Once Upon a Time Season 7 Comic-Con Trailer (HD)

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A new curse awakens, a new hero rises. The legend of good versus evil reborn. Once Upon a Time Season 7 premieres on a new night, Fridays beginning October 6th on ABC. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on Youtube for more Once Upon a Time season 7 promos in HD! Once Upon a Time official website: />Watch more Once Upon a Time Season 7 videos: />Like Once Upon a Time on Facebook: />Follow Once Upon a Time on Twitter: />Follow Once Upon a Time on Instagram: /> » Watch Once Upon a Time Fridays at 8:00pm/7c on ABC » Starring: Lana Parilla, Colin O'Donoghue, Robert Carlyle, Dania Ramirez, Adelaide Kane Contribute subtitle translations for this video:

Lucy; "My name's Lucy. I'm your daughter." Me; "Oh lord, here we go again."
No. All these years of watching just to watch it happen again but than with a diffirent cast who have the same fairy tales? No, Once Upon A Time ended on season 6 for me this just looks like a copy.
This serie always felt like they were pushing the plot more and more because it was working financially, and I don't complain because it was still good nonetheless. Although now it's just way too far. I loved OUAT, this doesn't feel like it though.
I feel like their just pushing this now. I mean Once Upon A Time was brilliant for its whole run, and now that the original plot and original cast is gone, I don't think I would want to watch anymore. I'm just going to pretend the show ended on a happy note on the seasons six finale, I'll just pretend it was the series finale. It was a good show, and I'll be watching it again soon. #GoodbyeOUAT
maddie groom
Can we just take a moment to appreciate Colin in police uniform 😇😘
Iben Frederiksen
They've managed to destroy everything good about this show..
Luis Perez
Boy Epic - Scars < the song in case anyone needs help knowing it
adelaide kane = im in it for the win
Amanda -
I'm only for this cause I saw Adelaide Kane
Nechama Awesome
I'm excited but I will never stop missing the original cast
Cutthroat Bitch
To be honest, I'm hyped up. I got tired of soap opera OUAT turned into in the past couple of seasons. I'm actually excited to see things shaking up a bit.
Rich 88
Once Upon a Time Season 7 will be epic.
1:58 Marry Queen of Scotland
If all the characters who aren't in this season are dead I'm ignoring this season.
Alev Mustafa
I'm gonna miss the main cast so much
Bia Belle
Nope nope nope I tied the knot on season 6 !!! The ending was perfect and they summed up everything perfectly! Now there FORCING a new plot and recycling the first plot. Bruh I’m tired of the “I’m your daughter/ son” twist. If you give me another plot please try something fresh. The vibe during the first few seasons were... explainable but now I’m thinking they ran outta ideas. This is the show that thinks they can get away with GETTING RID IF THE MAIN CHARACTERS without expecting a riot. This isn’t a continuous story at all! It’s a re-make of the first season only with different characters and a different setting. The original really had personality with the original town and fairy tale characters from Disney. Im really disappointed. Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE OUAT TO DEATH but let me suggest that you should skip this so the only ending you can remember is the beautiful ending on season 6.
Liyah M
Where is Emma? What happened? Did she die? What happened watched this show in so long since dealing with Hades season what happened? I need answers!
I still can’t believe it won’t be the original cast
Madison Townsend
Honestly would have been happy for this to end after season 5. They covered a majority of fairy tales and Disney characters and it seems they have run out of ideas at this point.
Valkyrie 0801
I have mixed feelings about this.
Claire Lentz
1:59 Is that Violet?
Elizabeth Victoria
Adelaide is going to be in Once Upon a Time?! Queen Mary LIVES!! 😘
Kyle Tanker
The ONLY WAY TO MAKE THIS WORK is to make this reboot extremely DARK. Like it needs to become a lot less of what OUAT was and become more gritty, unground, niche, kinda like the MARVEL NETFLIX SHOWS like jessica jones, daredevil. thats how its gonna do well
OMG I cant wait I love once upon a time but I will always miss the og cast
Brianna Ray
Unpopular Opinion: The show honestly ended so perfectly and I don't see a reason to do another season! It's unnecessary and just kinda upsetting it can't end the way I believe it should have! However, this could have been really good! If they had saved this and waited YEARS to release a new season 7 as a surprise revival of the show, it would have been EPIC! It would have made more sense and not take away from what the show already was. Just my opinion! Even though I won't be watching season 7 I still have always loved the slow and I do wish it great success!!
