Top 7 NEVER SEEN Judges "JAW DROPS like NEVER BEFORE" SHOCKING Acts on AGT 2017 - 2018!

► This SECRET Morning Habit "Accidentally" Melted 84 LBS Of Fat: CLICK HERE: REVEAL SECRET NOW ► ◄ ♥ Please Follow Me On Twitter ♥ ♥ Love You ♥ Top 7 NEVER SEEN Judges JAW DROPS like NEVER BEFORE SHOCKING Acts on America's Got Talent 2017 - 2018! 7. Kenny Thomas - Daredevil Motorcyclist 6. Jokgu - Chicken Plays Keyboard 5. Aaron Crow - Dangerously Shoots 4. Rob Lake - Illusionist 3. Azeri Brothers - Scary Dudes 2. Blue Tokyo - Dancing Acrobats 1. Vispi And Team India - Dangerous Blindfolded tags: agt kenny thomas daredevil motorcyclist audition, kenny thomas americas got talent, jokgu, chicken plays keyboard, chicken plays keyboard by jokgu, jokgu chicken plays keyboard americas got talent, agt jokgu audition, agt jokgu chicken plays keyboard, aaron crow, dangerously shoots, dangerously shoots by aaron crow, agt aaron crow dangerously shoots, agt aaron crow audition, rob lake, illusionist, illusionist by rob lake, rob lake illusionist, agt rob lake audition, agt rob lake illusionist audition, azeri brothers, scary dudes, scary dudes by azeri brothers, azeri brothers scary dudes, agt azeri brothers scary dudes, agt azeri brothers audition, blue tokyo, dancing acrobats, dancing acrobats by blue tokyo, blue tokyo americas got talent dancing acrobats, agt blue tokyo audition, blue tokyo americas got talent audition, vispi and team, india dangerous blindfolded, dangerous blindfolded by vispi and team india, vispi and team americas got talent india dangerous blindfolded, agt vispi and team audition, vispi and team americas got talent audition

Tanner Maile
its funny how they put sound effects for an electric bike
Effect Phoenix
The guy with the katana. He has some serious conscience of what's happening around
Shoel Howlett
Who else is on a got talent marathon?
i love that they added enduro sunds to an el bike haha
DragonBone Fiasco
12:12 Roses are red, Violets are blue, If u don’t have a hammer, Just ring them two.
the most savage recopilation ever seen created
kevon kemp
8:50 *the power of Christ compels you*😂😂
Ella McDonald
A chicken can play the piano better then me.....😂
Mubeen Inamdar
16:13 My dirty mind should not belong to this humanity
AN electric trials bike doesn't make the sounds of a motorcross bike
That lady with the camera....I wanna see more of that person.
Lazola Booi
The dude at 07:15 is a LEGEND.. He was absolutely blown away. OMG
omar dawah
yo that guy at 7:12 was like OHH MAAAH GOOOOOOOOOOD
Gerlie Bonagua
That arrow guy looked liked the guy who owned some type of hair thing from the story of bigfoot.
crazy gamer
the Polaroid had something on the lens
3. Azerbaycan❤Türkiye
simple he ring wasn't in the apple you can see his hand was scrunched up and the ring was in his hand when he shot the arrow he put the ring on it
Kennedy Mikidady
you should go now" to the ghost girl,,lol
RoymelTop's FanTic's
Only those who like the Omg will like the comment😉
dzintars belrus
6:50 Best 360 in trickshoting history
Lewis Robinson
4:00 that guy from raven has had a few rough years
Axel AKA LexanosS
9:37 me dropping a spoon in the kitchen at 3 am
Graphics Spot
guy on the right in 7:14 is working for AGT
erik romero
Chicken 🐓 is American for sure
oof oof
7:03 the perfectionist in me is now in heaven. may it rest in peace.
Jaiden Faircloth
Keep it up love your vids😎😎😍😍😍😍😍😍
Bobby Brown
Those were all truly amazing videos. I cant think you enough for sharing these amazing performances.
Patrick Calija
10:55 soooo bad, obviously had the guy preprinted on the polaroid paper she used :)
9:39 haha i can't stop laughing lol
loser got hacked
I thought my magic tricks were cool. :(
ouuu ouuu
That arrow thing was SICK!!
