Singh Is Kinng - Bas Ek King Singh Is King (Song) (HQ)

Akshay Kumar

Nirajan Pradhan
Going to be 2019 anyone here still?
Kawal Preet
Guru gobind singh ji is the real king of this world.....
ranjit kumar
i am a hindu and i have so many sikh friends and YES  SING IS KING  sing is king  sing is king
Harman Bajwa
Akshay looks great in turban , it suits him really 
b.p.nayak 2015
I am Hindu but I am fully supported to Sikh.... Sing is king....
Kartik Kale
RIP Om puri Ji.
aadya 1234
there is 70 percent contribution our sikhs brother in indian army,actually we(hindu) are alive by your sacrifactions,bhagwan apko hamesha khush rakhe.
Devi Vinod
Akshay kumar is the only manly actor in Bollywood. Srk looks like a big brother to me. Aamir Khan is very good in acting but he does not have height he has very short legs. Salman khan was good looking in his younger days. Hrithik looked good in Jodha Akbar. Akshay is the only complete package.
Ding Dongbell
I'm not even Indian but I was born and raised there and grow up watching Indian movies and I love this song! It's dope af
Eyuioogtr s
I'm Indian muslim ( Al Humdulillah) & i love Sikh brother's
imran bora
Sorrio É o meu Rio
I am a brazilian woman living in Germany, and I must say I never saw such an attractive and masculine man in my life before. Wow! He is the man of my dreams!💖
Hareesh Kumar
I love sikhs..i am from south india Sikhs consider like a caste in Hinduism. Realy they are kings .
Vishnu Mathur
*Hard kaur* is the best Female rapper of India.
Satheesh Y r
Look at 3:53...Excellent Akki acting
pratik kharat
Akshay Kumar is real king🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘👌👌
maham khan khan
am Muslim Nd I like Sikhs because they are very intelligent
tabhi to hm sikh bhaiyon ko sardaar nhi sardaar ji bolte hain hatzz of for them...oyee chak de phatthe..
rani Sahu
The best thing in this song is hard kaur's rap
M A news views and information
Love ❤️ from Pakistan
Sanjay Karan
You Are Right Bro Singh Is King ♔♔♔♔♔♔♔☬☬☬☬☬☬☬☬☫☫☫☫☫☫.
Rahul Chobey
I am proud of Sikh community forever.
Ravi Agnihotri
Dil Agar Saccha Ho Rab Sab Kar De Setting ;D
poonam mahalle
I m maratha n my husband is Punjabi 😀feels proud 👌😉😍😜
Pankaj Singh
"Dil agar sacchha ho, rab sab kar de setting" - totally agreed with this line......
Raju deo xing RDX
becoz singhs were always kings mind it yanna rascalla
Jass singh
proud to be sikh🙏🏻🤘🏻
Ayush Gautam
I am a hotelier. I have been escorted "VVIP , SPECIAL CARE , EXTRA CARE GUEST" but when I see normal Sikh guest my skills to serve him gets more better and I end up making the Sikh guest the most happiest and satisfied. Love u brothers
razzaq ali
Really Singh is King.. How there community help to everyone
Z Laila
akshay kumar is best actor in bollywood . he is king of bollywood not srk
aman taneja
Faltu k songs like karne walon isko like karo because singh is always king
MK Bhat
When this movie, songs released I was in highschool. I used to change channel to channel to watch this song at that time. And in 2017 while watching this video, I get tears in my eyes. Because today my favorite superstar, my brother from another mother Akshay Kumar is more successful than he was earlier. Happy for him, I love his smile always.. God bless you Akshay 😍😘😘 #SingIsKing
Lakshaman Prashad
Sing is King is my favourite song I Love You Akshay Kumar and I am also Sing is King My favourite film was Sing is king and i watched 1000 time
Story Mode(The 12/100)
so many memories, actually just 1 this song
Barkat Jawed
I m Muslim yeah Singh Is King✌
Everything New
I really love this song and movie.Every night I sleep while listening to this amazing song really whenever I listen this song I feel proud on our Sikh kom. Really Singh is King Jo Bole sohenal sat shri Akal Dhan guru Nanak 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Anyone watching in 2019??
Myself Maleeha
This song is a masterpiece 👏👏
Khadija Ali
dedicated to khalsa aid charity love it
Amit Rana
Mere baba ka Nam Arjun Singh tha
King Buliwyf
Dil agar sacha ho rab karde sab setting
Mariposa 111
Well, 'Paji' means elder brother. So what do you think you do with an elder brother? Yes, I'm a Hindu. Even I know this.
b.p.nayak 2015
Singh is king it's.... True...
