Russian Odyssey - Winter Olympics ' Sochi 2014

Short movie made for Winter Olympics ' Sochi 2014 Opening Ceremony. Production company: Bonanza Director: Dzhanik Fayziev DP: Maxim Osadchiy Visual Effects by Main Road Post © Copyright 2014 International Olympic Comittee

2014 Winter Olympics (Olympic Games) vfx Visual Effects (Film Company Role Or Service)

Nilsine Gusias
This looks like a trailer for civilization game
künjáng dzse
Beautiful images. And I just love the cameos by Khabensky and Mashkov.
Fuckya Lookin at
Russia is the future of the Western world! Mark my words!
VS Produktion
1:05 Fedor Emelianenko))
Hoang Thinh
so Beautiful
Ingvar Z
History of Sochi :D
Leland Abernathy
I've been looking for this for a long time. Glad to finally find it!
Jun Hamamura
The coolest history lesson ever
Roman Lymariev
The most expensive doping commercial ever xD
This was fabulous and my fav part
WōW ! Absolutely Beautiful ! Russian Economy is gEwd !
Семен Федоров
Princess Dasha
Добавляю в ИЗБРАННОЕ . Это великолепие на века!!!
Kyris Georgiou
Odyssey starting from what is called today, Greece. It is a profound historical revelation. One that refers to all Russians (as they are called today). This is a statement, a recognition, an acknowledgment...a message towards certain shadowy centers of power. The timing is not by chance.
Daniel Tupikov
I love my country!
Sochi 2014 The Movie
Can we find the music somewhere (without the movie audio effects) ?