Marillion - Kayleigh

Link do vídeo: />______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ COPYRIGHT DOESN´T BELONG TO ME. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO MARILLION. Music video by Marillion performing Kayleigh. © 1985 WMG. AudioVisual administered by: WMG. This video has been uploaded for entertainment purposes only and is in accordance with fair use standards (section 107 of the U.S. Copyright. Act.). ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “Kayleigh" é uma canção da banda britânica de rock progressivo Marillion. Foi lançado como o primeiro single do álbum “Misplaced Childhood”, e continua a ser o single do grupo mais bem sucedido em termos de posição, tornando-se um sucesso. Foi mantido desde a primeira colocação no UK no verão de 1985. A canção recebeu uma grande quantidade de exposição na mídia no Reino Unido. Quarenta e uma estações de rádio locais independentes na Grã-Bretanha tinham o single em suas listas de reprodução e se tornou o mais tocado na rádio BBC. O vídeo promocional para o single foi filmado em Berlim, onde foi gravado o álbum Misplaced Childhood. Destaque para Tamara Nowy, uma mulher alemã que posteriormente casou com o vocalista Fish. Robert Mead é o rapaz retratado na capa do álbum e no single. A canção foi cantada por Fish para o 70º aniversário de Nelson Mandela 70º em homenagem no estádio de Wembley, com Midge Ure na guitarra e Phil Collins na bateria. Fish afirmou que sua canção escrita foi 'sua forma de pedir desculpas para algumas das mulheres que ele namorou no passado'. Embora o vocalista e letrista da banda, Fish, tinham em um dado momento uma mulher cujo apelido era “Kay Lee”, a canção foi mais uma composição de diferentes mulheres com quem ele teve relacionamentos. Fish citou: “Eu estava muito confuso no momento, você sabe, eu tinha vários relacionamentos a longo prazo, relacionamentos 'profundos e significativos' que basicamente tinha eu destruído porque estava obcecado com a carreira, e onde eu queria ir. Fui muito egoísta e só queria ser um famoso cantor, mas começava a tornar-se consciente dos sacrifícios que eu estava fazendo, e acho que Kay era um destes sacrifícios que ocorreu ao longo da estrada. "Kayleigh" não era apenas sobre uma pessoa, era sobre três ou quatro pessoas diferentes. Em 24 de outubro de 2012, Marillion anunciou no Facebook “Que triste notícia” (através do Fish) - Kay - que inspirou nossa música Kayleigh - infelizmente morreu”. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "Kayleigh" is a song by the british progressive rock band Marillion. It was released as the first single from the album "Misplaced Childhood", and remains the single of the most successful group in terms of position, becoming a success. Maintained from the very first placement in the UK in the summer of 1985. The song received a large amount of media exposure in the UK. Forty-one independent local radio stations in Britain had the single in their playlists and became the Most touched on BBC Radio The promotional video for the single was filmed in Berlin, where the album Misplaced Childhood was recorded. Highlight for Tamara Nowy, a German woman who later married the singer Fish. Robert Mead is the guy portrayed on the cover of the album and on the single. The song was sung by Fish for the 70th birthday of Nelson Mandela's 70th birthday at Wembley Stadium, with Midge Ure on guitar and Phil Collins on drums. Fish said his written song was "his way of apologizing to some of the women he dated in the past." Although the band's lead singer and songwriter, Fish, had at one point a woman whose nickname was "Kay Lee", the song was more a composition of different women with whom he had relationships. Fish quoted: "I was very confused at the moment, you know, I had several long-term relationships, 'deep and meaningful' relationships that basically had me destroyed because I was obsessed with the career, and where I wanted to go. I was very selfish and just wanted to be a famous singer, but I was beginning to become aware of the sacrifices I was making, and I think Kay was one of those sacrifices that occurred along the road. "Kayleigh" was not just about one person, it was about three or four different people. On October 24, 2012, Marillion announced on Facebook "What sad news" (through Fish) - Kay - who inspired our Kayleigh song - unfortunately died. " _________________________________________________________________________________________ Veja também: The Police_Don’t Stand So Close To Me ‘86_Oficial - Link: />Foreigner_Waiting for a Girl Like You_Tema Pinturas - Link: />Martika_Toy Soldiers (Subtitulado em Português BR) Oficial - Link:

Carlos Lafferte Lafferte N
Still awesome in 2018.period
Jonathan F
Extended version WAY BETTER because of the solo, my favorite part of the song
