Complete Vancouver 2010 Opening Ceremony - Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

Full coverage of the opening ceremony of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics featuring incredible sporting, artistic and musical performances to mark the beginning of the Winter Games. />

Marie K
1:24:58 lip syncing fail by Bryan Adams lmao.
Haleyaaa Owens
Wayne Gretzky holding the torch on the back of a pickup truck with people chasing after him is still the most canadian thing ive seen to date
I love that they included the Canadian aboriginals. And the music was incredible!
Respect for Georgia for coming out after that tragic accident before the ceremony
Even though I'm Canadian I might be little biased :P  I for sure like these Ceremonies much better than London and Sochi. I just feel like ours really represented well Canada's past and present, it showed our cultures our traditions and the simple beauty that is our country..... yes alot of people say that they looked cheap or tacky but I think that we didn't need all the fancy gimmicks to put on a spectacular show... we are a simple, beautiful, exquisite country and we have nothing to prove. We had elements that touched people not just from Canada but I think from all over the world who watched them. At the end of the say I don't think it should be about the money, the lights or anything else but rather showcasing the pride of a nation and it's culture and beauty which I think these ceremonies did. Absolutely no disrespect to Sochi and London, they were very well done as well, but this is just my opinion. I found London's were a little bland and Sochi's were a little strange and I didn't understand what they were trying to represent sometimes... but both were beautiful and grand as ceremonies should be.... Respect to all these countries.... It's not easy hosting the Olympics :)
Claude Tremblay
7 billions total cost for Vancouver, 51 for Sochi...If you can't do anything good with that amount!? I say Canadians got much more in return for their money's worth. 
I dont know if it is just because I am from Canada, but I think this was the best opening Ceremony for any Olympic Games...I still get tears watching this
Justin Druer
The opening part with all of my people dancing makes me cry every time.
The PsychoNoob
This was eight years ago. EIGHT. YEARS. AGO. ...HOW?!?!?!
When Georgia's team entered the stadium, I was in tears. The black marks they had, the saddened looks, the standing ovation and cheering for their support.
If there's one thing Canada really missed out on in these Olympics it was fitting in a better tribute to Terry Fox. I'd say very, very few people truly have the Olympic spirit as he did.
Cameron Creasy
And honestly I thought it was very touching that they paid so much notice to their ancestors and the nations that existed before they did. Canadians know their roots. I think that's why, as an American, I respect them so much.
Niles Nibogie
Who else cries every time Canada comes out when they're announcing the countries.
Stubs 87
I'm so glad this is here on youtube because I love rewatching these opening and closing ceremonies. I was born in Vancouver and lived in B.C my whole life so living back in Metro Vancouver circa 2010 Winter Games was definitely a highlight of my life.!!!! Thank you!!!
Jonny Setzler
I must've watched the part with all the First Nations people about a thousand times. I just love how Canada included them in their opening ceremony
Tobi the Tabby
Makes me so proud to be Canadian. Great memories. Time just flew by. Can't believe it has been 6 years since this happened.
Aside from one malfunction, Vancouver had an amazing Olympics. Beautiful for the tourists, the journalists and the athletes. Really, what future Olympics should hope to accomplish. Sadly, at least so far according to reports, Sochi is woefully unprepared.
Stephen Anderson
I wish in America we could recognize our indigenous peoples like this.
David Gooding
That k.d. lang sequence is absolutely beautiful! All the Chinese pyrotechnics and Russian engineering is beautiful, but this is more in keeping with the spirit of the Olympics.
Really who cares who had the best openings. What matters is that Vancouver got to host this world event and we fucking lived up to it :p
Carol Chen
Ugh this is when I was ten and barely remembered anything but I loved the atmosphere there for that few weeks.
Team Tom
its funny how uzbekistan athletes thinks everyone is cheering for them put they're actually cheering for canada
This was one of the greatest things I have ever seen on TV. Blew me away. WOW!!
favorite Olympics. seeing Canada get the most gold and win hockey in ot on home soil. and it seemed so pure
Gia isnotawkward
remember my kokum (Grandma) yelled at us all (aunts, uncles, cousins) to come inside to watch the opening and we were all so filled with pride and happiness watching our people of different tribes and nations coming together as one. still love to come back here to watch this
I love my Country(Canada), i would do anything for Canada, born in Vancouver. I love my city. I was downtown everyday the olympics were on. Was the best days of my life.
Lj Jones
K.D Lang's performance of hallelujah brings me to tears every single time. The moment when all the animated golden candle lights turn into birds I get goosebumps all over my body! Amazing!
The Georgia entrance was beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. The fact that they showed up was truly inspiring, but what should have been such an exciting moment ended up being a horrible moment. I assume the older man at the back of their group was the man's coach, he broke my heart.
Mun craft
I love how they paid their respects to the First Nations... After everything we've done to them they deserve to be a part of it and it was really well done my favourite opening ceremony to date
Now it is Rio 2016 and when I look back to the Vancouver Olympics, I still get goose bumps.
A Taco
Vancouver 2010: BEST olympic wintergames EVER.
