Exposing the Secrets of the CIA: Agents, Experiments, Service, Missions, Operations, Weapons, Army

Allan James Francovich (March 23, 1941 – April 24, 1997) was an American maker of investigative films, including documentaries on CIA covert operations and the Lockerbie disaster. More: /> Francovich suffered a fatal heart attack in a Customs area at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Texas, on April 17, 1997 whilst entering the United States from England; he was 56. His father, Aldo Francovich, worked as a mining engineer for Cerro de Pasco mining company in Peru; as a child he lived in high altitude mining towns and witnessed the extreme poverty of the miners. He attended an elite preparatory school in Lima then came to the U.S. to attend Notre Dame University, where he completed a B.A. He lived in Paris for several years, studying free-lance at the Sorbonne before coming to Berkeley. There he finished an M.A. in Dramatic Arts at UC, Berkeley; he also studied film briefly at Stanford and received a grant to study film from the American Film Institute in 1970. He and translator and writer Kathleen Weaver were married in 1970; the two separated amicably and were divorced in 1986. She collaborated on his films during the time of their marriage. His films and papers are archived by the Pacific Film Archive, in Berkeley, California. /> Victor L. Marchetti, Jr. (born December 23, 1929) is a former special assistant to the Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency and a prominent paleoconservative critic of the United States Intelligence Community and the Israel lobby in the United States. While serving as an active-duty American soldier, Marchetti was recruited into the intelligence agencies in 1952 during the Cold War to engage in espionage against East Germany. Marchetti joined the Central Intelligence Agency in 1955, working as a specialist on the USSR. He was a leading CIA expert on Third World aid, with a focus on USSR military supplies to Cuba after the end of the Kennedy administration. In 1966 Marchetti was promoted to the office of special assistant to the Chief of Planning, Programming, and Budgeting, and a special assistant to CIA Director Richard Helms. Within three years Marchetti became disillusioned with the policies and practices of the CIA, and resigned in 1969, writing an exposé of the CIA in a book published in 1971 entitled The Rope Dancer. Later Marchetti published books critical of the CIA with author John D. Marks. The books included, The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence (1973). Before this book was published, the CIA demanded that Marchetti remove 399 passages, but Marchetti stood firm and only 168 passages were censored. It is the first book the federal government of the United States ever went to court to censor before its publication. The publisher (Alfred A. Knopf) chose to publish the book with blanks for censored passages and with boldface type for passages that were challenged but later uncensored. The publication of this book was one of the events that led to the establishment of the Church Committee by Frank Church. In 1976 Marchetti published Foreign and Military Intelligence and in 1978 he published an article about the JFK assassination in the far-right newspaper of the Liberty Lobby, The Spotlight. Marchetti, a proponent of the organized crime and the CIA conspiracy theory, claimed that the House Select Committee on Assassinations revealed a CIA memo from 1966 that named E. Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis and Gerry Patrick Hemming in the JFK assassination. Marchetti also claimed that Marita Lorenz offered sworn testimony to confirm this. In 1981, sued the Liberty Lobby and Marchetti for defamation and won $650,000 in damages. Liberty Lobby appealed the case with lawyer, Mark Lane. Marchetti, Liberty Lobby and Lane won the appeal in 1995. Lane wrote a book, Plausible Denial, to describe the unfolding of that historic trial.

I know this is extremely dated, but of course they defend our economic interests(!) That is entirely logical. It's unfortunate that the operations are kept secret from the American public. Given our constant right/left political mudslinging, they can't have 24/7 media coverage of current operations. I whole heartedly believe the Agency is part of the glue that holds this country together, along with the FBI and other federal agencies. Without them, politicians would run us into the ground. Big thanks to the men&women who get the job done while -most- politicians try to put roadblocks at every intersection. I want to remind everyone that most federal employees want the best for our country, they are patriots and serve accordingly. Same goes for state & local as well. We're all on the same team.
Rick Ali
it true cia do human trafficking , drugs , creates wars and other bs from the organization beginning
Bill Moir
the truth told 30 years ago. we're fucked
Most of these clowns need to move to North Korea
elefeH tneK
Thumbnail for this is disturbing
Vinnie Chavez
Do you really think that? yes it is true that we have more of things but why? Is it because the corporations physiologically steal from other country's and steal There resources with war??
Vinnie Chavez
I went to vet-nam and I love my country but it has become a despot and the rich own it we are the workers they care not of us!!
Robert Bienenfeld
Jonathan Pollard is a Phony, worked for CIA, not who he says he is. He's a dolt, far from CIA, @ Butner FCI, Butner, NC
Robert Bienenfeld
Wonder what experiments they do in the Federal Prisons, aka Butner FCI, Butner, NC
not seen in the Switzerland!
The CIA is not even supposed to operate within the united states. also they are not american but A branch of MI6 created by British intelligence.
