Hamilton: the musical (Animatic version)

EDIT: It's back yeah! WMG (the ones that owe Hamilton) allow this video to exist but they put a lot of adds so they can make money out of it.. I'm not happy with that since the artists should receive it but okay.. the big company wins once again. So, I basically selected my favourites animatics for each song of Hamilton and I made this video, I really hope you'll all enjoy. Credits are in the description and in the video (the credits to all the artists are at the end of the video and in the description, just keep reading :D ). The songs are a property of Lin Manuel Miranda. The animations in this video where made by the following artists: 1) ALEXANDER HAMILTON (Galaxyst) 2) AARON BURR, SIR (Szin) 3) MY SHOT (Szin) 4) THE STORY OF TONIGHT (Szin) 5) THE SCHUYLER SISTERS (Szin) 6) FARMER REFUTED (Szin) 7) YOU'LL BE BACK (Captain Sealant) 8) RIGHT HAND MAN (Szin) 9) A WINTER'S BALL (Szin) 10) HELPELESS (Szin) 11) SATISIFIED (Szin) 12) THE STORY OF TONIGHT REPRISE (Szin) 13) WAIT FOR IT (Marzy Meh) 14) STAY ALIVE (Marzy Meh) 15) TEN DUEL COMMANDEMENTS (Szin) 16) MEET ME INSIDE (Szin) 17) THAT WOULD BE ENOUGH (Szin) 18) GUNS AND SHIPS (Szin) 19) HISTORY HAS IT EYES ON YOU (Szin) 20) YORKTOWN (Marzy Meh) 21) WHAT'S COMES NEXT? (Szin) 22) DEAR THEODOSIA (Szin) 23) LAURENS INTELUDE (Szin) 24) NON STOP (Allison Coon) 25) WHAT'D I MISS? (Jasmin McPines) 26) CABINET BATTLE #1 (HuangHYing) 27) TAKE A BREAK (Moo Radish) 28) SAY NO TO THIS (Moo Radish) 29) THE ROOM WHERE IT HAPPENS (SaffeeBear) 30) SHUYLER DEFEATED (Eumnie) 31) DEAR THEODOSIA REPRISE (Chiino) 32) CABINET BATTLE #2 (Avenoir) 33) WASHINGTON ON YOUR SIDE (PillowPon) 34) ONE LAST TIME (OfficialDaelight) 35) I KNOW HIM (Jasmin McPines) 36) THE ADAMS ADMINISTRATION (Exadorlion) 37) WE KNOW (Allison Coon) 38) HURRICANE (ZooshiSushi) 39) THE REYNOLDS PAMPHLETS (Captain Sealant) 40) BURN (Mokodoko) 41) BLOW US ALL AWAY (Ziksua) 42) STAY ALIVE REPRISE (Ziksua) 43) IT'S QUIET UPTOWN (Captain Sealant) 44) THE ELECTION OF 1800 (A homebody) 45) YOUR OBEDIENT SERVANT (Violet - Madness) 46) BEST OF WIVES AND BEST OF WOMEN ( Galactibun Bun) 47) THE WORLD WAS WIDE ENOUGH (Jasmin McPines) 48) WHO LIVES, WHO DIES, WHO TELLS YOUR STORY (Jasmin McPines)

My god, today was a rough day but your comments are making me spit my vodka (eh I mean, Coke) I love all of you
PegasusGirlGamer // PGG
When you can’t afford to see the musical...
Galaxy Cat
Eliza: Just stay alive. Hamilton: **dies** Eliza: BiTch YoU hAd OnE jOb
Master of the Meme-ish Yard
Philip Schuyler: Be true Hamilton: *cheats on Eliza* Philip Schuyler: Am I a joke to you Edit: Holy hell you guys, I don't think it was tHAT funny. How is this my most liked comment ever
Dragon Princess
Burr:stop writing Alex: no Eliza:take a break Alex no Maria Reynolds:let’s cheat on your wife Alex:I am physically incapable of saying the English word for no
Kyden Cook Hallm.mm6
So this is basically Hamilton Burr:Talk less Hamilton: no G.Wash: Go home Hamilton: no Eliza: That would be enough Hamilton: no Eliza: Take a break Hamilton: no Maria: STAYYYYY Hamilton: sHoW mE HoW tO sAy nO tO tHiS m-
LazyCarrot 101
Hamilton: Don't lecture me about the war you didn't fight in!!! Jefferson(French Accent): Or did I? Hamilton: What? Jefferson: Wha.