Katya Arifin
The First Nations are such a big part of our Canadian culture. The government should add them to the budget, and pay more attention to them.
Luxor Will
It just seems like every Olympic opening Ceremony is just flat out amazing they tell history and cultures in many ways like the Drums from the Chinese ceremony, the Violins and the Icebergs breaking apart in this Ceremony, the Industrial Revolution in the the 2012 Olympics and of course the Soviet Union history of Russia. I personally cannot wait for the Brazilian and the South Korean Olympics.
2:36:35 Iconic, timeless performance from k.d. lang.
We're up at 1:19:27
I FINALLY FOUND IT! I was so sad when I couldn't watch the Vancouver ceremony, but nearly four years later, I've found it! I thought that the ceremony would be on  CTV... it was actually on CTV 2 or something like that. When I finally found it - at the END of the parade of nations - it was on channel 94.380. How do you even search that?! Our television is strange... decimal channels change on a month-to-month basis.
All the feels when the entire stadium gave Georgia a standing ovation, just mere hours after their Luge competitor, Nodar Kumaritashvili, was killed in a practice run at Whistler Sliding Centre. Georgian hearts were obviously very heavy that night walking into BC Place without him, but props to the crowd for showing them some badly needed love after the tragedy.
Jason Cheung
Who's here just to watch the KD Lang's Hallelujah segment?
omg president snow is carrying the olympic flag 2:44:33
Vincent Bédard
Best O canada ever ;)
Galen Marek
Maybe sometime Olympics will come back to Canada. Beatiful country, with interesting history and native inhabitants.
2:36:39  The best version of Halellujah
Mikhail Kobzar
Не смог смотреть Сочи 2014, еще раз пересмотрел Ванкувер, это грандиозно! Could not see the Sochi 2014, revised again Vancouver, this ceremony is great!
The orcas coming out of the floor were dope.
I remember watching the opening ceremony 2 years ago and knowing something was wrong at the end lol. Hopefully the Russians don't have this problem. haha
Honestly, to me there isn't one opening ceremony that's better than the other. Each one is meant to represent its country, its culture, its people... not to beat the previous olympics. I watch it because I feel that people taking part in it look so proud, it's purely magical to witness something so special. I don't understand why everyone is arguing about who made the best one, like I get it, Sochi was amazing, Beijing was amazing... but get over it, it's done, they were all amazing and there will be amazing ceremonies in the future also. Can't you just sit down and appreciate? I don't go around clicking on every damn opening ceremony to bash on other countries. That's so annoying.
Centrist Philosopher
Great Opening Ceremony.    Respect from the UK.
solaris XYZ
I wonder how many Native Canadians are still left? As bad as in the US?
Tony Bjornson
1:49:29 My people
Such a well-conceived and moving Opening Ceremony.
Борис Беликов
Супер открытие олимпиады в Ванкувере Great opening olimpics for Vancuver=3
Vancouver the best!
Sochi and London had better opening ceremonies... And I'm a Canadian
John Phillips
2:44:43 Donald already looked like President Snow before he was cast for the role!
Crystal D
On behalf of my fellow Americans, I give my condolences (although belated) to the Georgian team and their fallen luger. It breaks my heart. I wish my team wore the black arm bands.
glittering multitude
I wish more aboriginal Canadians would get into sports.  They deserve to play for this country more than anyone.  And no, I'm not aboriginal.  I just think it would do wonders for their overall morale, but it's also understandable if they didn't want to wear the flag, since they have their own.
Ann Nee
that was a magnificent end of parade of nations... how the last Canada nation with the drums drowned into each other... and the native american dancing... looking forward to comparing sochi once i actually see it!
Hydra Star
2:44:34 that old man is... President Snow from "The Hunger Games"???!!! OMG Ohhhh... Katniss, sorry, Jennifer Lawrence could have a heart attack if she watches this...
Victor CoverMusic
The opening of the Olympic games in Sochi I liked more than in Vancouver!
J. Knight
liek if cryie everie tiem
Guys use some common sense it's obvious that the next Opening Ceremony will be better than the last because the country can pick off and improve on the next Olympics.
My mom's side of the family came from Europe to Canada than when the great lakes froze over they cross into the US and settle here in the US so I do have some Canadian history in my family!
bob builder
Celine Dion should of sung the National Anthem :P
Jill C
The whales going across the floor is still my favourite part!
Ryan Mitch
I'm watching this 6 years late and I still cry
Allen Chan
You guys do realize that Canada's history is TINY compared to other countries right? So yeah, since Olympics tend to show the world their history, Canada's would suck. You guys are comparing Canada against countries that are THOUSAND years old while Canada is less than 150 years old. Sure they can do better, I agree. But take that into consideration.
I love the fiddle nation song the most.
The Dynast Queen
Hey Canadians, do you all sing your anthem in French or it just up to the speaker/singer?
1:17:20 AMERICA !! (USA)
Emily Wang
Love how this ceremony really demonstrates Canada's diversity.
