2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR - WR TV POV Test Drive

We drive a 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR with an HKS Suction Intake, AEM wideband 02 sensor, Blitz Nur Spec downpipe and catback, and a 93 octane mild reflash w/ JDM MIVEC (VVT) maps. Power estimated at 315 awhp. Thanks to Mike for letting us have a go! Do you live in Southeast Michigan and have a modern classic that you think deserves to be featured on the channel? Feel free to shoot us a message! For the best video experience, we recommend wearing a good set of headphones. The audio in this video was recorded with binaural microphones that, when played back through headphones, give the feel of 3D sound. Trick stuff. If you haven't already, subscribe to our channel! We post new videos like this every week. /> /> WINDING ROAD RACING is here, carrying the gear you need to go faster. Visit:

Kevin Velez
had an orgasm at 0:55 <333
Magdiel Brazil
Nice Car, man!
quick q for u guys....when he pressed the clutch and reved it.   did he keep it to 5500 or was that the limiter?.....also evos come in with rev limiters....I like BOV pretty awsome
Marius Nismo
Lovely blow off valve❤️
Sam's Tube
U're driving my all time favourite car ....
blodfirdeath BFD
that's it I'm an 11 year old whos into cars so much and what I want is evo ix (and if I had some money left voltex mods) Silvia s15 or a skyline I love all them cars soooo much it would be my dream to get one of them
that exhaust omg
kan go
Lansing MI. Around the corner from the capital.
That blow off valve sounds like an intervention from mw2 lol
what BOV is he using?
Jack Kim
granny shifting the whole time?
Holy sht! I put head phones and he says. "Ill site u the antilag" I thought I was in a video game!
old days
MADD car Mad sound (_8|)
Rhys Harrison
no why did it end so fast! :(
lucas sampaio
Nossa o legendário Evolution IX.Uma Relíquia!
Kristian Nesbeth
+Winding Road Magazine Mod list please!!!!
Marian Stan
my favourite car
Wesley C
awesome joyriding
eduardo perez
My next car for sure !
Simon Christian
Soo fun to drive. Makes a poor commuter car but I guess you can feel like a big shot when you drive around town.
Christos Kinezos Ioannou
Release the clutch fast :-)
edwin benitez
4 people are sti fan boys.
Mike Compagnoni
Yes and no. It's available as an unlock within the ECU. It's a Tephramod reflash...if you google it, there is a FAQ page on Tephra version 7. This is a stock ECU car, all mods are reflashed onto the ECU via open source software called EvoScan. Cheers.
0:50 best moment in this vid
Wish i could find one with under 50k miles i'd buy in a heartbeat 
Does the antilag system come stock with these?
it means you release the clutch quickly after changing gears
Alex Hallmark
Helmet cam or do you just have a camera taped to your forehead?
what does it mean to 'dump the clutch'?
this is a proper drivers car
Nick Givens
The guy talking does sound like he could be a narrator for like the next F1 or Forza @rawrtrigga
Nick Givens
Stop comparing the Sti to this model. The Sti gets compared to the Evo 10!
I will ALWAYS respect my enemy.
Love this car but sound and looks wise the sti is better in my opinion
Orgasm :-D
MassDotFan1062 Productions
Can u a Ferrari 458 Italia?
MassDotFan1062 Productions
Love the sound of the car...
ибо нехуй
Brian Buehler
looks a bit like some of my local roads :-)
Mike Compagnoni
go to wikipedia and type in diverter valve.
it's a turbocharger. to be exact the turbo waste gauges make that sound
Stephen Heredia
Do a video with an rx7 fd!!
Maximus Potestas
yay for modded cars on WindingRoad!!!!
whats the name of the parts you used for when u sift it makes that cool pshh sound I always wanted to know whats that called
Kob Kob Jor Jor
I died when he said, "Pretty sure the old ladies in the car next to us are now terrified" LmFaO!!!
Tyler Nickerson
Winter? Lol
Mike Compagnoni
Total cost of mods with the reflash was about 1500. Wideband was 200. Intake about 450. Tactrix tuning cable was 200. The rest was exhaust. You can of couese go cheaper on this stuff or buy used. And no stock or lightly modded evo has a BOV. It's a diverter valve, the intake makes it sound very loud.
Would love to see windingroad drive a nice single turbo Toyota Supra or new 2014 GT-R or Toyota Land Cruiser.
No talking! :D
Aziz AL-Mutairi
Иван Конин
купи себе и вжигай, в чём проблема-то?
Артём Артём
Заебало смотреть как он ездить,овощь!!! Чаще вжигай епт
"Pretty sure the old ladies in the car next to us are now terrified." Already had me giggling like a little school girl from the start, but that just sent me over lol
shit car my ice cream truck is faster
Adrian Fidi
much better than 10
Павел Поплавский
Арсен Гаджиев
Great car!
Aaron Hitchcock-Yoo
psshhchuuuu 1.25
Ben Dover
Yes more cars like this please.
mike schielke
Do you have a estimate on how much the mods were on this, I'm contemplating picking one up tomorrow and I'd like to put a little more go fast juice into it lol.
One of my favorite Lancer years... I want one. ;-;
Marcus Wilson
I love this car!!
Big Ron
God. Compared to Subaru's Evo's sound dreadful
Purple 9
Sound like need for speed lol
Awesome. Love the engine note of the lancers. Also dat BOV.
guyno1 00
I love this video
Yup... This is the kindy car im getting next year :)
Just curious, is it easy to drive compared to other JDM that's on par with this? :)
Murat Ege
Is this stock ?
Damn Devin
what Bov is that?! or is it the intake making that noise? never heard such a beautiful blow off noise on a evo
MassDotFan1062 Productions
how much is this car in stock
Jose Villegas
whats faster this or subaru wrx sti ?
Famous without videos :D
Can someone write what that guy says about shooting fire
Alvin Johan
please tell me BOV brand on this video
Teknoslave 97
Was is your camera?
Kosi Caruth
Are these cars reliable ?
Anthony Davis
which BOV
I like Mitshbishi bc the cars are very lit and they make sports cars that are only like 20,000 moneys.
what anti lag activates just by reving to a certain rpm? 
Can someone help me... what's the difference between and IX MR,regular MR,IIIX ??? I'm planning to get an evo soon. But I don't know what the differences are. Please get back to me
is it me or is this EVO… slow?!