Zion Ft Akon- i Love the way she move Lyrics

my first video * I do not own any of this music .. all rights go to the respective owners/creators*

Natalia Pena Garcia
Choriso sesiii haha jk
Carolina Del Rey
Avi Rochster
Impossible without this song every day I hear him no matter where I am I can hear if Mp or my s4 galaxy or galaxy s3 my i-phone and sometimes if my c4
Avi Rochster
English is the most beautiful music in the world and the universe even though I am an Israeli Jew and I'm sick of it
Avi Rochster
I can not I'm not leaving it all day long I can hear it some 12 hours ...........
Avi Rochster
King who thought to do the same singer King ...
Avi Rochster
What a rare music yo how much I love her
Evelyn Ortiz
If I ever become a wwe wrestler, this will be my entrance theme song lol!
Josie Guerena
akon isn't spanish. he cames from senegal but i think he is able to speak spanish ;) look this video, akon is singing in tamil (it's a language like hindi) /watch?v=GRyD9aBlXZs
i never new akon was spanish :|
Justin cruz
akon speaky spanish now interesting :)