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What a prediction at 28:16
Translation: "Be a good little SLAVE" If you have the ability to perform critical thinking, it should be obvious the CIA is destroying the United States of America. Overtly and Covertly. But as you prefer to be a good little slave, then so shall it be.
Ha. Funny guy you are.
Jeezus mike, I was fooling around... Maybe you're CIA and running cover for them. Or maybe I'm CIA and I am drawing out enemies of the State. Or maybe, all of it is bullshit... Hmmm, I wonder which is true.
Huh, and ha. Quite a joke.
You should combine your comments to reduce the number of them. You posted many very short comments. It could've probably been done with 2 or 3. I've posted plenty of comments, but they aren't short one or half-liners.
You don't know how to post for a Firefox user. Copying and pasting the url you provided turns up screwed up. Better is to specify the title and domain, so, f.e., "Investigation throws 'Three Cups of Tea' author Greg Mortenson's charity work into doubt", at latimesblogs.latimes.com. Interesting story and there potentially might be a secret relationship with dark side of CIA ops section, but there isn't an obvious connection, so your post is irrelevant for this page, unless you explain why ....
Do you always go around in public giving oral sex to criminal CIA "elites"? The paedophiles there must "love" you. How much do they pay for this perverted "treat" that you provide to/for them? The honest ones would keep your ilk far away, very distant, but weasels like your ilk creep in through cracks to go join the criminals, traitors within. Then you all have your perverted "fun". After all, they're among the "dignataries" who exploited young children for sex in the Balkans, fe.
You say booring, yet you listened to the whole video? If you did, then you must've surely failed your last or else all of the IQ tests you've ever taken, I guess. The interview is slow-paced and can put a person to sleep, but who's forcing you to listen to it, besides your own imagination?
Even Fox News can be more educational than clown Hansel J is. As for joining w/o full knowledge, there's nothing unusual about it. Like in the FBI, there're members who're honest, truly loyal, and unsuspecting. Eventually they can wind up working on important cases and are ordered to back off, "or else ...". Among FBI whistleblowers are Robert Wright and Coleen Rowley. There're others who provided support. And there're CIA, DEA, LAPD, ATF, ... whistleblowers, "lamp lighters" (Frank Serpico).
For a long time, CIA ops section conducted international operations of dark sort while most people, including many or most members of the CIA, were kept clueless and deceived. Today, however, no one of adult age should be ignorant of the fact that the CIA ops section serves the interests of the "elites" who basically control Washington. Since the CIA black ops have become considerably exposed, some of the "work" formerly done by these criminals has been switched over to the N.E.D.
Bullshit. You're clearly not a true American, for a true one must defend the Constitution against all enemies; something you clearly have no intention of doing. US military, first oath for all members, defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and disobey orders you know or even strongly suspect of being wrong! Your blood is like that of a traitor. Wake up to REALITY.
Not everyone knows that. After all, there're those of us who LISTEN to honest whistleblowers.
I'm not 100% sure about this but think you have the idea about reason for Gulf War I a little skewed up. From what I gathered, Saddam's intention wasn't to take back Kuwait. Instead, it was because Kuwait was being used to steal from Iraq's oil reserves using the technique of slanted drilling. I additionally learned that it's a technique that was developed in Alberta, Canada, but was also sold by the US. Washington gave the "green light" for the invasion; as you say, to then pounce on Iraq.
War on Iraq wasn't won; not yet anyway. And you seem like a spoiled brat, caring only about $, rather than human life and law. Maybe you'd prefer to rephrase what you moronically said.
They didn't necessarily do disgusting ... things. They were agents/officers of ops section of CIA but could've been unaware of evil activities CIA ops conducted. And, then, once they became aware of this true nature of CIA ops, they broke away and exposed what they had learned. I don't recall hearing John Stockwell, Phil Agee, Ralph McGehee and other former CIA ops people, + Frank Serpico (NYPD), Michael Ruppert (LAPD), Michael Levine (DEA), fe, say they took part in evil.
Bullshit. You write lilke an idiot schoolbencher. Get off the stupid schoolbench and, instead, get into the REAL world. Clowns like you shouldn't preach to or about anyone.
Duh? What two? Do you mean the two Alternative Views hosts, or Allan Francovich and only one of the AV hosts? AV was a very fine program, and of course they might look like CIA propagandists. After all, the people in the video are humans, and CIA propagandists are also humans. So of course there're physical similarities, as well as verbal. After all, they all speak human language. You don't know a propagandist by how a person looks. You know by what they say. Propaganda is something said.
For the video in which John Stockwell expressed some disagreement(s) with some things Allan Froncovich said, Stockwell didn't say that he disagreed with everything. See at 27:41 in the following video for a 59min review by John Stockwell of "On Company Business (1980)" directed by Allan Francovich. watch?v=hiKNY1s3uvo Stockwell says film is good but while disagreeing in 2 or 3 respects. And it's worth listening to the whole video. Among other things is some important info regarding Phil Agee.
