Whitney Houston - Star Spangled Banner

Among the annals of national anthems as a prelude to sporting events, few have topped the one delivered by Whitney Houston before Super Bowl XXV in 1991 in Tampa. A woman, her incredible voice and the bare minimum of extraneous notes. Her rendition came at a particularly patriotic time, just after the onset of the Persian Gulf War, and was released as a single. It was re-released after the September 11th terrorist attacks. Houston donated all proceeds to charity. She ranks among the best of all-time because of the circumstances and ... that voice..

Whitney Houston The Star-Spangled Banner National Anthem

Seth Alexander
look at how relaxed her face is. so effortless.
Edison Tatad
After what fergie did, i had to comeback.
Grace Wins
I came here after fergie 😂😂
Kirty Wright
Goosebumps ♥️
Natalia Seweryn
So effortless and chilled yet so powerful damn... fergie you wanna note pad and pen ?
I had to come here after that bullshit that Fergie called a National Anthem.
DeVanté Swing
2:52 Omg 😍
Archie Eguna
I’m waiting her to shout “let’s play some basketball!”
Deborrah Cooper
I saw that performed live. It still to this day brings a tear to my eye. She was so talented, so wonderful, such a fabulous vocalist. Irreplaceable. #restinpeacewhitney
Crys Raviani
I cried and I'm not even North American 😍
No unnecessary runs or screams. Just straight and beautiful. So beautiful. RIP Whitney. You will never be forgotten
Whitney Houston & Marvin Gaye have the best performances for the Star spangled banner.
Bijan Love
literally everybody came here after Fergie's perfromance LOL myself included trying to UN hear Fergies singing! hahaha
maybelline perez
Truly Gifted.... RIP Whitney
This brought tears to my eyes and joy to my ears and reconcile for the damage that Fergie has done.........
Monroé Indigo
Greatest of All Time
Eileen Ricker
I’m sorry but this should be the only version of our National Anthem ever sung.... how could anyone ever kneel to that. Whitney it was beautiful.
Nóra Aly
Her vocals are so damn effortless! Truly a queen!
Brandon Puente
I love how fully aware she is about how special and memorable this particular national anthem performance will be💙
One of the best...
2M Baby Gender Reveal
Fergie hurt my ears so I came here to fix them 😂
Harry Mills
she was a queen
They should just play her through the speakers or some shit cause these new generation singers are ass
The Pirate
I saw this like every other mortal - on television, live. My roommates and I all stood around with several beers in our bellies and we all immediately sobered up when we realized we had just witnessed greatness. So we toasted her again for the balance of the evening. Wow. Thank you for posting.
You Will Not Know My Name
Had to cleanse my ears after listening for cancer, I mean Fergie.
Everytime I hear, I feel goosebumps... Voice from the Paradise
Eileen Ricker
It’s just an expression. She should be the only one to sing that song. It was 👌🏾
Puskinofz Hamuš
I love this national anthem. I'm not from the U.S.A, I'm from Bosnia and I promised to myself that I'm going to learn "Star spangled banner" so I did it and now I know the lyrics and how to sing this anthem and every time I do it I sing it very loud. I think it's the best, the great country, the great nation. I have never been in the United States but I would like to come and visit U.S.A if I ever get a chance. God bless U.S.A.
Trent May
Came here to cure my dogs depression from Fergie
hh ter
I'm British but, For a moment there I was proud to be American
Fergie brought me here 😂😜
Gregory Venie
The goat 🐐
black paw
over the years i start thinking whitney was over hyped....but when I listen to her prime years, she really isn't. classic, elegant, powerful - her voice is everything.
roxanne tex
This rendition brings me to tears every time!!
Welly Boot
That applause drowned out the fighter jets.
Fergie, please this is how you sing a national anthem. P.S. yes I'm addressing you because I know you're watching this now 😊 I love your music btw
carlos non-ya
Why can't we just play this every time, nobody needed to sing it after her
nene edwards
Am I the only one that teared up watching this? 😢😢
Brendan Richards
2:56 - When you get applause *BEFORE* you finish "The Star-Spangled Banner", you know you did it right.
John Mallernee
The most beautiful rendition of the National Anthem ever. It's ironic how cocaine can cut down even the most talented among us.
Alexa Don
Beautiful👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽Fergie, take notes...wait...too late now...😭 R.I.P. Whitney Houston😢♥️ Forever in our hearts💕
Krista Wright
My most favorite. She was truly gifted from God.
I was a US Marine in Saudi Arabia, wondering what the future held for me, when she sang this spectacular anthem. After watching this chilling performance, we cheered and I realized that in our great country, the future was about all of US, not just ME. R.I.P. Whitney Houston. You made more of a difference than you would ever know.
Queen of Sheba
I'm sorry she surpasses Goat status to me. She was literally a unicorn 🦄 so mythical, so wonderful. It's like she almost wasn't real. She was once in a lifetime. There can only be one and she was it. Love you Whitney Houston 😘😘😘
Derrick Butler
Fergie takes notes cause you need them badly
Great orchestration and tempo. But her voice was incredible. She sang it almost effortlessly, with unmatched power and love.
Aldair H.
This has to be the best performance of the star spangled banner. I don’t think anyone can ever top Whitney
A Beautiful Mess
🤧Amazing! The way she sings this song, makes me proud to be American again. Donald Dump is simply destroying this country.
hOhm Boy
Damn Whitney, That’s was so gorgeous I got chills. 🇺🇸 USA!!
