Lowrider model car 1957 Chevrolet sport coupe FRESH OUT!!

A arm, Johnson motor on 6 AA batteries, 1 servo, no weight!!

Chris Bedolla
Im trying to make my first hopper and i was wondering if you could show me how to create some cylinders and a arms?
When you do the chrome, you should try Molotow Liquid chrome markers... NOTHING can touch them for a true chrome finish.... dope model!
shawn bisbee
Quick question? What do you make the brackets out of and how?
I use 3000mah battery what's your email I wanna ask u somethings
Darrell Rogers
Awesome hopper just a tip get your frt rims to spin use a 3/32 drill bit and same size. Styrene the spinners just heat a pin small enough to go into the tubbing to heat the pin and sticc it into the spinner go from there
Ur missing the rear skirts
Thomas Soltis
Bad to the bone brother keep up the awesome work Awesome sums it up never built a hopper
Carlos Gomez
Nice work keep it up!!!
nessah love
Where do u get your rear ends?
How u do your rear end
Koffincreep/little bear tha native
I hop on a 9.6 volt lol flipping cars
Charlie Morrow
That's sick bro keep it up love the video's what it cost for you to build them with the battery and switches
Is there a build thread somewhere?
She's chipping fam
Looks good man.
Juan Montes
Im new to the hobby and was wondering if you could help me out with like some basics on like how to create my own cyclinders and how they work?
Gary's TV
Can u built me a boy in the hood lowrider
Unknow _Papi
What Battery does it use?
How much
Very nice
Lou Lowrider
How do you paint the dash with it been so detail? Do you use special paint brush? What kind of paint do you use?