The Yacht Week - From the People Who've Been There

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Join The Yacht Week in Greece, Italy and Croatia for the summer and the British Virgin Islands for New Year and Spring sailing from €500 pp including a skipper! For more information and dates: /> Produced by Seedwell (

Jure Rockic
come to croatia!!!!:)
Hermann TheGerman
sex sells sea shells on the sea shore
For canadian people visit the canadian umf-yachtweek group facebook page
Nick Nichols
Like this if you're a Canadian heading to yacht week or have already done it!
boats and hoes
Jami Raye
Yacht party? count me in! I love the ocean. Just tried yachtdates and had the time of my life.
Colin Goltra
@simonzeeberg, Correction: Sex Sails!
@jimmyebender check the top comment
@BombriderKong Or just in a positive mindset and able to work for only a small amount of money during the other 248 days of the year! =)
that looks awesome
Starting in one week!
@eniale89 read description and LISTEN to the music: Bloc Party - One More Chance (Alex Metric Remix) And yes, it is the song you are looking for
Antti Lehtinen
Hahaaa!!! Week34 Creece booked!
Stef B
damn, Dan Castro looks exhausted :D
what is this song called!?
Simon Zeeberg
Sex Sells!
what is the song at @2:45?! not one of the ones listed above.
elle est là la soraya !!! :)
Carl Klarman
Nice work Peter x 2!
ENVY Nibb;ins
Its Saturday, every experience was amazing, I hope I'm on time cant wait until the next trip collette.
ENVY Nibb;ins
Every time I had to go on a trip like this its new jersey, now it might be something eles who no,collette
Please check also my travel vlog from Croatia Yacht week :)