Whitney Houston - Star Spangled Banner

Among the annals of national anthems as a prelude to sporting events, few have topped the one delivered by Whitney Houston before Super Bowl XXV in 1991 in Tampa. A woman, her incredible voice and the bare minimum of extraneous notes. Her rendition came at a particularly patriotic time, just after the onset of the Persian Gulf War, and was released as a single. It was re-released after the September 11th terrorist attacks. Houston donated all proceeds to charity. She ranks among the best of all-time because of the circumstances and ... that voice..

Whitney Houston The Star-Spangled Banner National Anthem

I'm here to remind myself that there are others who can actually sing a National Anthem.
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Whitney Houston sung the national anthem better than anybody in this world!
Icon Byl Vergara
i'm crying i'm not even american
Brandie E.
She made that look effortless. Whitney’s voice was flawless.
Billy Mccarty
As a white hillbilly from Kentucky im proud to say that ive loved Whitney from the first time i saw her and heard that angelic voice. As a United States Marine, i spent months in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait during Desert Storm. Literally every night i went to sleep with earbuds in and Whitneys beautiful vocals sending me off into dreamland. When i heard her sing our national anthem the tears flowed like an emotional river.. No version of any song has ever touched my soul like she did with our anthem. Still love you Whitney, you will always be one of the greatest. RIP dear lady.
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Fergie hurt my ears so I came here to fix them 😂
Ray M
I remember watching this live on TV. I was only 16, but remember thinking to myself that Whitney's anthem was the best I've ever heard. Fast forward to 2018....still the best i've ever heard.
Best version of the anthem ever and she wasn't all done up all fancy. She wore a tracksuit and no makeup and looked awesome.
This should be the opening of every Superbowl point blank. America stop putting half ass singers to do it every year I come back to her. She is the only one who does this song Justice.
Fergie made me lose faith in America so I came here to restore my patriotism
Fergie, please this is how you sing a national anthem. P.S. yes I'm addressing you because I know you're watching this now 😊 I love your music btw
Some people try to compare beyonce and alicia keys national anthem to Whitney Houston, they must be on dope
Angel xox
She sang this with such pride and love for her country gave me chills
28frost King
I came here because another great legend died 2day Queen Aretha
I listen to this...occasionally. Because I believe this impressive performance will never be duplicated.
Eric L
I disagree when you say "few have topped..." because NONE have topped Whitney
James Walker
I was 19 and in the United States Army and the whole barracks was watching and all of us could have never been more patriotic watching this and when those jets flew by we lost it. We were crying and hugging and telling each other we love you and that we was ready to die. We messed up the barracks up and they had to call outside and put us in a position of attention to calm us down
Cheryl Polk
Buddy Dude
America should play this every morning at Time Square for the WORLD to see ..
Blaise Basara
This is the most beautiful rendition of the Anthem I've ever heard. We love you Whitney RIP ❤️
Came here to lower my BP after Fergie's performance...
David Procise
I do not think anybody could ever sing the national anthem better. All time best... For the record!
Monalisa Cerrutti
She sang the American anthem so naturally!
Jemena Williams
That gives me goosebumps every time. She was absolutely incredible. That is by far, the most beautifully sung national anthem ever recorded.
I've probably watched this 200 times. So incredible.
Who else came here after fergies 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Omg will this ever be topped!!?
Living and loving life
Wow....I find it hard to believe that anyone will ever sing the national anthem better than this whitney Houston performance!
Linda Neff
Still sends chills up my arms...incredible.
Your mom is the most beautiful thing
I wish America still had this passion
Came to cleanse my soul after hearing Fergie
Some Guy
Without question the best to ever sing it...miss whitney houston
Marquella Scott
Whitney is G.O.A.T.
Juliette Goddard
Lord that was crazy good, Whitney definitely had a God given talent. R.I.P my black queen
I love how she’s wearing a track suit, no makeup, her singing is beautiful, and she’s really patriotic. Fergie went wrong somewhere...
Fergie brought me here 😂😜
This performance makes you an American, even if you aren't.
Kaelah Roesler
God bless her 🙏🏼 I’m 10 year’s old and my class has to sing the national anthem so we watched her and I thought she was so good so I went home like now and liked this and am like now commenting it.🙏🏼🙏🏼god bless her🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 and it’s also 9-11 so I thought I would be super respectful and watch this.
Devon Thornhill
She sang with joy and fun, just look at her go... Make this the very best anthem ever song
Nic Dodds
God bless USA, much love from Canada!
No unnecessary runs or screams. Just straight and beautiful. So beautiful. RIP Whitney. You will never be forgotten
Mircea A
Only fitting on this day, September 11, 2018, 17 years after the tragic attacks against the U.S.
Nelanhta Riley
Hearing this makes you proud to be an American, but then you remember who is currently president and that feeling dies.
Brynn Kohler
This rendition has that "je n'ais se quoi" aspect -- the beauty of her voice, the angelic transcendence of her range and the overall joy and happiness heard in her sharing the words/story of seeing our flag still waving come morning!
