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Richard and Aaron hope to get Burt Reynolds' signature for the Trans Am. | For more Fast N' Loud, visit /> Subscribe to Discovery! | /> Watch full episodes! | /> Get the Fast N' Loud Mobile Apps! |

Haywood Ublowme
i feel alot older then I did 3 mins ago...all my childhood heros are dead or damn close to it..depressed now
Kevin Bravo
RIP to a legend 😥
Manuel Rosales
Rip Burt😞
Steven Ney
RIP Burt Reynolds
Shane Vaughan
Rest In piece bandit
amazing there was a camera man waiting for them on the other side of the driveway.  very spontaneous.  it hurts to see burt looking like he's in pain.
Marine Raider
Even in the shape Burt Reynolds is in his sense of humor is still intact and has more class in his pinky than those two mongoloids who came to visit him
In fairness Burt has also had some health issues.  These days 78 isn't that old if you take good care of yourself and mix in a little luck.  Sad to see him this way, also one of my childhood heroes.  Stay well Burt and thanks for all the laughs you gave us all those years.
Austin Powers
Sad to see one of my childhood hero's looking old and bent over. Wish I hadn't clicked on this.
...old or not- LEGEND !! ;-)
Is that the trans am that they replaced the head of the hood bird with the gas monkey head. I would have been pissed. Because 1. Its not the firebird and 2. I hate moneys. But Burt Reynolds is and always will be a Legend. I was born in 90 but still grew up with his movies. When Burt Finally goes to that big studio in the sky he will be missed and remembered forever.
Against the relentless march of time A man's youth cannot last Once a child,youth then grown man So quickly they past And no sum of gold Can turn back the hands of time Or resurrect the love That once was thine Now old one hobbles towards the light To be judged on acts wrong and right
Danny Max
Mr. Reynolds deserves better than this show.
Richard Conner
c laird
Rip Bert
Go to Christian Bale's house with a Batman Suit.
Mike Hawk
It hurts to see the great Burt Reynolds in this condition but I hope he's happy in his retirement. I know he auctioned off most of his belongings last year and that's okay. When I first heard about it I was saddened but he really doesn't need those things anymore and it generated some much-needed cash for him, and I understand whoever bought his home agreed to let him live there until he passes away. Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong here but I was very pleased to hear that because he won't have to worry about losing this last piece of refuge to go live God knows where. I know his health isn't what it used to be but I hope he's happy and I truly wish him the very best. Thank you Burt for so many wonderful years in the movies. We are all so thankful for you :)
George Kappa
This part of the episode was,apart from scripted,badly staged. So,first time they roll around at a completely random time Burt just happened to be picking up his newspaper and all of sudden a lawnmower goes off.then out of nowhere a camera from the filming crew zooms into Burt's face as he walks back,which obviously had to be at the other side of the "inaccessible" gate. Second time, random timing again everything wide open while Aaron and Richard acting all surprised...give me a break All these efforts just to build up suspense were completely uneccessary
At least try to act as if the whole second scene wasn't 100% staged. Go ahead and ignore No Trespassing signs in real life (gate open or not) and just drive up to celebrities houses unannounced and see how well it goes for you.
wow he's old. classic.
John Greene
Richard and Aaron only went to Florida once, but they filmed it like it was on different days. Notice how Reynolds is wearing the exact same clothes both times.
TY Burt for all the good times and good movies.. keep truckin sir and stay tuff as woodpecker lips Mr. Reynolds Gator was the best
RIP Burt
labanacheck lowery
Burt Reynolds always been my childhood idol along being a great actor paying homage to people that always looks up a cool actor that appeared in over 40 films and played in alot kickass movies that represented the car world from the Smokey.and the Bandit collection the Cannonball Run collection along with Driven with Sylvester Stallone which was a good movie but seeing the OG Bandit on Fast and Loud thats a great honor!!!!!!
Jim Kirk
michael butler
I thought for along time that Richard and Aaron were together guys but this year it just seems like they have become total clowns. I mean its ok to make fun of yourself and how stupid or drunk you are but after awhile it gets old. They should get back to flipping cool cars again. I mean any fool can pimp a Rolls, just because you figured out the brake system doesn't make it a cool build as reflected in the price it went for at auction. They should go back to their roots ,cool builds.
Marin handymen
I've always liked Burt Reynolds! What I liked most about the guy is, I heard, once he liked you as a person-- you could do no wrong. I will always remember that quote in Deliverance, "But Louis, why do you come on these trips?"
Nicky Cowboy
Completely scripted
lol the correct car to show him :D
Burt told the story about his first car on Spike tv.He said he got in it and drove it to the end of his street and flipped 3 times totaling the car.He said when he walked back up the driveway his dad just stood there and shook his head.
Cant find the full episode...
 Mr. Reynolds just happened to leave the gate open, he was still thoughtful and caring enough to do what he did.
Burt reynalds what a great actor. ☺
Guy from the 80's
Joe Rogan brought me here.
Paul C
So of course the cut the clip before the end
Just say  ‪#‎BurtReynoldsFastFurious8‬
Gary Bross
I read that Burt has to sell all his collectables that he bought over the years to pay over 15mil. After following his career he made a lot of friends and did make the best movies he could. Thanks Burt. 
Jason's Journeys
Wish Fast N Loud had free episodes on YouTube.
matthew byrom
I'm pretty sure that the trans am is the golden ticket that magically opens Burt Reynolds gate
Lucas Martínez Parra
R.I.P. Burt Reynolds (1936-2018).
Maximus Meridius
Burt Reynolds...always will be the **Bandit**. Love ya Burt!
rob ready
Not many of the greats are still around. Sorry Burt's gone. He was an original.
