Once Upon a Time Season 7 Comic-Con Trailer (HD)

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Новое проклятие пробуждается и появляется новый герой. Легенда о добре и зле возрождается. "Однажды в сказке"премьера нового сезона вечером в пятницу, начало 6 октября на ABC. Подписаться на tvpromosdb на YouTube "Однажды в сказке" 7 сезон промо в HD! Однажды в сказке официальный веб-сайт: />Смотрите больше видео 7 сезона однажды в сказке на: />Ставьте пометки "мне нравится" на фейсбуке: />Следите за "Однажды в сказке в Твитере: />Следите за "Однажды в сказке в Инстаграм: /> Смотрите Однажды в сказке по пятницам в 20:00 на ABC Звезды:Лана Паррия, Роберт Карлайл, Колин О'Донохью, Данией Рамирез и Аделаида Кейн. Перевод субтитров для этого видео:

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Nechama Awesome
I'm excited but I will never stop missing the original cast
Crazy QueerPerson
Yeah, I'm just here for Regina/Lana
This serie always felt like they were pushing the plot more and more because it was working financially, and I don't complain because it was still good nonetheless. Although now it's just way too far. I loved OUAT, this doesn't feel like it though.
Toby m
Big part of the cast gone, FRIDAY NIGHT DEATH LOT, yep, the show is probably going to get cancelled, thank you ABC! OUAT should have ended in Season 6, but no, ABC had to suck the cow dry. I also blame creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz for not having the dignity to say no, all shows should have an end date instead of overstaying their welcome, quality is more important than quantity.
I'm not sure I can watch the show without Emma. And what's with Hook? He looks sad I hope he didn't lose her.
adelaide kane = im in it for the win
SugarPlum Fairy
Its worth a shot. But I thought the stories were getting repetitive in seasons 5 and 6. So who know maybe this is what it needs. Lana - Robert and Colin keep it together and are the most popular.
I screamed when I saw Addy, I'm so excited for her to be in it!
Cutthroat Bitch
To be honest, I'm hyped up. I got tired of soap opera OUAT turned into in the past couple of seasons. I'm actually excited to see things shaking up a bit.
This promo does not have that OUAT vibe to it, feels more of a promo they would use for a cop drama. Lol. I think it's the music/character montage at the end. Still got mixed feelings about this...
Marvel Iconic Heroes
Henry's daughter is Moana?
OMG ADELAIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Luis Perez
Boy Epic - Scars < the song in case anyone needs help knowing it
Impossible Loves
Adelaide, Robert and Lana were the only exciting parts of this trailer.
Alev Mustafa
I'm gonna miss the main cast so much
Fan Chachou
Adelaide !!!!
Iben Frederiksen
They've managed to destroy everything good about this show..
Amanda -
I'm only for this cause I saw Adelaide Kane
Valentina Minaya
How can you be pissed at 1 minute actual trailer? This doesn't even show anything about season 7 and yet, I think it's good! The fact that we don't know what the hell happened it's amazing. I want to watch because cmon I need an explanation. If you are pissed about some people leaving, it's not the writers fault (except of Belle and Zelena which I believe was a bad move but...) the rest chose not to resign. Ginny and Josh have a family now, two young kids... they probably want to spend time with them and Jennifer said she needed a rest too. If you don't want to watch ok. But stop spreading hate just because you are not agree about this season. There is a difference from have an opinion and spit out hate. Thank you.
Brianna Ray
Unpopular Opinion: The show honestly ended so perfectly and I don't see a reason to do another season! It's unnecessary and just kinda upsetting it can't end the way I believe it should have! However, this could have been really good! If they had saved this and waited YEARS to release a new season 7 as a surprise revival of the show, it would have been EPIC! It would have made more sense and not take away from what the show already was. Just my opinion! Even though I won't be watching season 7 I still have always loved the slow and I do wish it great success!!
No. All these years of watching just to watch it happen again but than with a diffirent cast who have the same fairy tales? No, Once Upon A Time ended on season 6 for me this just looks like a copy.
No no nuh uh no hell nah no nooo IM NOT READY YET *Runs into wall screaming IM NOT ALRIGHT WITH THIS NOO* NO no no no I can't take it in. OK now I have mixed feelings AND KILLY BETTER NOT DATE ANY OTHER GIRLS OH HELL NAH MOTHER TRUCKER
lovelife love
1:58 Marry Queen of Scotland
Claire Lentz
1:59 Is that Violet?
Page Dingwall
hook and Regina yay
Madison Townsend
Honestly would have been happy for this to end after season 5. They covered a majority of fairy tales and Disney characters and it seems they have run out of ideas at this point.
If all the characters who aren't in this season are dead I'm ignoring this season.
Zoe Lucero
Lorna Dane
Night Regina is all I ever wanted...bartender or bar owner, the woman was born to rule the night!
Hedvika Jíchová
Adelaide 💕💕💕💕
Melda Gungoroglu
Who saw Adélaïde (from Reign ! ) ! 😱😍😏
Elizabeth Victoria
Adelaide is going to be in Once Upon a Time?! Queen Mary LIVES!! 😘
When you fell in love with Lana/Regina so you stop watching the show except for her scenes and will most likely endure S7 just for Regina's new storyline and romantic interests to make sure she gets her WELL DESERVED FUCKING HAPPY ENDING
vasilikh rusher
Amazing trailer! Of course it won't be the same, but that's not necessarily bad... I believe that it will be nice to see them doing something different!