"he aims his piSTOL AT THE SKY--" "WAIT!!" That gave me chills, I think Burr was the best performer in this show. His voice, his acting, I think it's perfect. The others are great too but something about Burr stands out to me.
Anna Bubbles
I love how this was published a year ago but there are still people rewatching this 😂 I love the hammy fandom
Jesus Barragan
Who else lowkey wanted to see a reladtionship between theodosia and phillip??
Cheesy Toes
Hamilton. He protecc. He attacc. But most importantly... He cheated on Eliza and wanted her bacc.
Donut The Christian
(This is something I just wrote for fun, no need to read it) My name is Phillip I am a bandit George mocked my pops And I couldn't stand it My response was candid A duel is what I demanded Above my right hip Was where his bullet landed My pops made the same mistake He talked too much shit What I stole I can never forget Being that I'm a bandit I stole the hearts of many woman Yet they'll never see my face again Unless they sit with me up here Like Theodosia, ...1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10... But George only counted to 7 So I was a goner, He truly wasn't a man of honor.
Abby Duclos
My favorite part is Angelica trying to start a Schuyler harem... "If you loved me you'd share him"
The Talking Tigers
Act 1 : get your bullets out you gun Act 2 : *GET YOUR BULLETS OUT MY SON* Edit: OMG I NEVER GOT THIS MUCH LIKES!
"Dying is easy. Living is harder." - Best quote ever.
Act 1: Exciting, action and revolution with the gang Act 2: Depressing family issues and politics without the gang :'(
Playlist Person
Act one be like: Get your bullets out your gun! Act two be like: Getcho bullet outta ma son/boyfriend/me!
ლIconic Pøtatõლ
Eliza: I hope that you buuurn... Hamilton: Okay before we get into this -- Eliza: buuurn~ Hamilton: Why does our child look exactly like John Laurens? Eliza: ... Hamilton: ... FORGIVENESS..... WOULD YOU IMAGINE???
Axolotls Animated
Hamilton: Lord, show me how to say no to this. Literally Everyone: *LIKE THIS: “NO!”*
people really be out here shipping historical figures with no shame.
xGiraffle YT
un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, six, sept, huit, neuf *dix*
Anxiety Potato
Hamilton: do you promise not to tell another soul what you saw? Jefferson: umm Hamilton: IS THAT A YES?? Jefferson: umm yes? *couple days later* Jefferson: SIKE
Panda Cupcakes
My History Teacher: Who will you write about for your biography? Me: I’m writing about A-L-E-X-A-N-D-E-R we are meant to write!!!
Guppy draws32
Anyone notice Hamilton is the only musical where they sing good while there drunk?
LauraLaChina TV
Who else cried when they actually finished the musical at 4:00 am Just me. Ok....
Flowey the Flower
Posted 2 years ago Comments from a few weeks ago I am proud of this community
Hamilton: if you stand for nothing Burr, what’ll you fall for? *HUGE PAUSE* I got embarrassment from the long pause.
Ochaco Uraraka
Angelica: "Like I said you can go" Peggy: *never gets mentioned again*
Kitten Karma
Love how Phillip just casually insinuates a threesome with two women he just met. He really is Alexander's son.