Specialized 29er
At Burts age Fast n Loud would be one of his farts.
Burt is a real superstar ! Even at his age , he has more star power than all of the current box office leaders in Hollywood. You can’t fake what Burt has and sadly most of Hollywood is all fake !!
tiffany branton
Legal or not burt will try anything once good buddy 10.10 on the side snowman
Barry Barndtt
I liked burt renyolds in the smokey & the bandit movies & jerry read also both the movies are classics i wish i can collect them both.
Wayne Metevia
Mr. Reynolds has always been one of my favorites. Sad to hear of his passing. Richard Rawlings on the other hand is an ass!
One of the best "Scripted" reality shows too bad it got so scripted it was very hard to watch. That signature just went through-the roof RIP Burt!
I have so much respect for this great actor who started his acting career from the bottom to the top of Hallewood with the scars to show it in his body.i was a student in America when smoky and the bandit 2 released in move theaters. I saw the movie at night and next morning I was at the dealership and bought it for little over $9000.i had to finance half of the mony to buy it. Unfortunately I had to sell it when I graduated and return back home to my country. 2 years ago my wife surprised me and bought me a similar one 1979 and it was the best present ever to receive in my hole life. Thank you Burt for so many happy moments we had and still have every time we sre ir hear from you.i hope you get better and get the happiness you want in life . P.s those two guys should Be ashamed of them selfs and apologies to burt, his fans, their fan if they have any and finally to everyone one who saw this vedio.
Diana Maue
RIP Bandit i Love him for ever A Big Fan Out Old Germany Kisses Diana
Carl Pinson
Burt Reynolds I still love you Sir no one will ever be as good as you in acting miss you
Martin Riggs
The Bandit has made his last call 10/4 ole buddy
Mumpower Jakob
R.I.P dude
What a difference from The Longest Yard 9 years ago where he was jogging in football equipment, to now where he looks almost crippled. That 10 years from your late 60's into your late 70's is an annihilator . Either way the dude is a legend. I wish they wouldn't script this show so hard and pretend like everything isn't setup. These kinda shows could be so good but they fuck them up. 
steam pro
He was a good man
Eric Polhamus
R.I.P. the Bandit
zizouaziz 2000
Incroyable comment qu'il a vieillit, enfin c'est la vie, au moins lui il en aura profite   un max, puis mieux que moi il a encore tous ces cheveux ...
dingle berry
Burt was very physically charismatic and seemed to really enjoy banging himself up. He really gave it all he had and it was exciting to watch, and fun. Not surprised to see he is bent with age. I remember him on Dinah's daytime talk show.
ronron tarbaby
I miss him God bless him rip Burt Reynolds☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️
Saul Santiago
Burt Reynolds one of the Best forever The Bandit!!!
Eric Matthews
He partied it up. Cigars. Whiskey. Women.
I heard he went bankrupt old Burt. Rumour is he has HIV too
David R
That Richard that all he thinks about Money .
sin gin
so did he sign it then
I hate to say it because I like this show, but after this episode I think this series "jumped the shark".
74 torino
scripted shyte
Matthew H
James Leslie
Burt is a true cowboy id love to have a beer with the legend bandit anytime and hear his stories.
The Bush Wolf
Fast and Stupid.... These are the words spoken by the PhantomWorks owner.... Yeah I heard him say that to me in person x3 He hates this show so much lol
Poppa WoLFF
#1...Burt has on the same outfit on "both days" they visited him... #2 ..I don't like seeing Burt Reynolds hunched over and old...feeble. I can almost smell the urine soaked trousers
I was the 1st AD on a movie starring Burt back in 2004 in Arizona, and it was awesome working with Burt. Although he was a dick a few times on set, I still admired the dude!
Goddess Sky
YES RICHARD you most certainly should give Mr Reynolds the twenty five grand for gracing you with his presence. That man is living legend.
terry fuckwitt
At least he's still got a full head of hair !
While working with him back in 2004, off camera he was walking just like he is on this show.... very stiff and old. He told me stories about him doing all of his own stunts on all of his films!
Mensa Melancholia
I thought he died years ago. ooops.
Dylan MacDonald
Burt Reynolds is slowly dying in front of our eyes. He’s dying :(
I would have been throwing some Burford t justice quotes at him.
Colton Kemp
Osman Can
He is soo old for 77
Donkarlito DON
Mr Richards in Aron best company:)
Sam Awada
love you burt your a great actor buddy
King Snowman
Burt was cool. Luv to see more of this.
Makebidz Makebidz
Franz Fuchs
Cool Burt-TOP
Had no idea he was 78
バートレイノルズさんがお亡くなりなったと聞いたので、この回の速くて五月蝿いを思い出しました。合唱 人
nico merker
He can´t go without a cane. That is a surprise to me though he´ll be 78 in 2 months. It seems to me that he has a problem with his back.
Neo Blackjack thee enraged
I love burt reynolds he looks grate.i wish i had the child hood wish come true of meeting him i will never get the chance i will die be 4 it happens even tho iam liveing in florida as well. Hes the reson i had sooo much fun never got nabed lol and never hurt any 1 hes the last of a grate line of performers theres no 1 to this day who coud hold a candle to him .
TheProfessor Fate
The sad part is, there is nobody to replace these guys. Sorry, but Mark Wahlberg and Jason Statham  just ain't got it. Getting old is sad, but we're all headed there. 
Michael Sillitoe
Cool want a trans am
Tyler Pepper
Dam i only watched smokey today,i am a child of the 70,s and broke my heart to see Mr Reynolds  as he is today,you said it Haywood my heros are all dead dying or close to.Thankyou Burt for so many good times growing up,take care boss
Ori Bear
I can't stand this show or these two horses asses, they aren't worthy to be near Burt.