Haters by Tony Yayo Ft. 50 Cent, Shawty Lo & Kidd Kidd - Official Music Video | 50 Cent Music

SUBSCRIBE: /> Check out the official music video for Tony Yayo's new single ""Haters"" Featuring 50 Cent, Kidd Kidd & Shawty Lo /> About 50 Cent: Curtis James Jackson III, better known by his stage name 50 Cent, is an American rapper, entrepreneur, investor, and actor. This is his official YouTube Music Channel. Connect with 50 Cent Online: Visit 50 Cent Website: />Like 50 Cent on Facebook: />Follow 50 Cent on Twitter: />Follow 50 Cent on Instagram: /> Buy 50 Cent Music Online: iTunes: />Amazon: /> Haters by Tony Yayo Ft. 50 Cent, Shawty Lo & Kidd Kidd - Official Music Video | 50 Cent Music

RIP Shawty Lo
Lucas Britto
G-G-G-Uniiiiiiiiiit !!
R.I.P. Shawty Lo 🙏🏽
Giovanni Guarro
Ormai c'è solo gente per frax
Lawless Wolves Entertainment
Kidd Kidd killed it
Domenico Puocci
Chi è qui per Frax? :)
Luca Frassi
frax <3 comunque fifty non lo batti
Gui T
rip shawty lo
OG Swifty
I appreciate that PL kid made his explanation about the point of view on presence / past G-Unit work and as for me - I liked Kidd Kidds verse just as I like Shawtys and 50 killed this hook.. good party shit period
Kostya Goldstein
Andrew Dayton
South beach flip flops no sneakers on I ain't talking D Wade when I say the HEAT is on..that shit was hard
Surix 03
2:30 dice palesemente: zio frax... THE BUFFALO
Young GTM
Sica Alencar
Essa música é muito foda!! Amo!
Frax the Buffalo ❤
supposta killer
ma percaso qualcuno guarda frax?😂😂
leonardo pieretti
Rick Martins
hehe... esse som é foda !!!!
fraxxxers xD
White Eagle
steve stifler
50 cent king del rap😍😍😍😍
Pedro Suengue Garcia
RIP swawty lo
I won't lie this shit is pretty shit, kidd kidds verse was plain ass lol sounded like he just made a 5 minute fucking verse
lol i really don't know how the fuck this video gets so many views but yet the hard shit doesn't? Seriously this song isn't even that good yet it shits on views that better songs made by gunit had but only had a few views??? WTF?? Also Kidd Kidd verse wasn't even good? I think people are just dick riding this song because 50 cent signed him.. seriously though nothing kidd kidd said in this song was amazing or even above average so what the hell is so special??? I know kids that can rap like that
haha u went in
Jordan Bolduc
Lol I wonder if 50 is a Calgary flames fan or what cause he was rocking the Flames hat .
Diane Novaes
My name is tu e gay
Troy Cunnington
Beast nice 50
Thomas Gore
50 g-unit
Hans Bouchans
yayo one of the loyal niggas around in the game... u cant say that about waka
Alfred Fitzgerald
alfred fitzgerald 443434367436743674346346364367436+1=443434367436743674346346364367437 manhattan new york,ny 10026
wayne fanboy gtfo here then hahah
Bitch I'm Shawty, Short Bus Shawty haha
Geert Moolenaar
Fuck you for draging wayne into this
Jon Dobre
Yeahh 50!!! 3 3
Junior Normil
check out h.o.p for my haters now that video is nice.
Musa Bilici
Ggggg unit
Zakaria Mumin
1026 are haters!! Go f*** yourself
abichu abebe
g-unit is the shit stop hating
Ceasar Allain
all my haters!!!
Terry Barr
I wonder why roscoe wasn't/isn't on this/in the video? (etc.)
50 cent is reviving hip hop :)
Vhahangwele Mphaphuli
kidd kidd wow!!!
Demonstrator 21
Shawty lo and tony yayo is pure ass on this song
Matthew Sather
got haters coming out the wood works
Matheus Lange
Fuck Shawty Lo
damn i miss the old gunit with banks,yayo,50 and buck..what the fuck is this shit
no tony yayo is ok but kidd kidd is terrible
50 Cent , Lloyd Banks ,Tony Yayo ,( Young Buck ) > Everybody. G-Unit Till' the End!
Brad Robinson
i dont think enough people understand the song pumps me out Also! use this to get it on your pod --> bit.ly/12yTBKh?=euotc
Wtf is this shit , This the new unit? .. Fuck that.. Bring back Banks,Buck&Game. Rather see Banks, Fab. Juelz & Vado group though.
Yorgos MacRiss
so a song for haters..well i am one....these "rappers" shouldnt be around 50 they fucked up his style...all im sayin he shouldnt be with em in the music,they could still be his friends
needs bangs Hi Hater how ya doing? i know you hating im a do my thing
KIDD KIDD is ass tho
Andres Luna
Ya Kidd Kidd wtf is that why is he on this
Rexhep hadiqi
DJ Hol Up
Roscoe Dash had a better verse than KIDD KIDD
That kid kid gotta be one of his best friends to be in that video because he truely sucks!
Amanuel Zewdie
I love this song. I can't believe it doesn't have that many views.
Tom P
@Gio Rap are you fucking kidding me? Kid Kidd is fucking terrible. You dont know shit about G-Unit or rap. What a ass
sven zajonczkowski
Die waren BABAS :D !!!
jesus sira
this man is amazing great artist and singer
kevin schlesinger
loyd banks ???
wackt az
50 yayo music to my ears
1018 people are haters
Paul Hart
wot a song 50 its sick as
giovanni niezen
DOPE this is the real good shit
Abel Mihai
I love you 50
50 should of kept this one for himself cus with that hook and the concept of the track I think it would be a hit and would of got a lot of commercial play witch is what 50 needs in his music career now I honestly think this is hit material wasted
Leopiloes Araujo
so os melhoresssssssssss.
jeff wang
great song
Ezzy Ez
it's an actual video i think you'll enjoy it.
Ezzy Ez
I got an original song called 'HATERS' also..check it out! on my page..
Hamzah Mahmood
rip shawty lo
maribell narvaez
the best
i know every 50cent song ever made how can i miss this video
THIS is the song that i blast in my whip when im rolling through the hood.
Yayo's verse on this beat. Madness!
hedi karkuki
lilpaul lyngdoh
pedro limon
vete ala mierda de aki reggeton hahahahaha eres muy gracioso eres comediante jajajjaajjajajaja mis respetos por tu estilo gracioso jajajaj estupido¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
Afu Sugareef
Joshy Moore
Cordell Minnis
R.I.P Shawty Lo
Its Constant
Jet ski, black sand, bad bitch My passport need pages for the next trip
Shorty @ 00:32 lookin real thick yum
joel farrukito
nada como el reggaeton latino
herbert riddle
I've Always Liked Shawty Lo, He's Picture Has been My Facebook Display Picture Since 2007.
Andy Martinez
This was my shit back in the day
herbert riddle
When I heard this Shit On the Radio I thought Kidd Kidd part was done by Roscoe Dash
Marcos Tapia
50 cent good and shawty lo i didnt like it but in this track sounds great even dough his lyrics sucks and kid kid didnt like it eather, i prefer lloyd and maybe eminem or the hole g unit old school
Muhammad Malik
so fucking RIGHT! shawty lo sounds like a chipmunk being strangled LOL
Shaquille Burns
Biggup ta all my hatas
mistr kejn
i should kick yo ass off tha youtube
Young Rubinho
kidd kidd = cassidy
g unit should have signed cashis
Marcos Fortes
wheres is lloyd banks???