Ren Feral
So beautiful... almost makes me cry
After watching fregie I had to see how its really sang😂
Michael Bowling
Hands Down, the very best performance of our National Anthem ever. I was in the Persian Gulf onboard the USS Nashville at the time. It brought tears to my eyes then and now every morning, on my ride to work, I listen. The entire Country should have to listen to this every day at 8 AM. Perhaps the idiots kneeling at NFL games would think differently. Whitney was a "one take wonder." I read that she didn't rehearse for this. She listened to the music and then went out and absolutely killed it. RIP you wonderful, beautiful Woman. You're singing for God now and he couldn't be happier.
Ty Dixon
Damn whitney murder tha star spanglee banner
This makes me proud to be an american. 🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷
Cherie Smith
I think Whitney set the tone when she sung this song I don't think anyone that could ever be able to come close.
*Fergie* is probably watching this with us now...
Robert Jordan
The Global Edge Foundation LLC
The best. The number 1 singer of all times. Whitney was my heart!
King K
Whitney just is perfection 😍😍😍😍
Ruthie Young
What a loss!!!!! She was sooooooooo beautiful and gifted with such a big voice. But God gave her to us, for yet a little while, and now she's He's again and so will we all be one day. So let us embrace and love each other while we still can here on Earth, because tomorrow will be here before we know it. So, my friend Whitney I hope that you and your beautiful daughter Bobbi Kristina will continue to rest in paradise under Christ Jesus' care forever!!! 💞❤💕💝
Brian Cheng
What's so impressive about Whitney Houston singing this masterpiece was how effortlessly and casually she did it. Truly one of the greatest voice in history.
Kadane Mangaroo
Lord have mercy you blessed her with an arch Angel voice
I hear a lot of people say that Whitney Houston was the only person who nail the song, as I finally watch it for the 1st time, I have to agree, here I am weeping- it's so darn BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT!!
Ross USMC 94-02
Just unbelievable and touching. What an amazing singer and performer. God Bless!!! No one can or will ever top that in my lifetime.
Phil Jones
No matter how many times I see and hear this I cry every single time.
Alexa Don
Beautiful👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽Fergie, take notes...wait...too late now...😭 R.I.P. Whitney Houston😢♥️ Forever in our hearts💕
Erica J
Greatest singer of all time, rip Whitney you are missed
ONLY SINGERS with higher VOCAL CHORDS can sing the CORRECT NOTES of the Anthem.
Nobody has or will preform this like Whitney. Greatest voice there ever is or was
Isaac Lepulu
this is how our National Anthem is supposed to be sung
Makes me proud to be American 🇺🇲🇺🇲 and I'm not even American
Wow she did it right- i was looking for the right version to play and help me dispose of an old tattered and loved flag tonight and I found it...God bless the USA 🇺🇸
Perfection!!! Every note!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
Marc Angelo Mangubat
I am a Filipino but I can't stop hearing her voice. This is the artist who sang the American National. How can I say? I had compared it to Beyonce. But this performance is better..maybe the best of all time. It is so emotional.
fed Z
After watching Fergie butcher our national anthem. I had to see how it's properly done. Miss you Whitney
Djestar Neem
I'm not American but from the day I started watching, listening, hearing people singing that National anthem, this version has always been the one that still gives me chills. It's very soulful, strong and full of emotions!
Grace Kelly
I love the way she turns and smiles . You’re the greatest ❤️
Tucker Dailey
I bet everyone was standing for this anthem
I'm not american but this made me cry.. Miss you Whitney😢❤
Seth Alexander
look at how relaxed her face is. so effortless.
She sings it so effortlessly and incredibly! Her voice is so strong.
Yolanda Cole
Lord the way she sung it smiling mouth open... Just natural... Best I've ever heard nobody yet has topped this performance!
Shaunna Echols
Love you Whitney❤❤❤
suddenly 2 shotguns appeared in my hands and a bald eagle flew over head and dropped a dead red coat onto my beer shed
2016 and this is still unmatched! INCREDIBLE
Mia Miller
Every one who thumbed down to this song was all haters.
Wow. Just wow. So amazing.
Mikey low
Take a closer look Colin!
D. Chase Huneke
The definitive performance of our nat’l anthem. ❤️
Monroé Indigo
Greatest of All Time
Simone Catenazzi
The Greatest National A. Of All Time! That Voice, That Spirit! The Absolute Perfection . And : The Best Selling and Popular Version Of All Time Around The World . WHITNEY HOUSTON The Monumental Voice
Dan Mykleseth
The first time I ever heard Whitney Houston sing was this performance. I was 8 or 9 and I had no idea who she was. When I heard this, even then I was like, "She is a really really good singer....."
William Jones
Billy Boone
Omg hearing her sing this song gives me goosebumps. She had such a beautiful voice.
Damn no matter how many times I watch this...I feel something!
Brianna Wright
She did this with no effort
PB King
Totally flawless! R.I.P.
Bren Tee
Who is here today 😍👑
Grace Wins
I came here after fergie 😂😂
Texan Child
Wow. Great technique, tone, and pitch. It's unfortunate that we will never get another Whitney.
Jacqueline Geason
She was such a light to the flame of music. She was just the best. She will always be remember no matter what. Gives me such chills. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ifikile Ndudane
No one can ever top this😍 You were loved and still loved❤
This still gives me chills, no matter how many times I watch it.
Adoring Fan
Who’s here because they seek redemption on the Fergie performance?