Vikas Mehmi
stop comparing everyone's Olympics to ours, obvs every the next Olympics is going to better by learning from mistakes and in 4 years allot of things change including the technology to make the games better so don't compare but enjoy how beautiful they make the ceremonies 
Considering how much the other countries paid for the Olympics, I think Vancouver is better.  Not only that, we gained more as Canadians. It's not about the opening ceremonies guys, it's about celebrating as a nation. We set a new olympic record as well as finished with a bang. Post 2010 olympics, I'm proud to be Canadian. 
H. B.
First Nations of the Prairies did not come to play with y'all!
Bonnie McPhee
I guess I am patriotic because when i see my country come out i cry...LOL
Irfaan Gafur
i hope terrorists dosn't ruin the Sochi 2014 winter games >:(
Crazy Crazy Railfan
26:23 The parade begins!
The Vancouver Olympics were fantastic! Canada did a wonderful job.
Jamez Burke
Always loved the Olympics. Can't wait for Sochi!!
Alyssa Sz
Where can I watch the full opening ceremony to Sochi 2014?
D.F.B Cabas-an
That wolf guy is cute
I really loved that they chose to bring the athletes out first, after all, it's all FOR THEM.
Chelsea Weston
David Gooding
Has anyone else noticed that these opening ceremonies have become as competitive as the sporting events themselves? LOL! The digital age has really raised the bar for these elaborate productions . . . but I have to admit I'm a sucker for an "elaborate production." Beautiful . . . love the "indigenous peoples" beginning.
Joshua Abe Plimmer
well done to Canada for a beautiful opening ceremony in 2010
2:22:27 The previous IOC President Juan Antonio Samaranch before his death!
Gwen Huang
please let Toronto win the Olympics once when i can see
K.D. Lang really knocked it out of the park. Wow.
pretty playback fail 
Good luck to all the athletes in Pyeongchang 2018!
Līva Dāce
manuprāt, viena no visu laiku labākajām olimpisko spēļu stklāšanas ceremonijām! I think this is one of the best olimpic games opening ceremony. I had wacth this 5 times, and every time it inspires me
Yikes, I don't remember this opening ceremony being so tacky and cheap looking. Besides the ring mishap, Sochi was absolutely gorgeous. Everything was extravagant. I got chills and I'm not even Russian! As for Vancouver, the games were definitely more interesting than the ones in Sochi but the ceremonies were not. Even TIME ranked it as one of the worst opening ceremonies ever. I think Canada can do way better than this. London was nice too. Beijing is up there as well.
Clinton Murphy
Rock em in Russia! USA! USA! USA!
Watching this makes me proud to bad canadian! But the summer games is my game. I'm going to the world of archery tournament in Denmark in July 2015. If I place good there then the 2016 summer games in Brazil will be my first ever as an Olympian! Just watching this makes me so pumped up!
I love it how a few countries waved the Canadian flag instead of their own. Some waved both (like china). That's how you know countries respect you
Jim Liu
Time goes SO fast.... and now we just got RIO 2016 olympics a few hours ago. Man. We are growing old. :'D i still remember 2010 like yesterday
Brittany Lang
I wish one day it will come back to Vancouver again. So that my daughter can get an experience what I experienced when the Olympics were here.
林 Lin昭辰 Jack
This one is so awesome!
Jacob Frank
This is the best winter olympics opening ceremony of all time. Definitely better than Sochi and their missing ring... lol
Лев В
Очень разные по характеру шоу (Сочи и Ванкувер) В Ванкувере больше официоза и чисто визуальной затянутости самого действия. В Сочи больше зрелищности и красочности. По чисто визуальной динамичности Сочи явно превосходит Ванкувер и очень серьезно превосходит. В Ванкувере нудно и затянуто проходит вся "дипломатическая" часть: песни речи и парад атлетов. Поле стадиона, используется как экран и в том и в другом случае, но декорации в Ванкувере поднимаются с пола, а в Сочи летают. Анимированных роботов не увидел. Однозначно сочинский Фишт превосходит канадский стадион в качестве зрелищной площадки (если честно, то канадский стадион выглядит словно "сжавшимся" и натуральным чумом рядом с Фиштом, причем эффект "сжатия" усиливают дополнительные трибуны в самом низу). В результате снижается масштабируемость и чисто визуальная зрелищность самого костюмированного шоу (оно словно также сжимается, как и сам стадион).  Т. е. в Фиште получилось шоу в космосе, а здесь внутри большого чума. Музыку не стану оценивать, Фейерверк в Ванкувере очень скромный. + серьезный косяк с неподнявшейся четвертой колонной.
Zhazira U
That's ridiculous to compare olympics ceremonies. Each country is different and unique and each strive to do their best to represent themselves. Firstly, some countries may not be able to allot sufficient funding while others could. Secondly, times are changing, the world is changing, now we have more developed technologies to use than any generations before. And the next generations will probably have more developed technologies and sciences (even if some people may not notice these changes or think that those changes could affect olympics or ceremonies). I think we all should appreciate the work done by any host country, since it is a work of people. And it doesn't matter whether u are Canadian, Russian or Chinese, we're people and this what does matter, these games does unite us in some way. So, instead of comparing, and judging which opening was worse or better, it is better to support and appreciate any host country for their work done for our amusement.