Hamilton: the musical (Animatic version)

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EDIT: It's back yeah! WMG (the ones that owe Hamilton) allow this video to exist but they put a lot of adds so they can make money out of it.. I'm not happy with that since the artists should receive it but okay.. the big company wins once again. So, I basically selected my favourites animatics for each song of Hamilton and I made this video, I really hope you'll all enjoy. Credits are in the description and in the video (the credits to all the artists are at the end of the video and in the description, just keep reading :D ). The songs are a property of Lin Manuel Miranda. The animations in this video where made by the following artists: 1) ALEXANDER HAMILTON (Galaxyst) 2) AARON BURR, SIR (Szin) 3) MY SHOT (Szin) 4) THE STORY OF TONIGHT (Szin) 5) THE SCHUYLER SISTERS (Szin) 6) FARMER REFUTED (Szin) 7) YOU'LL BE BACK (Captain Sealant) 8) RIGHT HAND MAN (Szin) 9) A WINTER'S BALL (Szin) 10) HELPELESS (Szin) 11) SATISIFIED (Szin) 12) THE STORY OF TONIGHT REPRISE (Szin) 13) WAIT FOR IT (Marzy Meh) 14) STAY ALIVE (Marzy Meh) 15) TEN DUEL COMMANDEMENTS (Szin) 16) MEET ME INSIDE (Szin) 17) THAT WOULD BE ENOUGH (Szin) 18) GUNS AND SHIPS (Szin) 19) HISTORY HAS IT EYES ON YOU (Szin) 20) YORKTOWN (Marzy Meh) 21) WHAT'S COMES NEXT? (Szin) 22) DEAR THEODOSIA (Szin) 23) LAURENS INTELUDE (Szin) 24) NON STOP (Allison Coon) 25) WHAT'D I MISS? (Jasmin McPines) 26) CABINET BATTLE #1 (HuangHYing) 27) TAKE A BREAK (Moo Radish) 28) SAY NO TO THIS (Moo Radish) 29) THE ROOM WHERE IT HAPPENS (SaffeeBear) 30) SHUYLER DEFEATED (Eumnie) 31) DEAR THEODOSIA REPRISE (Chiino) 32) CABINET BATTLE #2 (Avenoir) 33) WASHINGTON ON YOUR SIDE (PillowPon) 34) ONE LAST TIME (OfficialDaelight) 35) I KNOW HIM (Jasmin McPines) 36) THE ADAMS ADMINISTRATION (Exadorlion) 37) WE KNOW (Allison Coon) 38) HURRICANE (ZooshiSushi) 39) THE REYNOLDS PAMPHLETS (Captain Sealant) 40) BURN (Mokodoko) 41) BLOW US ALL AWAY (Ziksua) 42) STAY ALIVE REPRISE (Ziksua) 43) IT'S QUIET UPTOWN (Captain Sealant) 44) THE ELECTION OF 1800 (A homebody) 45) YOUR OBEDIENT SERVANT (Violet - Madness) 46) BEST OF WIVES AND BEST OF WOMEN ( Galactibun Bun) 47) THE WORLD WAS WIDE ENOUGH (Jasmin McPines) 48) WHO LIVES, WHO DIES, WHO TELLS YOUR STORY (Jasmin McPines)

I'm sick of reading comments saying I'm making money out of the video... you have to be very ignorant about how youtube works to think that
Genevieve Cai
the closest thing i'm getting to watching the actual show xD
Ana Guerrero
Hamilton: show me where the - Ad: HAVE YOU BEEN DIAGNOSED WITH CANCER Me: I’m about to be if you don’t make my Hamilton come back
Reid Wages
Me at the end:Nooooo!!! My friends:😕 Me:*Hugs them while sobbing* Them:Shhhhh its alright hes already dead. Me: B-but you don't u-understand (sobbing) Them:No,No we don't (P.S Happy birthday Hamilton)
Chrissy Hamilton
Teacher: can you tell me about Alexander ham- Me: *raises hand* (I literally told his whole life needles to day I got an A+)
Okay. Im finnaly doing it. Im sick of not knowing. Lets go.