I couldn't find a full video for it, but the following article at ICH has a 6min clip from John Stockwell's lecture with identical title but from 1987, and there's a 2-page transcript. Part II refers to John Marks, but there's no mention of Marchetti. "THE SECRET WARS OF THE CIA: by John Stockwell" informationclearinghouse(dot)info/article4068.htm In his book, "In Search of Enemies", Stockwell refers well to Marchetti. Excerpts, thirdworldtraveler(dot)com/Stockwell/In_Search_Enemies.html
Unfortunately the part with Victor Marchetti only begins at the very end, and Allan Francovich is someone John Stockwell has warned about. I don't know if that was mentioned in the lecture, but Stockwell has recommended Marchetti and, in a 1989 lecture, recommended John Marks, among other people. The lecture was entitled, "Secret Wars of the CIA", recorded by C-SPAN. 179min, watch?v=bmYZ_kWHk3Q
These two look like CIA propagandist. This is exactly what they look like.
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محمد النمر
سبحان الله
The point is that they were made to do disgusting, illegal, immoral things and its destroying them from the inside out, maybe?
prunkzz mutia
english please
all American encounters are financial interest and on that not since we won the war in Iraq how come were flat broke poor and America got no financial gain from the entire war and all bush's efforts left us high and dry with out a dollar. thanks all government leaders ever. spend your way out of dept. it always works for me,
Singh Mahendra
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Look at mkultra. It was released to congress to take the focus off of other projects like blackbird which was much worse. Dude is right cia release info to take away real reason they are doing something. First gulf war we told saddam he could take back what was his (Kuwait was taken from iraq by the british back in the day and they were stealing oil). Then when he invaded we attack. Operation northwood would have been terrorist false flag attacks "by castro" in miamia so we could invade cuba.
And many believe they were frank lucas connection for bringing heroin to the usa during vietnam. They have a black budget which they dont have to tell congress what they are spending on. And when they cant get money they do illegal things to finaince it. Like the contras by selling cocaine. Also they use ppl which i think is the worst. The second they dont do what they tell them they flip and make them national enemies ie. Norgiea, bin laden, saddam, castro. Also they experimented on americans
Geez so naive. Just cuz the CIA is a gov agency doesnt make what they do good. Just as they say about police they are only human. Most of what they do is to mantain american power and dominance. Look what they did to south america. I forget which country i believe guatamala they overthrow the democratic elected government so the united fruit company could mantain their control and profits. CIA had strong links with the itlian mafia. They brought cocaine into this country there is evidence.
@Hansel J Just no to all of it
Cerius Fade
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liyto palomino
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Hansel J
I don't watch the news. I will say that the CIA "allows" people to make certain statements. The other small percentage who are truly speaking about CIA business should not be speaking about CIA business. Complete your mission and keep quiet. Since its inception I don't truly believe anyone has had any false notions about the work they do. The post office was also hiring. Wrong and Evil ? That's a paradox isn't it ? Why are wars fought? Wrong and evil are a matter of opinion. This is mine.
jose medina
Nothing interesting dude -.-
El Artesano Mexicano
Si estubiera en español estaria de huevos :D
Quaero manu mortis. Quis non meam salutem impedire. Erit honorem! Erit iustitiam!
perhaps they join thinking that the CIA is good... then realize thats its WRONG and an EVIL organization... the fact that so many speak out against the CIA are ex-CIA does not ring alarm bells in your head??? Oh... go back to Fox news!
Oh yes... lets forget about the drugs they bring into the US... the arms they sell... another sheeple...
Hansel J
In addition I truly hope that people who were in the CIA that speak against it would stop doing so. It's utterly revolting to me to think you would join , complete assignments , and then say the CIA is the most evil organization in the world. You should never ever under any circumstances discuss what you have done. What is the point ? Why has it become a cool thing to be a radical or bad mouth your country?I believe the CIA like every other agency in the world adapts to our ever changing world.
Hansel J
The CIA keeps you safe. Let them do their job and be a god citizen. Look a all the perks you get to enjoy living here. Men and women daily do the jobs that you could not stomach or conceive. In the interest of our great country I have no idea why people forget about loyalty and all the great benefits we enjoy. This world and events are not black and white. Before you criticize the CIA think about who you are defending. What if blasting and putting down the CIA is part of someones propaganda ?
CIA...... evil organization......
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Becky Dagaz
The last two comments were the best. The C.I.A. has to take orders from a bad system.
VY Canis
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Antony Day
The biggest devil is yourself. You make your own lies, conspiracies, and you further devalue yourself over these theories that eventually become a reality. Big Brother is real because you want it real. There is no further truth than this.  Your consciousness is shoved down into a lower vibration, creating the EM- field around you, to be further catalysted for negativity.... so you must stop the conspiracy theorizing and understand why this is happening.