Your Fellow Emo
Poor laurens is so gay and Hamilton went off n married Eliza..I mean yes she is an amazing woman but still..poor laurens then just to be forgotten about and die still loving Alexander
Henry Eckstein
I like how they put an add at the end of this, I was still crying but then... "gEt mOrE wItH tAx rEfOrM"
Kiki Ontheleccie
John Laurence: * destroys Burr's peaceful day as soon as he walks in 5:44 - 5:51 * Me:..........😭 dats my booooooiiiii Den he still literally kicked Burr off the frickin chair 6:00
Who lives who dies who tells our story LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA thank you for reviving the falling founding fathers
L0Z SIEAN Insert name here
I will make this a good one 1. Alexander 2. Eliza 3.peggy 4.philip 5.angelica 6.washigton 7.king gorge 8.lafayet 9.laurens 10. Hercules 11. Theodosia 12. Arron burr 13. Maria Reynolds 14. Theodosia (the daughter) 15. Samuel 16.Philip schylur (grandpa 17.lee 18. Angelica’s husband 19.reynolds ( Maria’s husband 20 frances laurens 21 Alexander Hamilton the2nd And if it’s higher then 16 like 22 use the 2
Nagi Nagi
I actually want to see what would happen if Burr became the president
Bibiana Varela
Angelica Eliza The- Me: *WHERE'S PEGGY*
_Falling _Raincloud_
Hm....2 mins before school? Pfft I can finish in time
Musical Xia
1:37:42 AND THAT is when I cried. I've heard the whole soundtrack but that one wasn't included with Amazon music. Actually I cried at most of the cut songs...... WHY MUST HISTORY BE SO SAD
jello shark
Act 1- :) Act 2- :(
Artic Foxx
I didn't know Chara fought in the revolutionary war 59:03
Joey Davenport
Let’s just all agree that Lin is a god sent from above to give us the gift of Hamilton
I made something like this and sent it to my teacher and this was he replied to me: “You could’ve done better”
52:00 Eliza: we don't need a legacy...we don't need money Alexander: *press X to doubt*
Brianna Lumi
When I saw “You’ll be back” why did I immediately think of klance
Mochi • Moji
I just realized that Anthony died two times
Top Five
*Burr: Shoots Hamilton* Hamilton: You done messed up A-aron.
16:30 That's almost identical to the ASL (American sign language) sign for satisfied... Coincidence?
TheReal xXPTGXx
It must be nice It must be nice To have Washington on your si- *One last time starts playing in Me: is that it? Also Me:Oh look at that art style
Pokémon Master
The drawing is phenomenal. I couldn’t find the original person who did this so here: Alexander Hamilton 0:00:22 Aaron Burr 0:04:15 My shot 0:07:01 The story of tonight 0:12:30 The schyler sisters 0:14:05 Farmer refuted 0:17:08 You’ll be back 0:18:57 Right hand man 0:22:25 A winters ball 0:27:44 Helpless 0:28:54 Satisfied 0:33:00 The story of tonight (reprise) 0:38:35 Wait for it 0:40:57 Stay alive 0:43:39 Ten duel commandments 0:46:08 Meet me inside 0:48:08 That would be enough 0:49:39 Guns & ships 0:52:52 History has its eyes on you 0:54:54 Yorktown 0:56:46 What comes next 1:00:45 Dear thoedosia 1:02:45 Lauren’s interlude 1:05:20 Non stop 1:06:40 What’d I miss 1:13:13 Cabinet battle 1 1:17:23 Take a break 1:20:57 Say no to this 1:25:49 The room where it happens 1:30:00 Schyler defeated 1:35:14 Dear theodosia (reprise) 1:37:00 Cabinet battle 2 1:39:03 Washington on your side 1:41:25 One last time 1:42:44 I know him 1:47:54 The Adams administration 1:49:31 We know 1:51:04 Hurricane 1:53:43 The Reynolds pamphlet 1:55:50 Burn 1:58:03 Blow us all away 2:01:35 Stay alive (reprise) 2:04:35 It’s quiet uptown 2:06:31 The election of 1800 2:10:50 Your obedient servant 2:14:14 Best of wives & best of women 2:17:08 The world was wide enough 2:18:00 Who lives, who dies, who tells your story 2:23:02 What are your three favorite songs from the show? Mine are Satisfied, Guns &Ships and, Right hand man
Julie Xiong
While listening/watching "Helpless", anyone feel bad for Angelica? My heart breaks every time I listen/watch "Helpless". TT^TT
music lover
Hamilton dies at 47/49 and 50 years later Eliza dies at 97. She took her time.
Tamara Bikić
Fun facts: One of the first thing Hamilton said after he got shot was that he couldn't feel his legs. John Adams once shared a bed with Benjamin Franklin and they both fell asleep arguing over whether their rooms window should be opened or closed. Aaron Burr tried to make an empire out of Texas and declare himself emperor. Jong Adams's last words were "Thomas Jefferson lives" Thomas Jefferson died an hour earlier in his own home. Alexander even though Burr literally shot him held no ill will toward Burr. Like Alex was on his death bed and made sure to mention that he forgave Burr for shooting him. It is said that Alexandar Hamilton was so grief stricken that he was unable to stand after Philip died in front of him. Aaron Burr once slept through the whole of Valentines day. When Laf and his wife and daughters were imprisoned Laf sent Gorges (his only son) to live with the Hamiltons until it become safe again couse Laf feared Gorges would be killed. That Hamilton's happily took in Gorges and treated him as one of their own and had a quite the tearful goodbye when he returned to France. No one was ever able to record Alexander Hamiltons last words because he wouldn't stop talking. Alexander Hamilton resigned from being Treasury Secretary after Eliza had miscarriage so he could be there for her in person to support and comfort her after what happened. Alexander Hamilton had really nice legs. Like really nice legs. He never had to put beanbegs in his stockings to give his legs form like many other man at the time. Have I told you that his legs were great? Historians should really stop mentioning how nice his legs were...But they were good legs.