_KittyGames _
Me When He Gets Married to Eliza: YASSSSSSS Me When He Cheats On Eliza: NOOOO HOW COULD YOU!!! Me When Eliza Burns The Letters: BURN THOSE ELIZA YAS GURL Me When Philip is in The Duel: He gonna die, He gonna die... Me In “Stay Alive Reprise” *cries eyes out* PHILIP NEVER HURT A SOUL
Hercules Mulligan
Szin has a sense of humor 😂
denki boi
me: stop reading the comments there are spoliers Also me: one more comment..
I need Ramen
Is it normal to watch this three times a day???????
Sarah Smallwood
Ya girl just got Hamilton tickets for Christmas
Just Lynn
18:57-22:22 King is Yandere for Americe confirmed?
Anika Greene
Basically the whole musical: Everyone: Hamilton NO! Hamilton: *HAMILTON YES!!!!*
Purple Potato 42
I ship the king with the servant dude
Why isn’t there a Hamilton anime already? Holy moly thanks for the likes guys together we shall have this anime created!
Dynamite Kitty
Me in Act one: Oh wow Alexander really turned his life around! From being a street urchin to a American hero! Me in Act two: WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED!?!? My poor Eliza :C I still love this musical though :3
Turajas- Info Chan, Singing, and MORE!
Burr: Now I'm the villian in your history Me: Oh no, I think the biggest villian is that EACKER BOI HOW DARE YOU KILL PHILIP DA POET!
Lainie Picklesimer
Everyone: He aims his pistol at the sky! Burr: Wait! BANG Me: *sobs* Edit: Omg thank you for the likes! I didn’t think I would get so many!
Paula Portillo
The real heroe, the real angel here is: Eliza And you can’t change my mind. Edit: Hero.
Salty Noodle
So were not gonna talk about the “You’ll be back” animation? Ok.
I was singing "my shot" when a Wendy's ad came up and I had a heart attack. I thought she was gonna gas my singing skills
uwu tingz
Idk why but sometimes when I’m just like bopping to the music I think what if these dead historical figures just look down at everyone that’s a fan of the musical and is just like “wtf”
William's How To Vids
Ummm the king of England is clinically insane also I didn’t think this would get likes so thank you!!! :P
Lanabear Creations
Can we appreciate for a minute that Lafayette's first name is Marie? And his full name is Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette?
Casey Capozziello
Am I the only person who thinks that the Lafayette animation is hot? 🥵😂
BoxDot 0616
Szin: The actual animation godess of the Hamilton fandom Edit: to the people who keep saying she isn't part of the fandom anymore I am aware. I'm just saying that that she has done so many amazing videos on hamilition.
Listen to *Alexander Hamilton, Guns and Ships, Cabinet Battle 1, and Cabinet Battle 2* with 2x speed on.
Fire star
The real hero is: Peggy. Change my mind
Maddie Fishblob
54:07 when George Wash writes: Dear Alex, Come back, Lafayette is scary. There’s also a war or something like that Ps. Bring food, I haven’t eaten in like 3 days (If you’re reading this after I edited....it used to be “Rafyette” 😂 I actually thought that was his name!)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Me: NO NO ITS TO SOON I CANT HANDLE IT he aims his pistol at the sky.... WAIT.. Me : GOD DAMN IT BURR WHY ......WHY..........WHY...........*CRYS FOR 6 DAYS STRAIGHT*
Klemosaurio el guardaespaldas de la piña kawaii
51:52 *YAHOO! answers* 🔎 Have you ever seen a woman so beautiful you started crying? I know it sounds weired but once I saw this Xdd soy el unico que habla espanich?
Rose Long
Oh my goodness, no!!!! 2:04:01 stop!! I can't watch anymore 😭😭😭(my eyes are too blurry cuz of tears). I was at work when I reached this part and I bet I looked crazy, but I was literally sobbing, snot, tears tissues... the whole thang😫. And when the mother started singing with Phillip.... Oh boy it got me real good 😢.
Macie Cornelius
King George seemed gay during I Know Him
Summers Gaming
The only part I cried was Theodosias death. Burr worked so hard for Theodosia, and he just lost her like losing a gamble, and it makes me so heartbroken.
