his kid to get and stay clean.
gee, I dont know, maybe Fieldy's parents call him by his first name??
Pan S.
a question that they missed: who made Jonathan's mic stands. H.R. Giger the Alien creator
AP thebassist
Munky didn't get Eminem's tape, fieldy did.
Cole Beaton
Nothing I didn't already know I'm a hardcore KoRn fan..
I remember watching TRL and watching the beauty of Freak on the Leash hitting #1, it was quite an epic moment... back when MTV actually played music. And fans were actaully able to affect the outcome, even if it was just in a small way. Nowadays that doesn't happen in the music industry, what they want to be popular is what's popular.
I'm glad eminem never gave up.
mweh kweh
Ethan Cox
Metallica: you think you own metal
Andrew Moore
is it just me or does Jonathan davis ' dad look like ron jeremy
baldo boi
something we should all know: Korn did the best cover on Nightmare Revisited
I actually heard that story about Eminem many years ago.. I think it's pretty fucking awesome.
Aimi Geη
Korn once toured with the Japanese band Dir En Grey which is probably one of the most gruesome VisualKei bands out there. Just, look up their music video for Obscure
Francesco Salva
Cool! I already knew half of these but hey: not the other half! And Phil Anselmo is a classy touch for the video. I love You Think You Know Metal :D Keep goin' on guys!
KoRn is life! Thanks loudwire!!!
Evan Galiz
They should have mentioned that Jonathan Davis made an appearance on LINKIN PARK's reanimation because you can hear him sing in the song 1STP KLOSR
Gary W-l-o-t
Tito Ortiz is in the Got the life video too
Funny that Alice in Chains is on the rock list yet they toured with Slayer, had crazy guitar solos and often wrote about suicide, drugs etc. and yet Korn is on the metal list... weird to say the least.
Váradi Márk
Who the f*ck cares about the girl on the cover... I want to know more about the members not a full strange girl, what about David Silveria for example?
Sweet! I knew all that except for the Eminem demo tape thing - cool. Been a fan since before the debut album ...who then now? LOVE KoRn!!! I got my first 7-string in '96
half of this is fake
Wolfbourne The First
You should do a Mushroomhead YTYKM
Lee Guidry, Jr.
You guys should do You Think You Know Metal? Avenged Sevenfold edition
We need a You Think You Know Sepultura
Rational Animal
Head is such a moron.
Stuart Mill
Respectfully should tell you that you put a made up story in here as fact.  Fred Durst was an extra in the Got The Life video, but obviously never handed Head any kind of demo tape. Eminem however had already been signed by Interscope Records in 1997. So why would he have been handing out demo tapes at a video shoot in 1998? He was in the studio recording his debut at the time when this video was shot.
Joey Witt
There all from Bakersfield Fieldy used to always come into my skateshop outer limits 97-2013 best years of my life fieldy def very cool always down to autograph boards shoes etc. He had his own model from tribal!!!
Pan S.
or the other unknown facts: Johnathan Davis Owned, Ted Bundy's death car which Ted Bundy used to do most of his killings in. as well as John Wayne Gacy's clown costumes, and the original Albert Fish letter
Of Wolves & Desolation
This is metal. :)
I really want to hear Metallica and Korn jam out!
I love KoRn and have been a die hard fan for ages, so much in fact that I knew all of this. However I stopped listening to their new music after the 2007 untitled album, I'm too scared I'll be disappointed and butthurt over their stupid dubstep shit. Also I'm not into Head bringing religion into the band, that's a thing we need less and not more of. He's been a judgy little cunt ever since he found jesus. And I hate the new drummer, whatever his name is, he seems to think KoRn is some type of angsty teen emo band with his raccoon eyeliner and skinny jeans. Why, just why would you bring him out of all drummers into the band?? The rest of the band is fire, their old music is metalgasmic and I can't possibly get tired of it. And Jon seems to get hotter and hotter every year that goes by and that is honestly enough for me to stick around
alien ant farm !
Rick Ross
Eminem is in the “got the life" film clip. you see a flash of him towards to end of the clip.
dd b
MAKE ONE ON EXODUUUUUS !!!! ( upvote poeple)
So you think you know Porn ?
Eddie The Head
Burn The Obedient
Good job. Anyone could watch Who Then Now and record a video.
Addicted To Chaos
The singer from LAPD must feel like shit. To have 3 guys get a new vocalist and become a huge band without him.
Munky is like iommi, shiiit.
one thing you didn't mention.....how they came up with their band name. KoЯn!
Lee Williams
.thank you
Demon Rantz
I love the South Park episode with them in
Mariusz Skiba
Korn is not metal !!! Korn is pop dubstep band !!!
lars ulrich
Disturbed or avenged sevenfold please.