I still can’t believe it won’t be the original cast
Alejandra swan
Just A Smith
Suchh mixed feelings😅 BUT LANA IS STILL SO HOT SOOO
Roselia Angels
OMG, It looks good and EPIC, and that voice !!! I can't wait to see what season 7 has in store, I'm so hyped !!! Oncer for EVER !!! ❤
Liyah M
Where is Emma? What happened? Did she die? What happened watched this show in so long since dealing with Hades season what happened? I need answers!
Mary Stuart!!!!! Long live the queen.
Samantha Flores
OMG! Adelaide Kane, Queen Mary from Reign!
Blue Gamer
OMG is that the girl from Reign (I don't watch the show but I've seen edits of her) 1:59
Idelfonso Garcia
I'm gonna miss emma 😢she and hook were my fave .it will be soooo different without her
IGAMEING awesome
oh my god i'm so exitecd for season 7
Lucy; "My name's Lucy. I'm your daughter." Me; "Oh lord, here we go again."
Elisa Kacurri
What about emma?
That Girl
At least Colin is still there❤
Adam Alsudani
Once upon a time Curiosidades y más
Esto es lo mejor es mi serie favorita y se va a estrenar la 7 temporada un día después de mi cumpleaños
Valkyrie 0801
I have mixed feelings about this.
Alejandro Leal
OnceUponaPretty LittleGleeWolf
It comes out the day before my birthday!! And of course now that it's on Fridays I'm gonna miss the first one of November I'll be in DisneyLand
Darwin Hernandez Simon
No tengo cable alv 😢😢😢
I feel like their just pushing this now. I mean Once Upon A Time was brilliant for its whole run, and now that the original plot and original cast is gone, I don't think I would want to watch anymore. I'm just going to pretend the show ended on a happy note on the seasons six finale, I'll just pretend it was the series finale. It was a good show, and I'll be watching it again soon. #GoodbyeOUAT
It doesn't have the OUAT feelings!! We need Emma, Zelena, Snow and Charming back, to make it feel like OUAT again :*( We need Captain Swan!! The only good things about it are that there is Regina, Hook and Rumple.
Danial Baki
I have one thing to say SO EPIC..
Lazzari Viviana
No One
I've actuall have seen all the seasons of OUAT and at the end I felt like the destroy the plot or the repied it too many times, but I have to admit season 7 is fresh and worth too watch. Also I think is a season like season 1 you don't have to see all the seasons maybe just one so you know the basics.
C Ho
CRAP IM ACTUALLY SO EXCITED AM I THE ONLY ONE??? Cox I have fan accs on a lot of socials and a lot of ppl are hating on s7 I THINK ITS GONNA BE FREAKING AWESOME (tho that first part kinda made me sad that Jen left and she's even done shooting that one last episode she promised to be in)
Chris York
Mary Stuart survived?!
I think I'm like the only one who's actually excited about this. I'm totally gonna give this a chance and see where it goes, yeah it's not like it used to be and we lost most of the original cast we love, but it can still be good and we get to see a new story and fall in love with the show again. It's time for a new chapter of the show and we just have to accept that. Yeah they could have ended it but I'm happy that I don't have to let go of the show entirely yet.
void hannah
colin looks so hot omg
Odd Jump
I think I will love it.. but boy am I going to miss the main cast! Especially Emma!!
Yes Adelaide kane is in it!!!!
YuXuan Tee
Mr Spence Like if u know what i mean🙈🙈🙈
Sara Quintero
How is it possible to be both excited and sad but I was digging that soundtrack
Kyrstin Duve
Ahhhhh Its Adelaide Kane OMG I am so excited!!!!!!
Frauke van den Wijngaard
gaassspppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait till its on Netflix <3
Janell Edwards
Yea naw I'm ok they should've left it alone.
Delilah Jackson
No... Change it all back please I'm so confused
Vari Sol
I am going to miss Emma Swan!!! and Emma and Hook #CaptainSwan
SugarPlum Fairy
Plus Tiana from princess and frog is finally coming.
Kristine Opalberg
Katia Guilhoux
Mary queen of scoots!!! In this season ?? It might be worth the watch
sinceramente y muy mi humilde opinion la niña esta fea :S ... y algunos me daran la razon, y si, nos iremos todos al infierno :v
Brianna Price
How is rumples mother Henry's child that was a younger version of her before her dad died which wasn't henry
Rikard Galfi
Was sooooo pessimistic when i saw this trailer, thought it was gonna be the end. I am glad that i was totally wrong, so far the best season since Neal died
Ronaldo Castel
No me gusto, yo quería que agregarán más personas pero que se quedaran a las antiguas. :(
Daniela Hurtado Campo
Adelaine kane is here!! Yayyy. It's gonna be awesome!
SanDee McGeek
didnt we already have a cinderella???
Pitbull Lover
Nah I don't think I'll like this... Only if emma was back, but this is just no...
Yo It’s Olive
I hope that Emma is in there! She is my favorite!
Esme O'Prey
anyone elsw never watched OUAT before but now here for Adelaide?
Emily Dinges
If its a "new book" personally they should change the name slightly. Season 7 seems more like a spin off than a continuation of the show
Lord Vader
Regina's hair though.
Jack Byrne
OMG Yasssssss Sheriff Jones!!!!!
Oh, they moved it to Friday night. The kiss of death by any network.
Ally Fowler
I still have mixed feelings but Oh My Lord @1:58 I am telling you I saw Mary from reign. I thought she was executed. Omg now I am excited.
my question is where the hell is emma?? like did she die or something?
Chills down my spine.
Looks boring
Mermaid Fangirl
Regina's hair though 👌
Regina looks so good in this. I hope they don't fuck up