BMW M3 Style Grill / Grille Install! How to remove and install a Grille on: F30, F10, F15, F25, F80

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Hey Everyone, Today, we're getting rid of those terrible scratched up Chrome Grills / Grilles on the car and installing some Gloss Black M3 Style ones! This video will walk you through how to remove and Grilles (or Grills if you like that spelling better) on most BMWs. Interested for some new Grilles for your F30? Click here to pick up some! /> Be sure to use code KIES10OFF! Tools to complete the job: Dewalt Drill: />IRWIN Torx Drill Bits: /> Thanks for watching and try everything at your own risk. Bryan Website: Contact: [email protected] Instagram: />Facebook: />DRIVETRIBE: />Twitter @KiesMotorsports Here are some affiliate links for some of the tools we use to make our videos: Lumix LX100 - />EVO Rage S Gimbal - />GoPro Hero 4 Silver - />Rode VideoMic - />Zoom H1 - />DJI Mavic Pro />Some of our favorite tools: Dewalt Drill - />Dewalt Knife - />Dewalt 90 Tool - />3M Molding Tape - />Gorilla Mounting Tape - />Torx Keys (a must have for BMW work) - /> Partner Channels: TheSundaeDrive - />RenewedProMedia (Our Real Estate Division) -

Dwika Pratamadia
I don't have any BMW, but i still watch this video
Shumile Swift
Taylor Shold
Just replaced my grills on my F30 using this video as a guide...what a huge help. Thanks Bryan!
If you don't put the first grill back in, the second grill is much easier to get out by going through the 1st grill hole to release the tabs.
Thanks bro! Just did mine this afternoon and the install when smoothly thanks to your vid. Much better process than that other idiot's video that just yanked the grill out by hand. Thanks for showing us how to do it right!
Miquel Netto
Great job pal. I'm ready to change mines this week end. Thks
Will Lowe
oooh your channel is blowing up nicely.
m. west
Hey Brian I ordered my grills it came in three days and they looks awesome. Great video.!!
Dong Xia
The most helpful video I seen, huge thanks!
Nat Takabut
Very well layout and informative video you made. Thanks!
Mazen Jaber
i swear i love this channel more and more everytime u post a video. keep em coming!!
henk smit
You must to install a front splitter from m performance
Alfred Huynh
Your videos are very informative, thank you for contributing to the BMW community.
Just did my F32, not as easy as shown haha, f32 doesn't bend out as nicely, few scratches and cuts on hand, but didn't need to take the whole bumper off.
Ki Hyun Roh
really glad u got 335 .. amazing looking i can actually see the effort
Alan Sharpe
Good video, shame I don't have a competent guy like you here in Ireland, was going to get the easy access fitted to the drivers door for wireless access but I can't find someone will to take on the challenge!!!
150 dollar for that ? damnnn it will give 5HP
You should redo your vinyl wrap videos and wrap parts of the car.
I did this about two weeks ago on my f36 and I did not really need to undo any screws and bother with bumper realignment. I just squeezed my fingers through the grill slats and undid the latches. It is a tight squeeze and my fingers were a bit sore, but after around 10 minutes I was done. Also dont put the new grill in when you still have the other old one on! Put your hand through the hole and reach out to undo the latches on the second grill. It makes it so much easier.. ;)
I can’t even get my hand in between mine how is he getting his whole arm down there??????
Just finished swapping to the carbon fiber grills. This video made it extremely simple. Took about 15 minutes. Thanks for all the videos you put out.
Thank you, I appreciate it.
Charlie Sutherland
I just installed matte black grilles on my white 335d but when removing the chrome ones a plastic thing fell out from between the grilles, I don't know how to describe it, it's a black two piece sort of support 'thing'. I had a bit of a panic as I wasn't sure how important it was or whether I'd be able to put it back correctly. I think I did, but it's worth mentioning cos it threw me for a minute!! Has no-one else managed to dislodge this 'thing'??
Fegley Fixes it
Are you interested in doing a video of putting and M Sport bumper on a 2014 f30 wagon? I wanted to do the swap and I live in New Jersey. Kyle
Kaya Calim
Hey mate i did what you said but on bonet slightly gap left what i have to do can you help me please
Tim's Enthusiast Garage
well done man, I just tried another video before this one. The difference and clarity of your video is clear. Cheers man.
Prod B
very helpful thanks bro
Narada Michael
At 3:41 (pause) You'll immediately ask yourself why haven't you completed this mod
Great video, I just got my new grilles today and will be putting them on. I can’t wait to see it as I have the same color on my 340i. I got the M style with the M colors (I wanted the all black but I guess I wasn’t paying 100% attention when I ordered!) and this will be my first modification of the car. I have only owned it for two weeks and plan to work my way into more updates—these videos are a big help, thanks!
Din Phu
Good video. I installed the black grills on a F32, same procedure. I found it easier to start with unclipping the centre clip near the middle first as these were the hardest to unclip.
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Theyve actually designed the grill so ypu can put your finger in it and undo the clips they just pop out like that its way easier
Ceyhun Cora
You helped me a lots! Thank you :)
Rusal Miah
Thumbnail ❤️
Manny Garcia
just did mine F32. Simple. If you got big hands like me start from top like this guy did. and take the other side out once you have one of them off that way you can just reach in. Dont be scared to pull on bumper a little bit it gives a good amount of pull but dont go hulk on it either. Took me about 30 min
nice broo
Nice looking car, these grills give an aggressive look to the car
Feger Kasi
Is it the same procedure , changing the grille on a 2018, F36?
Dan Y
Thanks for your video. Just successfully changed my kidney grills on ‘17 340i. Was a breeze. 10 min with your help. Thanks again
Tommy Texter
You can take the whole bumper off to replace the grilles. I know more screws to remove but a lot easier to remove the grilles. Less bending the bumper at well.
Blueprints Tech
Do you have plans for rims
s c
u cant mod a loaner.
Keith McCord
Thank you! First grille replacement video that calls out the groove on the headlight. The first time I replaced mine, I couldn't for the life of me figure out why my bumper and hood weren't laying flush.
James Bond
Brian what's a good way to give an F30 dual exhausts, one on each side, any recommendations?
Michael Omon
Love the black kidney grilles. Looks awesome man!
r g
I just brought these I CANT WAIT TO INSTALL THEM! Great vid brain
Beautiful car Kies
what shoes is those
Tyler Sperry
Do you know much about the F34?
Mark Rha
is M sport pack body style conversion for F30 tutorial on the radar soon?
James Johnson
Brian where do I find them?
12th Fret
best clip for this mod out there
Just did the same thing on my M4, but the bumper doesn't flex outwards nearly as much as in the vid. Was a bit more difficult on the F82, but I just removed one grill, and used that big opening to get the other one out.
Cho Chris
thanks bro
what’s the difference between these grills and the ones that are 50$ on ebay? why are two pieces of plastic priced at 160$?
XTheBlackMambaXl -
Will this grill fit in my 3-Series 328d BMW? If not what M3 type of grill would fit? Please help!