The Babadook (2/2) A Nighttime Visit from The Babadook (2014) HD

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CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE: The Babadook pays Amelia a terrifying visit in this clip. You can grab The Babadook Special Edition Blu-ray at /> Amelia (AFI Award winner Essie Davis, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, The Slap) is a single mother plagued by the violent death of her husband. When a disturbing storybook called Mister Babadook turns up at her house, she is forced to battle with her son's deep-seated fear of a monster. Soon she discovers a sinister presence all around her. A chilling tale of unseen and otherworldly horror in the haunting tradition of The Orphanage, Jennifer Kent's visceral journey into the heart of fear itself is as terrifying as it is believable. Scream Factory™ is a DVD, Blu-ray and Digital brand created to focus on notable (and underrated) horror, sci-fi, thriller films from the past that have massive cult followings. The Scream Factory brand also includes recent contemporary genre films released and distributed in the US and international territories. Follow us on social media: Twitter: Facebook: Website: Brought to you by Shout! Factory.

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Cid the Black Mage
I like that you can only see his face for a fraction of a second and even then not very clearly. It adds to the scariness behind him, not having a very defined form.
Jade Galaxy
Babadook is the Grudge's weird ass cousin that no one likes to talk about.
Robert Davis
i couldn't watch the video in fullscreen i completely bitched it lmao
When I saw his face, I just immediately thought of Johnny Depp. I dunno why.
Instead of tormenting little kids and their mothers the Babadook should have just created a Death Metal band and be the lead singer of it, I mean he's got the talent.
I think the drawings of the babadook are scarier than the babadook itself
That's what happens whenever you let Marilyn Manson into your house. :/
The Babadook's voice is nightmare fuel.
I guess I am going to have to learn to like sleeping with the light on.
so the babadook is just johnny depp?
Dafuq is this? Corrupted Mad hatter from alice in wonderland? Shit.But movie seems cool
This truly is the scariest movie I've ever seen. I've never been more terrified while watching a movie than I was when I watched this one. The lack of jump scares and the amount of psychological terror they used in this made it so much better than other horrors
fah q
this scene and the scene in the car were just perfect and that voice is just terrifying baaaabaaaadooooooook lol
The Babadook looks like a hybrid of Edward Scissorhands and The Creeper from Jeepers Creepers
After 20 years I was finally getting over my fear of the dark ,.. Not anymore
Lian Waynes
The moment the Babadook showed it's face one of my friends screamed "OH MY GOD IT'S JOHNNY DEPP!" I could not even...
Uchiha the best
If its in a word Or in a look You cant get rid of the babadook
Austin Putnam
I rarely scream during horror movies. This scene is one of the very few that has made me scream.
Dylan Martin
This movie took forever to pick up steam, but damn if it didn't have some scary scenes
Allen Angel
It looked like they kissed
I keep hearing good things about this movie, although I've no way to watch it; I've looked everywhere!
I watched this movie at 11:30 at night... I hate my self.
Pennywise TheClown
pause at 2:01 if you dont want to sleep tonight
I had to open up a new tab and just listen to whats going on xD
thank you...for confirming every childhood fear I've ever had
G. Lowenklee
This is a better film than the unfortunate creature design it's saddled with.  Whenever the bugbear is explicitly present for a scene it only cheapens the tension that's been hard earned by a wonderful wonderful Essie Davis performance ... Which is really a shame.
The book was so scary, the jacket and hat in the police station was creepy as hell, but I didn't find the actual babadook's face to be scary at all. After seeing him I lost the fear. Maybe it's just me.
That movie was creepy.
UniBear Gaming
to me the babadook sounds cute when he says "ba- ba dook dook dook" I think I'm the only one who finds that cute k...
megan rodger
He looks like me when I try to look good with black lipstick on
The King of the Penguins
This was just a very good movie. It was more than just another scary movie, and even then it had some great scary moments. But the whole thing is a metaphor for the stress and depression the mother is going through that nearly drives her to murder her son and kill herself. It could even be interpreted that there is no monster and she is simply going mad from having lost her husband and the extreme pressures of her life weighing on her. Awesome stuff
Under the covers, The one place monsters cant you!
Mikey Patchy
I can't take that line seriously "baba do ok dook" sounds like he is trying to speak pokemon or something.
Sarah Bandes
This movie gave me the creeps.. It was scary! And my mom believes it brought a bad omen..
-spoiler- Babadook is the anger the Mother feels towards Samuel and symbolizes her dark side. It's a creature amelie creates psychologically and she herself writes the book -remember the scene when she tells the women at the birthday party that she was drawing pictures or writing things for kids, we understand that she wrote the book herself when she goes to the police station and her hands are dirty due to the pencils -. This is why she always sees her husband and at the end of the movie she locks the creature in the basement and keeps feeding it, because you can never get rid of your dark side, you can only control it.
Noemi Guerrero
the babadook has claws Freddy Krueger would be jealous of 1 2 the babadooks coming for you BA BA BA DOOK DOOK DOOK
tbh whenever there is something or someone that just calls its/his/her own name over and over again the only thing I can think of is Pokemon. Babadook used Spook. It's super effective!
oT Zaks
I'm bobashook
Looks like Laughing Jack :|
Tom Chesterflats
Poor Australians and their lack of guns
Shadow Stepper
Although a lot of people are complaining about how human it looks, I actually like it in the context of this film... to me, it's more symbolic, and it makes it more of an intelligent being than some mindless nightmare animal, which is mostly what I've been seeing in every film in the past 3 years.
