Placebo - Meds [01/09]

Placebo - Meds Live At Angkor Wat

kean Valentine
God, best version of Meds ever...
Peyton Benton
My favorite performance.
Kayla Sh.
2:59 - 4:30 AMAZING SOUND!
Ulad Loputs
Slow version so incredible, so sensual, so sexy. Probably this version could be main, instead of awful acoustic Meds.
Alessa Dall
Breathtaking !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elenna Black
fuckoff brians voice  i have to cry its so sad
Andrew Regan
I like the drummer, though I always feel like he's wandered in from another band.
Tika Cuberdon
Yes I did! Thanks for reminding me Brian! You're the best! :) <3
Eloise Walker
Even though I still prefer the fast version of the song, I do love this version a lot.
This take is good.
Vladislav Krivoruchko
So sadly...
Finn Osborne
Man this is so mesmerising, such an amazing song
Viktoria Westrin Högström
fint, vackert sjunget och på min födelsedag och allt.
Thank you. Peace.
Kudos for honesty
This is perfect. I don't like the fast/frenetic version of this song.
Ida Sundelius
This. So Beautiful.
micuko vicious
Yay, so I'm not the only one.
jack sparrow
so fucking bautiful!!
Eine großartige Version von Meds. Gänsehaut ohne Ende.
E. Vendeville
Best version of Meds
It completely reflects my experience 10 years ago when I lost a relationship due to the onset of a mental illness.I struggled to accept my condition and battled against it myself.I lost my wife through this.I still love and miss her today. Yet again Placebo have hit the mark with me.
Nathan DeBruin
ok i was depressed now i would like to die --"
that's got to be the best version of this song I've ever heard
Janine Wegner
i hate the drummer
О, да.. восхитителен!
Боже, он прекрасен
badi bida
One Of The Greatest Voices in the History .. Love You Placebo <3 <3 <3
Crystal Ketcham
Forrest, pls, come back <3
Crystal Ketcham
best band ever. he must be a total genious if u pay attention to his lyrics especially. rics.
Kiss Kriszta
This is simply beauthiful.........
Tekkon Kinkurito
Fabio Angelotti
This is fucking amazing... I have no words
Quelle version... Magistral.
ben mal
this is a real artist
amazing...pure class.... hes is a genius...
Виктория Бруневич
Such shaggy! Not to tear off an eye..........
one of the best songs, such a nice live song
what a version....beautiful
kean Valentine
__*indescribable that concert*__
This is magic and traumaturgic. Just beautiful.
Demure Rose
Beautiful, amazing song. I love Placebo :3 Thanks for uploading this ^_^ xxx
Project Nature
One of my favorites, perfect!
léa stmaxent
vraiment magnifique!! quelle émotion sur ce morceau....
fretui medak
They never suck, each song is written through a deep and thorough process and they attempt giving vent to all their expectations and abilities. They're skillful and they still hold a considerable success all over the world, basically they relate to the youngest ones but their tunes are a timeless anthem, therefore everyone gets used to this very easily, it's homely the way they get on stage and it's a suitable thing to have fun at least once in your life but attending their eager gigs. I'd like to jump up and down and it could drive me crazy till the crack of dawn. In any case some of you spot their hopes and their fears in their songs, whose main themes are drugs and sadness, perhaps sex as well. Most people keep commending the career they carried out until Meds while they look at Battle for the sun suspiciously, as they could have waited for a different approach and perhaps they found out a sort of lack over this album. Earnestly they evolved and their style changed, owing to the development we all get into but it should also tally with the perspectives of your fanbase, most likely it should be respectful towards your keenest fans, aka the award for that allegiance you kept over the years and it should be something reliable until you put an end to your work. I feel mildly disappointed about their latter album because it might be reasonable to accept and to "swallow" that gleeful and happy behavior but there's a commercial influence I don't deem fit and groundbreaking. I often get a leap backwards and I start fancying the dedication they formerly put in every record and the quality of the work they're currently managing. It's like they kicked off again but they willingly missed a chunk of their addictive techniques and methods. You'd stick to my standpoint because this utter difference is noticeable and way unfair. How do you feel about the stuff they lately rushed out, guys? 
Baumii Kicii
Ludmila Rusu
Vincent Estrade
so intense!!!
Лиза Мымрина
какой это год??
Meds Ero solo, in caduta libera, sforzandomi di non dimenticare quel che ci è successo, quel che mi è successo, quel che è successo quando ho mollato la presa, Ero confuso dalla gente che conta, scordavo nomi e luoghi, i passanti mi guardavano, come se potessero cancellare tutto questo. Tesoro, hai dimenticato di prendere le medicine? (x2) Ero solo, a guardare nel baratro, sforzandomi di non dimenticare, ogni forma di gioia, ogni forma di allegria, e la nostra eroica promessa, quanto era importante per noi, quanto era importante per me, e le conseguenze, ero confuso dalle api e dai fiori dimenticando se era ciò che volevo. Tesoro, hai dimenticato di prendere le medicine? (x4) E il sesso e le droghe e le complicazioni (x4) Tesoro, hai dimenticato di prendere le medicine? (x6) Ero solo, in caduta libera, sforzandomi di non dimenticare.
Lida Shny
Very simple, slow, but...SO SEXY. How did he do that?)