Whitney Houston - Star Spangled Banner


Among the annals of national anthems as a prelude to sporting events, few have topped the one delivered by Whitney Houston before Super Bowl XXV in 1991 in Tampa. A woman, her incredible voice and the bare minimum of extraneous notes. Her rendition came at a particularly patriotic time, just after the onset of the Persian Gulf War, and was released as a single. It was re-released after the September 11th terrorist attacks. Houston donated all proceeds to charity. She ranks among the best of all-time because of the circumstances and ... that voice..

Whitney Houston The Star-Spangled Banner National Anthem

Who else is watching this after the halftime show? Just me?
Greatest performance of all time!
It’s gonna be a No for me
My girl was looking around, waving, and smiling at people while effortlessly singing THE BEST version of The Star Spangled Banner...Goddamnit Whitney I miss you😩
Bartosz Goszczyński
The best voice America has ever had.
Anne Girl
Agree -- no one can top her. Amazing.  Tear up everytime.
Monica Browne
What a beautiful gifted and talented woman like  Miss Whitney Houston. This is my favourite!  This is the most phenomena wonderful l performance in the history of America. No gimmicks, no dancers or  sparkly stuff. Whitney, just sang this song with unconditional LOVE to all the troops, their loved ones and the public and what it truly meant to be an America in all it's universal cultures. Her  beautiful voice was truly a gift from God. We miss you so much Whitney. Rest in Peace.
Amber U
None have topped period. Not MC christina A none of them.
Best version I have ever listened.Long live USA!
Gabriella Dhomalisty
Best of the best😍❤
Unmatched by anyone. Truly beautiful.
Victoria P
She makes it looks so easy and does it so effortlessly. I'm amazed
Monroé Indigo
Greatest of All Time
This is when the bar was set. It will never be topped.
cam w.
She's like let me do this little song and go to my seat . Ms. Houston didn't run with the best of em she was the best😘
Flawless. Brings tears to my eyes every time. Thank you Whitney. Rest in peace.
King Kase
the GREATEST national anthem performance of all time
epic nightbeam l
Sucks we don't have that kind of patriotism today
I don't even remember who played or won the Super Bowl that year, all I know is it belonged to Whitney. They should have just given her the Super Bowl trophy, rings, and all for that performance.
Griff Goldstein
Whitney, you shall be missed forever. You were a unifying force within the Republic. We need you now more than ever.
Wayne Taurino
...... that Voice😍
Daniel Huertas
I am not from USA.. I am from Peru.... and i have to say... DAMN!! what a voice.. what an anthem! R.I.P.
Jacqui Smith Watson
You ROCK Miss Houston! AWESOME!!!
Brandon Gibson
Nobody can do it like Whitney did
Arcanjo Miguel
the reason why this will never be topped is because of very little things, actually. 1. Shes on usual clothes. She's being a woman of the eople, not fancy clothes and hair, she was like chose randomly at the audience. shes wearing sport clothes. 2. Look how hr arms moves with the anthem. at the end, she raise both armas and stays with a fist to the sky, a commong sign of pride. she is showing how proud she is to be American . 3. she smiles while singing. sh doesnt look like shes pputting much effort to it, it does seem natural. she's smiling from ear to ear, again, showing a very proud spirit.
April Larsen
They shouldve let her voice do all the work without the instruments wouldve been even more amazing
Richard Federico
Take the goose bump challenge! Listen to this rendition and try not to get goose bumps.
Logan Turner
I can actually listen to this with happiness now that Trump is president.
Ramon Sanchez
This made me cry. I'm a grown ass man. Where is our patriotism now! I want to go back to when I was 4 years old because it would've been a sight to see! I don't know if you guys seen it. But the Confederate flag is on the field. That being said why so much hate. We all fought to be here together. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
U S A!! U S A!! U S A!!
America, you are a great nation.
Stylist Raven
Thorin Mew Salvatore
it was on 1991 but until now I'm still watching it. 2017!!!
Brian Baker
Prob the greatest singer of all time.
Eric L
I disagree when you say "few have topped..." because NONE have topped Whitney
Wayne Lucas
October 2017 anyone? Whitney we miss you ❤
Hays Collins
Not going to lie I teared up a little
Logan Saunders
So much power!
Stacy Delaney
Still the greatest rendition, and still the greatest singer of all time. Period.
Such beauty and elegance; in her amazing voice and her gorgeous face. Still miss her today...
Truly an amazing gift from God.
This video makes me feel American and I'm Irish
chikkin nuggit
And what's so iconic about Whitney's singing of the national anthem is not only is she scalping everybody with her vocals, but her face is perfectly postured almost the whole time. No crazy faces to make those strong or high notes that most singers do. Like, singing this was no big deal for her. Effortless in the dictionary, her picture is beside it. Trust me.
Apple Pie
BEST. Mic drop.
Mara Sweet
song goes to whole other level when she hits that high note then extends each hand on home of the brave!! Miss her sooo much. only one Whitney best rendition ever
Roxanna Lopez
Wow Amazing Voice. Whitney Houston. R.I.P. Girl. 😇🙏🏽💒
Beth Hayes
Gives you chills!
Yakiayra Schaffer
No one can ever touch this one!!! RIP Whitney!!
Nurse 7Love
God bless her soul!
Scott Saunders
Tragic to lose her greatest anthem and greatest voice ever
Dana Zeller