Idelfonso Garcia
I'm gonna miss emma 😢she and hook were my fave .it will be soooo different without her
Vasiliki K.
Amazing trailer! Of course it won't be the same, but that's not necessarily bad... I believe that it will be nice to see them doing something different!
Naomi Travels
DID I DIE GO TO HEAVEN and now I'm back on earth!? SEASON 7!??? HELL YESS!!!
Ally Fowler
I still have mixed feelings but Oh My Lord @1:58 I am telling you I saw Mary from reign. I thought she was executed. Omg now I am excited.
I'm not sure I can watch the show without Emma. And what's with Hook? He looks sad I hope he didn't lose her.
Олеся Дубас
в 7 сезоне однажды в сказке, Реджину вабще не узнать, с кородкой прической и имя у нее почему- то другое и в баре 🍷🍹🍸 работает и в другом мире она наверное без магии.
Hedvika Jíchová
Adelaide 💕💕💕💕
Ale Stilinski
Ya la quiero ver
Darwin Hernandez Simon
No tengo cable alv 😢😢😢
Crazy QueerPerson
Yeah, I'm just here for Regina/Lana
IGAMEING awesome
oh my god i'm so exitecd for season 7
William Bailey
this sucks what they did was take a good show fire, the good actors and make it political with a crap multicultural cast that maid the show suck balls, good job ABC dems easy way to destroy your station.  how do these people keep there jobs as head of these stations shame on you.
Nick River
This season was a mess, just like the second and sixth seasons. In all three of those respective seasons, they seemed to keep shifting focus from one plot to the other, and you never knew who the big bad was until someone shows up at the eleventh hour. I mean season 2 has Cora and Hook, then Greg and Tamara, then all of a sudden Peter Pan?? Then in season 6 there was Hyde, then the Evil Queen, then Gideon, but he’s good, jk he’s still bad, jk he’s really good this time, then the Black Fairy. Now this season, first it was Lady Tremaine, then Drizella, then Gothel, then a serial killer (in a fairy tale show, lol) then Dr Facilier, then Gothel again, then Dr Facilier again, then.. Wish Rumple?? My head hurts. The A/B format worked so much better for this show. I get the curse/vanquish/repeat got old, but I liked focusing on one big bad, then another. Granted I’m sure Wish Rumple only came about because they got canceled so they quickly discarded Gothel and Facilier for a grand slam finish, which I understand but it was kinda underhanded to the actors. I was more interested in Gothel and her plan for a final big bad. But I can’t wait for the finale and I’ll be hard pressed to find another show that peaks my interest even half as much as this show has kept me engrossed for the last 7 years, farewell Once.
Rikard Galfi
Was sooooo pessimistic when i saw this trailer, thought it was gonna be the end. I am glad that i was totally wrong, so far the best season since Neal died
Lana looks so awsome hell yea
Françoise Brunie
j'adore cette series like si tu aime aussi 😍🤗🤗🤗🤗💖j'adore tout les personnages .big up pour once upon à time
Alejandro Guerrero
No me gusto, yo quería que agregarán más personas pero que se quedaran a las antiguas. :(
Melda Gungoroglu
Who saw Adélaïde (from Reign ! ) ! 😱😍😏
C. Glo
I really didn't like season 7, plus it was more like a spin of.
Vari Sol
I am going to miss Emma Swan!!! and Emma and Hook #CaptainSwan
Bia Belle
And OFCOURSE they got rid of the Charmings :)
Yoisy Rossi
Fantastico!!quando inizia la nuova serie!!non.vedo l'ora😱🤗🤗🤗
Esme O'Prey
anyone elsw never watched OUAT before but now here for Adelaide?
U guys need to give this a chance. I miss some of the old cast too but this looks very interesting & we get to see more of Henry's journey😆😁 They've all worked really hard on this & they didn't make this for themselves they made it for us the fans cuz they know how much we ❤️ the show & it deserves to be seen not be be judged harshly after one glance of the teaser✊🏼😆 #OncerForever
Kristine Opalberg
Odd Jump
I think I will love it.. but boy am I going to miss the main cast! Especially Emma!!