I had a girl like Kayleigh back in the 90's rather than the 80's. Her name was Alex. We were pretty good friends from the time we were 6 until age 9. Then she mysteriously moved away and vanished and I never saw her again until we were adults. I think it's safe to say that we didn't fall in love until we were 7. I can testify to the fact that a 7 year old can experience love and that it's not just lust or an infatuation. I honestly cared a lot about her and had unconditional respect for her. I couldn't predict how long it would actually last but I wanted to stay with her as long as I could, if not forever. Except she suddenly moved away and all we ever had was the playground walls and nothing else. Then, when I was 12, something unexpected happened and I ran into no one else but her mother. She recognized me and stopped me in my tracks so she could talk to me and tell me what happened to her daughter. She revealed to me that back in 1996 she discovered that the girl's father (her ex-husband) became a prostitute and was having sex with multiple partners in her apartment without her knowledge. She said that she didn't know where all the money was coming from. She initially thought that he was selling drugs for a living but eventually caught him in the act in their bed with Alex present. After we parted ways again and traumatized by what she told me, I eventually went on to forget my encounter with the mother and what she had told me but I always remembered her daughter as my first childhood crush. Years went by and I eventually found her on Myspace by going into the town library and finding her full name in an old yearbook. It was 2006 and we were 17 and I wanted to write her so badly but I wasn't capable of it, I just wasn't ready. So I put it off for a couple of years until I was 21 and my memory suddenly restored and everything started to come back to me. At this point, I felt obligated to write her on Facebook and I finally did. Only I was ignored and eventually shot down with her inevitably denying her father's actions and defending him and telling me that she didn't remember me, that her mother was a psychopath and a pathological liar, and to get lost. Then one day, I decided to send her a link to this music video and I'm convinced that she watched it. Her page went dead for the rest of that day and then she posted all these references on her account from our childhood that only I would know and made up her own song expressing that we couldn't be together anymore but we'd still be in love forever and ever and perhaps see each other again in another existence. At one point, I was in fact, too scared to pick up the phone but we eventually did speak anonymously to each other in the end from private numbers just to hear each other speak pretending that we didn't know each other. After all of this, I think it's safe to say that I had a misplaced childhood.
Kayleigh Natasha
I was named after this song thanks to my dad.
Valerie Lapeyronnie
Pfffff.......I've discovered this group when i was fifteen and 30 years later, it stills a real pleasure. You can recognise this special voice and sound inside a thousand. One of the best groups ever
Emiliano Ortega-Guerrero
the soundtrack our lives... rock n roll yeah
Nephilim Demi
Kayleigh is a Special Track From Marillion
Adele Rossiter
Always reminds me of my dad he used to have this on vinyl and listen to it all the time 💖💖💖
TheBossOfWolfs Wolfie
This is my name Kayleigh
Yes Carlos still 2019
Steve Broadhead
still sounds as fresh as when it first came out awesome
Steven Macdonald
Timeless classic
Jenny Schultz
Because of this song I wanted to name my child Kayleigh, I had a boy. :(
Rodrigo Soares
2:00 em diante...arrepia a alma. Romantic rock song!
Morten Kristoffersen
Tammy, as beautiful as any in 1985!
Steve Broadhead
Bryan Weigle
32 years later and this tune still brings back so many wonderful memories...I was 17 and so alive back then...
Valerie Lapeyronnie
Pfffff.......I've discovered this group when i was fifteen and 30 years later, it stills a real pleasure. You can recognise this special voice and sound inside a thousand. One of the best groups ever.
Nora Mulhall
I met my friend the year this song was released 1985 rip ed
Jenny F
This song came out the year I went to England by myself for 2 weeks when I was 21. Brings back great memories, & I've always loved this song!
Kayleigh Maguire
Yay :D
Steve Gad
Have you ever seen this guy and Phil Collins in the same room? I still think it's Phil in a wig. Just sayin'.... Close your eyes while listening, and tell me I'm wrong.
Peter Reinking
WOW nice song
Exile On Main Street
Huge Marillion fan since 1983. I fell in love with the name Kayleigh after this song, and always wanted to call my daughter Kayleigh - but my wife and I were never able to produce a daughter (we had 5 boys)... I see from the comments that there are a large number of Kayleigh's named after the song though! 😀
Used to hate this when it was in the charts, but now love it, it was overplayed when released and it was the 80's!
violeta vanesa
I was only 12 when this song was a hit and it has been sounding in my ears from then.......
Elviera Is Mayarani
Exile On Main Street
Were the adult man and woman in this video former lovers in the story? And then by freak coincidence his son and her daughter then began a childhood / school playground romance years later?
david chapman
I remember what a huge hit this song was back in '85. Look how many girls are now named some version of Kayleigh.
jani alv
Muy linda canción