SO did she swallow him??? Kind of a weird camera shot at the end of the clip heading right into her piehole...
Benaiah Sampson Benker
This scene was pretty chilling. Although I will admit that the drawing in the book was a lot more shocking.
sammy skates
the art when he's climbing on the roof goes as smooth as astop animation piece, i suggest that then next movie shouldn't be making him look like a cockroach climbing on a wall, i think it'd be better if it looked like a turn around scene :/
The moment the Babdook was some guy in make up, he was no longer scary. He was MUCH scarier in the book drawings than there.
1000 Rats
Gotta get me a freak like that!!! Coming for that #babussy
Amaury Sanchez
For some reason, jarring movements like that in movies freak me out so much. This movie was great.
Giorgia Dalla Bona
bellissimo, come sexy babadook😍😍😍
Lucas Durham-Styles
watched this in broad daylight and it still scared me
James Ervin
Oh look its Johnny depp Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
anybody come at you yet?
Why be afraid of it? Look it in the eye and ask it what it wants. Attempt to have a conversation with the devil, exchanging points and views.
Loved this movie but if this thing was in my house I'm hitting it with all the nerf bullets I got XD
Lexi The unicorn
This movie still gives me nightmares to this day. And my house is haunted which doesn't help. I swear I woke up once and the babadook was standing right in front of my bed..... I never turn all the lights off... After I got done watching this with my friend the first time, we both just screamed "BABA DOOK DOOK DOOK" I dunno why lol
U-n-I Survive
Why does the babadook look like Wily Wonka?
Be Normie
who else got scared shitless?
the way it says "baa baa" is pretty cute actually. not the "dook" parts though
Finally someone posted this scene!
『May 』
QwQ ok dio un poco de miedo… ;—;
Thegamingreaper x
he said his own name like he was a fucking Pokemon
Noooope...nope nope nope. *bails*
Pedro Lapeña
How he says: Baba do OK dooooook dok is creepy as fk.
Ngoc Nguyen
Babadook => Ba bad ook => move the b for Ba => a bad book :)
Juan Chavez
yaaas qween!
one of the worst movies ever made
King Cherizart
Desiree Santos
dude that's the scariest shit I've ever heard D:
Emma Williams
This motherfucker looks like remake Willy Wonka
The Majestic Canuck
Why does The Babadook sound like Kayako Saeki
CrazyCodes Currently Out Of Business
I remember the first time I saw this, I didn't look at the selling for a week! Lol
Campbell Parker
what the actual freak.☹☹☹
Wtf Is this thing? It's like they took Edward ScissorHands and Wolverine's claws, then threw in Jack the Ripper's wardrobe, and the voice of someone who's been chain smoking unfiltered cigarettes for 40 years, put into a blender and hit pulverize.
Demonic Willy Wonka.
Alex Moldovan
This scene almost ruined the movie. Horribly executed.
I'm scared to go to sleep tonight! :(
"I am your sandwich."
politexchangeofbullets Bronxgirl
Not many movies CREEP ME THE FUCK OUT,,,, but this movie is scary.
Christopher Green
This movie is creepy, not scary. If you start watching it thinking it's another Insidious or the Conjuring then you won't like it. It is almost like Sinister, very creepy, with one or two jumpscares.
Impulse Records
Actually the film was amazing. Awesome atmosphere. But someway Mister Babadook reminds me of the Hatter from Alice in the Wonderland xD
christoffer hannevig
its a good thing I live on the opposite side of the earth for there(Ireland)!
Pandora Vlogs
Thats the most award winning smile
Randy fuckin' Motionless WWE
This movie is super scary the scariest movie ever and it gives me too much chills😁😁😁😱💀 its still a good movie tho
Watching this with headphones makes it 2x creepier
Abel Villa
The fact that the entire movie is her dealing with loss just creeps me out that someone would lose their mind over grief that badly.
wet milk
Babadook is gay
Elise Fincher
dude this is like a cross between two johnny depp characters edward scissorhands and willy wonka.
misunderstood shark
That's gay
Lady:*screams* Babadook:I just wanted some water
The babadook looks like Willy Wonka going through a goth phase
Jam Lym
Some of the times I remember being the most scared is scattered nights lying in bed lying under the covers expecting to hear a scream at any moment. I'm covering my ears knowing that even that won't block the sound completely. I begin to feel stifled so I dare to take the blanket from off my face.
Jarno Datema
totally not scary (pees pants, sleeps with blanket over head and becomes afraid of darkness)
Trans Mania
Is he wear a hat? 😢
Triggered Memes
1:53 The babadook sounds like the grudge
Haidyn Erickson
When I saw the door slowly open I went to turn the volume all the way down
Noor Ria Emilya
Damn its so scary
Rumpel Rumbles McCentral
Why they rate this movie M/13+
I watched this in an empty cinema and I was scared.
Juz4Fun Vid
The way he moves is so weird