Yes, I know metal. That's why I don't care about Korn.
Marco Rodriguez
Saying Korn is a metal band is like saying Blink 182 is a punk rock band. It isn't.
Kane williams
a question they missed. why did david leave korn
Jacob Wolff
Balance Seeker
Tito Ortiz @ 3:17
Jonathan Cohen
I'm from Israel. I know Hebrew. 2:56 what's written on his eyebrows is a girl neighbor. We don't say child. Child is yeled in Hebrew a girl child is yalda. So a male neighbour is shachen. A female neighbor is shchena. So I don't know what did head had with his girl neighbor but it's up to you.
Reda Lhioui
I think you're the one who doesn't know metal because Korn is sure as hell not metal
Joshua Gutierrez
You ever wonder what it would be like if korn discovered eminem
Rickey Ryan
What about the first bands Korn played with where Sublime because they didn't know where to put them..
Melissa Woods
I so passed this test!! Did you?
My cousin that’s 40 new the drummer to korn the original one
Manu FreaKoRn
Primera vez que veo el dedo de Munky O_o (todo esto esta en Wikipedia :P )
dudder86 dudder
Jonathan is the nicest guy ever. I was born in Bakersfield and live here my whole life and u run into jonathan all the time but for Bakersfield it's normal same with adema
Christoffer Olsen
rhcp are not funk-metal they are alt-rock
Ashok Singh
How to get into Korn?
TrapSavage II
why didn't you guess say anything about the movie Queen of the damned were all the music was korns
Shadow Shroud
Nope I know them I also saw them on South Park
South Park had nothing to do with making the band popular. If you didn't already know the band, you probably weren't a metal head in the first place.
Clint Williams
i paused it at 3:17 and tito ortiz is chillin lol
George Specht
His dad looks like the hedgehog lol
Психопат Ибучий
We need "Jonathan Davis unforgetable moments"
Jeremy Tapp
Korn didnt really hit the big time until they were on South Park? is this being taken seriously?
Tiago Farias
Hello from Brazil
Wonder why Jon became singer instead of Head. He's got the vocals for it! Oh well....Jon's vocals are weird, but oddly alright lol.
Trace zach daniels
GREAT JOB...MY OL FRIENDS ROCK..........much love...Tee with LIONS NAMED LEO
Dio nysos
Didn't you say metal?
Anthony Haller
I didn't know Em gave Munky his demo or that Em was an extra.
rohan karan
At last the wait is over.tnx a ton loudwire.
LeeRoy Dundlehay
Pretty sure the pic at/around the .15 second mark also shows Head. That pic was probably taken post LAPD, but pre-korn, probably in the "Creep" era.
Toni De Cavalcante
Fieldy chunking up the deuce as a toddler....
Can't wait to see them at Carolina this year. I've heard they're great live.
What was the name of the industrial metal band?
Уральское Быдло
Christian Yuhas
Jesse E
It's Head Fred Durp Inked a really bad Korn or Horn tattoo on Head's back >__<
Justin Alexander
Ive heard this all before.
Strange Scott
@2:34 It was actually Head who got the tattoo from Fred Durst. The tattoo was supposed to spell KoRn but Fred messed it up and the guys thought it said HoRn.
Enrique Araujo Sr.
I knew all of this. ok not the last one. haha
Kane Oakley
I'm probably just being stupid but I don't understand how Metallica would've been playing with Korn on Master Of Puppets, seeming as it was released in 1986 and Korn didn't form until 1993 If someone can explain that fact to me a bit more, that'd be great
Motley Crue Morris
why does Johnathan never seem to hang with his band mates in pictures and trips and greets
Nick Makee
Listen to all this wonderful information we all learned years, and years, and years ago.
Get lost smh
Any one who used to watch the Deuse DVD already knows most of this
Frosty Azallya
I knew all of that
Sam Child
good job for reading one damn book
jr maldito
Oh my god! I didn't know all of that until this video!
Nik Falcon
3:03 wouldn't stop me
My stepdads friend knew lapd he was a bass player
how can you be "pationate" about the american troops and opose the wars. Did they even themself use that word. I mean I get that economics in the US is brutal, but that does not really excuse beeing either completly uninformed just killing random people or beeing informed and beeing a ashole.
Tato Chacin
Jonathan's dad played with Frank Zappa WOW he must be good
Tavo Smith
jonathan davis' dad looks a lot like ron jeremy in that photo hahahahaha 0:51
Alyus Dickey
this is really cool! but you forgot one. where does the name Korn come from? i always heard that it ment "Kid porn"?????