Luna Kat
The fact that you made this video is a blessing
Flynt Coal
Me and Song: I AM NOT THROWING AWAY MY- Ad: Hey Fam im ruining your groove Me: DOH YOU THREW OFF MY GROOVE!
Jacob Farson
"He looked at me like I'm stupid, I'm not stupid"
why is everyone in the animatics so cute AH... ...except the king
Azzie x
God it's the millionth time I've seen this and I'm still sobbing by the end
Anime_Loving_Geek oof
Phillip Shuyler: be true Hamilton: *cheats on Eliza* Phillip Shuyler: am I a joke to you?
red _rose
eliza: “I relish being your wife” me:”wait pickles”
Gachatuber- -kacey
Me in act one: Damn. Me in act two: *D A M N*
Luna Kat
I'm a little less than half way and I think the video already broke me😭😭😭
Autumn_ Playz
"I Can't Draw Guns" *Draws A Gun Like 20 Minutes Later*
xxxgamer_girl xxx
Am I the only one crying during satisfied?
Jaden .O
2:02:57 tell me why phillip looks more like a animation than Eacker😂
HelenYo !
Hamilton in Alexander Hamilton: there’s a million things I haven’t done but just you wait! Eliza in who lives who died who tells your story: you could have done so much more if you only had time I’m crying ;;;;;
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Eliza: My father's stone faced while your asking for his blessing Eliza: I panic for a second thinking we're through Eliza: But then he looks confused and says Philip Schulyer: Who, you? HA you think I would let my daughter marry your poor ass?
my wallet isn't empty
I love how italian subtitles just turn into english one at a random point
Fia_fire greenwell
Alex:I may have punched him......... Burr:You punched him sir?! AWKWARD SILENCE!!!
burr- no one will read it teachers today- EVERYONE READ THE CONSTITUTION
Shadefire Dragon
When I heard the last "Raise a glass to freedom..." as Hamilton was getting shot by Burr, I just... I... I... WHERE ARE THESE ONIONS COMING FROM ;-;
Sarah Wilkerson
2:50 Dat face do. Just look at Washington and Burr. *Hamilton walks in* Washington: 😃 Burr: ==
I'm just Hamilton! in a dam snack bar at a disco
Do you relish being a poor mans wife? _No Alex._ I _ketchup_ (😏) being your wife. 😏😏😏😏
Isidro Fernandez-Aballi
Lafayette is such a king like 👏
Ana Julia BC
Mom: go sleep! Me: just one more video! Mom: ...ok.... Me: >:D
Łöser tõwnʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
*i think ur pants are hot*
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{ Philip Hamilton }Daddy, Daddy, look!- *Ties up hair and clears throat* _iM jOhN lAuReNs iN tHe pLacE tO bE._
Alex: My love for you is no doubt *Alex Cheats on Eliza* Me: Yup that's TRUE LOVE FOR SURE!
Bryce Seger
Angelica- *starts dancing* Peggy- She dancing again.. Eliza- *dances with Angelica* Peggy- Ah.
Pearl Schlie
Philip Hamilton: Why did you read me the history of physics every night when I was little dad? Alexander Hamilton: It was to get you to fall asleep. Philip Hamilton: No wonder, that this was so boring. Alexander Hamilton: But I wrote it, "starts crying" Philip Hamilton: "thinks" uhhhhh "says" MOM!