Cait De Graaff
replaying the part tath simon buzd the button by that scary girl and everyone screem lol
Alexander Etzell
tbh the trials bike guy wasn't even a good trials rider
I dont get why an electric trials bike has a two stroke sound
Tim Michaels
Check your shorts Howie. 😁
Emily the
Everyone wears fancy clothes and Simon.. wears a T-shirt.
I like how the only one to pledge is the Canadian
Leo Kristensson
why did they add 250 2- stroke sounds to an e- bike
Joilmara Sandra
Adorei que genial isso! !!!!!! Amo seu canal
Fermin Fuentes
Everything has to be BOB
AntManGunner Gaming
When a chicken is more patriotic than half the country, smh
Love Trolling
Wow this is incredible
Grace Padilla
Bro my marching band needs some dancing acrobats 😆
Yuan45_ GAMER
At 6:44 is aim bot and the guy at 6:46 is lmao
Sven Baron
Kinda sad the bike sounds but its electric
Malik Hussain
When the video started I thought that the guy on the floor is Simon
Joseph Mitchell
I did not think that girl was going to scare me I turned all the lights on after that
icewallowcome 200
Is that the guy from see dad run
Joel Almanza
Ese no es el chino de q paso ayer😂😂
єтот японец с трансформеров,где он служил десептиконам
Monic Evangelista
Howie has already lost his soul after the motorcyclist did his act 😂😂
KH Gaming
Why many people don't play with Simon
6:30 anyone else notice the kid curse under his breath next to his parents
number 4 the power of abbs
Btw 9:37 she was using a dubykk box
shankar sanaboina
07:14 - My mom when i actually clean my room! :p
Tatiana Playz
Heidi (Sorry if I spelt it wrong): Simon do something! In Simon's mind: *GURL I'M NOT PART OF THIS YOU DEAL WITH IT YOURSELF*
Wolfire x
Renames America's got crazieness I
Patrick Cheng
14:00 Do not try this at home, OH MY GOSH
Videos By PsYcHo
*Alright who wants to die?* *13:26* 😅
Dishonerd dva
Can’t wait!!🖤
mark alpasan
6:14 Howie hohoho this is great
Is it just me or did Mel look super hot in that photo the creepy girl took of her
Callie and Kayla’s World!
The only reason I clicked on this video was because of the thumbnail...
Dylan Wijngaard
14:03 if he died can the man thats standing on the shovel be arrested for murdering?😂😂
Iknow whatyoumean
animal labour/animal cruelty on chicken
A friendly ghoul with 10K subscriber S
That's my Chicken!
Easily Offended
Never seen by who?
Muaz Akbar
alright!!! chicken in the house!!!🐓
why did they boo the lady with the chicken?
Copper Grenade
15:55 where is simon looking?
Leftyriver Funforlife
9:38 Simon I luv you XD
Natlaesp xd
the piano has red lights
mihai luca
5:05 Why did he do that 😂😂😂
Miles Morales
9:39😂😂 lmao
14:15 thats some nice mix of martial arts
lil Limits
I didnt know kpop was on stage
Love Trolling
9:40 😂😂😂😂😂
Simon want her to die he over there laughing 😂
ysa mendoza and kyle villianueva
You running away you disapoint me
Awesome Salty
Never seen until now...
Cyruzz Caco
Trey Elliott
Cheater used a trials bike
icewallowcome 200
1:14 is that the guy from see dad run
amer 6988
it's that srk last guy with katana?
Evan Stanhope
7:15 XD OMG
Hatim Quilon
9 to 14 you can see all the audience members are fake
Shura Gaming
now thats what i call a grand chicken dinner! PUBG!xD
Ka Ber
good job simon 9:39 hahaha
savagely average T
He don't need a hammer
Jackson Wolfe
Trial Bike life
닭이 나보다 피아노를 잘치내 ㅅㅂ...
Derryl WhyYouBully.mp3
0:42 when you het grounded
maurel lisanza
Is the 🐓🐓for dinner I am sturving
Joey Mortada
Seen it all before
Captain Noob
Howies face lmao 0:34
lol thats alll I can say is lol
gaz ferg
bike rack.