Stereophonics - Trouble - Live from Cardiff City FC Stadium (HD)

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great song they rock
Matlock the Hare
Well, if this hasn't found a new resonating resonance, I don't know what has.....
JordsWales 96
Seeing these in the exact same stadium in June, magical
Roll on Sunday 4th June
Nicolas Spallucci
people say these guys aren't that famous. well, did you see how many people were in that stadium? how many people were there anyways?
kamila Jurado
keep calm and carry on <3
Buzzing for scenes like this again next June, can't wait
Karl Denton
Great band great vocal ace live .
so much better than the album version
Adriana Alvarez
I was there, front row... Travelled all the way from Caracas, Venezuela especially for this gig... I'll never forget it! Thank you so much for one of the best days of my life :D
Eduard Jorquera
Verdadero Rock and Roll baby!!
Matt Elford
I would love to see this concert on DVD
i hope you mean our government and all the shit we've been through all the Greeks mate..otherwise you know where to go and what to do!
Jan Oster
Fuckin nazi greece!
Colleen Lloyd
Absolutely awesome, and I was there :)
Patrick Mayer
I just came. In any meaning.
This is so awesome
I'm in this video at 2 minutes 10 seconds waving a small Wales flag what a day it was :)
Shona Brooks
Kelly Jones is a babe <3
Io Che Parlo di Cose
i truly love this band and kelly he is a great inspiration for me...thanks stereophonics!!
Andrea Jones Torres
yes they are from one! Jones XD
Andrea Jones Torres
fucking sexy ass voice. he can give me some trouble if he likes. XD
Liam Richards
they truly are the best live band in the world!
Sebastian White
Here's my list of reasons why this shouldn't be put out on dvd. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Hey look, it's empty.
Haydn Evans
BEST LIVE BAND EVER!!! well, just BEST BAND ever come to think of it. Absolute legends, love'em:)
well immacuulate ! :) Seen them 8 times and yeh they rock LIVE !!!! new album..I want ya
lloyd williams
i was der bro
Beee Albanian
Best wishes from Albania ! ! ! ! Jeni te papare ! FORCA !
Sofia Gar
Nicky Jones
what a gig that was
dvd release date ???
Alex Clark
Shithot tune
Rock'n live band!
Do not know about you but I dream about their autograph!
these Welsh are fucking crazy!wtf heppened at 1:05!! amazing!!!respect from Greece Larissa (Chris Coleman the best!)
Antonio Duino
Fuckin' amazing exibition!
they kill me, always do :)))) KJ is GOD
@spalooch45 there were 30,000 - it was a sell out, the seats are empty cos people ran onto the pitch lol
Nicolas Spallucci
@TontoSilvaHeels nice
Chris Cooksey
@spalooch45 about 20,000
Rebecca Lauren Davies
cnt believe i was there, it was the best gig ever !!!!! halfway through the gig they had 2 stop coz ppl were standin on the bar funniest thing iv cn x
Alexandre Yim
Massive HEADBANG @ 1:05
I don't know how somebody could NOT cum during that into?!!
Sebastian White
they're mad not to release this
That's a change. Feel like looking up the Stray Cats.
Steven McHugh
curtain drop is amazing!!!!
Not a band I really listen to on cd, but one of the GREATEST live bands I have ever seen!!! totally unbiased opinion here, as I don't own any of their music. :D
Holy shit. o_____o absolutely amazing. ♥
Julie Cox
@trevgk The Phonics are not stuck up at all!! Are you talking about the same band that I know? The first time I met them Kelly got off the bus and walked across the car park to come and talk to us!! Another time we got invited inside the venue for photographs because it was cold!! I met them off the bus all by myself in Hamburg and got a hug from Richard. I've been to a couple of soundchecks (through a competition on Facebook!!) The band love their fans! Their manager can be quite rude though!
claire james
waiting 4 next tour please xxxxx
Adriana Alvarez
Hopefully a DVD will come out. I was front row and we were filmed for it! We held cardboards with our names and where we came from, "for the DVD."
@shanefilanX3 keep calm and carry on mate lol
Shirley Gordon
OMFG! amazing
is this gonna be a dvd?
@aaronjreid i know right, legendary voice
Elio Junior
1:25 marry me!!!
Gareth Price
erm, thanks?! They were awesome actually, band of the night. Props to La Mente from Peru too who were absolutely fantastic!
Mikaela Constandache
@gareth79cardiff Just so you know.....I Hate You!!
Gareth Price
Going to watch them in Lima tonight, bringing my Welsh flag with me!
Andrew Young
great song
Ana França
Perfect show, band and voice!
Nathan Straeker
Hell of a gig!
kael matthews
I was there that day! Amazing performance. Possibly one of the most underrated bands!
my idol!
That intro is mint :P
they kill me.. goosebumps galore every time
@Beezaboy I agree, one of those days i wish i could relive, a DVD of the occasion would be the next best thing.
they take over the world again at this rate
hahaha sorry just had to come bak and watch just superb!! wat great footage here and they are loving it. That intro... god, Ive seen it the same one twice at O2 and also at Brighton arena.... just awesome... lol love love love love love
Marnie Evangeline
sorry but this is clear proof that stereophonics are one of THEE best live bands around. one of THEE best bands around. absolutely outstanding. i got goosebumps watching this, ITS THAT FRIKKIN GOOD
Marnie Evangeline
see the bit at the start where he just speaks it...jizz.
jesus christ..they get better right?! lol KJ you kill me you are an utter Rock God, simple as!!!!! love it! Seen them 7 times now and they just get better, you can see how much Kelly was lapping this up, his voice was just extreme here
Jake Harvey
this was awesome! theirs rumours that there releasing a dvd like they did with the morfa gig!
Grizzly Beard
Will there be a DVD of this? i was there and it was amazing
claire james
its july21 and im still watching this video, cant wait 2 see u again!!!! dont make it to long boys plz xxxx
@tomgilesmarvoloryley Support Killing For Company's charity single in memory of Stuart Cable x 'Former Mining Town' available 25th July for download x
Support Killing For Company's charity single in memory of Stuart Cable x 'Former Mining Town' available 25th July for download x
@claire4wales lol an lol again
claire james
what a start 2 a concert, nearly pissed my nickers lol!!! amazing guys xxxxxxx
still gives me goosebumps!! what a song to open to, the place went nuts!!
Awe couldnt spot myself in the crowd, hope they release a dvd!!!!!!!!!!!!
it was fecking amaaaaaazing!! :D x
Simple the best..........They are best rock band EVER..........their concerts are spectacular
today concert in Vienna <3
Kim D
Epic! Best gig i've ever been too. Love the Stereophonics. :) ♥x
adam jones
i was there and it was amazin!!!! Loved it !!!
Gotta be the awesomest start ever when Kelly sang really softly then he goes loud and wild followed by the dropping of the cloth! Kudos to Stereophonics! With love, KyleRomansTC5.
Great Band, Great Singer Songwriter, Shithot Bass Player and Drummer... Would Be Better if it was the Stereophonics instead of the Kelly Jones show.
Videoclips Venezuela
Ellos me dan lala
Sean Hemstedt
Sounds SOLID.
I was there close to the stage - a truely unforgettable evening x
TUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNE they were quality that day fair play
Anna Barber
fantastic !
omgggg i was here!!!! WOOO
you forgot to mention July 6th, Vienna ;)
Owen Davies
what a gig that was!!! by far the best band to see live!
I can't believe that such a BIG band played very close to me at the Sibuya O-East whose capacity is about 1,300 in Japan. Awesome!"