Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX Flips after clipping Volvo S40

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► Buy the RoadCams Dashcam: ► Or subscribe for daily dashcam videos: />A Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX flips onto its side after making contact with a Volvo S40. The Mitsubishi Lancer driver should have been driving at a slower speed. The Volvo driver should have done a better shoulder check before committing to the lane change. ---* This video is being posted strictly for educational purposes. Watch people make mistakes on the road, so hopefully you won't. Watch, learn, and drive safe. *--- Social Media: Facebook: />Twitter:

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ElseWhere 47
0:32 boot airbag lol
rip white balloon :(
Red car is at foult he did not look before changing lanes
red cars fault for not looking in his mirrors to see the passing car.
Balloons fault
Both at fault
red car fault !!
Its the red volvo an idiot he did not see the road white line is straight
Modified Cars
It is Car Crash video. :P
The car cut in front of the truck causing it to brake suddenly and set off that chain of events. RIP Balloon.
B Lee
If the Evo driver didn't drive like a typical idioti Evo driver on public roads, then this would have never happened.
So whose insurance is going to give at lol?
Whistling K9
It kinda seems like the Volvo was panic breaking and was changing lanes in order to not hot the van. At same time asswipe was driving like ass..
Sintech HD
Red Volvo hit the wrong signal and didn’t check his mirror smh...
All cars should have balloons in the trunk in case this happens.
Gary Hudson
It's the Mitsubishi Prancer's fault for jumping in the far right lane. Volvo thought it was clear to switch lane, then the bouncy prancer jumps in his blind side.
Jorge Rivera
I think i saw the evo's soul go to heaven
Lkp Xml
Air balloon? That was strike!
Malick Drive
EVO fault 100%
Joe DeSalvo
Evo owner driving like a typical Evo owner
Nooo the EVO!!😭💔
Use indicators
Purple Ocean
We need to ban all Volvo S40 from entering the country until we can figure out what's going on.
No I won't sub if you go begging for it.
Both are at fault here idiots red car didn’t look or put blinker on but to be fair the back car was speeding and came out of nowhere so fast to the right lane. Idiot
piet platzak
1 van on the other side of the road is the only sane person who helps another insane person
Error EntityGaming
This make me sad cuz of the evo stupid red volvo
The Volvo wasn't paying attention to the task at hand, and the evo was being a complete prick, that's what happens lol
Денис 640
Водила вольво, даун
Team Awesome
MSM: Mirror Signal Manoeuvre. .. Volvo's fault. ...
Virginie Jorion
Another ghost bicycle causing an accident!
Parece que os retrovisores ficam de enfeite só!! Ñ usam pqp kkkk... muita babaquice.
I hope that person get trialed and sued up the ass for doing that! Stupid drivers now a days gooooosh!!! Especially since I live in Cali, worse of the worst drivers. Some drivers just dumbfound me... good thing I know how to spot them
tuna huna
Should say....Asshole volvo driver swerves into evo!!
Роман Тютюнников
Пидарас ебучий на красном говне... (there are a lot of obscene words here)
Julian Katos
"what could go wrong?"
This Volvo is beast ✌️
Kasheel Harripersadh
The van caused the crash. Volvo tried to avoid it and swerved into mitsu lane in a moment of panic. Mitsu illegally crossed the line but fault lies between the van and the volvo
Gabriel Journe
Well, shame on this guy
MacGyver's Garage
Ahmed Al Masri
Both of them are wrong, thanks for the videos.
awg taj
F### u volvo
Did someone die? And that was the spirit going up?
Rick Evo
Clearly red car did not pay attention, he must of been doing something then look up realizd it was too close/late and Evo had to be there exactly that time for red car to save himself and yes caused him not to look and just turn right. Also notice if the Evo didn't speed at first when he switched lanes he would of been ok.....
Jay Dee
The fault lies with the red Volvo. Although the Lancer illegally crossed the solid white line, attempting to pass the Volvo on the right side, his position was already established when the Volvo attempted the same illegal move.
Tom Ogden
Looked more like the Volvo clipped the Evo.
Frun Bun
Пиндос ебаный
poor evo :(
Chonino Arg
0:16 bye bye white balloon from the volvo
Damn... the Evo value just got higher!
vlad z
Два дебила это сила !
Volvo S40 is to idiot he do not need change lanes, Volvo has a great break, it could break easily
Edward Reyez
I will buy evo, its an driver car, those who buy expensive car are just rich, but zero brain and stupid..
did you see the white ballon :DD
James Barrera
Anyone else came to see the balloon comments?
James Murphy
White balloon lives matter.
2 idiots.
JY Zaidi
Insert me Here
The Volvo tho is indestructible for this..