Beautiful Voice. The greatest voice to sing our National Anthem! There is no one who could  come close as to Whitney Houston to sing  our National Anthem! Again this is my opinion only!!!! R-I-P Whitney Houston you are a beautiful angel now :(
Terence Soler
Besides the fact that she SLAYED this song and performance, I love how we're all just randomly watching this 26 years later. 😊 Damn woman was Blessed with a gift that no one could match. 👏
Frederick Williams
I just wanna know how many people said "hallelujah" after that?!
Yesenia Villanueva
I'm here before the Superbowl 2018
Alan D.
Damn, I feel like a real American now.
Bo Giggles
she is probably singing for the angels in heaven :) rest in peace Whitney Houston :)
legit Flat!
Oh lord in Heaven I say, what hath become of our Nation; we've become astray. May God be with & in 'us', and may God Bless America!
Once in a generation talent. #SayNoToDrugs
Nicki N
YOWZA, YOWZA, YOWZA!!!! No one can top this....no one!
homo milk
this recording is so good it made me tear up and i’m not even american
Yiriya Shahdaiah
NOBODY will EVER top Whitney's performance of the National Anthem
Wilt C.
alvin rozon
This was the peak America. You're staring at it, right here.
She brought that Neo factor. No one can touch her. She's the ONE.
My God, Whitney ... what a fucking badass ...
The greatest and most power voice of all time.
Bianca Taylor
Could you imagine if a footballer took a knee during this?
Who's watching this in 2018? The GOAT.
That One Guy
Imagine being there live and getting to witness this in person
Naomi Gray
if It would have to be a choice of the national anthem between of Whitney Houston and Beyonce I would definitely choose WHITNEY HOUSTON 😍😍#NO SHADE to beyonce I luv beyonce so much big fan 😍😍#RIP Whitney Houston 😣😣😭😭
I honestly cant understand why racism is still rampant in america when african americans do the US so proud with performances like that. rip whitney
Jean Reifinger
Bet no one knelt during her patriotic performance!
386325 130
I'm not American, but I'm so proud of USAWhat a beautiful anthem and singer...
1991 was a good year! The Soviet Union fell, Terminator 2 came out, and Whitney Houston sang the best nation anthem.
cameron Johnson
Whitney Houston was a legend and she knew it R.I.P super woman 😘😭
All these years later, I still get happy when I hear this. I smile seeing her smile as she delivers that last note.
Dee Floyd
For a moment there I felt American... what a voice, what an anthem, smashed by a Legend... RIP... dee belfast 🇮🇪🍀
Trevor Stull
God damnit I love America
I'm not American, but Whitney just made my day.
No one comes even close to be 1 millions miles close to this performance, absolutely stunning
Lee Claire
This makes you cry. To see the pride in our country and hear this spectacular rendition of our anthem is what Americans are all about. We may have some flaws but I wouldn't give up my country for anything.
Jake Bee
Lol 2000 people disliked this. Prob one of the most powerful pieces of music ever recorded, absolutely the gold standard of vocal talent
Nats MUSIC on YT
All of these years...and I still feel goosebumps..because I never that beautiful voice coming. Rest in Peace songbird
Greg Hunt
Whitney's version is the Gold Standard...it is the version that all national anthems are compared to.
I like both Whitney Houston and Lady Gaga.
Tracie Sommerville
Patrick Larkin
Never will take a knee to our country of immigrants for they our our brothers and sisters as we all STAND together for our family,s and our neighbors. god bless america
Daniel Reed
I wish the founding fathers could have heard this.
meredith Lee
PERFECTION!! No frills, or too many trills. Just pure music and unmatched talent. Love her!
I miss the days when people were flying our flag not burning it.
Mr. DT
If that don’t give you chills and make you proud of where you are from? You aren’t alive.
Jonathan JamesPatterson
I’m 19 lol and play football and i never wanted to cry hearing the national anthem until I’ve heard, TF YOU MEAN FEW HAVE TOPPED IT nobody has topped it and nobody ever will....RIP to the GOAT
Nanel Denton
I love this version. Pure!
ScorpianaXRAY X
NO ONE will Ever top this performance!
Never matched, never topped. She was amazing, and this is why I love this country. African American woman singing our National Anthem, Asian maestro, Ya Ha Ling, leading the orchestra, women and men of every shade of skin; Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist service members willing to serve the true ideal of the United States of America. Inclusion, freedom to be, peace, connected to the same vision of what will be better for our children, and real love for each other at this very moment. I don't think anyone's voice could have captured that as well as Whitney Houston's. She will ever be missed and revered.
Jordan Hundley
The best to ever do it
Ryan Dunne
She looked so healthy and strong, just completely in her prime. I know people bring up that it was pre-recorded, which is true, but if you can spot a moment where she is lip syncing, please show me. There's no indulgence taken, no excessive runs, and she just builds to that perfect climax.
Marc Spector
god bless America! :)
She was only 28 years old here. Her voice was so pure and strong. She was advanced vocally beyond her years. Just about every up and coming singer after her, from various genres, credits her as a major influence. Whitney will always be known in history, long after we are gone, as the best vocalist there ever was. She is simply The Best. RIH Whitney
Few have topped this? Really? Who exactly? Any names? Nobody who came before or after topped Whitney’s performance up to this day and nobody would! EVER!