Gaby vlogs gaming and more! :3 Bouu
Yay my show is comeing soon at October 6 yay thank you czn you mak ethe season all the way tell season 22
Julie xxx
Emma NotSwan
TO EVERYONE WHO THINKS THIS'LL BE BAD: I think that the least we can do is give it a chance. You shouldn't judge a book by its cover, or a show by its trailer. I think we should watch the first episode or two before we form our own opinions here. (You don't HAVE to watch it, but I think we should try it out) Some people will like it, and others won't. And that's ok because we all have our own preferences. But I think that we should go into this with an open mind. Because you'll never know unless you try it. I know it's different, but that doesn't mean it'll be bad. And it's not just about select characters, it's about the story and what it means to us. So please, wait and give it a chance before sending out all of your hate (I don't mean to be rude or offend anyone by this)
Danial Baki
I have one thing to say SO EPIC..
Lolipop Soul
I've actuall have seen all the seasons of OUAT and at the end I felt like the destroy the plot or the repied it too many times, but I have to admit season 7 is fresh and worth too watch. Also I think is a season like season 1 you don't have to see all the seasons maybe just one so you know the basics.
elizete sabino sabino
Isso e verdade??
NVA 99
Melhor série 😍
The show ended for me at season 6 LOL let it die
The Gaming Mia The Expert
I still watch this over and over again... 😢
Alex Leal
Student Keirstin Moore
If Lana wasn't in once upon a time I would not be watching it
This promo does not have that OUAT vibe to it, feels more of a promo they would use for a cop drama. Lol. I think it's the music/character montage at the end. Still got mixed feelings about this...
Taetae Kook
Achei muito legal
Adam Alsudani
Oh, they moved it to Friday night. The kiss of death by any network.
riya mehta
I think they're gonna go strong for possibly 2 more seasons. They're a great show and introducing new characters, would be very cool and could possibly engage a new platform
It doesn't have the OUAT feelings!! We need Emma, Zelena, Snow and Charming back, to make it feel like OUAT again :*( We need Captain Swan!! The only good things about it are that there is Regina, Hook and Rumple.
Pitbull Lover
Nah I don't think I'll like this... Only if emma was back, but this is just no...
AjLufFood Xoxo
The only good thing about this trailer is Adelaide Kane
Mae Joy Ann Bolivar
Missin' the original casts 😢
Mariek x
At least Colin is still there❤
Bonnie Guardia
I had mixed feelings, but the moment I saw Adelaide Kane I was like: 'Yup, i'm gonna try and watch this'.
I hate that emma isn't in this season
Sara Q.
How is it possible to be both excited and sad but I was digging that soundtrack
Kyrstin Duve
Ahhhhh Its Adelaide Kane OMG I am so excited!!!!!!
Amal Abedi
This is either gonna be absolutely shit or it's gonna be better than before
Emily Dinges
If its a "new book" personally they should change the name slightly. Season 7 seems more like a spin off than a continuation of the show
Delilah Jackson
No... Change it all back please I'm so confused
Katia Guilhoux
Mary queen of scoots!!! In this season ?? It might be worth the watch
Scorching_ Quesadilla
I know I’m late but when did the magic bean turn into a portal creating a circle of fire??
Henry as an adult tho! reminds me of drake bell for some reason with short hair XD
Erin Lindsay
Night Regina is all I ever wanted...bartender or bar owner, the woman was born to rule the night!
Guilherme Mendes
1:44 Name of song?😱❤
Alexandre NOTARIO
IT'S OVER :'( :'( :'( :'( <3 <3 <3
Page Dingwall
Ablooms sparkle
Arnelie Louis
Holy shit Adelaide Kane is in this.
Innocentface 247
Mr Spence Like if u know what i mean🙈🙈🙈
SanDee McGeek
didnt we already have a cinderella???
Elisa Kacurri
What about emma?
Frauke van den Wijngaard
gaassspppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait till its on Netflix <3
Janell Edwards
Yea naw I'm ok they should've left it alone.
Mary Stuart!!!!! Long live the queen.
Sarah Hennessy
not even excited at all :( it will never be the same
Samantha Flores
OMG! Adelaide Kane, Queen Mary from Reign!
Yes Adelaide kane is in it!!!!