William Robinson
Love this song... love the movie
i m muslim alhamduliiah..i love our sikh brothers..real mei singh is king
james bond
Dil agar Sacha ho to rabb sab karde setting
abhijit mitra
Akki you are just great... Really Singhs are Kings ... thank you so much to this community ... the most selflessly helpful ... my two best friends are Singh...
Ubes khan
Love you my all Singh brothers
Regina Shanker
Lol this movie was awesome
Manish Kumar Singh
Proud to be a Singh 💪💪
Parul Meshram
Hard kaur u rock gurl 😎
Chetan Singh
Glad to see that us Indians can accept another subsect of Indians (Sikhs) and be so proud of it instead of you know... that just being the norm out of decency
Digvijay Desai
Great to have sikh comunity connected to hindustan.
Dhrupad Brahmbhatt
Respect to all punjabis out here. They are great people...
Amit Kumar
For me this song is for YUVI and AKKI SINGH IS KING❤❤
Alina Cerniavschi
bella bella musica mi piace molto
syed ali
I love the way she raps, foreal!!
Siddharth S
I m in school and crazy for this song... Still watching in 2019 and one of my favourite song...
paramjeet singh barar
who else is watching in 2017?
Even though m from Karnataka , I love Sardars Culture ,food ,the way they live etc ,love u Punjabis 😃
Abdullah Hassan
Sing is king
Abdullah Yousuf
awesome outfit On Akshay
Nav kaur
#🦁Singhisking .1 colur k 13 patte .lekin sab mein bas 1 king👑👊
Upendra Jaiswal
I remember those days when I was in 7th class.. I used to come from school and turn on my DVD and connect with TV and listen to this song at high volume.. Movie was not release even at that time.. Those days were gone 😕😕😕😕
Rocky Balboa
Lagta hain Mika paaji jua nahi khelte- ek colour ke 26 patte hote hain 😂😂
partu rathod
Really Respect for Hard Kaur she have real swag in voice 🎧🤙
Sanjay Patel
Akki is the KING.............................................
#gippy singh rajput
Singh is always king,Jay rajputana 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩
Anam Rai
I am pakistani i am muslim per mere bht se dost singh hain sab dil ky king hain Singh log waqia hi dil ky king hoty hain love u 😍😍😘😘 All world singh brother love from pakistan
Md. Samir Chowdhury
I am a bangladeshi. I love punjabi songs.
Kamal Brar
There is just one thing and it's SINGH is KING
kaun kaun song sunte sunte comment padh ne aaya hai like here 👇 👇
Kewal Singh Rajput
It's Really The Singhh Is King!!
Sivaramakrishnan Vaidyanathan
Choreography for this song is terrific. Singh is definitely king!
Islamic Dairy.
Who listen This Song In 2019?? Like Here.. 👏👍🌸
Jaswinder Singh
Ofcourse we are always King in the field of battle 🎖🥇🏅🗡⚔
I'm a caucasian American and I love this song. And the video beats a lot of American videos that are sloppy with bad editing and makes no sense backgrounds.
Anurag Pandey
wahe guru JI da khalsa, wahe guru JI da fateh, proud to be brother of singh's
Lomash Tiwari
Singh is king 💯💯♔♔☜☜🦁🦁👳👳💪💪☜☜♔💯💯👳👳💪🦁🦁🦁☜☜💪♔
boss is back
Indeed singh are king . Guru gobind, guru teg bahadur , ranjit singh . Har har mahadev
Good to know that my last name is Singh
Tahir Khan
After a long time listening this song.
john yengade
I'm Buddhist.. It's Real Fact (Sikh)Singh Is Always King
Tirthankar Sinha
Mika "singh" and akshay "singh" kumar ROCKSSSSSSSSS..........
Lalit Kanozia
sukhwinder singh
Singh is kingh , awesome song , love this song
rani Sahu
Bachpan mein sunti thi is song ko
Jyotiraditya Singh
Jay rajputana Jay hind
Adiy F
I love this movie since I was just a baby
who is back here after kesari 😊👍 click like
Digital Nomad
singh is king
John Ronald
Great song, and this movie is really funny!
Muhammad Arif
I am from Pakistan but I love this song Akshay Kumar is my favorite
jagvinder sidhu
singh is king thanks akshay and Snoop D.O.double G#Dogg ❤ is anyone listning in 2019
Waheguruji da khalsa waheguruji di fateh ..🙏🙏
King Jackson
Where all my SINGH’S AT? ❤️
this should be a meme just look at the way he dances
Raja Omer
here in 2017 ❤ RIP Om Puri💔
Kuch chuthiye army ko hindu sikh ke naam pe yahan par keech kar la rahan.... ...besharm.... Aise MCo ke wajah se desh yeh haal mein hai...