Sweet Bubbles
Doctor: you have only 2 hours, 27 minutes and 11 seconds to live me:
when my mom says i can't listen to HaMiLtOn anymore * hello darkness my old friend *
iiPanda Playsxox
half of Jefferson is in the congress meanwhile the other half is captured
Parker Jones
(At Hamilton’s wedding) *beautiful music and great ceremony * Hercules proceeds to roughly throw flowers
Jenna Clark
O Gosh. I like the way how Szin and other show chemistry between Alexander and John. THANK <3
What Hamilton taught me (act 1): Alexander Hamilton- pencils can save your life Aaron Burr sir- social awkwardness is fine My shot- don’t get drunk The story of tonight-I said don’t get drunk The Schuyler sisters-AND PEGGY Farmer refuted- his dog speaks more eloquently than you You’ll be back- king George got dumped Right hand man- Meet George Washington A winter’s ball- they’re reliable with the LAdiEs Helpless-Eliza’s heart went BOOM Satisfied- she said peach fuzz The story of tonight (reprise)- she’s married to a British officer Wait for it- he’s willing to wait for it Stay alive- I’m a general! Wheee! Ten duel commandments- Most disputes die and no one shoots Meet me inside- he met him inside That would be enough- Eliza keeps saying that would be enough Guns and ships- America’s favorite fighting French fry is large baguette History has its eyes on you- history has its eyes on me ;-; Yorktown(the world turned upside down)- THEY WON? THEY WON? THEY WON! What comes next?- he wanna know what comes next Dear theodosia- they get to participate in father’s day Laurens interlude- T-T his could’ve been bf died T-T Nonstop- this man is nonstop Edit: this is sorta a joke, most of the songs were extremely emotional T-T What Hamilton taught me Act 2: What’d I miss- he’s been of in Paris for that half of the show, mk Cabinet battle #1- history is a bunch of rap battles Take a break- his name is poet, he is a Phillip Say no to this- there’s trouble in the air, Burr can smell it The room where it happens- apparently sausages are important to politics Schuyler defeated- GRANDPA’S IN THE PAPER! Cabinet battle #2- proof that history was rap battles, they have a 2nd one Washington on your side- it must be nice, it must be nice, To hAVe WashINgToN On YoUR sIDe One last time- but whatever it is, Jefferson started it I know him- HAEAHAHEHEHWHEHHEHAHHAHAHH THIS’L BE FUN FOR THE KING The Adams administrations SIT DOWN JOHN YOU MOTHER***** We know- they know Hurricane- in the eye of hurricane, there is Hamilton CAUSE HOW ELSE WOULD HE KNOW? The Reynolds pamphlet- he’s invented a new kind of stupid *face palm* Burn- OOOO SNAP, THEY GONNA BE EATING BURNT HAM FOR DINNER Blow us all away- George eacker could only count to 7 -_- Stay alive (reprise)- omg no, both his characters died It’s quiet uptown- Lin officially breaks hearts for a living Election of 1800- Vote Aaron Burr, feel the BURRn Your obedient servant- ok so I guess they go by A.Ham and A.Burr Best of wives and best of women- Well she’s gong back to bed The world was wide enough- HE AIMS HIS PISTOL AT THE SKY, WAIT! Who lives, who dies, who tells your story- Time for the tears T-T
Emily Holmes
If this was a polished animated film I’d buy it and watch it all the time.
Small Childe
Who lives who dies who tells your story Apparently nobody for poor Peggy
The Talking Tigers
I have one word if Burr became president *help*
maichu!! Silva
Hello!... two years later... have a good.. nigth? Morning? Evenining? I don’t know. Auto-like :|
Douglas Belles
9/10 i watch the musical
Amel Victoria Guzmán Fuentes
Alexander: My son Phillip: *CALL ME SON ONE MORE TIME!!!* Alexander: You blow us all away my son - cries in spanish - Phillip: *I TOLD YOU!* -Phillip's attack -
*Burr has joined the chat* *Alexander has joined the chat* *Alexander is typing* *Burr has left the chat*
Yo who actually had the time here to watch through this enitre thing, it's amazing, but who actually did it?
Alexander: My son is saying his first words! Philip: Da-- Alexander: What is it my son? Philip: DON'T CALL ME SON AGAIN!
FHB Channel
I love this musical i started crying at the end 😭
I LOVE THIS!!😍👌👌Its so good
Catto Morgano
Who else watching this because their broke and can't afford to go to the real show.
perfectly random
A really really sad movie: My friends: *cries* Me: meh The last few songs of Hamilton: My friends: that's kinda sad Me: *WAILS HYSTERICALLY*