TUS Airways Saab 340 First Flight to Heraklion - GoPro Wing Views - LCA Takeoff, HER Landing

The first flight of TUS Airways from Cyprus to Greece! Buckle up onboard and enjoy the unique experience of the airline's first flight to Heraklion from Larnaca in their second Saab 340B, reg SE-ISG, as we start up, taxi, take off from LCA and approach and land into Heraklion's runway 09 with an extraordinary view of the city as we execute a turn to short final! Detailed views of the cabin are also included. ➤Subscribe for more similar videos: /> Facebook page for more: /> Watch plane spotting videos from around the world here /> Watch some incredible airshow videos here: /> Watch full flight videos, from the cockpit or the cabin, here /> Watch glider/sailplane cockpit videos here: /> Watch general aviation aircraft flights here: /> *More about my Channel* My name is Demetris Gregoriou and I am 18 year old aspiring private pilot from Cyprus. Since I was young, I was always fascinated by aviation and my goal with this channel is to share with you my passion for absolutely free. I always try my utmost in providing the world with every possible kind of aviation videos. Please show me your support by commenting and liking and/or sharing my videos and subscribing to my channel! *Where else you can find me online* Google+ />Facebook group /> *Cameras Used* GoPro Hero 3+ Black @ 2,7k 30fps Canon Legria HF G30 *Mount Used* GoPro suction cup mount

Bill Meacham
Great legs on the redhead.
Really liked the different wingview perspectives !
Benedito Luis
There's no fuss when you fly with Tus!
Ian G
Oh boy sometimes miss the mighty Saab 340! Under powered as she might be, it was butter smooth flying for sure! Great video!
Hi TheGreatFlyer! I love your videos. I would really appreciate if you would do a flight with your simulator. Thank you very much! Mauro
marten brunink
love the uniform of the flight attendant straight from primark XD
Tom Martin
Great quality video! Perfect mix of outside and cabin views! I love the Saabs, unfortunately, there are not many operators left here in the USA!
DFW Aviation
Your videos are always fantastic! I thoroughly enjoy them! :D
Calvin Jr
you should fly with leair its an emb-110 it goes to Andros Bahamas, and great harbour cay Bahamas :) I enjoyed to video btw
posin ora ekame
Andreas Pap
Good to see you on my city mate! Keep up the good work! :)
Aw it's really nice to see them being busy. Love that your almost documenting the airline and all its first flights. Thanks for providing us with these videos!
Beautiful ! And I appreciate that there is no f... music ! Just the pure sound of the engines !...
Celtic Whisper
Something tells me that you're quite keen on airplanes?! haha only joking. Great video!
Bobby Paluga
Nice scenery, I enjoyed the flight
Flight Time
really great video with a beautiful approach!
Só Aviões
Great video .Beautiful aircraft.
Ashraf Husain
stunning and great
my wife and I flew one a similar aircraft in USA but I do not recall the airline...SE appears to be a Swedish registration...very nice video scenes...I recall flying from USA in 1957 and seeing a ship on the very blue Med. Sea...great stuff for a young kid :)
David Johnson
Owned a Saab years ago (car)...The airplane is a very good looking aircraft...
Excellent shots !!!!!. Nice scenery also and the plane look very quiet and confortable.
Single seat is the best!
I would never fly in such a plane. Too scared of those propellers.
Bobby Paluga
The best thing about flying videos, outside of the fact that you often have a chance to view an aircraft you haven't flown before, is the fact that you get spectacular views of a part of the world you have never set foot on. The Mediterranean Sea was beautiful throughout the video, coming in on Crete and seeing Herakrion, a city I had never before heard of was very cool, I would love to visit Herakrion it was a very impressive place. Rhodes would be another place with great beaches, and awesome scenery I love to check out. In the states we know little about the Greek Isles while the Brits have so many holiday flights to islands and great beaches along Greece and Spain, yes I am envious. The video was very well done, the author is definitely not a graduate of Mr Jiggles videography course.
Vania Reboucas
Fantástico ! Gostei !
Simón Fernández Reyes
why you flights so much? like if you want too
Stewart Wilkinson Snr
Enjoyed the flight by way of the video Many Thanks ✈️
Владимир Фёдоров
So much oil on the field
Cesar Rodríguez
question! isn't the flaps suppose to be extended before take off?
They should get everyone to put their life jackets on now and not when it's too late.
very nice vaciltiese?
Tim Kiehne
WOW, that was a high flight level! How high was that? You was able to see the curve of our earth!
Ifly 777
I can't seem to play your FIRST 787-9 TUI/Thompson First Landing At Cryrus. It says that the video is private
Nice new outro I like it👍
Jerral Smith
It was a none flaps takeoff
Nazza Nole
Beautiful video! I just wanted to know what is the braking system on this kind of plane, I mean where's the reverse thrust to slow it down?
YMML SpottingTeam
Excellent shots mate, looks like it was a great flight!
Mohamed Elmahdi
nice aircraft saab340 and nice tacke off
Jump to 4:30 to see the takeoff
Very nice video with flying sounds instead of music!
Fabrizio Manzoni
Fake this is fsx
very nice vaciltiese
It cannot be the propellers that keep the plane up, they are not powerful enough; they hardly spin!
nice video
Sam Host
How does it feel flying on an A380 compared to a small light plane in mid-flight? Any differences in comfort/flight dynamics that you can feel directly?
This channel Is gone
Where are you from
Aviación Online
Great video!!!
oli tesla
Just a small correction invyour title: LCY not LCA.
Danny Detige
Great ! Thanks !
very nice vaciltiese