Jane Eyre

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Best Scene Jane Eyre

Eristine Forever
To me, this is the best movie version of Jane Eyre ever. In fact, it is the only movie version I love. I also love the musical and book.
Best version I’ve seen. True to the character as written.
To me this is the best because of Charlotte.
Lucy Lopez
La mejor entre todas las versiones. La más poética, la más sensible, la más dramáticamente palpable. Charlotte Gainsbourg nació para el papel, y William Hurt ni que decir, creo que todas las mujeres que vieron ésta versión se enamoraron del Rochester que hizo aquí. La música inolvidable, los diálogos precisos, y la pasión sublime que desborda está entrega es... ni que decir, entrañable, con decirles que ya estoy suspirando jejeje... Simplemente irrepetible.
Sarah Scroggins
So beautiful....makes me cry...
შორენა სიმონიშვილი
I love English writings: Jane Eyre is a valuable book for me and I especially care for her.
BeenThere DoneThat
Pure Energy
The best version in my opinion. Love it❤
Trees Huysentruyt
Jen Campbell
Might just be the best kiss of any of the Jane Eyre versions I've seen 🙂
ליבי זמל
How you can be so stupid?!!!Are you serious?))) The screenwriter has a little bit carried away with the his fantasy...Jane would never say such thing to Mr Rochester! And Rochester looks like on drugs...Not convincing at all!!!!
Bernadette Dingman
Best Version!!!