Faith ó Panda
Dumbledore’s quote at the end hit home.. Now I know where to come when I want to listen to the soundtrack 😪😪
In case anyone was wondering yes they did sing everything in the late 1700s AND early 1800s
Scott Carpenter
guy who plays lauren’s and phillip: hey lin lin manuel miranda: ya guy who plays lauren’s and phillip:why am i the one who has to keep dying lin manuel miranda: uuuuh history? guy who plays lauren’s and and phillip: oh....ok
Yandere Sister
This is one of those musicals that you can’t watch the full thing without crying at least once.
Luci Blogs
I’ve never seen Hamilton. Never really been a fan. But I’m seeing it this week and i wanted to know what it was like. THIS STUFF SLAPS MY DUDE.
Hamilton has infected my life so much I’m scared that when I take French i will have to sing to count to ten.Also: My friends no longer ask me the time I yelled at my friend for saying Burr should’ve shot sooner I may or may not have broken into song...In library... I get into random fits trying to decide who I like better;Laurens or Lafayette My new greeting to people is;ALEXANDER HAMILTON DEFINITELY *CENSORED* JOHN LAURENS. I brought the book to school just to traumatize my friends.. I dragged my friend into the fandom When my friends tell me to be quiet I answer in “Don’t modulate the key then not debate with me!” I isolate myself for hours a day listening to the soundtrack at max volume. I’ve been giving my friend the silent treatment because I tried to send her the Kermit suicide thing and she cursed me out bc she though it was Hamilton and now I just whisper “Alexander Hamilton doesn’t approve of your sinful actions” when I pass her in the hall.. There’s a million THINGS THAT ARENT ON THIS LISTT BUT JUST YOU WAIIITTTT I just realize how great of a friend I am. WHO NEED FRIENDS!?IVE GOT THE INTERNET!
Margaux Fernandez
Lin is a genius I swear
BookCat HPPJ
Oof, My name is Angela, and today one of my favorite teachers walked up to me and said “ANGELICA can I borrow a pen please?” And I didn’t hear it at first so I grabbed my pen and handed it over to her, then her words went through my head....DID SHE JUST CALL ME ANGELICAAAA???~ My friend also heard her and was dying of laughter on the floor (btw she’s a Hamilton fan uwu)
Oreo_ _box_
If anybody is confused about the girl next to Eliza in It’s Quiet Uptown, that was Philip’s sister, and she was in so much shock of his death, she became mentally unstable, and started seeing him, and she was taken to a mental hospital, and she was only like 8. So yeah. Yeah I feel awful for Eliza too, she went through A LOT.
Amazing Adventures of Claire & Maranda
O.M.G I just looked on Wikipedia and Theodosia went missing! After they found out she was on a boat to Europe and two people took their stuff... and made Theo walk off the plank! I'm so sad...
Nik Rania Azen Nik Arshad
The SCHUYLER SISTeRS Alexander:What is wrong with them? John:They got REJECTED AgAIN Lafayette:*cries* Hercules:*cries* ME: WHAT U gEt FOR MESSING WITH THOSE INTESE INDEPENDENT WOMEN HAH (I still love Mulligan and Lafayette) 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Edit:Thx for 10 likes 🤗😫
I know these people have been dead for a long time yet I see someone die in the musical COUGH COUGH PHILIP COUGH COUGH HAMILTON yet I still cry when I see them die
Anna Kimball
Omg when he says “when’s it gonna get me? In my sleep? 7 feet ahead ahead of me?” It shows AARON BURR IM NOT OK
Life of a Rodent
I would go to new york just to find their graves
Minnesota Girls Life
This comment shall be my thoughts and experience while watching this. Ok, but, the animation for ‘Helpless’ is so adorable. I love it so much. Also, I feel like ‘Satisfied’ is setting up an unrealistic expectation for us older sisters. If my sister and I were both in love with someone… sucks to be her, I guess! Jk… kinda. Idk. I love my sister so much, but I feel like the love between you and your spouse is stronger, but if she really loved him, I would let her have him, because that’s what she would do for me. EDIT: I JUST SAW THE ANIMATION FOR ‘TOMORROW THERE’LL BE MORE OF US’ AND I’M SOBBING! THERE ARE TEARS RUNNIG DOWN MY FACE!!! NOOOOOO! EDIT 2: THIS IS LIKE MY 3RD TIME WATCHING THIS AND I STILL CRY AT ‘TOMORROW THERE’LL BE MORE OF US!’ help me plz. Edit 3: why are the pronouns mixed up in ‘The Adams Administration?’ Edit 4: I feel like the actors of Hamilton, Laurens, Mulligan, and Lafayette went to a bar, got really drunk, then just acted like they did when they got drunk while they were performing. Edit 5: I noticed another similarity between “the Greatest Showman” and “Hamilton”. Both Eliza and Charity were probably the best wives Hamilton and Barnum could’ve asked for. They did noting wrong. They just wanted to be more involved in their husbands lives. ‘Tightrope’ and ‘That Would be Enough’ are in the top three of my favorites from both the soundtracks because they’re so pure, hopeful, and sad. Even though these men have these amazing wives, Hamilton cheats on Eliza, and Barnum leads on Ginny, leading her to believe that he loves her, causing her to kiss him, making a scandal. And, both of these amazing women forgive their husbands in the end, showing their extremely strong love for them, and that makes me happy. Edit 6: now that I’ve talked about the love of Eliza, let me talk about ‘Burn.’ ok, so, I know that a lot of people cry during this song, but I never have. I don’t cry, but it does give me a strong desire to punch Hamilton. I can see why people cry, especially if they had something like that happen to them. Edit 7: PHILIP: GRANDPA’S IN THE PAPER! AD: Roll into 2019 with new royal tires! Edit 8: my friend… _dislikes_ my love of Hamilton. She was watching a video the other day, and she told me the first comments was, “I can speak French. Oui, oui, mon ami, je’mappel(?) Lafayette!” She then asked me, “ARE THEY EVERYWHERE?” Yes. Yes they are. Edit 9: I told my friend to listen to Hamilton. She said, “If you listen to Queen, I’ll listen to Hamilton.” I agreed. We made a promise. We signed a treaty. Edit 10: I want a ‘Helpless’ relationship. No, I’m not lonely, what make you think that?
Lisa Laungvud
Put yourself in my position. Its 52:52, end of emotional scene and then BAM a Fortnight ad.
Emanuelle Rae Dizon Manzon
Burr is such a BURRden
Rose Fletcher
If you are a Miraculous fan KEEP READING: Are they all getting akumatized... It would be funny to see 17-1800 Ladybug and Cat Noir :)
Sarah Olberg
Me:Awe Hamilton and Eliza are so cute💗 *1min later* Me between sobs: Angelica I’m so sorry you sweet baby😭
kawaii panda
When you can't afford the real thing *CLICK!*
Anthony Radford
“This man will not make an orphan of my daughter.” You understand that even though you won, the whole reason you risk orphaning your daughter and windowing Hamilton’s wife is because you got pissed at a man who didn’t want to deal with you wishy-washy attitude? Literally the only TWO things you stood for in the whole play was that you wanted to be in the discussion room, which you only kept to yourself. And the fact that you were ready to kill a man over it.
Samkool18 :-D
Arturo Reyes
Hercules Mulligan's catch phrase is "BRAHH"
Anya Marples
I just can't stop crying when it ends
nugget bon quwee quwee
i think i broke my back dancing to the Hercules Mulligan parts welp hey thats fine
Phaly R
Time to go cry myself to sleep I became too emotionally attached to this
ourWorld Lucy
YouTube has pulled through and given us this licensing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
margot van gogh
i cry myself to sleep every night knowing that i will never see this show
Roses are red, Phillip is in heaven. He wouldn't be if Eacker hadn't shot at SEVEN! My church friend came up with that and it is amazing. 😆
qween tea
38:34 i cant stop playing this song xD its to funny 😂
Is it just me or at 9:06 does it look like Lauren’s is wearing a frilly summer dress or bikini No just me.... ok....
Phoebe Stubbs
Act one: This is great! Can't wait for act two. Act two: WHEEZE!!!!! WHY?? mAh baBY!!
Happy Fairytail
Act 1 is me falling for a man and Act 2 is me after shit goes wrong and either they break up with me or they cheated on me I’m sobbing over Phillip
Lainey Peabody :3
Megan Kamysz
Was I the only person crying when Phillip died?
Lovely lil Shiba
yyyAAAAAssss Edit: so George Washington is.... black? And bald now? OwO it’s majestic.
Tasara Porter
Does anyone else ship John and Hamilton 😂😂
Rohini P.
The quote at the end by Dumbledore was perfect. I'm in tears. Thank you for this.
