Russian Odyssey - Winter Olympics ' Sochi 2014

Short movie made for Winter Olympics ' Sochi 2014 Opening Ceremony. Production company: Bonanza Director: Dzhanik Fayziev DP: Maxim Osadchiy Visual Effects by Main Road Post © Copyright 2014 International Olympic Comittee

Nilsine Gusias
This looks like a trailer for civilization game
VS Produktion
1:05 Fedor Emelianenko))
Fuckya Lookin at
Russia is the future of the Western world! Mark my words!
künjáng dzse
Beautiful images. And I just love the cameos by Khabensky and Mashkov.
Ingvar Z
History of Sochi :D
Jun Hamamura
The coolest history lesson ever
Leland Abernathy
I've been looking for this for a long time. Glad to finally find it!
Hoang Thinh
so Beautiful
Daniel Tupikov
I love my country!
This was fabulous and my fav part
WōW ! Absolutely Beautiful ! Russian Economy is gEwd !
Kyris Georgiou
Odyssey starting from what is called today, Greece. It is a profound historical revelation. One that refers to all Russians (as they are called today). This is a statement, a recognition, an acknowledgment...a message towards certain shadowy centers of power. The timing is not by chance.
Can we find the music somewhere (without the movie audio effects) ?
Семен Федоров
Olympics games Russia 2014
Clips Studio
Это круто!
Roman Lymariev
The most expensive doping commercial ever xD