Car Check: Eric's Nissan 240sx coupe

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Today we show you guys a little more on Eric's Nissan 240sx and all the modifications he has done to it over the years! Thanks for watching! Instagram: />

Whispers "injectors" hehe
Adrian C.
The silvia front is so sick! What are you using for engine management?
Freek Wijffels
Sick car man! Love the turbo KA, makes a lot more sense over the SR swap everybody does.
Always dig finding another 240 build channel!
Hotboi Flexxer
This guy has impeccable taste. He must use a serious wax to keep all the man gravy off of it. #actuallyclean
Ive been wondering, what colour is that on the car?
Jan Soto
Gotta get the roll cage
sick. thanks for the vid. to many people keep wheels and tire specs a secret . car is sick
nx1600 dash mod is sick
Jeff Neely
this car looks like a re2 but head lights and tail lights are different.
Wrench Every Day
We like the car. We like the button.
It looks amazing. One point of constructive criticism, balance the sounds. Intro music was way louder than the talking and wind noise.
spencer pellegrino
one of my fav s13s
caitlin woods
I liked the like button!!
MachomanRandy Sanchez
Put some nawz on that thang!
Nathaniel Towle
im glad you stuck with the ka24, dont see many people keep them
Cody Capelli
That is a nice car
Tea P
best looking coupe ever goals right here besides the ka but hey buget 1-2j would be dope or rb
Akina 8898
Akina speed stars
Matt Sheridan
nice video man. I just sub'd can't wait for more
sharp diamond
whats the year
Liam Brunet
So this is a coupe 240sx with the s13 front end?
Tofu Gearheads
Beautiful S13! What kind of injectors are you using?
Greetings Eric. It's funny that I bought this car two weeks ago (from Japan, it arrives in 10 weeks) and I ordered those same wheels, same size, in bronze. Im a rookie in this stuff. What do you mean by 6k in the back and 8k in the front?
typeC films
Clean!! We just picked one up and gunna start building one too!!
Cameron Gillotte
I have a 93 coupe with siliva front as well! Your videos are a huge help. Doing basically ISR everything.Also have origin 50mm Doing Leguna seca blue with the hyper bronze Cosmis XT206r. The 006s are so nice too! Great build. Beautiful car, man.
sony VH
I want to know about how to set up that cluster
Deerrp Derp
Rusty nuts. Love that FL humidity lol
Jay Aguila
Did you buy the piece for your fans switch ? Or did you make it yourself ?
Grifter 202
Was s13 actually sold in us 240 sx coupe?
Abd Jr.
So its USDM with JDM bumpers?
Congrats on 1k!
What's a Boost?
Running any kind of spacers in the rear for that fitment with 9.5s and 50mm overs?
Freddie Calderon
was it hard to get the Gage cluster to work
Chandler Winstonworth
Thanks for not having ads like every other wanna be adamlz
Street Forged
Beautiful car, hoping to paint one of our 240s a similar color eventually!
Lucas Matheus Da Silva
Make a video talking about the dash swap
Blitz BNR-34
Are you using any wheel spacers?
Aidan P.
Hail ISR
Brian De Leon
That is sexxxy!!! what color is that??