So effortless
This is the standard..nobody comes close.
Nobody could mess with Whitney back in the day. Nobody.
I’m really not a fan of the USA at all, but this still moved me to tears
Fergie FORCED me to come here!
Ah, Miss Whitney Houston. Always a breathe of fresh air. She made that looks so fun, easy, and carefree. Love my African sister!
Came to cleanse my soul after hearing Fergie
Dani Fernandez
I feel so patriotic and im not even american
Last-minute Kid746
From 2:05 to 2:10 sound so majestic....... the whole song was amazing.
my girl Whitney xox, always in my heart xox
Andres Gutierrez
Whitney Houston once said "Sit the fuck down fergie and take notes"
Came here to lower my BP after Fergie's performance...
Samuel Higgins
Powerful beyond words. Actually brought tears to my eyes.
Arren Imperial
Seamless performance I’ve heard.
Best anthem performance ever.
I'm here to remind myself that there are others who can actually sing a National Anthem.
Who else came here after watching Fergie? 😂
Crystal Ramdial
Effortless...RIP...GONE TOO SOON
Nobody was laughing! The soldiers were proud. People were singing along. Fergie really made a mockery..
Sanfoora s
Effortless! Walked off the stage like it was no big deal. RIP!
Who else came here after fergies 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Phillip W.
One of the best voices the music business has ever had. As aretha franklin says "Whitney was quite a remarkable talent."
No one can top this one! ❤
bogy babies
God bless you Americans
Kim Millard
What made this a GREAT anthem besides Whitney Houston's awesome voice? A few thoughts... 1. The decision to put the music in 4/4 time instead of the traditional 3/4 time (3 beats to a measure, more like a waltz) gave the music more regality. It also gives you longer words so you get.. Oh saaay can you seeee..by the daaaaawns early liiiigt.. instead of plodding ahead. Gives the listener time to meditate on what is being sung. 2. The key of A-Flat was no only right in the singer's wheelhouse, but is a rich key for most pieces of music. I know from years of playing piano. 3. Lot's of deep rich brass in the orchestral accompaniment. 4. The arrangement was both superbly played by the Florida Orchestra, and had numerous interesting harmonic cadence's you don't hear in a lot of traditional arrangements.
Brian Cheng
What's so impressive about Whitney Houston singing this masterpiece was how effortlessly and casually she did it. Truly one of the greatest voice in history.
Listen to that crowd though. Never heard a crowd react that way before the song was even finished. You knew this was special!
Antony Loren
I never tire of hearing this version. Thank you Whitney Houston. Losing you was the day the music died for my generation in so many ways. You were a gift.
Renzairo Airp
Queen of All Queens! THE VOICE
Tbh singing your country’s national anthem should be done with respect and honour and not some stupid runs and screams and shout like here in the philippines we have strict guidelines on singing the national anthem and disrespecting it has some serious consequences and whitney is the prime example of singing the national anthem with respect honour and power and pride.
Damn no matter how many times I watch this...I feel something!
Anna Marie Nieves
I was watching Fergie’s national anthem along with a list of top 10 worst performances of the national anthem when I saw someone mention Whitney Houston. I personally had never heard her sing the national anthem so I looked this up just now. And my goodness. Tears just streamed from my face just now. That is quite possibly the most beautiful rendition I have ever heard. It was absolutely beautiful. I had always loved her voice but after this, I just have a whole new respect for her voice. Absolutely stunning. She sung the national anthem with such beauty and ease I couldn’t help but tear up. I have never felt so moved by a performance like this until now.
Adam Blumke
Wow. She could really sing.
Constantly imitated, never to be equalled or repeated. The greatest voice in pop history.
Christian N.
I just had to come back and hear this after my ears nearly bled from whatever Fergie was doing
Who else is watching this after the halftime show? Just me?
Kehlani Broomes
Fergie this is how its done.
Had to cleanse my ears after hearing fergies terrible performance
Bill Piechocki
Wow... When Whitney had it, the girl really had it...
This has been my favorite version but more recently Gaga's was pretty great. This is majestic tho still cant be topped.
crushed it. best of the best 👏👏👏👍
Veronica Williams
I remember seeing this when it originally aired. 😭 then the adverts for the performance lol. It was that good that they were selling TAPES of it. VHS. Lord have mercy I was MOVED! First time my hyper ass sat still to watch! And watched it over and over again. I’m in tears NOW! 32 years old just sobbing! What a moment in time.
Sophie Habi
Best performance I had to scrub my eyes from the fiasco that just occurred at the NBA all star game
candace inman
Just beautiful!!!
Whitney Houston will never be matched when singing the National Anthem, she took the singing of the National Anthem to a new level of pride and dignity...RIP Nippy...
oh my ms houston. we miss you
Yuno MindCrystal
This performance make me feel proud that I'm American even I'm Asian and not American.
Mariah Jackson
Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston have the best renditions
The fans in the stadium waving their flags, the planes flying over the stadium perfectly on cue as Whitney was done. You can't get any better than this.
Caleb Hughes
It look so effortless for her omg
Brian Cheng
Whitney Houston has the most powerful singing voice of all time.