Starre & Maxiel
Burr: "cabinet meeting" Me: are you sure it's not just a formal phrase for "rap battle"?
I hate how so many Hamilton videos were banned worldwide. I ask myself why not all of them disappeared. I just dont get it... My whole videos with Hamiton songs.. GONE! Oh and btw. I bought them all on CD
Sarah Fussell
I love the drunk scene! You are the worst Burr! Lol
Emma McMahon
I just realized that Hamilton and Burr are kinda like Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy, like both were intelligent but in different ways. With Draco being more cunning and thought out but Harry being more intelligent on his feet and his social awareness. Not only this, but like Draco, Burr had a chance of being a hero under different circumstances. Just found the similarities interesting.
taylor napier
Why am i crying, I've already learned about theirs deaths and i didnt cry in class so????
Alexander Hamilton
I invented a new kind of stupid
Jada Kiyoshk
When Hamilton, Phillip, Eliza, Angelica and every other person who died I cried 😭😭😭😭
Adriee Creates
I got a 10 dollar bill and I was like OMGAWD HAMILTON MERCH!!!!!!!
Mila The She Wolf
2:01:46 Hit or Miss I guess they never miss huh? Phillip knows were its at
Pumkin Dixon
My fav songs You'll be back You'll be back You'll be back You'll be back You'll be back You'll be back You'll be back You'll be back You'll be back You'll be back You'll be back You'll be back You'll be back And ummmmm YOU'LL BE BACK
Who else is here because they can't afford to see it in person
Lily Wolf
Am I the only one who wishes Angelica and Hamilton we’re together instead of him and Eliza? Just me...ok bye 😂
jello shark
Act 1- :) Act 2- :(
This is my first time watching Hamilton (even though its not the actual musical) I loved it. 👌
Jaylin dragon
I love hamilton the thing is i friggin hate the duels and also WHY DID PHILLIP DIE!!!!! oh welp the artist are good
emo trash bin
Ya know the game Look at your character. 1. Burr 2. Laurens 3. Lafayette 4. Mulligan 5. Hamilton 6. Eliza 7. Washington 8. Angelica 9. Peggy 10. Jefferson 11. Madison 12. Lee 13. Samuel 14. Maria 15. Reylonds 16. Phillip 17. Eacker 18. Theodosia (Burr's Daughter) 19. Theodosia (Burr's Wife) When you press the like button on my comment. A number will pop up. And that number displays the character on the chart. And the number beside it will show the character. ;3 Edit: i didnt realize how many likes w o w. Thanks xD
the Pink Kitty
Jesus Christ look at all those ads
Anika Greene
I Gacha Weave
You'll Be Back is like the gayest thing I have ever seen.
Sarah Olberg
She’s married...married to an British officer Alex: 𝐎𝐡 𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐭
It’s been a long time since I saw anybody comment this so I’ll just comment it: Ya know the game Look at your character. 1.Burr 2.Laurens 3.Lafayette 4.Mulligan 5.Hamilton 6.Eliza 7.Washington 8.Angelica 9.Peggy 10.Jefferson 11.Madison 12.Lee 13.Samuel 14.Maria 15.Reylonds 16.Phillip 17.Eacker 18.Theodosia (Burr's Daughter) 19.Theodosia (Burr's Wife) 20.King George When you press the like button on my comment. A number will pop up. And that number displays the character on the chart. And the number beside it will show the character. Have fun! Edit: Oh my god,Thank you guys for the comments and likes- I've been getting pinged all day,but In a good way ^w^ thank you again guys!
Mathilde Bachelier
When Lafayette speak French,his english accent are sooooo cute ♡ (I am french)
Angeline Hu
9:25 the moment i decided this was a great musical :D my ship :3 and also 28:26 :D
Anna Utterback
During the cabinet battle two Addams asks if Jefferson went too far he says no but here’s the thing Hamilton is an Orphan that insult is extremely personal therefore Jefferson did go too far he crossed the line by *miles* I’m just saying that his response is absolute bullshit (sorry for swearing)
LIstening to this at school...
Corridor Echoes
Hamilton is my religion.. It freakin taught me how to rap? Like: Teacher: okay, who can tell me about the youngest founding father, Alexander Hamilton. My hand shot up faster than lafayette can rap.